Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 4:30pm Livestream…

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers a press briefing on the day the new 116th congressional session begins.  There is somewhat of a scramble as the press briefing was only recently announced.  Anticipated start time around 4:30pm EST.

UPDATE:   SURPRISE !!!  President Trump delivered the briefing:

Fox News Livestream LinkPBS Livestream LinkGlobal News Livestream Link

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173 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 4:30pm Livestream…

  1. TigerBear says:

    Our President is what is known as “A mans man” in my generation and he soooooo is!! Absolutely adore him. A TRUE LEADER!!! 👍🏽👍🏽😍

    God bless and keep him!

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  2. Mike in a Truck says:

    Talk about stealing some bodies thunder! Queen for a day thought the whole world would come to a standstill for her coronation. POTUS comes along and tossed a turd into Nancys punch bowl.

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  3. Bill S says:

    Well done Mr. President. Ask the Dems a simple question: “Are you in favor of securing our borders.”. If you are, any reasonable person would agree that a multi-faceted approach makes sense—electronics, drones, personnel and yes, a physical wall.

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  4. peace says:

    This is one of those “must watch and share” videos. Without a wall, we won’t have a border and without a border we won’t have as country.


  5. Sayit2016 says:

    All those guy have been tearing their hair out over this open border…. all of them are bald ( and handsome ! )


    • Nan says:

      Most real women find real men handsome, hair or not.

      Snowflakes, on the other hand ….

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      • Padric says:

        When I was younger I used to always get a buzz cut that was so short and because I have very fine hair, it looked like I was bald until you got up close. When I met my wife, however, I had stopped doing that for a while. For years she fought me on getting that kind of hair cut again. I finally convinced her with a deal that I would get it done once and if she really didn’t like it I would never get my hair cut that way again.

        Upon returning from the barbershop and seeing me for the first time she smiled, rubbed the peach fuzz on top of my head, told me she loved it and said, “Well, my grandmother always used to say ‘God made only so many perfect heads. The rest He covered with hair’. Guess she was right.”

        Now she’s the one telling me to get it cut when she thinks its getting to long. LOL


  6. The Tundra PA says:

    Anyone else bothered by the absolute silence and NO ONE standing for the President? I was appalled.

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    • JC says:

      Yes, Tundra. The Press Operatives also screeched accusatory “questions” after our President was generous enough with his time and patience to address them directly. Appalling display of disrespect and coarseness. I was embarrassed for them for their low-brow boorishness.

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  7. Cisco says:

    Sent a message of support via to President Trump supporting him on his stand on the Border Wall. Thanks for the link & suggestion.
    Nice response.
    The White House, Washington
    January 3, 2019

    Instead of setting politics aside and putting the safety of our country first, Democrats in Congress have continued to obstruct. In doing so, they have refused to come together with Republicans to pass commonsense legislation that provides adequate funding to secure America’s borders and prevent a partial government shut down.

    As I have said throughout this process, I remain committed to finding an agreemnet that reopens our Government and ensures that our Nation’s borders are safe and secure.

    I urge Congress to rejoin me in Washington to immediatly pass appropriations legislation that properly addresses the critical issues affecting our Nation’s security and prosperity.

    Thank you for your email.


    Donald Trump

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  8. Lulu says:

    The 1st time Obama appeared in briefing room, all the reporters stood in adoration.
    Looks like nobody stood for 45. I wonder why.

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  9. Lulu says:

    The 1st time Obama appeared in briefing room, all the reporters stood in adoration.
    Looks like nobody stood for 45. I wonder why.


  10. Donna in Oregon says:

    I wrote POTUS to thank him for the briefing. That was really nice of him to give the American people an update. I loved that POTUS acknowledged all the phone calls and letters from his MAGA Force (We the People ✌ )

    We are the MAGA Force that put 45 in the hot seat ❤

    Also the WHPC didn’t stand up when POTUS entered the room, which makes MSM look low brow/low rent/ill mannered/low class/losers.

    Don’t they have to go to school to be journalists? Maybe not, maybe it’s one of those mail-order things like inmates use at ordained ministers….or White House Correspondents….in 6 weeks. Snicker/eyeroll…..LOL

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  11. pnj01 says:

    This “NO QUESTIONS” Approach is exactly right for the SHUTDOWN PERIOD. Trump should go out again and make a statement but let the Press know he will not take questions until the Press gets Nancy Pelosi to tell the country how she is going to make Americans safe WITHOUT A WALL. Not complaints about the wall but an approach that will reduce Illegal Immigration by 90% as a wall would. Then he should tell the Press to go ask Nancy those questions. Meanwhile POTUS will show up once a day to give more proof that the wall works better than the Dems’ vague promises of security someday and somehow.

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  12. Pyrthroes says:

    As the 116th Congress becowls itself with obscene Burka Babies, including several literally felonious poseurs, we have a sense that through mid-2020 these bizarre-o dullards will alienate even their own feeble-minded cohorts.

    In 2016, Pachs’ legitimate 63 million tally contrasted with Rats’ real vs. discounted/nominal total of 57 – 58 million max. (per urban districts’ near-uniform reporting of Rat ballots exceeding 2010 Census extrapolations by 10 – 12%). On this basis, assuming even minimal reform, Trump’s 2020 total should approach .55 x 121 mm = 66.6 mm vs. Rats’ 54.5, with a commensurate Electoral total exceeding 2016’s 304 : 227 (33.9%).

    As Rats’ feministical degeneracy proceeds apace, remember that absolutely none of this BS is substantive. “Weaponizing” solemn governmental functions on behalf of borderline psychotics, geriatric harridans whose dog-in-manger, hate-America senility is all too evident, will leave the field to high-achieving Donald Trump.

    Meantime, though Pelosi/Schumer remain oblivious to the reality, we expect VSG to match Rats’ smirking “Impeach Now!” charade with serious criminal prosecution of Gangrenous, MzBill, plus Rat panjandrums ranging from Podesta to the Deep State’s IC Axis of Brennan, Clapper, Comey, including Eric Holder (already in Contempt of Congress), waddling co-conspirator Loretta Lynch; Wild Willy of Rosatom fame, perhaps ole Catfish Mueller his ain sel’.

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