The Rebellion Continues – Increased Yellow Vest Protests in France Following Arrest of Key Organizer – Government Spokesman Evacuated by Police…

Last Wednesday night the arrest of a key political organizer of the Yellow Vest protests, a 33-year-old truck driver named Eric Drouet, spurred the movement to claim French President Macron was now arresting his political opponents. The arrest of Drouet has led to an increase in retaliation by the group against the French government. [Video from today]


Yellow Vest demonstrators are now allied with various groups from across the political spectrum; most peaceful, but some, notsomuch.  This led to French government ministry official Benjamin Griveaux warning Emmanuel Macron yesterday that a “full blown revolution” was possible.

The evidence to support Minister Briveaux’s dire warning did not take long to surface as a team of masked intruders used a forklift and broke into the French ministry causing police and special forces to evacuate him to safety.

(Via Daily Mail) […] He said they were radicals ‘who seek insurrection and basically want to overthrow the government.’

Today there were around 3000 of them in Paris alone, with another 22,000 plus in other parts of France.

Teargas, water canon and baton charges were used by riot police on a so-called ‘Act VIII’ Day of Rage organised by the Yellow Vest movement.

It followed the arrest the 33-year-old Eric Drouet, one of the group’s most high-profile leaders, on Wednesday night.

Today, there was initial trouble around the River Seine, where police unleashed gas and flash balls at a crowd Yellow Vests, who are named after their high visibility road safety jackets.

All were attempting to march on the National Assembly, the French parliament, but were held back.

This led to fighting on the footbridges crossing the river, and then on the nearby Boulevard St Germain.

By nightfall, the disturbances had spilled over to other famous avenues, including the Champs Elysee. (read more)



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216 Responses to The Rebellion Continues – Increased Yellow Vest Protests in France Following Arrest of Key Organizer – Government Spokesman Evacuated by Police…

  1. WES says:

    The French are very civilized.

    They only protest on Saturdays!

    Sunday to Friday they rest!

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  2. JAS says:

    Gotta hand ot to the French. When it comes to well meant full blown revolutions they always lead the way. The sure like their individual liberties and will only be pushed so far.

    If history is any guide We are probably next.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      They may not have a reputation as the greatest fighters when fighting an external opponent, but boy will they go full-force when taking on an internal one.

      Big credit to France here. They see what Macron is and they will not back down. Gotta respect that.

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      • NME666 says:

        well, macaroni has one weapon up his sleeve that they may not be aware of, and that is his mother….erm mother aged wife:-)))

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      • Clearly more spine than the Brit Sheeple.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        MakeAmericaGreat, why in the world did they vote Macon in when Le Pen was the better candidate still puzzles me. Well, now paying the consequences. Yes, they do better internally than externally when it comes to protests and fighting.

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        • MakeAmericaGreat says:

          Chickens coming home to roost big time. I think Le Pen (and others) will be in good shape going forward.

          The Establishment is cratering around the world. Populism is soaring. This is a historical force that the elites can’t seem to control no matter what they do. It’s about time.

          Yep. French will not take any nonsense from other French. They are good about that!

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        • dbobway says:

          I could say the same for our country last Nov. 6.
          God bless the people of France,
          They may be giving a signal to the lazy, the ignorant, right here at home.
          We have leadership that cares nothing about the people who are Americans.

          I pray we get wise before we become France.
          The news won’t be able to ignore us, if that moment comes.

          The truth must rise above the smelly mud that encapsulates our country.
          Before it swallows us up and destroys our Republic.


          • CJames says:

            “Woe to the nation who receives her conquerers beating the drums. Woe to the nation that hates oppression in her sleep and accepts it in her awakening. Woe to the nation that raises her voice only behind a coffin and prides itself only in the cemetery. Woe to the nation that does not revolt until her very neck is placed on the scaffold.” Kahlil Gibran

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        • lydia00 says:

          Carrie, Le Pen is a socialist, too. Her focus was on globalist immigration. France does not have an electoral college. The big cities elect their overlords. The rich, Gov bureaucrats and the immigrants crammed into tenaments, live in the big cities. The working class can’t afford to live there.

          Now the democrats here want to abolish the electoral college. You can see why.

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      • Esperanza says:

        So true. There’s a long history of rebellions which you have probably not heard of. I think the reason they don’t bother so much with outsiders is because France is basically a highway crossroads across Europe and there will always be someone passing through (usually the Germans). They know they will overstretch and get their behinds kicked. And while they wait they f….k the guys’ wives lol

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    • WSB says:

      Don’t forget the uniform coordination…pure Parisian style…RevoFashion.


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    • sundance says:

      History is a circle.

      Need proof? Watch:

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    • litlbit2 says:

      I would suggest recording the names of the msm readers as well swamp representatives in all government positions as well as addresses. No need to go after the common man or businesses that make the country work. It is these elitists that think they are above the law and rules that govern everyone else. Remember one word “Deplorables”

      News Flash, THEY ARE NOT! Cold Anger does not have a time frame, will not give notice, will be greater, faster, more complete than anything or anyone of the corrupt can control or subdue. Watch France as many, are lining up. An you spell Brazil?

