Robert Mueller – From the Inside….

There’s a vastly different opinion amid some who review the action of Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.  CTH has noted a common corrupt theme amid the DOJ and FBI that crosses both the Obama and Trump administrations: A priority to preserve the institution; regardless of how corrupt the institution is; and regardless of how much collateral damage those system administrators will create in their effort toward that preservation goal.

Within the larger discussion, sometimes comments hit the proverbial nail. I think this one does exactly that:

RTLW – “Not ALL FBI Agents are moral pariahs. 60% are good American patriots who joined the Agency in good faith expecting to serve their Country and put bad people behind bars.

The other 40% are Peter Strozk and Lisa Page. ALL of FBI HQ is populated by the Strozk/Page types. Recruitment of this type of Agent started under Mueller and continued under Comey. Mueller drove out all of the old school “Brick Agents” shortly after he became Director.

Mueller implemented an “up or out” policy where all SSAs were required to move to DC and do Headquarters time or lose their GS 14 pay grade. This policy change by Mueller purposely targeted the most senior Agents in the FBI who had finally earned the right to move their family to a medium sized office in fly over country, had teenage kids and were living a comfortable life.

Mueller knew these Agents would not uproot their families and move to DC. Hundreds of these senior Agents immediately retired. Literally thousands of years of investigative experience left the FBI overnight.

This is exactly what Mueller wanted. These were the men and women who would have called Mueller out when he started transforming the FBI from a criminal investigative organization into a domestic intelligence organization (it is illegal to collect intelligence on American citizens).

Mueller immediately began filling the ranks with Strozk/Page types. The FBI does extensive psychological screening of applicants. Stroke and Page are self interested, well-educated cowards whose only motivation is their own promotion and paycheck. In other words they are people who will be blindly loyal to the Agency and will obey any order no matter how un-Constitutional or unlawful. This is the psychological profile that Mueller and Comey actively recruited and hired.

On the flip-side, combat veterans, patriots, have been denied employment by the FBI at all costs (they all mysteriously fail the polygraph and background check).

The morale of the good Agents is at rock bottom. Everyone is retiring as soon as they are eligible. Younger Agents are leaving as soon as they can find another line of work. They are ashamed of the badge.

It is time to abolish the FBI. Make the 56 FBI field offices the Investigative Branch of DHS. Fire everyone in the FBI and make them re-apply for their job under new standards. President Trump can remodel FBIHQ into a hotel. Or better yet, burn it to the ground and salt the earth. Hang everyone on the 7th floor for treason.” (link)

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  1. concerned3 says:

    Going, Going, Gone – Nice One Sundance!

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  2. CopperTop says:

    100% what happened as recapped in the article. I was around at the time when potential agents from 92 to 99 found out – usually military – from me ‘Tough break. You are the best of the best but you have not been added to this 18 week course at Quantico have you considered the Postal Inspector office and then a lateral into the Bureau?’

    These postal inspectors became very valuable when internet kiddie porn investigation became a Bureau function. SO whomever you have that wasn’t forced to DC is part of this group and/or under covers who DC was to afraid to bring to roost. Trust me…those folks ARE MAD.

    What to add to the description of the Mueller hiring process…

    No doubt all new recruits really hate the bad guys…but unfortunately…the POLICY over who was a bad guy started to be made within the DOJ…NOT THEIR FUNCITON and no one in the WH or Congress put a stop to it.

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    • Sentient says:

      Thank you for unique insight!

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      • CopperTop says:

        PS: The FBI counter intelligence policy until 45 came along was that YOU are the bad guy. Ghastly horrible. Exposed and let’s see what more he can do to undermine that thinking.

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        • Guillermo Maguire says:

          A similar thing happened to the CIA in the late 70s. My father was one of “those guys” who after years of field service, were not wanted back homeand particularly near Langley.

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    • Jederman says:

      After reading the article I found it odd that under (supposedly) Mueller’s new direction so many ex-mil FBI recruits didn’t make it. Given the MSM’s enthusiasm for pointing out Mueller’s Marine service in VN one would think Mueller would reach out to his brothers in arms and crank up the mil preference.

      So was there something in mueller’s personal hiring policy that weighed against the ex-mil or was he carrying out someone else’s policy? I can’t believe this happened in a vacuum, or that the FBI/CIA were the only Fed agencies with this result.

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    • paulyho39 says:


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    • mutantbeast says:

      what Mule turd did was bring in a bunch of corrput DC lawyers and put them into all the senior FBI positions. He forced out career investigators like James Kallstrom and Bill Gavin because they were too good at being cops and actually enforcing the law rather than protecting the deep staters.

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    • lanahi says:

      During the hearings we also learned that an FBI agent also has to be promoted or leave in 5 years, a stupid rule to guarantee less experienced agents and wiser heads. Young agents who are still gun-ho to build a career, without much loyalty to the agency yet, unable to see irregularities when they occur, etc.

