Kellyanne Conway Discusses Key Border Issues…. (and then the Acosta happens)

White House policy counselor Kellyanne Conway delivers impromptu remarks to the media about the primary administration concerns surrounding the current crisis at the U.S. southern border.

Ms. Conway outlines a compelling case around the President’s concerns about human trafficking, drug smuggling, entry-points for terror threats, and the intent of open-border advocates to overwhelm the U.S. immigration system (800,000 asylum claim backlog).  However, at 05:34 of the video below – the insufferable Acosta happens:

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142 Responses to Kellyanne Conway Discusses Key Border Issues…. (and then the Acosta happens)

  1. Sentient says:

    She should just tell him to f*** off.

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    • mikebrezzze says:

      Put his remains along with Ann Coulter’s in the cement foundation of the wall!

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      • ERM says:

        Ann Counter is an America First MAGA supporter who has criticized the President for a lack of action on illegal immigration.To lump in with the likes of Jim Acosta is ludicrous.Not everyone who criticizes the President is lacking in their steadfast support of America First principles,and comments like yours serves to divide the MAGA movement which is bigger than one man,or woman for that matter.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      The shunning seems to be working and Acosta seems more unglued than ever. A few more months of this, and he’ll be getting his mail delivered to him at St. Elizabeths.

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      • Too Real says:

        Acosta ‘s wife is divorcing him for lying about his affairs etc…

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        • scottmc37 says:

          Lying about his affairs? Honestly, not too many men truthfully tell their wifes about their affairs..
          “Dear, I going out tonight, I want to bang Jenifer, she is always so hot and really likes to lick, if you know what I mean, I should be back by midnight”


          • snellvillebob says:

            30% of men never cheat on their wives from Marriage to death.
            40% of women do the same. Men always get the bad rap but the difference is only 10%


    • webgirlpdx says:

      KAC is too much of a lady to do that but I think we all know she would have liked to replace ‘smartass’ with much juicier descriptions. I know I would’ve.

      But then again, she’ll leave the vulgarities in thought, word and deed to those filthy new congress chicks.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      I would just stop the press conference entirely. Let him finish his question. Then just stare at him. No glare, just a blank stare. For like 15 very uncomfortable seconds. “Next question.”

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    • Abster says:

      I had to laugh. I also wish she would. Gosh, could you imagine the blowback! I do love KAC. She can definitely hold her own.

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    • Monticello says:

      She did….just in a nice way Sentient.

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    • ari Berkowitz says:


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    • Jedi9 says:

      RE:”The Insufferable Acosta Happens”

      What amazes me and I am apt to point this out is after watching season 6 of the Netfiz (misspelling intentional) series “House of Cards” is that Acosta appears on the show as an actor. I am pointing this out and the importance of this aspect when it comes to Journalism. Acosta is already discredited, but anybody who is watching closely is that any journalist worth their salt is not going to appear on a Hollywood produced show and act the part while in real life assume the role as well. Remember this point as being proof positive when this happens, then most of MSM are actors as well. I am not sure why no one has pointed this out before, but Real journalists wouldn’t go on a show as an actor to play a part as a journalist due to the fact in doing so discredits and denigrates the profession that invites such scrutiny and ridicule. That goes for CNN as a whole as their Network is also portrayed in the series.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Sentient – I believe she did just that – in a most succinct, controlled manner as I have ever heard. I love this woman – wish I could be her when I grow up.

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  2. JohnCarlson says:

    Satan’s two favorite pets are Acosta and the house fly.

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  3. fred5678 says:


    This is just too precious not to memorialize!!

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  4. trapper says:

    “A lot of these people don’t like you,” pointing to the other reporters. Hahahahahaha

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  5. AmericaFirst says:

    When they ask about “immigrants” KellyAnne needs to push back and remind them that “Immigrants” come legally, and this discussion is about illegal aliens aka INVADERS.