      To start here that would include but not limited to, McConnell, Ryan, Clinton, Soros, Tom Donohue, Bloomberg, Koch, Schammmmer, Poolosei etc. it is these and others that have brought this corruption, dishonesty, greed, body bags, Fake News to the point of NO MORE. Does anyone wonder what Clinton, Obama, McConnell, etc would think if the same Clinton/Obama game plan used against Kadaffi were unleashed on them?

      Probably many sleepless nights will be the least of their worries. Surely they can not be that deaf or blind? Choices?

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      • FrankieZee says:

        You have to go after the leaders. They do not have enough security to protect themselves from us. Attack them at home. Harass, harass and harass some more.

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        • Sgt Stryker says:

          Noooo; do not “go after the leaders”.
          Do a little research on successful insurgencies.
          Their support personnel have far less security.
          Taking their support will instill fear in the leadership and they will run far and fast to protect themselves and their assets from just retribution.

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        • DeWalt says:

          Always snipe from the perimeters.


        • litlbit2 says:

          Totally agree, destroying cars, stores, structures that we paid to build and then pay to repair equals Soros employee stupidity.

          Doing the same thing expecting different results sounds to much like GOPe status quo.

          We do not need to be violent just constant pressure whether they have walls or not, going and coming made stressful may not be a bad thing. It is not about their hate for POTUS! That is the cover sound bites. It is about their dislike for the American Citizen to enjoy the fruits of his labor, family, religion, and free to be American.


    • andrewalinxs says:

      France has a historical dislike of centralized government. It tolerates it as long as daily life is not interfered but you make that act of living impossible their is almost always a government revolution.

      Bread riots caused the fall of the French Monarchy.

      Government inability to deal with north Africa and Vietnam brought about the collapse of the fourth republic in 1958.


  3. sDee says:

    “spurred the movement to claim French President Macron was now arresting his political opponents”

    Say….. like our government is doing under Herr Mueller and Comrade Burr?

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  4. Snuzzy says:

    These French “Protesters” look like me, or my friends, family or neighbors. Just some good people who want THEIR country back from liberal POS’s. The same may happen here, against liberal pos’, if it could ever get organized.

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    • Kate says:

      Canada too.

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    • Sentient says:

      Are they, though? What do they want? I haven’t heard them complain about their country being deluged with Muslims. A gas tax pales in significance to the replacement of the French population by people with a foreign (and crappy) culture.

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      • DeWalt says:

        You don’t hear because the media doesn’t report.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Well, with May Blexit will not be what it was supposed to be. She is a disaster like Merkel. The French don’t like the muslims, who have like here their own “zones” and you don’t dare enter, plus they get free money from the government.

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        • Judith says:

          How will any of these moochers get “free money from the government” after POTUS ended the Paris Climate Accord scam? There were pension funds in California affected by that! How does that happen?

          And, after POTUS forced nations to start paying for their own defense and to trade fairly with the USA? These socialists who rely on OUR hard-earned money to survive, are in for a *very* rude awakening!

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        • DeWalt says:

          Won’t matter. When France falls it will be dominoes. EU will collapse. This is why EU wants their own army. To put down insurrection.

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          • mikeyboo says:

            I don’t think the EU wants its own army. I think that was said because some-VERY STUPID- people thought that would intimidate Pres Trump. They never imagined he would celebrate THAT area of agreement.


          • lydia00 says:

            The lines of European Sovereignty and the nation state are blurred with Germany and France. Where do you think some of the tanks on the streets of Paris came from? EU dollars. They want a sanctioned army.


      • trialbytruth says:


        They want to be French. As confused as that is after the revolution they will figure out what that is. It is the French way it is why their revolution was so bloody the first time. They got pissed and did the Hull smash and then tried to figure out what to do.

        Here we started with a plan it made a world.of difference


  5. WSB says:

    Will Macron offer more cake or do the right thing and step down?

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  6. emet says:

    Before this is over, Macron will be pouring molten lead on the Yellow Vests from the top of Notre Dame Cathedral.

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  7. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Macron is French Toast.

    And he’s the last man standing of the NWO Euro Three.

    Justin, get ready, you’re on deck. Maybe we can move you to Germany or something.

    How sweet it is.

    The Establishment tried to build a fake “resistance” in the USA, and now in Brazil. Meanwhile, a genuine Tea Party has cropped up across Europe.

    Karmic justice.

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  8. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “French authorities appeal for calm as spurts of unrest erupt across France in the latest gilet jaunes, or “yellow vest,” protests”

    If those “authorities” called for the corrupt globalist leaders to resign, that perhaps there would be calm if those leaders complied. However, those “authorities” are most likely just mouthpieces for the globalist shills running the country into the ground

    Isaiah 14:12  How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 

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  9. Mncpo(ret) says:

    This is truly a crisis in France and it’s not going away. When they tore down the EU flag that was flying in front of a TV/Media center, Macron had to realize this is not a game with some disgruntled “far right”/ “anti gas tax” agitators. His panties have got to be in a wad right now. His NWO is going up in flames. France and protesting are synonyms actually, but this time it’s different . These people are seriously angry and are not going to quit. I fear there will be civil war, literally.

