President Trump Signing Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation and Impromptu Press Remarks…

President Donald Trump signs the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (S. 1862) which tightens criteria for whether countries are meeting standards for eliminating trafficking.

After discussing the issues surrounding the horrific human trafficking network, President Trump connected the human trafficking crisis to urgent need for border security.  The President also answered questions from the media about ongoing issues within government.


President Trump has signed four bills in recent weeks that demonstrate the bipartisan commitment to end human trafficking.

  • Today, the President is signing the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (S. 1862) which tightens criteria for whether countries are meeting standards for eliminating trafficking.
  • The President signed the Abolish Human Trafficking Act in December, which strengthens programs supporting survivors and resources for combating modern slavery.
  • President Trump signed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act, authorizing $430 million to fight sex and labor trafficking.
  • The President signed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (S. 1312), establishing new prevention, prosecution, and collaboration initiative to bring human traffickers to justice.
  • In addition to these efforts, Congress needs to pass legislation that strengthens border security and prevents human trafficking in all forms.
GOVERNMENT-WIDE EFFORT: President Donald J. Trump has dedicated the full resources of his Administration to work towards ending human trafficking.
  • The President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons is working across the United States Government to prosecute traffickers, protect victims, and prevent these crimes before they take place.
  • In one of his first acts in office, President Trump signed an executive order to combat transnational criminal organizations that engage in international trafficking and exploit people.
  • The Administration is fully enforcing our laws to ensure human traffickers receive the full measure of justice they deserve.
  • In FY 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) made 1588 Human Trafficking arrests while identifying and assisting 308 victims of the same heinous crime. ICE-HSI also made over 4,000 criminal arrests for human smuggling violations.
    • 1543 of the 1588 arrests HSI made in FY 2018 for human trafficking were for sex trafficking violations.
  • The new United States Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) negotiated by President Trump includes tough forced-labor provisions.
  • The Department of Labor has led efforts to combat child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking by cataloging goods made with forced labor and child labor and developing tools for companies and other stakeholders to address these abuses in their global supply chains.
  • Reaffirming this Administration’s commitment to abolish modern slavery, President Trump proclaimed January 2019 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.
THE HUMAN TRAFFICKING THREAT: The heinous crime of human trafficking is a horrific assault on human dignity that impacts people here in the United States and around the world.
  • There are nearly 25 million victims of human trafficking worldwide.
  • In the United States, more than 8,500 human trafficking cases were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline last year alone.

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94 Responses to President Trump Signing Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation and Impromptu Press Remarks…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. snellvillebob says:

    I hope our criminal, driving the Nefarious Nineteen’s getaway cars, DOJ and FBI do not get one single penny of that money.

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  3. John Doe says:

    My Senator, Rob Portman (R-OH) was just over POTUS’ left shoulder. POTUS called him out for his support and I know his body parts shriveled right up. He’s a RINO who would rather choke to death than say one positive about our President.

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  4. If you can’t beat them…oh wait, he just did.

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  5. flatlandgoober says:

    I can’t wait to see how the dems defend human trafficking.

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  6. gawntrail says:

    Laser-like focus on the issues that make up the larger issue. POTUS Trump is very astute.

    Bravo Sir!!

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  7. Latina says:

    Even heaven has gates and only those allowed will get in. You have to follow the rules to get in.
    God’s law.

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  8. Co says:

    and yet another presser from the Democrate’s

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    • Co says:

      They just threw McConnell under the bus….paraphrase “I get us out of shut downs and the wall is a bad idea” per Democrates quoting Mitch M.

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      • Greg1 says:

        Wow, if that is accurate, if the democrats are throwing McConnell under the bus, and he is uniparty like them, that just revealed WEAKNESS among the democrats. It means they used him for all he was worth and didn’t get what they want and he is no longer useful for them.

        Trump’s reaction will never be public, but it will be interesting how he recognizes the weakness and handles the democrats. And McConnell………….

