President Trump Speech to American Farm Convention, New Orleans – 1:15pm EST Livestream…

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to farmers and ranchers at the American Farm Bureau annual convention in New Orleans.  Anticipated start time 1:15pm EST.

UPDATE: Video Added

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54 Responses to President Trump Speech to American Farm Convention, New Orleans – 1:15pm EST Livestream…

  1. G3 says:

    No, that was you.

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  2. Troublemaker10 says:

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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

    Speech in progress and it is getting great reception. Talking a lot about illegal immigration, the wall, drug problem, need for reform, etc.
    Huge applause when he said we need immigrants, but they need to come here legally. He also said he wants to improve process where farm migrants can cone legally for seasonal work on farms.

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  4. Paula Daly says:

    We’ve had a big problem here in SC because American’s don’t want to pick fruit. They show up one day, and never return, and they’re making well over min wage. They haven’t wanted to do that kind of work for years. We picked fruit growing up, and we also painted fences, mowed lawns and many other jobs for way less than $15 an hour. My husband delivered newspapers everyday for $20 a month. We always made our children work as well… no lazy going on in this home!

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      If college $ wasn’t so easily accessible and welfare less generous, many would get in touch with their inner motivation and get to work.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Paula: Yes… I was doing ‘errands’, shoveling (short) walkways & steps, etc. in the1940’s from age 7 thru’ 10, when our family lived in the ‘city’… and from age 10 through my teens mowed a LOT of lawns (all with push mowers), along with other work, to get my spending money… and that was for 15 cents to 25 cents per hour… with a large family, our parents taught us the rules and directed us through literature to recognize good and evil, and train us to ‘have a conscience’… I feel so fortunate to have grown up in a time when working hard gave so much personal satisfaction. (and the patches on our jeans were there of necessity, not ‘style’)

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    • Piggy says:

      While that may be the case when you were younger I will provide some numbers…

      Min wage in SC: $7.25
      Min wage weekly in SC: $290.00 before taxes
      Min wage annual in SC: $15,080.00 before taxes

      SC average 1 bedroom room: $820.00 per month

      Still have to buy food, pay bills, etc…

      SC last raised there minimum wage in 2008 by 70 cents to its current level. It’s now 2019…

      Maybe no Americans want to pick fruit (guessing peaches in SC) because they can’t live on minimum wage…

      Maybe the growers in SC want to keep wages down on purpose for bigger cuts…

      While I won’t disagree with Americans not wanting to pick fruit in SC. I have provided some economic numbers of why they just can’t, won’t, or seek employment elsewhere.

      Calling them all lazy is kind of lazy in itself. Some people are lazy some people aren’t…

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      • Paula Daly says:

        I never said, all people were lazy, but we’ve been around many of them, in fact, my husband runs capital projects for Chemical Plants here, and has the same problem finding American’s to do the grunt work, like tile, cement and such, and that’s making $20 an hour to start out, along with HVAC free training $20 to start out as well, which all of the above jobs can get you to $60,000 a year in time, by showing up and working hard. He’s been dealing with this for over 15 years and so has our farmers. Don’t talk to me like I don’t know anything.

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        • Piggy says:

          I agree some of it is culturally related.

          We live in times where people think vices are more important then work.

          We have people who cheapen the importance of manual labor and have attached stigmas to this type of work. Example “Grunt Work”. Causing people to not seek these jobs.

          Economics and culture are tied.

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          • Mighty curious you cited ZERO personal experience, Piggy.

            Mighty suspicious you equate Minimum Wage to Economic Self-Sufficiency, as that’s NOT its purpose.

            People who want to be self—sufficient must develop skills that others will pay a self-sufficient wage to employ.

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            • trialbytruth says:


              Bombs of truth

              There is an interesting wage change happening here in Michigan . Minimum wage here is 9.25 an hour. Our local Taco Bell is starting part time high schoolers at 11.00. they show them the door quickly if it they don’t work but they keep the best.

              Minimum wage is a way to prevent slavery and. Child abuse. Move up or mve out.

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        • Rodney Short says:

          I was in concrete/masonry in Florida and never made close to $20hr.
          $14hr tops in concrete and $15 tops in masonry, my gramps had me tending masons at the young age of 9 during breaks from school.

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          • trialbytruth says:

            Rodney union? How about Bennie,s. How.long ago. I was making 12 an hour as pick up construction. Labor in North Carolina in 1984


            • Rodney Short says:

              No union Florida was a right to work state.
              10 years ago I fell 4 stories off of scaffolding on a job we were doing, the scaffolding crew were all illegals.Cheap labor killed all construction trades IMHO.