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    • Uncle Max says:

      No doubt he’s getting good council from his wife. She’s recalling what went on in France in the late 60’s and what it was like for her as a teenager. heh

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    • Black Irish Rose says:

      Can there be a civil war, literally, if one side has guns and the other side….doesn’t? But a guerilla war, where one side strikes unexpectedly, brutally, and then blends back into the population which protects them? THAT I can see as the only way the French Deplorables can prevail: do this multiple times a day, across the entire country, targeting French government officials, their staff and families.

      I think all of Europe will soon be drinking the bitter dregs of 70 years of socialism, and it won’t be pretty.


      • soozword says:

        If the criminals can get illegal guns, so can ordinary citizens if they just search out the sources. No saying it’s easy or without risk, but it seems the police are being kept busy with the protests right now.

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        • mikeyboo says:

          The police may join them. In my experience as a retired LEO, most law enforcement people are conservative. Soon the police may join them.

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          • frances says:

            The Police unions votes a few weeks ago to join the protests, they agreed to wearing blue vests. The French police have not received any overtime pay in years, yes years. They are sick of it, one group of police, again a few weeks ago, who were facing the protesters, turned about face and joined them. I think Macron’s govt’s days are numbered

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      • lydia00 says:

        Do you think Macron or the EU is above deputizing and arming thousands of young Muslim immigrant men? I don’t. Now, let’s talk guerilla war.


  10. Judith says:

    I can’t help but wonder if Antifa-type agitators aren’t thrown into the mix to muddy the message. I didn’t hear mention in the voiceovers anything about EU’s open borders migration pact, the Frexit movement or the New World Order.

    Will we see and hear only what the Enemedia wants us to see and hear? Does this yellow vest movement fizzle out with a gas tax concession and a freebie or two, or does it catch fire?

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Have to expect that there will be infiltration of the group and false-flagging attempts. Certainly was done with the Tea Party and it gives the Establishment Media the story they want to run with to frame the Yellow Vests as the bad guy that needs to be put down by the government.

      Common tactic.

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    • Normally Quiet Observer says:

      @Judith … Macron repealed the latest string of fuel taxes, almost right away after the YV protests started. It did ZERO good, to stop the protestors – they want him, and his NWO Government OUT – and they have made that fact clear to him.

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  11. stats guy says:

    very nice rally for PT in St Louis today…I think one treeper was there. Nice photos from the rag P-D

    pretty day

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  12. alliwantissometruth says:

    The globalist / Marxist cabal seems to have played their hand a little too early, as they haven’t yet brainwashed / indoctrinated enough of the Western populaces to simply bow down and accept the theft of countries and their wealth

    It’s been way too easy for them, as they’ve been allowed to take over the peoples schools, media and governments

    Yet the one thing they didn’t foresee is at some point, human nature and instinct creeps in and free people will say enough and rebel

    The globalist cabal and their political handmaidens here in America seem to be overplaying their hand as well, and we can only hope the American spirit is finally getting fed up with it too

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    • FofBW says:

      PT threw off their plan and timing. This is the result

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      • Judith says:

        OMG I didn’t think of it that way, but you are absolutely right! They were supposed to conquer the world in .. 2021! OOPSY

        Just wait til they try to remove our beloved President. Do they have another thing coming! C’mon Nancy! DO IT! Make my day!

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  13. joshuamayes5487 says:

    The spirit of Thomas Jefferson rises.

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  14. LafnH20 says:


    Coordinate Nationally.
    Demonstrate Locally.
    Come together… En Masse…
    E Pluribus Unum

    If we concentrate on DC… And Announce our Intentions… Although Appropriate…

    Those Rat Bastards will just FLY AWAY.
    And the msm will chortle… Endlessly!

    A quiet “We meet at Midnight behind the old Mill… wink wink”) &
    “Breaking News”
    It’s Happening Everywhere!!
    …Film @ 11
    on ALL the local stations….
    May serve Our purpose quite well.

    A National Event.
    On the Local Level.


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  15. Ausonius says:

    One of the main differences between 1776 and 1789 is that the French elite, who thought they would be controlling the sans-culottes, ended up losing control to the class-warfare radicals. The Terror of the guillotine followed, which was followed by the imperial dictatorship of Napoleon, which – never forget – was quite popular, in spite of his wars and restrictions on freedom. His wars, thanks to confiscations in conquered areas, actually helped the economy, along with other reforms and simplifications. As a result, trading freedom for prosperity was embraced.

    Once Napoleon in plain clothes asked a peasant woman whether or not “that rascal Napoleon” was just as bad the executed king. Indeed he might be, answered the woman, but Louis was their king (i.e. of the upper class). Napoleon, on the other hand, was “our emperor.”

    Hence, even today, the tomb of Napoleon, despite the horrors and carnage he unleashed throughout Europe, is an honored site.