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  9. TheLastDemocrat says:

    This issue shows you that the “Democratic” party is all about power, rather than helping people in need.

    Dems are fighting for middle class women to have the government pay for their birth control pills, while ignoring the issue of sexual trafficking.

    What does a prescription of pills cost per month? Ladies, if he won’t cover that cost, he’s just not that into you.

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  10. Green Gas says:

    The Trillion-Plus Heist
    By Sylvia Bokor

    Government produces nothing. It creates no wealth. Yet the District of Columbia is ranked as the richest area in the nation.

    Politicians and bureaucrats shriek that business people are “greedy.” But facts show differently. Imagine voting yourself a raise and millions of dollars in allowances. Imagine 5-figure bonuses. Lifetime pensions to which you contribute only 1.3%. Imagine opening 3 or 4 offices around the state for which you pay not a dime.

    Politicians and bureaucrats are diseased with avarice — and complain with self-righteous indignation when CEOs arrive in private jets for a White House meeting.

    D.C. is the richest area in the nation not only because an annual salary of $174,000 is paid to congressional members, 261 of whom are millionaires, not only because most of the appointed cabinet secretaries are multimillionaires, but also because federal employees are paid salaries over three times what the average taxpayer earns.

    The source of all that money is taxes levied on production.< AT

    It pertains to correlation.

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    • It’s real simple, isn’t it:

      • D-rats care ONLY about the Washington-Insider Gravy Train.
      … Not a word about our CITIZEN VICTIMS.
      … Not a thought about protecting their CONSTITUENTS and VOTERS.

      • POTUS cares about the American People.
      … He will be relentless until they are secure and safe!

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Government does produce wealth. Good government is infrastructure for owning personal property, protecting personal property, conducting business, enforcing contracts, and much more.

      Per Adam Smith, wealth comes from: Land, Labor, Capital, and Entrepreneurship.

      If someone can walk up and claim your land, then land is knocked out. If someone can use your labor and not pay you, then labor is knocked out. Accounting, bank deposits, and paper money are ways we store and use “capital.” If there is no currency, transactions have much greater transaction costs. Etc. Etc.

      Nonsensical ideas like “government produces no wealth” are where I really have different ideas from conservatives. Along with Land, Labor, Capital, and Entrepreneurship, our USA formula for wealth has been: Good Government.

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      • G. Combs says:

        That is why I have a problem with some libertarians … Anarcho-capitalists.

        You need a government for armies, police forces, a set of laws, and enforcement of contracts at minimum.

        Services, like postal service, roads…. are nice too but can be handled by private enterprise.

        ODD FACT: The Romans planted olive trees along their roads. Sections of road were leased out. The leasor had to take care of the section of road but got the olives to sell. A real win-win.


      • TLD,
        You are correct that when the government ensures that the Rule of Law is followed in a fair and just manner, that this is an essential pre-condition for a functioning society and economy. This is of course valuable and why the corrupt actions of the current Dems and RINOs (and their accomplices in the administrative state and the media) pose such a threat to our country.
        That said, economic value creation occurs via private activity. Infrastructure projects that can’t be reasonably funded privately are often undertaken by government; which provides a “public good” helpful for citizens and private companies.

        Government workers are consumers that participate in economic activity; but the question is whether those $$ could not be better spent by the taxed public. And, often gov’t activity is remarkably inefficient so the cost of gov’t exceeds much of whatever work is done by gov’t. HTH


  11. smurfette says:

    Human trafficking also involves experimentation of Americans and people world wide to elongate the lives of the elite while they implement Agenda 21. It is a known confirmed fact by government back in the 1950s that patients were experimented on with horrible radiation.

    MKUltra (Mind Kontrol Ultra) is the most famous and when discovered the experiments went underground and hence was born secret human trafficking.Today’s human trafficking involves radiation by satellite infrared and electromagnetic radiation similar to what was seen at the Cuban and Chinese embassy on Trump’s diplomatic staff. When John Jr. died in a plane crash, there was recording that indicated he said he got confused and lost spatial recognition. He had a flight instructor with him and was always very careful.