      • yadent says:

        Obviously SC minimum wage needs to be $50.00/hr……..but seriously, minimum wage jobs were traditionally entry level positions leading to advancement and better wages. As for picking fruit/vegetables, what thinking person would rely on a SEASONAL job for year-round support?? Unless of course that person is being paid cash, possibly not a legal resident, and is receiving public ‘benefits’. Everyone one is happy! Growers, pickers, and consumers who are paying ‘lower’ prices for their peaches………….

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        • nimrodman says:

          “seriously, minimum wage jobs were traditionally entry level positions”

          And I’d add: for which the cost of a one-bedroom apartment holds NO relevance

          How about a smaller “studio” apartment?
          Or sharing a house with other low-wage housemates?
          Or even – dare I say it? – sharing a room in a shared house?

          When did the luxury of a private apartment become the expectation here in America?
          And who is to pay for it?
          And when did it become expected that one could afford it on minimum wage?

          We’re not Sweden, for heaven’s sake

          Sweden’s not even Sweden any longer

          Got a friend who married a Swedish woman, they live in the US
          – 10 years ago I was being told about the great socialism there in Sweden
          – When you reached young adulthood, you put your name on a housing list
          – Eventually an apartment would free up and you’d be assigned to it
          – Gummint paid entirely or very nominal cost to you

          1 year ago I’m being told all the native-born Swedes are in despair
          – That gummint apartment they’d been expecting is now given out to refugees
          – That pension older Swedes had worked toward all their lives now will no longer be there or at least greatly reduced

          Like I said, Sweden’s not even Sweden any longer

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      • Ichabodspatula1 says:

        There, their, and they’re. Sorry. I’m the grammar police. To your point, though, I started out at minimum wage in factories and worked my way up. I showed up and worked hard. Then, I moved on to a better paying job. I built a decent resume. You don’t start out at $80K a year, but you can certainly work your way up to it with no college degree.

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  5. John Smith says:

    You are so smart!


  6. gawntrail says:


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  7. ristvan says:

    Very clever to have a named Arizona border rancher on the wall, a North Dakota wheat farmer on WOTUS deregulation, a Missouri cattlewoman/accountant on tax reform, and a Wisconsin dairy family on USMCA. Makes the big picture personal to everyone in the room.

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  8. smurfette says:

    PDJT said they can’t kill us can they, John? Speaking to John Kennedy, a current rep. LOL. He made so many references, for those watching. If true, 2020 will unite both sides!

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  9. rashomon says:

    Can someone explain what happened to E-verify and why it is not mandatory? Thank you.

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    • 94corvette says:

      It’s still out there but believe me – the Chamber of Commerce would hate to see it used nationwide.

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      • Republicanvet91 says:

        I was listening today to some program in which they were describing the latest “deal” to re-open government in exchange for POTUS getting the funding he wanted for the wall.

        It all boiled down to zero enforcement of illegal immigration, no e-verify and an increase in H1B visas.


      • rashomon says:

        I don’t get this == Obama said “Jump!” and the states said “How high?” PDJT tries to enforce a law already on the books, and the states send it to the 9th Circuit, thus doomed for all eternity. How about withholding some Federal funds for those who chose not to comply?


  10. quintrillion says:

    I am going to email President Trump and see if he will attend this meeting in VA this year it’s in October:

    These are Patriots farming to grow their own food, ethically raising livestock and homeschooling their children. Hundreds have yt channels and most have strong Faith and love America. Their stories are spiritually uplifting and the skills they are practicing would be lost, in practice, forever, if not for them carrying on heritage and heirloom wisdom and incorporating what is best and practical of the 21st century. The best of America’s heritage from pilgrims, pioneers and great grandparents!

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  11. gawntrail says:

    This 2% will not Make America Great Again.

    Awesome line.

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  12. be says:

    Thank you President Trump .. You rock!
    We support you and thank you for standing up for America!

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  13. Ivehadit says:

    “Now you have a government that is loyal to you, finally, in return.”
    Says it all…


  14. duchess01 says:

    LOL – “He got no standing ovations!” – because everyone stayed standing – President Trump


  15. paper doll says:

    In 10-15 years time, when robots are doing most of those jobs, including the harvesting…what then? Plus if they come here, they are staying. And if they must come, there must be a wall. A wall does not prevent people coming in legally ..only illegally


    • Pipefitter1289 says:

      It’s called creative destruction. There will be new jobs that don’t exist today. Also, someone needs to design, build, sell, program, and maintain all those robots.