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    • Arthur says:

      Napoleon Bonaparte, for no reason whatsoever other than his demented love of war, took 500,000 young French men and dragged them through the steppes of Russia.

      Only 25,000 made their way back to France. 475,000 died of starvation, cold and at the hands of Russian guerrillas who didn’t give them a nice death, to say the least.

      Nothing whatsoever was accomplished, but death, destruction, untold carnage & misery.

      That the French still hold in esteem that demented maniac says a lot about them.

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      • Ausonius says:

        “That the French still hold in esteem that demented maniac says a lot about them.”

        And it says nothing good. Napoleon, however, was no demented maniac. He occupied that gray area beyond the normal, yet not in a hallucinatory fugue. Like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and many others, he entered that realm which is certainly not normal, where ordering the slaughter of thousands and even millions is done coolly, with calculation, and no emotion, but avoids madness. You do not conquer Europe while being disconnected from reality.

        Keep in mind that Napoleon’s troops – many of whom were NOT French, but came from across Europe – were very loyal to him. For Napoleon told them that they were spreading the freedom of the Revolution, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”…except what was really happening was that French puppet states were being set up, like the Duchy of Warsaw, and sometimes with a member of the Bonaparte family as the head, e.g. Napoleon’s older brother was both King of Naples and Sicily, and later King of Spain.

        One looks today at the modern 21st-century American Socialists, devoid of rationality, believing in fantasies, refusing to hear the truth, twisting everything into propaganda, and one must wonder what they might be capable of. How many Catholics or Orthodox Jews or Baptists would they be willing to ruin, or even round up and jail, for daring to oppose the anti-religion, anti-life agenda of 21st-century Socialism?


  16. Suzanne says:

    I read somewhere (probably here in the comment section) that a group of the Yellow Vests were heard chanting “we want Trump”. If true it must have sent President Macrame right over the edge. Heh

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    • sickconservative says:

      Haven’t heard but would make sense, MFGA.


    • paper doll says:

      I believe that was London..They need him too! 😉

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    • Judith says:

      What I don’t think many of us here would care to admit to ourselves, is that it is *our* own greedy corporations and our own *greedy* politicians -like Bush and McCain- who cooked up the New World Order in the first place, as they set about destabilizing nations to loot and pillage them.

      Globalism could not succeed without the full cooperation of the United States AND the exfiltration of US wealth. This has been going on for decades now. Where were we at? Lost in TV land? Chew on that one for a while..

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      • Deb says:

        We didn’t expect our own ruling class to betray us. Many of us were blissfully unaware the ruling class even existed. But they overplayed their hand in 2007, and have been making mistake after mistake ever since.

        Even if these well educated idiots manage to secure victory, it will be pyrrhic. Enough people know the truth that the real history will be known.

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        • Stickboy says:

          “We didn’t expect our own ruling class to betray us. Many of us were blissfully unaware the ruling class even existed.”

          It’s difficult to assign blame, people have been bombarded for decades by lying politicians, lying media, lying education system, lying Hollywood. Heroes have been created from common trash, history twisted and manipulated, and the people accepted it.

          We know why it happened, the question therefore becomes, what do we do about it? Understanding that there still exists a helluva lot of “blissfully unaware” people.

          I strongly believe that one of the best things people could do, for their own benefit, is to drag their damn tv’s out to the curb……it’s not like you can trust anything you see on them anyway.


      • DeWalt says:

        Many like Ron Paul stated that plainly.

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        • lydia00 says:

          Ron Paul was basically open borders with very limited government. The latter is where I agreed with him. There is a lot he did not get. His son is smarter than him, though.


      • Stickboy says:

        “What I don’t think many of us here would care to admit to ourselves, is that it is *our* own greedy corporations and our own *greedy* politicians -like Bush and McCain- who cooked up the New World Order in the first place, as they set about destabilizing nations to loot and pillage them. ”

        The greedy corporations and politicians certainly have done their part to further the New World Order.

        But, the “cooking up” was for sure not done by morons like Bush and McCain, they like all other moron politicians, were just water boys, following the orders of their masters.

        The money people, European, big money people, have been pushing this dream of theirs for a very long time……it’s always the money people……and they damn near had it beat, till Trump came along.

        I have to wonder what happens after Trump is gone. Countries like France are populated by those who are quite willing to hit the streets, and inform their government of it’s wrong doings.

        North America is, on the other hand, more “civilized”, and finds such things somewhat distasteful……preferring the ballot box to the ammo box…….that doesn’t seem to work out so good when the ballot box is rigged.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      That was a vid from a while back in Britain (London?), not France.

      Was before the YV France protests. A BREXIT protest.


  17. gingergal says:

    What did the leaders do to their citizens? I want to know exactly what their complaints are regarding the cost of living.


  18. Akindole says:

    I’m waiting for them to really get started the correct way.

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  19. Mike in a Truck says:

    Wot? The peasants are unhappy? They dare revolt against their Globalist masters? Very ungrateful.

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  20. dauntlessguy says:

    This protest today looks different than past ones. More yellow vests are fighting aggressively against the police than before. It looks like the police are losing control of the situation.