      I don’t like the idea of putting everything into DHS, though. How are we able to guarantee the continued loyalty to America of the DHS? They have tremendous power already. They are discussing merging the CIA with the NSA also…the NSA that has spied on every single American and, up until General Rogers took over, every politician and probably every judge. NSA that has ALL records of everything that the CIA or FBI has and lots more besides.

      We can slowly change and save the FBI with new heads, as is already happening. The 40% is no longer in the top leadership positions. But that is until the next Obama?

      The CIA is in even worse shape than the FBI. The CIA isn’t even salvageable. JFK talked about doing away with the CIA, and then he was assassinated.

      Let’s face it: A constitutional republic is only workable when both the people and the leadership are moral. And, when you add secrecy to that power, it is not going to be without corruption. I don’t know what the answer is to that.

      I had to laugh when reporters asked Trump at the summit with Putin if he trusted the Russians more than his own intelligence agencies. OF COURSE Trump trusts the Russians more than the Comeys, Rosensteins, Brennans, etc…why wouldn’t he? That’s why he surrounds himself with military intelligence. I laughed, but it was sad.

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  3. Curt says:

    I was in law enforcement for many years. The transition from dedicated street cop and investigator to people who were willing to sell their soul in hell for promotion or to curry favor for themselves to their seniors started in the 1980s. Many people who have come into law enforcement had no interest or even personal skills for the vocation. Women were brought in just because they were women. Many of the “new” breed care nothing except for the pay and benefits, and will do whatever is necessary for the next promotion. The whole system is skewed to eliminate those who may be independent thinkers or even conservative in their views. The whole law enforcement community has seen a metamorphose to the left. I was appalled by the last flier from my agency which recommended and supported every extreme leftist candidate on the ballot. These cops know that the establishment politicians are more willing to give them raises if they tow the party line. And so it goes. Anyone who thinks that the law enforcement community today is cut from the same cloth as the conservative dedicated officers and agents of the past are just fooling themselves. This leftist leaning ideology is insured and very controlled during the hiring process and during the training process. Make no mistake, a leftist police state is definitely here and has become overwhelmingly supportive of the Socialist controlled state. It’s only going to get worse.

    Had this conversation with two retired officers today at the gym…….

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    • AbeLincoln says:

      Law enforcement was weaponized by Dyncorp and Blackwater. You had no clue as they started top down and inserted their guys into position. Then they start giving say police agencies military equipment. Finally they put in processes to weed out any good people so they are left with a big ole mercenary group. This is their whole company business model. You had no clue so you didn’t even know to fight it. Time to unwind it. Take Sheriff Israel as example of this and his merry band of misfits in The Parkland Shooting. Ask yourself this how many police agencies do you know have military grade equipment these days…

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Yes, I have watched this militarization of local police for some time, the arrogance and sociopathic attitudes that go with this, the disdain with which they view the people who pay their salaries and exorbitant bennies, and do stuff like my sheriff in S. FL, who declared us a sanctuary county WITHOUT EVEN A VOTE OF THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, much less THE PEOPLE.

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      • zephyrbreeze says:

        Eric Prince founder of Blackwater, a patriot, and hated to see our military used for political purposes.

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    • JonMaxwell says:

      My best girl is a police officer she just made Lieutenant, from the street mind you, and trust me its really bad, we have lots of conversations and I constantly tell her my god it sounds like high school not police work, me I work supporting the boarder yes that one, matter of fact i am working right now, but I am not at liberty to say just exactly what i do, I know things but i can never say them, so many times i want to, but i cant its just how it is maybe one day when i stop doing this work and no longer subjected to being quiet i will let it all out.

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      DITTO Curt:
      After over 26 years as a military cop and six more as a civilian police chief I have many experiences with the FBI under my belt. Even after attending the FBI National Academy my opinion of the Bureau and the field agents has never changed over the years. The term most often heard around police squad rooms and detective bureaus to characterize the typical FBI field agent was in my time; “PFC’s (private first class) in business suits!” The reason for that label has to do with the typical agent’s inability to act. In my experience most often the field agents would never commit to any action without first consulting headquarters. Or worst of all, they would delay taking a case until we could provide them solid leads leading to a positive outcome. Bottom line, nothing I hear these days surprises me. Not even J. Comey is the worst character I have encountered carrying a FBI badge. Bottom line, in all of my years of service in law enforcement/public safety I have only encountered two FBI agents I would trust on my left flank. For you civilians that means I would not trust the rest of them enough to let them clean the latrine!

      My first experience with the FBI (and the ATF, DEA, and U.S. Marshal Service for that matter) came in January, 1972. Though new to the Military Police Corps I was selected as an instructor/advisor in the Dissent and Disorder Management Group, Directorate of Military Support (DOMS). One of the group’s principal duties was to conduct the Civil Disobedience Orientation Course (better known as SEADOC in the law enforcement community). The program was established as part of the Safe Streets Act of 1968 (also known as the Omnibus Crime Bill) with its primary function to provide civil disobedience training/advice to the U.S. military, the American civilian law enforcement community, and police/military personnel of allied nations. My specific role due to my experience as a combat arms officer (six years enlisted/four years commissioned in armor and infantry units) was teaching/advising in the area of neutralization of special threats (snipers, bombs, etc..).