      Cars came along and carriage makers either went out of business or adapted to the new realities. I have a college degree and a Journeyman’s card as a Pipefitter. My skilled trade is way more valuable than a college degree. I can go anywhere at any time and get a great paying job. More kids need to head that way. There’s a great demand.

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      • nimrodman says:

        I’ve got a nephew with that kind of foresight

        Said “nah” to college and instead enlisted in National Guard and trained in diesel mechanics

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      • paper doll says:

        “It’s called creative destruction. There will be new jobs that don’t exist today.”

        That is exactly what was said in the 90’s when the manufacturing jobs were outsourced else where around the world. Turned out those replacement jobs were found in bartending and as wait staff in restaurants

        ” Also, someone needs to design, build, sell, program, and maintain all those robots ”

        3 engineers will be able to run a factory….so why allow the the third world to pour in? I don’t think there’s many in the caravans who fit that job description

        College is indeed a cam at this point


  16. Payday says:

    Soooo many great speeches….yet I this one was his best speech yet!


  17. woohoowee says:

    Great speech and very well received 🙂 PT45 mentioned how quickly things are changing for the good and he’s right! What an exciting time to be here!


  18. JasonF says:

    Richard Neustadt, in his book Presidential Power (1960), says the following.


    When contemplating General Eisenhower winning the Presidential election, Truman said, “He’ll sit here, and he’ll say, ‘Do this! Do that!’ And nothing will happen. Poor Ike—it won’t be a bit like the Army. He’ll find it very frustrating.”


  19. JasonF says:

    Oops, sorry–wrong thread. Please feel free to delete my above comment.


  20. Mike in a Truck says:

    Remove all minimum wage laws.Water reachs its own level.Some peoples labor is not worth $7.50/ hr. Some not worth $15.00/hr.Some not double that. If a business needs workers and those workers wont do the job at the offered rate than the rate has to increase.I wont turn the key on my truck for less than $1.75/ mile plus fuel surcharge.Sorry, I gotta make a profit.Dont like it? Find some mutt that will run cheaper.Maybe your load will get there.Oh-heres the phone ringing now.I knew they would see it my way.

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    • nimrodman says:

      It’s still there, I just saw and played it in Pale Moon browser, a firefox variant

      It doesn’t appear in Internet Explorer.

      Starting 2 or 3 weeks ago, YouTube videos posted at Treehouse no longer appear for me, dunno if it’s a Treehouse thing or WordPress thing or Internet Explorer thing or Windows 10 thing, or I disable 3rd party cookies thing – but some update in one of them must have disabled the functionality.

      Try another browser and see if you see the video.


  21. 335blues says:

    President Trump has a stake in America.
    He is exceeding all expectations based on
    every President since Ronald Reagan.
    President Trump is giving his life, and his soul
    to America. In spite of constant daily false accusations and attacks Trump is moving America back to greatness.
    The longer the ‘shutdown’ goes on the
    worse the marxist democrat party smells.
    I stand with President Trump 100%.


  22. Katherine McCoun says:

    One of my favorite part of the speech: he told everyone to have a seat around the 7 minute mark. Then went off on the fake news media. Said they would now say that President Trump had no standing ovation but would “forget” to report it was because everyone was standing. (paraphrase) Crowd LOVED it

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    • My fav was POTUS ad-libbing that he’d make it EASIER for Farmers’ workers to get in, but the RIGHT workers. Crowd went nuts. Trump reflects for a second on what a WINNER he’d found, saying he was “glad” he’d told them.


  23. G. Combs says:

    “…SC average 1 bedroom room: $820.00 per month…..”

    THAT is a typical strawman. IT INCLUDES CITY RENTALS!!!

    Her in my neck of the wood in NC, a 2 bedroom trailer rents for $350 and a 3 bedroom for $400 to 500 for a BRAND NEW Doublewide.

    Second strawman ‘Living wage’ — IT IS TEMPORARY WORK! Mostly for teens.

    Around here, for a partially CRIPPLED farmworker I pay $5 an hour, PLUS I pick her up and take her home, take her shopping, feed her….

    For an able bodied farmworker that is trained it just went up from $10 to $12 an hour. Note this is on the weekends as a SECOND JOB or it is teens working for pocket money.

    All you have to do is look at what McDonalds is paying to see what the ACTUAL minimum wage is.


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