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  21. BigTalkers says:

    The French are professional protesters, and their Govts have always bought them off with more “bennies.”

    But it’s like Mrs Thatcher said, sooner or later you run out. That’s where they are now.

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  22. ggmppv says:

    I am skeptical. Who are these people ? Are they leftists ? Are they normal French ?
    If they are what people here think they are, why do we not see one single video of them calling out the biggest problem France faces – colonization by muslim moochers.
    What exactly do they want ? All this for a small fuel tax increase – yet NONE of them are protesting that far more of their money goes to welfare payments for the muslim conquerors.
    And here is the most important part – if these people were what we hope they are, then the MSM would be reporting on them as “fascists”, “racists”, “nazis”, “right wingers” etc. The fact that the MSM is NOT calling them any of those things mean these protesters are probably not what we are hoping they are.
    Then again, maybe they’re just a rag tag group of people who don’t know what they want ?


    • sunnydaze says:

      This (definitely?) started out as a Lefty protest. People on the Right have much hope that it’s not, but I’m not convinced yet.

      I guess we’ll see.


      • Kaiser Derden says:

        no it didn’t …


      • dauntlessguy says:

        Its anti-globalist in nature. Videos of European Flags burning, Macron is called a Rothchild puppet. French have hard core nationalistic roots, probably more so than Americans.

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        • sunnydaze says:

          There were EU police vans mixed in with the standard French ones from the 2nd week or so. So of course, people were pissed at the EU.

          And there definitely may be some anti-EU people in those crowds. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are ALL, or even MOST, anti-EU, or that that is their main focus.

          Like I keep saying, I’m skeptical cuz I’ve seen waaaay too much Lefty rhetoric coming out of their mouths the last couple months and just general cluelessness about WHO and WHAT is responsible for the high Cost of Living and deteriorating standards over there.

          Just cuz they hate Macron, doesn’t mean they want a Nationalist in charge. Pretty sure Macron was seen by many French as “too far right” initially.


          • dauntlessguy says:

            They also hate the fake French media. Have to see how it all plays out, my guess is Macron’s days are numbered. They should leave the EU, and at least return to self government.


      • Tparty says:

        I don’t think the YV movement is as political as many here seem to wish … at least left or right. They are realising how much power is vested in them and they are exercising it. Anyone can don a yellow vest as we are all One People against Globalism demanding the right to change their constitution. There is a real issue of conflict of interest in allowing those in power reprenting the People to decide the amount of power they have and how much of our rights we get to keep. That power belongs to the people.



    • lydia00 says:

      What is normal “French”? This could be what they are asking without realizing it or connecting the dots. If you want to know “who are the French” then study our revolution and their revolution, side by side. Their revolution saga is chocked full of cognitive dissonance from the aristocrats who loved Franklin to Robespierre. Are the normal French Vichey? The French resistance were mainly communists.

      Americans tend to impose our concept of freedom on Europe. Yet we never lived with a monarchy within our land. Our pioneering independent spirit was out of necessity and fueled by early risk takers. We don’t understand them unless we are globalists. These days I would much prefer to vacation in Eastern Europe. Oh the irony!

      Who are they? I am not convinced they know the answer. And I’m not sure how much that matters right now. As this goes on, I suspect some will ask the bigger questions. But due to mass immigration it might be a moot point. I don’t put anything past the globalist elites. Which means the possibility of deputizing and arming young Muslim men by the thousands. Anyone who thinks the globalists are going to lay down are fooling themselves. They might even read distribute enough wealth to make this go away for a while. But the sentiment will remain. Just as the tea party sentiment remained despite the best efforts of both sides to destroy it.


  23. Sherri Young says:

    From four weeks ago, but fresh as can be.

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  24. Donna in Oregon says:

    Historically French Resistance has been helpful freeing the world from oppression.

    The French Resistance played a vital part in aiding the Allies to success in Western Europe – especially leading up to D-Day in June 1944. The French Resistance supplied the Allies with vital intelligence reports as well as doing a huge amount of work to disrupt the German supply and communication lines within France.

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    • joeknuckles says:

      The world help the frenchies in that one. They were already speaking German.

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    • Kaiser Derden says:

      the French resistance didn’t help anyone else but the French …

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    • WES says:

      Sad to have to say this but there was very little French resistance in WW2. Any French resistance was mostly communist.

      When Patten was heading to Paris he had to stop and wait for De Gaulle and his Free French troops to arrive so they could enter Paris first.

      The first thing Patten did upon entering Paris was secure all of the important government buildings to prevent the French communist resistance from taking over Paris and France!

      The French communists fully expected that they would be allowed to govern as a reward as they were the only ones who had been resisting the Germans during the war! Yes, they were royally pissed off! Now you know why they head all of the labor unions in France!

      De Gaulle promoted the idea of wide spread French resistance to cover up for the guilt of French collaboration with the Germans. Just another example of the winners rewriting history!


    • lydia00 says:

      Donna, go read up on freeing Paris and the concessions made to DeGaulle” to get a feel for the “French resistance”. Or DeGaulles demands in London. And don’t forget the Maginot Line or Vichey. Let us hope this national narcissism finally turns into a real defense.