      By the second session of the SEADOC course and one joint counter-terrorism exercise, it became very apparent that the attitude of the FBI (especially that displayed by senior personnel in the headquarters and down to the senior agents in charge [SAC] of many local offices) in general toward the civilian population and specifically the FBI’s standing among the law enforcement community was one of “undue superiority”.

      By the time Mr. Hoover died of a heart attack (on May 2, 1972) the opinions my fellow instructors had been proven valid (at least in my eyes). Theirs and my assessment of the collective FBI “personality/attitude” (if you will) simply stated was; A high level of arrogance supplemented by an even higher level of ignorance! Assume nearly anyone/everyone with a high school education knows that, Arrogance + Ignorance = Stupidity!

      Some of us law enforcement guys were hoping with the death of that little control freak Hoover that better days were surely ahead. Operational command of the Bureau passed to Associate Director Clyde Tolson for less than a full day with Mr. Nixon appointing L. Patrick Gray as Acting Director on May 3, 1972. Mr. Gray (like so many directors since Mr. Hoover’s death) had virtually no FBI experience. He was just another lawyer/staff weenie from the Justice Department. Mr. W. Mark Felt stayed on as one of the primary Associate Directors, but we all know what Mark spent most of his time doing the rest of his tenure?

      Three years later while serving as Provost Marshal of the Panama/Canal Zone Pacific Area and later as Commander of the Panama/Canal Zone U.S. Army Criminal Investigation elements, I had three more years to gain more experience with the rank and file as well as the brass at FBI headquarters. Without getting into any classified areas, I will just state my opinion of the FBI in a few carefully chosen adjectives. How about; incompetent, and/or ignorant, and/or timid, and/or worst of all deceptive (no not deceptive, dishonest)? Two years after leaving Panama and entering the counter-terrorism arena, the FBI and their buddies at the CIA objected on numerous occasions to some of my group’s assessments and/or proposed strategies/tactics.

      Upon leaving the military I was so dumb (and a gluten for a punishment) that I took a civilian police chief position. Shortly after arriving in the community I had my chief investigator arrange a late night meeting of the town’s known drug dealers (not sure why, but five guys actually showed up. Note: I primarily tasked the investigator to call the meeting to test him. Think he was as surprised as I was at the turn out). At that meeting I simply stated what standards of behavior I expected of all folks in their line of work within the confines of the community. One of the younger fellows displayed somewhat of a level of arrogance (I suspect his attitude was related to the fact that he sampled his own products!).

      Within two weeks of the meeting the young, arrogant, self-professed drug dealer managed to get run over by a freight train about two hundred yards out of my jurisdiction. Though I sent a unit to assist the sheriff, I did not get involved in the incident in any manner. Within a matter of hours the word was on the street that myself and/or some of my cops had arranged for the train and the drug dealer to meet. When the sheriff’s investigator showed up I had no comment and only the officer responding to the scene rendered a statement. When a lone FBI agent showed up and introduced himself and started talking I held my hand up and said; “No jurisdiction, no probable cause, no warrant, no comment, let’s go to lunch.” He smiled, folded his notebook, and we went to lunch (the second smartest FBI agent I ever encountered).

      Just one old, not too smart, soldier/cop’s two cents.

      PS By the way all of you civilians need to know something about career soldiers and cops. There are only too requirements to be a soldier and/or cop in America. One has to be smart enough to do the work and dumb enough to take the job. Also, being a little bit loco make the career choice a little more tolerable.

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      • LibertyONE says:

        Well stated AND I totally agree.

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      • navysquid says:

        Thanks for your service!

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      • Daniel says:

        That’s an amazing read. Fortunately, I try to live gluten-free. The word passes the spell check but it was hard for me to read gluten and mentally replace it with ‘glutton’ so it just hurt my brain.

        Not trying to be a grammar nazi but rather explaining how an otherwise stellar testimony became harder for me. The message is excellent. It’s like listening to a great piece of music and right in the middle of the song, someone inserts a completely disharmonious sound. It’s jarring to me. I don’t expect anyone else to feel this way — it’s just me as far as I’m concerned.

        So yeah. Awesome writing. But it’s glutton. Again, I just became a huge fan. But someone inserted a car crash into the middle of your composition.

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          Daniel: No excuse sir. You would think an old, slow, two finger typist could at least keep to the Queen’s English. Promise you I will work on all aspects of my communication skills (which is no small task for one raised in the oil fields of West Texas). Thanks.

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      • mutantbeast says:

        Someone like yourself should be FBI director. Lawyers have been screwing uo the FBI ever since Hoover died, and likely even before that. Dont forget, it was LBJ who pushed Hoover into taping MLK, mainly by his threats to cut there budget if Hoover didnt comply.

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      • kyblue says:

        LTC, my husband, who worked for another federal law enforcement agency for awhile,shares your opinion of the FBI. Arrogant & incompetent.
        The FBI as a whole is viewed as an overblown, overrated agency & those facts are common knowledge among other federal agencies.

