Macron Under Siege as Tough Stance Against ‘yellow vests’ Backfires…

Some of the highlights from today’s protests in France are quite remarkable.  Additionally, it seems indicative of an inflection point for Reuters to point out that Macron’s current approach toward the Yellow Vests is only making things worse….  Strange times.

PARIS (Reuters) – Emmanuel Macron intended to start the new year on the offensive against the ‘yellow vest’ protesters. Instead, the French president is reeling from more violent street demonstrations.

What began as a grassroots rebellion against diesel taxes and the high cost of living has morphed into something more perilous for Macron – an assault on his presidency and French institutions.

The anti-government protesters on Saturday used a forklift truck to force their way into a government ministry compound, torched cars near the Champs Elysees and in one violent skirmish on a bridge over the Seine punched and kicked riot police officers to the ground.  (read more)

A Twitter user named Sotiri Dimpinoudis follows the granular events throughout France and posts ongoing video to his twitter account.   Some of the video is quite remarkable.

Generally the protests seem loosely organized, but nationwide around 50,000 to 80,000 people today according to Reuters. The protests are generally peaceful; then, later in the day, the police arrive to remove them and things turn confrontational and violent.

By the time dusk arrives most of the ordinary Yellow Vest protesters have returned home; and that’s when it seems like smaller agitating groups start burning things.


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368 Responses to Macron Under Siege as Tough Stance Against ‘yellow vests’ Backfires…

  1. Pyrthroes says:

    The national distribution, the massive scale, of these French citizens’ protests is a reminder that what lurks behind Big Government force-and-fraud is always “peoples’ will”.

    Governing in nominal accord with constituents’ best interests, not as foolish academics see it but as long-suffering taxpayers do, kleptarchic States may stagger on indefinitely. But in this modern era (sic), outside of murderous, raw despotisms, bayonets and truncheons allied with blanket surveillance and Police State political assaults aren’t gonna hack it.

    Noteworthy in these French vignettes is the entire absence of any Muslump presence, even on the sidelines. However false-front (taqiyya) mullah-dullahs seek to impose dhimmitude on globalists’ Dead Souls, blooping Shar’iah to upskirt hijabs from sand-castle minarets, ingrown Dark Age tribalists might pause to recollect 1793 in the Vendee.

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    • Esperanza says:

      Thing is they are no longer even pretending they are governing to make citizens’ lives better. They are openly declaring that there’s a whole section of native French they don’t want.

      To be honest if they aren’t stopped I think we might end up in camps. Melodramatic, but if at some point they want us nowhere, what happens next?

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  2. Ospreyzone says:

    Marxist progressives in the U.S that seek to undermine our Republic and create a two-tiered system of justice should find the events in France noteworthy. They should, but I fear they will not.

    When the people between the elitist coasts of America finally reach their tolerance limit, it will not be yellow vests that they don. Because, this is America – and we cherish a great distinction from France. No one better expressed that distinction than the great scholar Noah Webster when he wrote “An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Constitution.” In his prescient words:

    “The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force far superior to any band of regular troops.”

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  3. frank field says:


    Make France Great For Once!


  4. Donna Turpen says:

    I noticed in videos there are not any of the printed Soros paid for signs that we see in our protests here in US cities.

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  5. Julia Adams says:

    I found an answer to the question, “so, who does Macron owe?” Henry Kravis

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  6. France banned the burqua, which of course doesn’t solve the horrific problems that come with allowing supremacist, conquest-obsessed Muslims to freely invade, but French officials will use that pretext to eventually ban yellow vests, which of course, won’t solve the problems French officials have created in France (leftist/globalist policies) to cause people to demonstrate and riot in the first place.


    • Alfred Brown says:

      Nope they won’t.
      They required them in the first place, as a “Safety Requirement”
      Have you ever seen the government anywhere rescind a reg thatch required for “your safety?”
      “The vests are in the trunk of their cars. Every Motorist has to have one to don in case their car is disabled on the road.”


  7. Richard Orberson says:

    Remove Macron

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    • THAT is the idea. The picture above is a PERFECT representation of a “deer in the headlights” Trump tried to help Macron at first, and Macron decided to side with Merkel. That was a VERY poor choice.

      The protests started as a rebellion to the high fuel taxes, and have now morphed and SPREAD to anti Globalist which means anti Macron. The MSM is NOT going to report this, just like they will not report when it invariably spreads to the UK (it already has just very small).