  25. The Devilbat says:

    The left have been waiting for this kind of uprising. It will give them the excuse they need to fund a massive Euro – Military police force.

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  26. joeknuckles says:

    The yellow vests need to take that EU flag and perform a “Qhadafi” on Macron’s globalist a**.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. waicool says:

    who stick’s a yellow vest on Trump and does’t sign his name?


    • joeknuckles says:

      I’m sorry, I just can’t help but think “Caltrans” every time I see the yellow vest. Those are the “workers” we always see on the side of the road here. There’s usually one pretending to work and 7 or 8 others watching him. Meanwhile, our roads are crap.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. Jane Smith says:

    Too late.
    The French have already lost their country to the Muslims and Globalists.


  29. Kaiser Derden says:

    what moron advised Marcon to arrest a truck driver … ??? that has to be one of the stupidest moves I have ever seen …


  30. Dora says:

    I find this surprising.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. PgtSndThinker says:

    Praying for La France. I have French friends and I want them to be free of tyranny and oppression.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Val says:

      A year ago, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski complained that, because of Trump, her friends were embarrassed to disclose they were Americans while vacationing in Europe.

      “I had friends that went to Paris over the holiday–” the “Morning Joe” host began.

      “Paris, Texas, right?” co-host Joe Scarborough joked.

      “Paris, France. And they said they were just viscerally embarrassed to be Americans,” Brzezinski said. “They said it was the first time that it was sort of chilling.”

      “They didn’t even want to share where they were from,” she added.

      Liked by 1 person

      • lydia00 says:

        My 17 year old went to Paris for the first time last summer. She NEVER wants to go back. She described it as filthy, broken down and rude. However, she wants to go back to Switzerland ASAP!


  32. Val says:

    Remember when Brigitte Macron said this?

    “In a new interview, the French First Lady spoke out about Melania, and their friendship, telling Le Monde that she indeed feels sorry for the latter’s lack of privacy, and that she is ‘much more constrained’ than her European counterparts in her everyday life. ‘Melania can’t do anything, she can’t even open a window in the White House,’ Macron said. ‘She can’t put her nose out. Me, every day, I’m out in Paris.’”

    That didn’t age well, did it?!

    Liked by 1 person

  33. sunnydaze says:


  34. MACAULAY says:

    I took a course in Political Science a half century ago, and here is what I think:

    1) There are some Trumpsters (Populists, Conservatives, Tea Partiers) wearing yellow vests over there in France, and there are some Socialists too. They have temporarily found common ground in their disgust with the Globalists Elites–even if it is only that one thinks they take too much and the other thinks they don’t give enough.

    2) Here in America we may have had a similar situation back in the 1880’s Gilded Age of Robber Barons from New England and New York–Rockefeller, Mellon, Carnegie, Vanderbilt—people who got too rich, too powerful, to greedy–for the good of the country, and had to be reined in.

    3) When Bezos can buy the second most influential paper in the Country like a toy to push his own political agenda, I might just agree with Alexandra O Cortez; that its time to tax his ass, or break up his monopoly, like Theodore Roosevelt did. (“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes,” as Mark Twain is often reputed to have said.)

    4) We may be at 1) above:
    Example—some think the Government takes to much and is corrupt, and Alexandra O Cortez thinks the Government doesn’t give enough because it is corrupt.

    Tenuous truce—but agreed that our government is Corrupt and that the Elites are the ones who are corrupt.

    5) Half crazy Presidents with balls have been necessary to this country from time to time—Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Don Trump.

    6) I went all in with Trump, albeit with my seat belt buckled. And I have no regrets—except that Andrew McCabe and about a dozen others have NOT been indicted. This is unbearable, but I chalk it up to the appointment of Sessions, and Trump was still learning then.

    7) “America will never be destroyed from the outside….” Abe Lincoln

    Thank you for letting me comment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beenthere says:

      1 or 2 things that crazy woman, AOC, says has my sympathy, esp regarding the elitists.


    • sunnydaze says:

      I basically agree with what you wrote. Two opposite sides of the coin with a couple of the same beefs. Who would ultimately wish to see two radically different outcomes.

      And I guess I’m thinking now that -unfortunately – it is not the side I would root for that is the larger one here in this “fight”.


    • Latina says:

      Here’s how Professor Ford should have been handled in my opinion:

      If Kavanaugh is a rapist without proof, she is a prostitute without proof. PERIOD. Our side should push for punishment for her prostitution. Demand investigation, we should always refer to her as prostitute. PERIOD.

      So why is ok for her to destroy someone’s life while keeping her right not be destroyed herself? It’s war!

      We are obsessed with being adorable. The left doesn’t care, they trash us anyway. They have successfully convinced the world that we’re racist, homophobe, islamophobe, etc.

      How have we been fighting back? Like cowards!
      We spend our lives taking the bait and defending ourselves, trying to prove that we are not racist, we are not this or that. We get consumed with proving our innocence, when the accusations are absurd and false and we shouldn’t even allow them to keep the smear.