        Thank you for keen observations & your service, Sir

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    • paulyho39 says:

      Making me weep!

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    • Daniel says:

      The leftist mindset (I will not say Liberal, because that’s far and away not the same thing though a somewhat flexible and contextualized sense of morality is the common thread between the two) is a very troubling thing when it comes to law enforcement and especially the use of deadly force.

      I had a co-worker whose family was almost entirely government employees. For whatever reason he didn’t make the cut but he tends to thing of government employee status as the very definition of success.

      He told me a story about an uncle who moved from one state police job to another — from somewhere far north-eastern to southern Virginia. Virginia is an open carry state. If it’s not concealed, you can carry it in public at the age of 18. Apparently, this uncle was not aware of this fact and when he encountered this legally protected citizen, weapons were drawn against this guy and all manner of terror ensued. Fortunately, nothing permanent happened to the victim in all of this (no injuries, no death) but this policeman took it upon himself to act against a man going about his business without any sign of a crime and no complaint on record at all and could easily have killed the man with no cause.

      I was completely aghast. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I said “But Virginia is an OPEN CARRY STATE!” To that he said, “But you can’t expect a policeman to know all of the laws….” I was like “WHAT?!” The use of deadly force has law, practice and policy regulating it. And the very idea that a cop would be inclined to act without knowing the law?? Holy smokes. I don’t want to believe this is the standard. I don’t want to believe this is how cops in the field actually operate. But I absolutely KNOW this is how leftists and some of related mindsets think and believe.

      This is what disturbs me the most. They do not believe in law and order — they believe their ideology should be law and that it should be applied against people with whom they disagree. They actually believe in brutal authoritarian government (so long as it’s not directed against themselves) which is precisely why they are so very attracted to those positions of power and authority. And THESE are the people running our government at nearly all levels at present. People who are not like that, today, are rare and generally speaking, ‘elderly.’

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  4. I disagree. Put the FBI Headquarters under direction of the Federal Marshall Service reporting, not to the courts, but to Justice and the President. Then clean house!

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    • Sentient says:

      DOJ ? Brood of vipers

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    • Crabby says:

      FBI reports directly to the DOJ, who reports directly to the POTUS. They do not report to the courts.

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      Wish I could back you on this one, but? For the latest on the U.S. Marshall Service you might want to get a copy of their own IG’s latest report. Pay special attention to the comments regarding the Headquarters, the senior staff, and some of their assumed privileges. Let’s just say it seems little has changed since my days around them. Seems they have many of the same aliments as many government agencies these days. One good thing about most of the DMs I encountered. They themselves often joked about what an overpaid escort service they were/are!

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    • DonL says:

      Didn’t we just learn how corrupted the Marshall Service has become?

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    • mutantbeast says:

      US Marshalls require you have street cop experience. Remember Whitey Bulger, Mule tirds favorite mob buddy? Muletruds FBI couldt find Whitey for 17yrs, even tho it was an agent Muleturd had provided as Bulgers FBI contact who informed Whitey the local cops were about to bust him. It took the US Marshalls les than 1 month to do what Muletruds FBI couldnt do in over 10 yrs, Funny how that happened.

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  5. Boots On The Ground says:

    Remember Mark Felt? He was Watergate’s Deep Throat.

    So who was Mark Felt? The FBI’s #2 guy. FBI deputy director during Nixon’s term.

    The creep was upset that he didn’t get the top job.

    Just another creep like FBI #2 Andrew McCabe.

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  6. unconqueredone says:

    Assuming the accuracy of this article, I’d love to see Trump fire every person in an appointed position. He should then take suggestions from those inside the organization on who their replacements ought to be. Repeat. After a few cycles the scum would be cleaned out or keep their heads down.

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  7. JohnCarlson says:

    Honor is not to be won. It is only not to be lost.
    – Author Schopenhauer

    The FBI has lost its honor. All of it. Period. Full stop. This is not even debatable.

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    • mac says:

      To quote the Duke of Wellington, “Damned good. And damned right, too.”

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    • Jederman says:

      So true. It can’t be trusted to do the right thing anymore. When the top is corrupted and rotten the rest of the pyramid below has few options. Get on board, go along to get along, or leave.

      That’s why I find the talk/explanations about “saving the institution” in your face BS.

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  8. NC Nana says:

    Sundance, thank you for bringing RTLW’s comment to the forefront. I missed it the first time round. It certainly makes sense on how an organization could go from honorable to corrupt so quickly.

    I have always been disturbed about how few whistle blowers we have had from the FBI. Then we heard the news about how the FBI treated legally recognized whistle blowers before Christmas. (Breaking into their homes in the wee hours.) Is it any wonder agents don’t tell what is going on?

    I agree. There is no saving the FBI. They are done.

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  9. Car says:

    Thank you again Sundance for calling attention to the post from RTLW. I had missed it.

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  10. Iamcat says:

    Excellent post!!

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  11. JohnCarlson says:

    Anyone with a brain and a clue knew from the get-go that the Trump / Russia collusion narrative was a ham fisted and preposterous joke even worse than the claim that the Benghazi 9/11 was caused by some video.