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  6. fred5678 says:

    “Let me get back i your face. A lot of these people don’t like you.”


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  7. MIKE says:

    Acosta team; ZERO.
    (dedicated to BKR)
    rock on

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  8. Rumsfelt says:


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  9. Sentient says:

    Woman at 7:00 “why isn’t the northern border a crisis?”

    Oh I don’t know – maybe because we’re not yet inundated with drunken, welfare-soaking, litter-throwing, murderous-gang-belonging Canucks who demand we print everything in French and March in the streets waving Canadian flags. If/when that starts to happen we can put a Wall there, too. In the meantime, we can handle that border with snipers. Aim for anyone wearing sparkly socks or short fat women in too-tight purple dresses.

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  10. JX says:

    That was a great great retort.

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  11. average Joe says:

    I would love ro see reruns of Clintons speech about illegal immigrants, followed by bury sotreros,And then chukkees …………..then give the dimms, their REBUTTLE🤔

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  12. Good for her! She gave it to him good! 😊

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  13. alliwantissometruth says:

    Man would I love to be at one of these and confront that two bit punk

    Let’s see how demanding and tough he is when I’m an inch away from his face screaming that he should show some respect

    I guarantee he’d wilt like the coward he truly is

    He’s only a “tough” guy when he knows he’s safe

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Yep. KAC, Sarah Sanders and the female intern held their own, but he wouldn’t be the same with a man one inch away screaming that he’d show respect.

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  14. anniefannie says:

    I cannot believe Kellyann was so polite and complimentary to Accost-her. She called him a smart-ass. Well that may be the only part of his body with an iota of intelligence. Somebody needs to do a survey on whether to ban that jerk from not only President Trump but everything governmental. He should have had a starring role in Mean Girls. He is one of the snarkiest bitches around!

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  15. The left are scared to death that the facts the president is going to impart tonight will go directly to the people and they won’t have a head start on spinning it. It’s the height of infantilism to attempt to paint whatever the president will say later as a “lie” beforehand, it’s the equvalent of a spoiled child sitting in the corner with his hands over his ears screaming ‘LA, LA, LA, LA, LA….I can’t hear you” when a grown-up tells them they need to grow up, behave and clean their room.

    We’re dealing with some sick, sick people here folks.

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  16. Johnny Bravo says:

    I love 💗 me who do you love? Jim Accosta to his mirror image, why I love you says the reflection!

    What a tool he is.

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  17. bertdilbert says:

    I don’t like the term “Steel Barrier”. In the back of my mind I am thinking it could be weaseled into “Chain Link Fence”.

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    • jebg46 says:

      Just electrify whatever barrier they use with enough voltage to knock them off their feet. When ever a drone is mentioned, demand it be armed with tazors because taking pictures of invaders into the US doesn’t secure anything.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      My favorite part of any Wall…..Fence…..whatever would be the razor wire like our troops put on top as the caravan was marching along.

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  18. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Game, set, and match.

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  19. How President Trump WINS the DEMOCRAT BASE on the BORDER SECURITY

    Announce to the Nation:
    • Illegals have STOLEN JOBS from Blacks
    • Illegals have STOLEN JOBS from Hispanics
    • Illegals have STOLEN JOBS from Women
    • Illegals have kept WAGES LOW for Blacks and Hispanics and Women
    • Illegals have PREVENTED RAISES for Blacks and Hispanics and Women

    I’m CREATING more JOBS for Blacks, Hispanica and Women to GET AHEAD.

    I’m ENDING this FLOOD of Illegals by SEALING the BORDER.

    Democrats are DESPERATE to keep the BORDER OPEN for more Illegals.

    Democrats are DESPERATE to keep their Base DEPENDENT on them for VOTES.

    Democrats are DESPERATE to keep their Base from GETTING AHEAD.

    Democrats are DESPERATE to keep their Base from finding out!

    THAT’s why Democrats are going NUTS.