    The newest generation is onto the sham.

    The multitudes of sealed cases has likely to do with human trafficking and form a huge Sun Tzu threat to the deep state by the Trump Admin. Hang tight, but share widely in gatherings and host parties for family and friends, colleagues to share. The more people know, the safer each and every one of us will be because as human targets are terminated, they seek new ones. The most important thing is to not panic.

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    • DelAware says:

      Cool story bro.

      I submit to you that, all this lurid porn-flavored sci-fi stuff aside, the worst abuses are occurring in the tedious mundane, right out under everyone’s noses.

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      • smurfette says:

        It’s not a story nor is it cool, unless you think Pizzagate is fake. The Podesta’s have a painting on their wall where they show another human with plate and fork feasting on another human along with their hashtag #SpiritCooking. What is that but satanic ritual abuse which involve humans? And this intervention by PDT pertains to the most vulnerable of all……children. Please don’t try to minimize this travesty when proof is being shown. Human trafficking is not mundane although I grant you it is probably tedious.

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      • smurfette says:

        Watch this. The FBI has a nomenclature collected on what pizza terms mean in terms of child porn and ritual sacrifice…….which is an outcome of elite MKUltra experiments now rolled out on Hollywood, media, circuit court judges and politiicians. Drugs and MK can effect minds to depravity without their knowing.


      • Dabigragu says:

        Hopefully that wasn’t an attempt to quell what smurfette had posted.


    • G. Combs says:

      “….It is a known confirmed fact by government back in the 1950s that patients were experimented on with horrible radiation…..”

      I can testify that that is a true statement. My Mom was one of the ‘experimental animals’ They burned the CRAP out of her. Her skin turned COMPLETELY BLACK and sluffed off.

      EPA used children to test diesel exhaust

      Washington, DC, October 24, 1986.

      The recent acknowledgement by federal officials that the government conducted radiation experiments with human guinea pigs has grabbed the attention of all U.S. citizens, and the reason is that most people assumed that our country would not engage in this kind of activity. I think the fact that the federal government — our government – funded or engaged in this kind of activity is the most disturbing Act of this whole story. Most Americans thought that our country would not take that kind of action.….

      A review of these documents reveals the frequent and systematic use of human subjects as guinea pigs for radiation experiments. Some of these experiments were conducted in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and others were performed during the supposedly more enlightened 1960’s and 1970’s. The report describes in detail 31 experiments during which about 695 persons were exposed to radiation which provided little or no medical benefit to the subjects. The report notes that it seems appropriate to urge the Department of Energy to make every practicable effort to identify the persons who served as experimental subjects, to examine the long-term histories of subjects or an increased incidence of radiation associated diseases, and to compensate these unfortunate victims for damages….

      These experiments were carried out at the Manhattan District Hospital at Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York; the University of Chicago; and the University of California. San Francisco….

      The overall conclusion from the folders for polonium and uranium injections among the DOE plutonium papers is that these additional experiments were carried out at the University of Rochester by some of the same investigators involved with the plutonium injection experiments. Although staff of the Atomic Energy Commission clearly knew of these additional experiments in 1974, the Commission investigation was truncated with the plutonium injection experiments….

      ….also the expectation that radioactive material would be administered on for the benefit of a patient. Yet your 1986 report described experiments in the 5Os, 60s, and into the 70s, where subjects received ionizing radiation that provided little or no benefit to the subject. The fact that the later experiments occurred indicates that the 1947 guidance was either violated or overturned in the interim….

      experiments,” defined in part as, “experiments on individuals involving intentional exposure to ionizing radiation. This category does not include common and routine clinical practices, such as established diagnosis and treatment methods, involving incidental exposure to ionizing radiation.” (Executive Order, President Clinton, 1/18/94)….