    After two years of this steaming crap, I hope we’ve reached a critical mass of Americans who are sick of having our intelligence insulted by the corrupt and criminal FBI and their Russian malarkey .

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  12. justlizzyp says:

    Wow. Thank you for this post.

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  13. jeans2nd says:

    Our local FBI spent years – years – “investigating” my Amish neighbors for “hate crimes” for shaving another Amish guy’s beard with an electric razor.
    Our local DOJ went right along with it, and spent years – YEARS – prosecuting my neighbors.

    The local FBI/DOJ knew absolutely nothing about my neighbors. NOTHING
    If they are not all corrupt, then the non-corrupt are mentally ill, or worse. No respectable person would allow shames like this to happen, not to mention the illegalities FBIDC/DOJDC are doing to Our President.
    phooey. on all of ’em

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    • JohnCarlson says:

      I guess the FBI agents believe Amish and Mennonites are more to be feared than ISIS and al Qaeda.

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      • It is independent subjects that the powerful fear most. Their “work” is our dependence that subjugated us to their will. Amish respect law, but also understand bull when they see it.
        Most people used to, but after years of indoctrination we are blind to true risk and fear everything else. We are like the frightened dog who will run from anyone except their abusive master.

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  14. Brenda Johnson says:

    I have a family member who gave 34 years of his life as an agent. He is SICK to see what has happened to the bureau. He no longer is a member in the retired agent’s association. He feels that the bureau has gone rouge with their investigations of our President and fears for the future of our republic! The bureau is no longer respected by retired agents! ! We need to pray for our country to save our republic! Contract your representatives in Congress now to stop this out of control investigation by Mueller of our duely elected president. President Trump was elected legitimately! Your voice needs to be heard! These socialist are telling nothing but lies and want to destroy our president so he will not be re-elected! President Trump is NO Russian agent!!!

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  15. From my experience, public sector employees, which includes the rank and file of all the institutions like the FBI, are not there to be honorable citizens and be the best servants of America God has gifted them to be.
    These government employees are there for the secure paycheck, secure easy retirement in 20 years or so, the wonderful benefits and the above average pay, from which you would have to be an obvious criminal to be excluded from. They aren’t concerned with being patriots but are concerned with mortgages, benefits and plush retirement. Work is optional.
    Ask these people to testify against Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Christopher Wray, Robert Mueller et al and you are asking them to give up an easy paycheck and way of life. Most know no other way.
    Being an entrepreneur is like being a foreigner or maybe even an illegal alien in their eyes.

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  16. PVCDroid says:

    The real culprits were at the DOJ. They were pushing information to the FBI along with Brennan and Clapper creating a shark like feeding frenzy along with Brennan and Clapper. If they can kick start a Special Investigation on the FBI, that’s great but it has to go higher as well.

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  17. Annie says:

    as a single female who has owned her own business for 51 yrs. have had a lot of lawyers and doctors as clients…and many whom I consider friends…the 2 worst people I have ever had as clients were ministers!!!! just sayin’!!!!

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    • Elle says:

      Annie met two ministers. Those two ministers were dogs. Therefore, all ministers are dogs. What do YOU do Annie? Let’s have some fun with your profession.

      I think it is a good reminder on a thread like this one. This is one of the most interesting threads I have read in a long time, And like the Catholic Church, the head of the FBI became corrupted and began to rot from the top. Same with law enforcement and everything else in this country. The left community organized itself into power in every single corner of our life. The churches the schools the neighborhood tea parties.

      When an organization like the FBI starts to rot from the top, the good people are not selected or move away from the stench. But many good people remain. They try to do good within the confines of the job as they have mortgages to pay and other commitments. That doesn’t make them bad people or cowards. Just stuck.

      We need to somehow free the good people with experience from fearing the loss of their livelihood and tap into their expertise to help save us.

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      • Daniel says:

        The ‘evil super villain’ always believes what they are doing is for the greater good and invariably see the ‘common good’ as the most significant threat to their agenda. Psychopaths are unable to see themselves as evil, doing evil things because they generally feel happy and proud of themselves when they do their evil.

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    • mutantbeast says:

      I can name you about a dozen “ministers” I know who when they pass away will have no place in Gods kingdom. Its become sick that so-called “churches” like the United “Church” of Commies and the once proud Unted Methodist church dont care about promoting Christianity anymore, instead theyve become magnets for far left propaganda.

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  18. Cathy M. says:

    I’d love to see just once, just once in my lifetime “what goes around comes around”!

    I agree that the FBI needs to be abolished ASAP before it’s too late.

    For decades the FBI had/has the ambition to be the sole federal law enforcement agency by destroying agencies who they perceived as their rivals. Help in that effort so far is that the FBI has significantly more Special Agents assigned to liason with/lobby Congress than any other federal law enforcement agency.