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  20. woohoowee says:

    Kellyanne is a sharp, classy lady 🙂 She says *exactly* what needs to be said and moves forward. Good for her!

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    • Sentient says:

      She’s a saint for tolerating that husband of hers. Some of us are unequally yoked.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      After seeing that video, my respect level for her went up a lot.

      I mean, I respected her before, but she took no prisoners…..shutting more than one reporter down……with”

      “Your just a smartalec…..your just talking to yourself……you piss me off…etc”

      Yeah…..get some Kelly Anne…..😎

      She spanked them all……..good for her……..

      As far as her husband……..I guess he is just wetting his pants after she roared past him waving on the Trump Train….

      He shoulda made the most of it……..relaxed…. watch the kids grow up…..had a couple beers……..but……noooo…..

      Well Bye……

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  21. Hoosier_Friend? says:

    They should refer to him by his birth name – “Abilio”. Once people realize this is his real name, his defense of MS13 is better understood.

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  22. For all you Treepers who want to watch Trump’s address without the obnoxious commenting or potential interruptions from CNN & MSM…

    Watch it on Right Side Broadcasting on Youtube

    Here is a link:

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  23. Bendix says:

    The MSM reserves the right to tell us what they decide the important issues are.
    What happened to reporting the news?

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    • Bill says:

      They only report news that they have broken up first, then re-arranged the parts to agree with their agenda.

      Doesn’t every news report start with BREAKING NEWS?

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    • angellestaria6674 says:

      Please see my link to Right Side Broadcasting….they are very good and you won’t have o put up with MSM garbage. They have live countdown right now. I sent an email to Sundance and suggested him possibly coming on with a reference to this.

      I’m sure many Treepers know about it, but some may not.


    • Jeff says:

      “The truth is what we tell you it is.”
      – MSM


    • olderwiser21 says:

      I think “reporting the news” disappeared about 16 years ago, give or take a few.

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  24. Nigella says:

    Sayind an extra for the president tonight

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  25. Janeka says:


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  26. Aqua says:

    The best Acosta takedown was at the 7:30 mark.

    His stupid question/accusation is quickly dismissed with a “Anyone else with a question who is not talking to himself?”. Classic.

    He is a stupid, unserious man. An ankle-biter. Taken down with a flick of a finger now.

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  27. Sentient says:

    President Trump tonight: “it falls on me to report some sad news. I was just made aware that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away this evening. Just kidding. Not quite yet.”

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  28. Acosta revels every time our side mentions his name. That is what he lives for. That is what fuels his ego.

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  29. GSR says:

    Libertarians, Neocons, “moderates” and the immigration cheerleading Christians have to answer the question – does the USA have the right to borders and to limit or even stop all immigration, legal and illegal? And if not, why not?

    If your answer is no, you are foolishly mistaken.

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  30. Kent says:

    IED’s in the streets and attacks upon critical infrastructure are imminent within the USA…..the enemy forces are in place due to lax border security and funding for our enemies allowed by the Obama administration via obstruction of operations such as ‘cassandra””’…….hezballah is here…..

    …and the ‘returning’ to the ‘Iranian people’ of the funds seized when dhimmi carter decided to depose the Shah have further funded the terrorists within our borders and without…..we are a babe in a basket laid defenseless before them by our own government…

    Hide and watch…it’s coming……..


    • screwauger says:

      We may not be a majority at this time in our Country but the Wolverines say; “Bring it on.” What better way to prove there are enemies in our ranks?

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    • Binkser1 says:

      Unfortunately, these type of attacks may be the only thing that will wake up a large enough portion of Americans to try to save the country. I would never wish, want or hope for another 9/11 type attack but, aside from divine intervention, it may be the only thing that could possibly bring this country back together in any meaningful way.