      Trump should fight back by calling them racist, say they are angry because we have a white President, show their REAL hate for white people.

      Stop defending yourself. Go on attack mode.


  35. dallasdan says:

    From the SD article:
    “This led to French government ministry official Benjamin Griveaux warning Emmanuel Macron yesterday that a “full blown revolution” was possible.”

    Indeed, it is, and Macron is escalating the confrontation. His mommy-wife should spank some sense into him.


  36. frank field says:


    Make (ungrateful) France Great For Once.

    Sorry. I can’t seem to muster any compassion.


  37. Elle says:

    “This led to French government ministry official Benjamin Griveaux warning Emmanuel Macron yesterday that a “full blown revolution” was possible.”

    Talk about sugar-coating it, Ben. You are already in a full blown revolution. The government does not have the full support of the army, the police force, the ambulance drivers and the citizens were able to crash your gates. Since Macron will have to bring in EU tanks and troops if he wants to squash it, he could have said “a full blown ‘war’ might be possible, if he wanted to sound less ridiculous.


    • Elle says:

      I suppose the bigger question is, who will be in charge once Macron is either run out of town or paraded through the town square?


  38. Elle says:

    I can’t but help feeling a bit of smug schadenfreude over how the folks at Huffington and politico are feeling right now, as they watch these protests and slowly grasp that they are on the side of Marie Antoinette. lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Latina says:

    Here in America, we have (on the right) been “conditioned” (brainwashed) to be the good ones, who follow the rules no matter what. The left, make up the rules as they go and they keep pushing forward. They have been extremely successful. They control both parties, media, sports, Disney, corporations, social media giants, education, culture etc.

    The problem with the right is that we are still following the rules and we shouldn’t. Those obsessed with being cute and sweet and adorable need to shut up, stop fighting ourselves and get out of the way.

    Example: Is it ok to shoot and kill a group of people sitting around in their living room simply because they are you enemy and your opposition?
    No right?
    What about in a war? What about the military finding the enemy, and ambush them and blow then up? Yes, fair game in a war.
    See how rules change depending on the gravity of fight?

    Well, we are under a communist take over of the US by the left. Most involved are useful idiots. It’s time we stop being cute, stop following normal conventional rules. NO, I’m suggesting killing ANYONE no matter what. Above was just a drastic example.

    What I am suggesting is we fight them back using THEIR Saul Alisnky tactics to level the rules. It’s war! Being adorable will get you defeated. The left doesn’t follow the rules of decency, we insist we must because we are morally superior and we don’t want to get down to their level.

    Fine, just know that they are succeeding, the GOP is their people, we are already a marxist utopia, our children are being brainwashed (that’s our future) Our country INVADED (act of war) and we don’t have much time left to save IF ANY. So keep hanging on to your cuteness while the left highjack the country and then you will be FORCED to live against your morals that you hold so dearly when they are in charge and this country is under their control, yeah the same moral values you are unwilling to give up now to save it. Those will be gone by force. At that time noncompliance will land you in jail, then you can try to fight all you want… too late.

    What do I mean by all of that, our side should do a Romney EVERYDAY against the left. Our prominent people should launch attacks against left publicly. Pick a target, polarize it, freeze…
    Get Robert DeNiro one week we all go after him. Trash him! Destroy him, then pick Michelle O, trash her, point out her hateful rhetoric, her racism, trash her! It’s war!


    • wghenwood says:

      U summed up the reality we in the centre have been brought up to be patriotic and obey the rules. How much more rule breaking we are prepared to put up with before we seek to return to our roots?


  40. Latina says:

    We are a long way from going yellow vest to defend our rights. The left has been changing things slowly, barely noticeable, but if you look how far left we have moved, we should be out there like they are.


  41. Latina says:

    I think Americans and some EU countries have been conditioned to conform to the Social Justice/Marxist ideology. We will not survive if we don’t wake up like the yellow vests.
    At least they are making uncomfortable for the rulers. That much they have accomplished.

    Us??? NADA!


  42. Lactantius says:

    Emmanuel Macron is a self-described populist who won a surprise victory over the right and left establishments of France. Political biographer Marc Endeweld writes: “You have to realize that in the end, En Marche is something very vertical; there isn’t really a campaign manager, Emmanuel Macron has compartmentalized his relations a lot. And he has a conception of power that is extremely personal.” [En Marche is the name and slogan Macron gave to his campaign.]

    Marine Le Pen, Macron’s much farther right rival during the run for the presidency, reacted to Macron saying: “You know what, Mr Macron, you’re incredibly talented – you’ve managed to speak for seven minutes and I can’t summarize what you think. You’ve said nothing, it’s an absolute void.”

    On the surface, Macron appears to be a populist. Upon election, Macron had to announce his policies. He promised help for farmers, for industry, for employers, for workers, and for entrepreneurs. He promised tax cuts along with support for those on low incomes. He announced spending cuts of €50bn in public investment. All wish list and no substance.