      Globalists are LOOSING folks. May is a done duck, Merkel is on the block, Macron will soon have his reign deader than fried chicken, Trudeau is FUBAR, Mexico has a “nationalist” in AMLO, Brazil has a nationalist, Hungary and Poland? Nationalists, and we have TRUMP. See the trend? Globalism is WANINGn not winning. They are a dying breed. The EU may not survive till 2020. The wars in Afghanistan and Syria will soon be ending, as will Yemen.

      China is economically in a figure four leg lock, and they are in the center of the ring. NK is under control, Iran will soon be imploding when the inevitable revolution strikes there do to the Mullah’s inept oppression.

      Soon there will only be some countries in central America and Africa where the Globalists will be able to go and make war, misery and suffering. Talk about a demotion to the minors. Oh, and one last thing, if you think they are apoplectic now, wait till Trump gets the peace deal with Israel and the “Palestinians” It IS coming.

      If you step back and look, Trump has ALWAYS had this planned. Peace through PROSPERITY. That is THE Trump doctrine, and he uses economic firepower to make it happen, NOT bombs. What a concept!

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    • glenndc says:

      and then? What? Saddam, Ghaddaffi, Assad (in progress)… Seriously, and then what?
      the Nicaraguans are begging for intervention, but the prudent question is, do you have a plan? Who will lead it? What commitments do they give? what checks and balances do the people have on them.. Si Ortega se va, que viene? Quien manda?


  8. Lactantius says:

    This tread is full of myopic and downright juvenile projection.

    The yellow vests are engaging in protest to diesel taxes and the cost of living in general. They are engaging in civil disobedience verging on anarchy. They are a blob. They have yet to become a mob, but after dark, the mob comes out wearing yellow vests. Are they in accord with the blob, or are they Marixsts taking action to control the blurry narrative?

    Revolutions are sparked by a fervor for change and are essentially liberal in nature. The yellow vests are reacting to prices and demanding their socialist leaders to make their lives more comfortable.

    We limited government, popular sovereignty types want to preserve what we have and stop the drift toward more widespread socialism. In that sense we favor a “conservative” return to common sense government.

    The situation is France is not parallel the situation the United States. It is interesting, but hardly instructive.

    Emmanuel Macron has talked a lot of platitudes. Recently, Bill Kristol came out of his hole and proclaimed: The task is not to “degrade and adjust our standards to accommodate Trump but rather to push back against the moral and intellectual corruption that now poses an existential threat to conservatism as a viable political force.”

    Thank God for James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal. He spoke to the core of Kristol’s pontification:

    Taranto: “To push back against the moral and intellectual corruption that now poses an existential threat to conservatism as a viable political force” isn’t a task, it’s a string of clichés and abstractions.

    That is exactly what Emmanuel Macron is: “a string of clichés and abstractions.”

    How do the yellow vests go about revolting against a string of clichés and abstractions?

    The DemonizingRats will not deal with border security because …. the government is shut down. Now there’s and abstraction. Why not oppose border security because peanut butter or the ring of fire or transgenderism? Abstration-wise, how does a government shutdown share a fundamental characteristic with border security? How can resolving one help in solving the other?

    What is going on in Washington is pure power blackmail. The yellow vest minions are sending the same message to Macron: don’t raise the price of socialism; we want free stuff. Abstraction-wise, does not paying for socialism increase the amount of socialism? The DemonizingRats are sending the message to Trump: Our way or chaos. And round and round it goes………


    • Barnestormer says:

      Kristol’s entire construction of “conservatism” has been as an abstraction wrapped in cliches. Faced with PDJT’s real world conservatism, Kristol took the old undergraduate snark, “It may work in practice, but will it work in theory?” and stood athwart history shouting “It won’t!” Whereupon Captain Kristol and the Weekly Standard that he subverted soon sailed off blithly into the Bermuda Triangle of history.

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  9. andyocoregon says:

    If the Dems don’t stop harassing President Trump with all forms of political and legal stupidity we can probably expect to see Red Hat protests this summer.

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  10. Sharon says:

    “Rambo’s” success iin single-handedly backing up a group of police officers demonstrates that the police are counting on the power of intimidation as a stand alone procedure. They don’t have any actual expertise or skill to manage the situation.

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  11. Elle says:

    I would suggest that they support their countrymen but are doing their job. I suspect the fascists you see beating people are probably few or EU.


  12. LarryInMt says:

    How long before we see guillotines


  13. Bendix says:

    Big Daddy Trump took little boy Macron under his wing, showed him the ropes, and was careful not to disgrace him in front of his own people.
    But Macron chose not to seize the golden opportunity to get on the Trump Train.
    Too bad.

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