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      • Kent says:

        I agree…I certainly don’t hope for it…but the truth is that we have been shielded and protected from the worldwide onslaught of islam and the horrors thereof in this nation…or so we believe….our courts have recently protected those who favor female genital mutilation and muslims have been elected to congress…

        We do not have a choice in the matter…military jihad is here…political jihad is here…taquiya is here (who cares if I misspelled it?…is here…

        Our Republic is under islamist attack…

        Prove me wrong…………………

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      • yucki says:

        We sloughed off some of the worst appeasers of the MB in the Administration. The COIN ROE, McMaster-kiss-the-Koran, others.

        New broom in DoD, DoS with Pompeo, MbS owes our Prez big-time.
        All positive indicators.

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  31. visage13 says:

    She handled him with grace and kicked his a** The telling part is when she told him that she is one of the only ones left willing to talk to him and he does this. I hope she and all the rest ignore him for good. And then eventually he will lose his job because if he cannot get the information (he spins it anyway) but then he can’t do his job.

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  32. Goedhart says:

    I’ve always felt that people like Acosta occur because of mothers who don’t know when to stop with the pampering.
    I can imagine Acostas mother saying “You’re just the most precious little boy in the whole world” as she bathed him before he went off to college.
    I think it explains sparkly socks up there in Canada also.

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  33. CharterOakie says:

    KAC! Like a boss! BOOM!!
    Love it!

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  34. GB Bari says:

    Kellyanne was quite impressive in that presser. Not just because of her proper handling of the unruly child to her left (left…imagine that), but in her immediate, well-articulated and substantive responses to all questions. She remains on top of her game.

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  35. simicharmed says:

    The propagandists MUST be labelled accordingly and treated as the communist they are! Simple concept and more simple action. WE have come to the junction that REALITY prevails! communists NEED to be outed! Especially when they behave as such..

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  36. scottmc37 says:

    I couldnt care less about the dickhead and wont even listen, he just wants attention and he is good at getting it. Why would I look and let him win…. Do I want to watch someone vomit on the ground, No, and I dont want to watch or listen to his Dim Jim vomit either..

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  37. JX says:

    Acosta is beyond words. He doesn’t ask questions, he beings with a partisan accusation.

    He should be permanently banned from all pressers. He has ZERO decorum. He’s a rude classless partisan nitwit.

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  38. irish19 says:

    That was a brilliant response to that putz Acosta.

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  39. hoghead says:

    You don’t mess with KAC.

    Meanwhile, didn’t that judge that allowed acosta back to the club say that limits of behavior must be posted before he can be banned? And I believe that the WH handed out a sheet of paper with instructions on how the defenders of Democracy should behave right as they let a-hole come back. Do I remember that correctly?

    If that is so, then maybe they can throw him out now.

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  40. *Pardon Ms. Kellyanne Conway but you mischaracterized ‘Little-Jimmy’ “the CUCKOLD” Acosta as a SMART-ASS.*
    ~’Little-Jimmy is a DEMOCRAT-HACK-PUPPET-MOUTHPIECE—>[DUMBASS], there’s…NOTHING…about ‘Little-Jimmy’s’ IQ that remotely could be considered Smart.~

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  41. Pyrthroes says:

    Advice to the lonely hearted: Read transcripts only; care nothing for personalities of any stripe whose major stock-in-trade is hurling epithets; form you own disinterested but well-informed opinion, proceed to action and have done.

    Great men, historic figures, are recognized not for personal opinions but only insofar as they express principles to encouragement of all. As one of benign intent, goodwill, let each anonymous but crucial private citizen contribute acts and deeds, not words, to the debate. (This is warbling femdom’s Achilles’ Heel.) As Feynman put it, citing Copernicus, Galileo, Newton: “Who cares what other people think?”

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  42. Patriot1783 says:

    lol, Kellyanne in asking for anymore questions while looking over at Acosta
    “Anybody else, not speaking to themselves?”


  43. wondering999 says:

    Dear Ms Kellanne Conway: Thank you for your excellent work. Appreciate you


  44. snellvillebob says:

    It would seem that Kellyanne was Acostad.


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