    As evidence that they could do it (FBI sole federal law enforcement)-

    The FBI’s primary targets to destroy were the former U.S. Customs Service/ Office of Investigations (USCS/OI), 2nd being DEA & more recently ICE/HSI. They were jealous of the USCS/OI authorities and the successful myriad of large significant international investigations conducted by the USCS Special Agents. The USCS enforced approx.. 400 federal laws compared to approx. 200 by the FBI.
    Most other agencies enforce approx. 10+ laws.

    * In the 1970s- All of the most talented USCS/OI Special Agents (S/A) assigned to investigate drug smuggling were force-transferred into the newly formed DEA. This subsequently left the Service with a lot of inept supervisors (unaffectionately referred to as the “Class of ’73) that took yrs to overcome.
    * In the early 1980s- the FBI intended to absorb All of the DEA S/As (including the former USCS S/As) into the FBI & moved the DEA’s basic training to Quantico. FBI subsequently nixed that absorption due to those S/As were not “professional” enough but the FBI still had a strangle hold on the DEA (at least through the early ’90s.) Professional in their eyes means “yes men”.

    DEA was an agency that had great S/As who could also play well with others (agencies).
    Once their basic training moved to Quantico, they became as arrogant as the FBI & generally speaking, didn’t play well at all.

    * In 2003 the DHS & ICE were formed- ICE was originally to be named “Investigations & Criminal Enforcement”. The FBI was strongly opposed to the name as they alleged that the public may confuse ICE as being the FBI (lame argument). Thus, the name of the new agency was dubbed “Immigration & Customs Enforcement.”

    The FBI was instrumental in separating ALL, that’s ALL, of the USCS S/As from the USCS.
    For months the then Commissioner of the USCS was repeatedly advised that the USCS would be moved into the DHS as a whole but when USCS employees arrived at work on March 3, 2003, without any warning whatsoever, they learned from Media outlets that the USCS is split in half with All USCS/OI employees being force-transferred into ICE merged with the former INS enforcement arm. USCS & INS were the only agencies that were divided upon moving into the DHS.

    To put salt in the wound, the punk former INS Director was appointed the Director of ICE. INS, the agency abolished by Congress for their gross ineptness (as stated in a Congressional hearing). Those 1st 8 yrs of ICE were pure hell, one ignorant Director after another.

    Then the FBI talked the ICE Director to turn over Operation “Green Quest”, a USCS/OI initiated & led money laundering task force that continued in ICE. Once in their hands, the FBI totally shut down the task force & ICE employees were forbidden from ever even mentioning the words “Green Quest”.

    Then the FBI fought hard to obtain border search authority. Only ICE/HSI and CBP have that authority per law. Thank Gawd they did not succeed in that one!

    Etc, etc, . .

    Had to get that off my chest.

    Liked by 6 people

  19. LibertyONE says:

    It is VERY apparent that under the Obungo Regime & other the Fat Boys Institute ( upper mgt & many agts) has become nothing more than a combination of the Gestapo, Stasi & KBG rolled into one.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Phil aka Felipe says:

    “Hang everyone on the 7th floor for treason.”

    Sounds like a good start.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Sandee says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve watched the videos on YouTube from retired FBI special agent Cesar Paz & retired FBI supervisor Jeff Danik but they’re worth the time. These 2 career guys made 4 short videos the day after Comey’s June 8, 2017 testimony. These are good guys who made these videos b/c they were shocked by Comey’s testimony & just wanted to give ppl an unbiased opinion from the viewpoint of insiders at FBI. The videos are very telling as far as Comey & Mueller go. They say Comey is actually the 1 who obstructed justice by leaking his memo in order to get a special counsel. If anyone’s interested is watching look up Cesar Paz on YouTube & look for videos w/both their names and part 1, part 2 etc. I’d also recommend watching Cesar’s video titled Mr. Comey you have been PNG’d where Cesar lists out a bunch of ?’s he’d ask Comey if he were in Congress.

    Liked by 3 people

  22. TANGO268 says:

    Many of the other agencies are following suit. Doing a headquarters tour makes an agent “more rounded” they say. It’s more like lobotomized.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Liberal rag Time Magazine agrees with the depth and breadth of rot at the FBI. Time also blames it on the expansion of FBI’s charter to include counterterrorism.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Walt says:

      That Time piece was interesting but it was the typical lefty hackwork. There’s far better information in this CTH column and the comments above.

      I agree that the agency needs to be killed and the Washington headquarters destroyed. While it’s possible to turn a major organization around there is NO chance that our current or near-future federal government can do it. The main goal has to be to keep it from continuing to serve as the SS for Democrats in the DOJ and White House. THAT can be done by eliminating the headquarters function.

      Separate the other functions, cancel those with political implications, and disperse them nationally. Ten years down the road if we’re able to elect a few honest administrations, develop a solidly conservative Supreme Court and clean up the worse of the lower courts, elect an honest and pro-American Congress — THEN perhaps we can rebuild the FBI. Until then, cripple it so it cannot help trample our poor republic.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Folks, This [IS] what DIRTY Robert Swan Mueller III TRULY [IS].
    ~Just like his IDOL…J. Edgar Hoover….Was.~
    Hoover kept SECRET-FILES on the Sex Lives of Congressmen & Presidents for BLACKMAIL….Just like DIRTY Mueller.
    *Ain’t that right LBJ.*

    Liked by 2 people

  25. TwoLaine says:

    I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Bulldog84 says:

    I agree completely; break it up and scatter the pieces in the wind.