    Charles de Gaulle’s opening sentence in Mémoires de Guerre is: “All my life I have had a certain idea of France.” At a press conference in June of 1955, de Gaulle said: “Politics, when it is an art and a service, not an exploitation, is about acting for an ideal through realities.” And in 1962, nearing the realization that he had not been able to transform France, the old Général de Gaulle muttered to Ernest Mignon: “How can you govern a country that has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?”

    Charles de Gaulle and Emmanuel Macron have something extremely important in common. They share the view of France as the power over Europe. France is a patriotic state within European nationalism.

    So, how do you unite 246 varieties of cheese with the cheeses of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc.?

    There is an old joke from the days of forming the European Union. A committee was formed to assign tasks to each country: England would be in charge of policing, France in charge of cooking, Germany in charge of mechanics, the Swiss in charge of bookkeeping and Italy in charge of love. There was a terrible storm during the night and the assignments got all mixed up. The next day the assignments were handed out: The English were in charge of cooking, The French were in charge of mechanics, the Germans were in charge of policing, the Swiss were in charge of love and the Italians were in charge of bookkeeping.

    Emmanuel Macron is a statist socialist misanthrope. His Napoleon streak is palpable and the French regionalists have come together to shake his cage. What Macron and de Gaulle both failed to address is the powerful influence of regional pride among the French. Maybe the Parisian snobbery affects the leader in a manner which blinds him to the power of regional pride.

    Now add state socialism to the mix a heavy dose of state socialism in which everything under the sun is regulated and supported with government subsidies and delivered by government fiat. How is a German supposed to care more about a French farmer in the Dordogne than a German farmer in Bavaria?

    Europeans are essentially as incapable of understanding the American as being from one of 50 states as the American is of understanding the multitude of differences among and between Germans, the Irish, the French, the Spanish, the Italians, etc.

    On the other hand, the DemonizingRats have set about dividing Americans against one another based on race, gender and ethnicity. It is a form of Europeanizing America in order to eat it piece by piece until a dictatorship can be imposed.

    The yellow vests in France are made up of regionalists who have come together in France to topple the Macron fluster-cluck. They likely don’t have much else in common.

    From my view, it is socialism and its overpromising which underlies the whole affair. By law, citizens in France do not have to answer work e-mails after work. The work week is 35 hours. No shifts between 9pm and 6am in jobs not crucial to the French economy. “Part-time” jobs are highly restricted and full time employees are nearly impossible to fire or eliminate. Which accounts, in part, for why there is a certain air of indifference. Many shops close for two hours at lunch because that is the way it is. Whole villages are subsidized to keep them populated and locally vital. But the “invisible hand” of Adam Smith’s free market economy is girdled and bound by socialist tinkering and the people are caught in the middle. Android Occasional-Cortex (AOC) would be a ball of fire among French Socialists. According to an internet wag, AOC thinks money grows on trees because banks have branches. But, it not too far from the truth of all socialists.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lydia00 says:

      Macron made his way up as most French ruling elites do. Training in the elite exclusive political Uni, banker for the Rothchilds stepping into the governing elite route very rich. There is nothing populist about him. That was a media creation.

      It’s not like he had a bunch a hard hats and hotel maids working for him where he had to make payroll.

      Liked by 1 person

  43. Latina says:

    I see some countries waking up to the Marxist takeover. But I don’t know if the yellow vest are against marxism or they want more freebies without paying for it… It’s France…I have not studied this movement. I don’t know enough about it. There was no yellow vest when they wanted to tax the filthy rich 70%


    • Elle says:

      Not sure either. Personally, I think the government’s inability to control immigration and its allowing the EU to flood the country with a culture that is is not compatible with their own is what is fueling the discontent. Citizens of Western societies realize their way of life is being overrun by those who despise and seek to destroy it. I think it is a general discontent that will continue to grow and spread throughout Europe.

      I think the EU leaders will fall, like dominos, in short order. Dangerous times.


    • Lactantius says:

      Cars are required by French law to have these “yellow” reflective vests for the driver to wear if the car is disabled. Therefore, it is something every driver has at hand. It does not mean that every demonstrator is in sympathy with the demonstrator next to him. What is clear is that the people are protesting. It is a symbol of unrest against the government. The “populist” Emmanuel Macron has not been able talk the protestors into calming down.

      There is a lesson here for commenters who call for revolt and fighting back. One half of this country is not going to side with Trump, but among them, the passions differ and reasons for anger vary.

      All revolutions seem to begin with a “unity” of purpose and then fall into fighting among themselves over all manner of difference. If one reads the comments on CTH, one should be capable of discerning that passions, philosophies and strategies are not aligned, although complimentary.


  44. Treehugger says:

    Any theories on why trump chose macron and France then to host first state dinner? If they are so opposed what is/was the strategy on that


  45. lydia00 says:

    “On December 20, two days before the fifth demonstration of the “yellow vests,” police officers organized a protest in front of the Élysée Palace. The vice-president of an organization made up of police officers said that many members are exhausted, feel sympathetic to the revolt and are ready to join it.

    The next day, the government increased police officers’ salaries and paid them millions for overtime — payments that had been overdue for months.’

    Liked by 1 person

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