      It therefore seems appropriate that as the Interagency Working Group moves forward, some effort should be devoted to determining precisely what standards were in effect in April 1947, and how they deteriorated over time. The matter of what standards were in effect after 1947 and whether they might have been violated is also related to the question of what compensation would be appropriate for experimental subjects.

      …Considering the history on the lack of informed consent with these experiments….


      • smurfette says:

        There are actually laws that forbid the use of electromagnetic weapons on people so these weapons are confirmed to exist but this new experimentation by its nature is very difficult to prove. Many MD doctors are the whistleblowers as they come up with tests which identify radiation effects. Some of the victims are showing up with bad unidentifiable burns. The government and its scientists just goes into hiding once they get caught to continue their experiments.


      • smurfette says:

        How very interesting and creeeepy of the psychopathic elites who I guess have enough money stolen from the masses to live multiple lifetimes, as would be their goal no doubt.


  12. DelAware says:

    Does this legislation include summary execution for the top brass and key “program directors” of any VOLAG or “philanthropic” foundation that supports human trafficking while giving it pretty names and PR?

    The Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, family foundation/ostensibly secular and other “charities” who push Open Borders should be required to forfeit their wealth and lives where their importation of Altruism Comfort Animals ends up destroying American lives/safety and should be punished by having their articles of incorporation revoked.

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  13. woohoowee says:

    President Trump45 cares 🙂

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  14. GB Bari says:

    Excellent signing ceremony and followup short presser with the always-antagonistic eneMedia. Fighting human trafficking is an urgent, very worthwhile cause.

    Thanks to Sundance for listing the related bills and initiatives that address this horrendous and inexcusably undereported (by the media) issue.

    IMO, the eneMedia undereports this issue because it gets directly in the way of their promotion of open borders. Anyone with an IQ over room termperature can easily figure that out.

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    • Bill says:

      ” Anyone with an IQ over room temperature can easily figure that out.”

      I assume You are using Celsius as the unit of measure! 20°C = 68°F

      Most of these idiots make a stone look smart! Meaning there are big Minus signs in front of their numbers!

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    • Yippeekiyay says:

      Well said, GB. It is a horrendous issue.

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    • Jan says:

      My sister-in-law is on the board of a non-profit organization that has put together 2 high school campuses where they work with students who have been sex-trafficked. She said a lot of these kids come from good suburban homes and for a variety of reasons, even including a parent, get sex-trafficked. They work at putting these kids back together after they’re rescued while they go to school and graduate. I would so love to see the Ed Buck/Podesta pedophiles of both parties or the Uniparty busted, broken and hung by their gonads. I will even settle for lengthy jail terms. So proud our President cares.

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  15. Shark24 says:

    Does Mitch really believe what he says?


    • lydia00 says:

      Mitch, for the first time in his career, is in a tight spot. I know. I covered him as a reporter intern in the early 80s when he was county attorney. He has magic power to straddle the fence and go to one side or the other when the timing calls for it. In the past this has not really been noticed because he plays his cards very close to the vest. And he sticks with and has always hidden behind protocols.

      Trump is ruining that. McConnell is up for reelection in 2020. This can go two ways as he mulls over his legacy. he can decide not to run but yet he will have enough power left to choose his successor in the Senate heirarchy. Or, he plays this out and runs. I am watching him very closely because I have never seen him in this tight of a spot. On the other hand Trump needs him for judges. The quite frankly the lower court judges have not been that great.


  16. WSB says:

    AmericaFirst had this up on the open thread. Really in-depth study of how Central America is organizing caravans that terrorists from other nations are exploiting.

    Governments Assist in Human Smuggling

    “The terrorist travel threat associated with migration through this area (from the Middle East, Horn of Africa, and South Asia) is regarded as a primary American law enforcement and intelligence preoccupation in Panama, intelligence officials say. The U.S. effort is purposefully centered on the migration through Panama and Costa Rica because homeland security professionals, some of whom agreed to talk anonymously, regard the migration danger as real, present, and most visible here.