    When the bureaucratic rot is so entrenched that HQ forgets why they exist and functions only to preserve itself at all costs, there is no other solution.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. youme says:

    Mueller:2. Realigning the Workforce to Address Priorities

    In recognition of the continuing terrorist threat facing the United States from the Al-Qaeda network and of the urgent need to continue building the FBI’s capacity to prevent future terrorist acts through improved analytical and intelligence information sharing capabilities, I am proposing a permanent shift of 518 field agents from criminal investigations to augment our counterterrorism investigations and activities (480 agents), implement critical security improvements (13 agents), and support the training of new Special Agents at the FBI Academy (25 agents). The FBI will need to sustain its present level of commitment to combating and preventing terrorism for the foreseeable future and be sufficiently flexible to quickly shift whatever additional resources are necessary to meet any counterterrorism investigative demand that materializes. These 518 agents will be taken primarily from FBI drug investigations (400), although there will be some shift from white-collar (59) and violent crimes (59 agents).

    Liked by 1 person

    • kyblue says:

      Seems a division within maybe the DHS comprised of ex-military would serve better with counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism than the FBI. The military has been taught To deal with terrorists in combat situations, hunt terrorists & gather Intel.

      I’d think an ex-military unit (s) would be more effective than the FBI in dealing with terrorist threats. My two cents.

      Liked by 2 people

  28. William Moore says:

    What if RTLW knew what he/she is talking about? Any marginally competent reporter could find a few of these senior FBI agents in “fly-over country” and verify the story and have a wonderful career ride doing it. Any semi-skilled agent of any investigative unit of anything, House, Senate, DOJ, DHS, etc…anyone could verify that Mueller did these things and an investigative trail could be established. Why would we think this has not ALL already been documented within ongoing investigations? Why would we think this, if true, could have been suppressed? If you were an older agent who had been forced into retirement, would you keep quiet when you have a chance to use your knowledge to mess with Mueller? I surely would. There would appear to be hundreds of agents who were obviously screwed. Would they all be quiet? Why would they if they were the type who would resist Mueller’s attempt to pervert the agency?

    Sorry, this is an inspiring comment, full of hate and fury, but ya know, it seems to signify nothing other than, perhaps, the fact that the FBI and DOJ will continue to be corrupt and no one will do a single thing about it.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. TomA says:

    Well, since we’re telling it like it is.

    During the Obama Administration, DOJ/FBI (and many other federal agencies) morphed into criminal enterprises via the influence of corrupt leadership appointed (or compromised) by Obama/Clinton agents. This is a big deal, and hiding this reality is an even a bigger deal because revelation undermines Swamp control of DC politics. Hence, the Keystone cops narrative to excuse the Russia Hoax is much preferable to admitting that these organizations were actually undertaking a premeditated seditious coup against an elected president. And the UK intelligence apparatus (with Ausy complicity) was a willing co-conspirator.

    You cannot undertake a coup halfheartedly, it’s all or nothing. In for a penny, in for a pound. Serious felony criminal acts were perpetrated routinely because the stakes are that you either win or you go to prison. This is not a parlor game of cleverly parsing media reports to ascertain the “truth”, and the cavalry is not coming to save us. As with the yellow vest movement, redemption will arise from the heartland.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Daniel says:

      What could be expected from a president who cannot be investigated or vetted at all??? Not school records of any kind. No proof of history of any kind. And later published an obviously false birth certificate with photoshop layers still floating around in the document instead of being flattened. (Easy fix, but they had to trust idiots to do the work because really smart people can’t be trusted to hide the truth.)

      That fact alone was the most telling aspect (no proof of who he is) warning us of what is to come.

      Even today… can we learn anything about Obama or do we have to wait for an actual conviction and his real name in the title of the case “The United States v. ______ (AKA Barack Hussein Obama)”? It’s not that the information is lost. It’s there. It’s just all made unavailable — a feat which normal people in the US cannot do or facilitate.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. MBB says:

    Trump could do the same thing Mueller did, but in reverse. Require that all the top brass move to a new headquarters in the Midwest. The DC elite would drop out of the organization like flies.

    Liked by 2 people

    • tampa2 says:

      Can’t “Like” enough!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Daniel says:

      That would be thrilling to watch. Every time I hear some pundit say something like “Trump doesn’t understand how government works” makes me want to feed them a truth sandwich. The way the government works is WRONG and needs to be cleaned up. He knows how it works. He has been a business man dealing with government at every level trying to get his work done. He knows and he knows it’s wrong.

      Liked by 2 people

  31. Donna in Oregon says:

    Here is what POTUS should be focusing on, this is why the DOJ SUCKS!!!!!
    Totally compromised by hack politicos with agendas.

