Wow – Border Patrol Officer Shares Scale of International Influx into U.S. Southern Border…

Straight from the epicenter of the issue, the U.S. Border Patrol outlines a single day of captured illegal aliens from countries other than Central America and Mexico.

Just yesterday alone over 113 illegal entry apprehensions from Pakistan, India, China, Ecuador, Romania, Nicaragua and more. This CBP data is just from one border state in one day. WATCH:

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153 Responses to Wow – Border Patrol Officer Shares Scale of International Influx into U.S. Southern Border…

  1. Jenny R. says:

    Imhao, this border thing is as good as won.
    The President keeps this in Congress — the Republicans get a win by being the ones who get the wall built. It will help them come re-election time. The Republicans should probably at least try to learn a lesson about winning from this — hopefully they do.
    Also, the longer this goes on the worse situation the Dems (that’s why Chris Cuomo was raving about the benefits of border security…he knows what’s coming; right now he’s one of the few who is at least somewhat clear sighted). They overplayed their hands the other night, and they can’t go back. They’ll vote in lockstep because their campaign war chests are controlled by the central party apparatchiks, so they can’t cross Nannychucks — another reason why those two need to become the face of this.
    In short, they screwed themselves.
    And one way or another the wall gets built….keeping it in Congress is for the benefit of the GOP, but if he has to the President can use the national emergency option.
    Because the people are getting more and more angry about this, so they will demand that something get done.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      One other thing as this partial government shutdown continues. The Democrats have shown themselves unwilling to do anything to further Trump’s goal of building our wall. It’s one reason why you see a whole spectrum of possible offers, up and down the scale, of possible offers to get some/any level of wall funding.

      In the coming weeks, there may be attempts from Trump to alleviate the pain of selected shutdown-related funding gaps. And the Democrats will stop Trump from doing so. Just as Obama attempted to make the shutdown as painful and noticeable as possible, they will do so again. It would be tough for Democrats not to stop Trump because of all they have done beforehand to oppose the wall. It is also political poison to stop Trump from easing some pain points. They boxed themselves in.

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    • ron Milam says:

      Declare a National Emergency, and don’t sign the Congressional Bills until the Wall is Built. I don’t think a Court is going to try and block a Declared Emergency, now a lower court judge can be found, but the SUPREME COURT in my opinion will stay it and defer to the Presidents informed opinion, if not any deaths will be on their hands, and should be grounds for impeachment of the Justices who voted against the powers vested in the President. I do not think they will block this state of Emergency. By the time the litigation is over the Wall will be built. Then and only then do you sign the spending bills.

      I will go further, as long as there is WASTE in these Bills the President should refuse to sign them and point out the graft and waste, he probably won’t, but this needs to be done.

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  2. CM-TX says:

    Screenshots from video posted here the other day. Sorry, I don’t recall who, but was worthwhile watching.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      That was me. Thank you for posting this again! I was just getting ready to post the video and that reminder here again, but yes, I pointed this out specifically, and the fact that this is what Brazil needs to help us STOP!

      Full video at:

      Another thing that really struck me in the video is the sheer stupidity of putting CBP checkpoints well into the interior of the U.S., thereby in effect moving our border, and making it far to late for us to turn people around. PLUS, we need our people at the border/on the boarder, not 100 miles away! That is what we are paying them for, to protect the border. 100 miles in should be some sheriff’s responsibility.

      We were supposed to learn from 9/11, but we misnamed it from the get go. It should have been named 911. I posted this yesterday. You will hear lots of OTM talk in here, lots about our border, etc…. Personally, I think we should immediately hold a hearing on where we are based on the recommendations of this report. It is time we got to the truth about our real national security issues.

      Border Security
      14 Mar 2005

      At a hearing titled “Strengthening Enforcement and Border Security: The 9/11 Commission Staff Report on Terrorist Travel,” witnesses testified about enforcement of existing anti-terrorism laws and the recommendations of the September 11 commission staff report.

      Headed up by John Cornyn, R-TX

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  3. Janeka says:

    Yep, Texas has been in the middle of this for years..
    Texas is spending millions to help the BP and ICE hold the line as best they can..
    Keep in mind the numbers you keep hearing are the apprehensions not the over all invasion force. Only one in five entering this country illegally are apprehended at all. For the family unit they dump a child at the border. Then they sneak across and run to their embassy from there, they are disbursed around the countryside. The abandoned child now has legal status and funds, curtesy of the US teat. When the despot illegal alien parent claims the child they also have a link in the chain..

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