    One reason migration from countries of terror concern is visible here is that Panama and Costa Rica follow a catch, rest, and release policy, virtually unknown to the American public, locally called “Controlled Flow.” The 2016 policy has Panama’s military collecting special interest migrants hiking in from Colombia’s wilderness borderlands. These migrants number about 700 per week these days, according to one Panamanian military official.

    The military’s Central Battallion’s Oriental Brigade based in Yaviza, the last town on Panama’s Highway 1, places them in camps where they are fed and medically treated. The military then provides them with temporary legal status and commercially buses them north to the Costa Ricans, who likewise provide the means and resources for the migrants to pass north again on through to Nicaragua, where smugglers often take things in hand again.”

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  17. Martin says:

    But, but… It’s a manufactured crisis.

    The “never let a crisis go to waste” people, via the Schumer Principle, now accuse a widely-recognized problem they themselves have voted resources into play to address, of being manufactured. An irony they judge is lost on most Americans. Perhaps they’re correct.

    If they judge PDJT a squish on the issue, they’re dead wrong. This disfunction will go on as long as they let it. Meanwhile, the obvious non-essentials struggle to justify their continued indulgence.


  18. I just had to watch that last question and POTUS’s response one more time…so great.

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  19. Mike in a Truck says:

    I wanna know-whats to become of all these little kids that show up unaccompanied at the border? Will they be reunited with “relatives” here in the U.S.? What if they are also illegal? Will they be deported as a family unit? How about if these kids are unclaimed? Do we educate,medicate, house,clothe and feed them into adulthood? Will they then be granted citizenship along with voting rights or be deported when they turn 18? This whole thing stinks and something is really rotten concerning these kids.


  20. frank field says:

    I. Love. My. President.

    THANKS again Sundance!

    Great read. Great video


  21. bpk1300 says:

    I had mentioned the found evidence of child trafficking in Pima County before and here is an article outlining how Veterans On Patrol started to do something for this evil on the border.


    • the5thranchhand says:

      bpk1300, thank you for sharing this article. Evil knows no bounds. Honestly, it is extremely hard to digest, or comprehend, just how low, morally, our country has fallen.


  22. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Jon Karl looks funny in the fetal position.

    Coming at you like a freight train rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRUMP 2020!!!

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  23. Fools Gold says:

    Trump told ya, sit back an enjoy the show..,.its called WINNING!


  24. Donna in Oregon says:

    Trafficking? Naw, it’s SLAVERY. Selling humans, bartering their time and their bodies is slavery. Just like the old cotton picking days.

    This time it’s Donald J. Trump freeing the slaves, just like another Republican President Abraham Lincoln once had to do. Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump, violate the Rule of Law, bypass the Constitution, divide and split the country. Just like they did before.

    It is the manifest destiny of Republicans to free people from bondage with a free society and free and fair economy.

    Democrats and Globalists are once again using human beings as chattel for corporate America. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer aren’t Resisters, they are Slave Holders.


    • 4gypsybreeze says:

      Totally agree. And want to push some buttons—call the “race baiters” like Elijah Cummings office. And if you are lucky enough to get a “live” person — go for it.

      My line–Women/children kidnapped. Duct tape across their mouths and tied up. Taken to a foreign country against their will. That is what is happening on our border. What does it remind YOU of? You condone this? You are O.K. with this? You are allowing this to happen?

      Cannot tell you how many times that phone on the other end has been slammed in my ear! And shucks….I am nice about it! No yelling….no hysterics….just nice. And they slam the phone in my ear! How rude. If no live human I usually just leave my message.

      I am a big one for the saying….Plant the Seed.


      • 4gypsybreeze says:

        National Human Trafficking Hotline number is 1-999-373-788.

        Why do we have a hotline like that—Because it is real. It exists. It is happening.

        We need to make a push for public awareness for this number. Put pressure on our officials to make it a priority. Make people know where to report, signs to look for, what to do.


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