    “The Justice Department’s inspector general found that the Bush administration — which changed hiring rules to give its political appointees at the Civil Rights Division greater control over civil service hiring starting in 2003 — had violated hiring rules by screening out liberals and by actively seeking to fill civil service vacancies with conservatives, referred to privately by one Bush official as “real Americans” and “right-thinking Americans.”

    President Obama’s appointee to supervise the division, Thomas E. Perez, went further in a 2009 policy giving career professionals sweeping authority to choose whom to recommend to fill openings for experienced lawyers, a much larger group. Under the policy, if an assistant attorney general for civil rights wants to overrule a recommendation, he must do so in writing. Mr. Perez has not overruled any recommendations.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Lactantius says:

    Aristotle, in Nicomachean Ethics (350 B.C.), asks: “Do men love … the good, or what is good for them?” Aristotle refines the question by separating people who are for themselves from “friends bearing goodwill.” In further refinement. Aristotle determines that “those who love for the sake of utility love for the sake of what is good for themselves…” (….) “when the motive of the friendship is done away, the friendship is dissolved, inasmuch as it existed only for the ends in question.”

    Mueller and his merry band of conspirators are gaining pleasure from their shared game and they may even have formed a tight friendship among themselves. But as Aristotle noted 2, 370 years ago “Those of fellow-citizens, fellow-tribesmen, fellow-voyagers, and the like are more like mere friendships of association; for they seem to rest on a sort of compact.

    Mueller and his cohorts are NOT about the love of justice. That is NOT what binds them together. They love the game. If the game is fully exposed, then their “brotherhood” is also exposed as debased and corrupt.

    If their “brotherhood is exposed as diseased and corrupt, it becomes every powerful man for himself” and “goodwill” is replaced by “what is good for themselves.”

    Take the case of James Comey. He is being shown to have been a corrupt Director of the F.B.I. He could disappear and hope to lie low for his remaining days – or – he could “own up” to his indiscretions – or – he could fight the powers subjecting him to exposure. Whatever route he takes, it is based on what James Comey thinks is best for James Comey.

    If the top powers in the Department of Justice and in the F.B.I. are protecting malfeasance and even crimes in their institutionalized practices, then the “institution” they are protecting is also corrupt. Picture the chain of the big fish eating the smaller fish who is eating the smaller fish, ad infinitum. Corruption sets the rules for what type of response is “required” from the top. The smallest fish learns what the next smallest fish “needs to hear” and responds accordingly. The system becomes identical to how “governments” work in a tyranny.

    Aristotle states that the process of “deliberation” is “not about ends but about means.” He concludes that “if we are to be always deliberating, we shall go on to infinity.” We can not, for instance address “corruption” without addressing the “virtue” which is the end goal. What is “virtuous” in a corrupted system? Nothing, of course.

    When framing an argument, it is important to understand what constitutes the argument:

    The DOJ and FBI are meant to uphold the virtue of law and order. How have Mueller, Comey, Cummings, Schiff, Weissman, Pelosi, Nadler, Rosenstein, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok, Ohr, (Bruce), Ohr, (Nellie), Yates, Simpson, Steele, Clinton, Warner, Lynch, Halper, Baker, McCord, Kortan, Obama, etc, acted “virtuously” in preserving law and order over the presumption of institutional corruption?????? (Or, conversely, how have they corrupted the virtue of law and order?)

    Liked by 1 person

  33. yonason says:

    I know President Trump is smart and all, but I really can’t see why he chose another Jeff Sessions (or worse) to be AJ.

    I just don’t see the sense in it. Are we really that short of qualified (talented and HONEST) candidates?

    Liked by 1 person

    • noswamp says:

      I don’t trust Barr as far as I can throw him. Let us see what happens.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Phil Free says:

      Sessions recused, which removed all his power. Barr will not be ‘recusing’, as there is nothing for him to be recused ‘from’, as Barr exited the DOJ in 1994.
      I don’t see any data points that suggest Barr would/will be “sleepy”, like Sessions was ..

      Liked by 1 person

      • yonason says:

        “Barr will not be ‘recusing’, “

        …which is why I wrote “(or worse) to be AG” [not “AJ”]

        If Barr gets confirmed, I guess Trump and America are stuck with him. I’m in agreement with “noswamp” on this.

        Liked by 1 person

  34. noswamp says:

    Not a G person or even a gvt person. Thanks for the post, and for this thread. I totally had no idea it was this bad at the FBI.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Tenrten says:

    i’m not sure if it’ been stated if it has I apologize ……I have to ask why do Trump appointees continually let him down i.e. Barr, claiming that mueller is his friend , he’s a highly respected honest investigator, it’s not a witchhunt etc. etc. etc. !! I understand why Barr would have to be diplomatic, parse his words be professional ,…..BUT… stand up for The president !!!

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Bob says:

    Makes no sense to preserve a corrupt organization. If you really cared about an institution you would clean house and get rid of the garbage.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Ihagh G. T. says:

    😂😀😂TRUMP: I will choke you to death in the presence of officials if you ef with me

    Liked by 1 person

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