Resistance Day #1 – Speaker Nancy Pelosi Takes Control of House of Representatives…

Today the official first day of the 116th congressional session begins with Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi taking control over the House of Representatives. Speaker Pelosi delivers the first of many speeches to her audience.

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110 Responses to Resistance Day #1 – Speaker Nancy Pelosi Takes Control of House of Representatives…

  1. JohnCarlson says:

    AKA, Insanity Prevails.

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  2. Aristotle says:

    The inmates have now taken over the asylum.

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  3. i stopped at 28 seconds in when she stated that she was “looking forward to working in a bipartisan way”.

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  4. Coast says:

    I intend to stab America, not in the back, but rather from the front straight to the heart, in a bipartisan way. Congratulations.

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  5. PatriotGalNC says:

    Ms. Pelosi looks very sure of herself. We The People will be wiping that smug look on her face off, so fast…She won’t even see it coming. This is a promise.

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  6. FofBW says:

    Didn’t Resistance begin on PT’s inauguration day?

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  7. Your Tour Guide says:

    Quit making that face or it will stick.

    Too late.

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  8. woohoowee says:

    Re-tread Nan dodders to the podium and claims mallet with which she will commence pounding sand.

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  9. Bullseye says:

    This women has more ticks (mouth, head, speech and hands) than anyone I’ve ever seen that wasn’t mentally ill. So draw your own conclusion, I have

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  10. woohoowee says:

    LOL! I figured out the weird hand thingy: Nan thinks she’s auditioning:

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  11. BigMamaTEA says:

    Yes, supposedly…..FofBW. She’s pretty cocky today. (That’s okay, she’ll do herself in!)

    btw….the vote count was Pelosi = 220, – McCarthy =192 , – Jim Jordan=5, – Present =3, – Other= 15.

    Any one, even someone whose not a house rep. can be nominated.

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  12. Johnny Bravo says:

    She shouldn’t be left in charge of an Out House let alone the “House”!

    She couldn’t run a bath 🛁

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  13. Chip Doctor says:

    I refuse to watch them spike the football. They will look like sneering demonic jackels. Let them have their moment. They will overreach and disgust the American people. Then VSG POTUS will school them in the art of the deal. Never, never underestimate PDJT.

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    • James Carpenter says:

      We have a pretty good idea of what Pelosi is made of. Long track record of deeds in addition to words.
      Now we’ll find out if Trump is made of the stuff we’ve been touting, praying and voting for.
      Sausage is going to be made. One way or the other. Watching isn’t going to be easy.

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  14. I completely lost it when she started talking about St. Francis. I thought maybe God would strike her with a bolt of lightning or that she’d suddenly burst into flames.

    What I am really looking forward to is not having to pretend anymore that we can work together “in a bi-partisan fashion” with these felonious, criminal traitors whose stated goal is to destroy the our President Trump and these United States of America.

    Welcome to life in war time.

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  15. InAz says:

    Everyone, Pray……and keep Praying.
    Pray for God to help the righteous in this country, and pray for President Trump.

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    • Bob says:

      She won…we lost…because we didn’t get all of our people out to vote.
      They have been going nuts with voter fraud and we don’t even have observers in the polling stations that we knew where crooked. So now we will hurt till 2020 rolls around and hope like hell we have learned our lesson. Get rid of the RINO’s so the Republican Party can be reinforced to a condition of unity.

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      • I am not so sure about that line of thought.. not getting “our people out to vote”.
        He in NC-9 land, we still do not have an “official” representative seated in the House.
        We got out and we voted. Now we are being accused of “cheating”. Seems the NC Uniparty can’t figure out how we got more Live people to the poles than they got the “dearly departed” ones out.

        Also, was it just me, or did her “nominators” sound like they were nominating a “presidential” candidate? Perhaps they will go for both President Trump and Vice President Pence and there would be the 3rd in line.


      • swampratterrier says:

        Dems only won by proven voting FRAUD.


  16. MIKE says:

    After much reflection and chicken wing analysis, I have come to the conclusion that the insane woman that cannot even properly affix her dentures is the best possible psychoswampthing to be squeaker of the house, in the era of DJTrump, President of the good ole’ USA.
    PDJT, I believe, is going to abuse her like a B porn movie star. We will see.

    Note to the Capitol building maintenance crew; Please do NOT remove the cords from the blinds,
    thank you in advance.

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  17. peace says:

    The USA is powerful enough to stop demented old lady Pelosi and crying chuckie from controlling our southern border. It’s amazing how the dems stick together like super glue and their followers would blindly follow them off a cliff.

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  18. Yy4u says:

    I see it differently than most here. What I see is two sides of the ssme coin. One hates the governing principal of the country–the Constitution written by dead white guys –but is smart and disciplined. This party lies to independents but follows through with what its base want. Globalist Socialism. Thus it lies to everyone but its base.

    The other party is globalist too but cant say so because that isnt what its base wants. It gets elected on promises it never intends to keep. It lies to its base because to tell them the truth means they wont be dr lected. Think Mitt Romney. It NEVER delivers on its promises because it doesnt believe in the Constitution any more than their globalist pals on the other side do.

    What i saw today was RELIEF. Now that their globalist fellows are officially in charge again the Republican side of the Globalist coin can relax and go back to deceiving its base by posturing and prancing and telling us what they will do if only they are voted back in power. Paul Ryan showed us who they really are. For that we should be grateful to him.

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  19. visage13 says:

    Yes and ABC cut into my soap opera to show it. Really? I could care less about her being SOTH. Did they cut in for Paul Ryan? Ugh, I hate the #fakenews media sooo much


  20. JohnCarlson says:

    Senility is our greatest strength !

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  21. mugzey302 says:

    Looks like she had some “work” done while on vacation and plotting her uprising against a LEGALLY elected President.


  22. truthbomb says:

    I have a Donald Trump story. In December of 1985, I was interviewing with EF Hutton in NYC for a summer internship before my senior year in college. I stayed at the Vista International Hotel at the World Trade Center. After the interview, I went uptown to Fifth Avenue. I was near Trump Tower milling around across the street – I think I had read the Art of the Deal that year so I was interested in seeing this landmark.

    Anyway, Donald Trump suddenly comes out of the entrance without a coat. It was pretty cold outside and getting colder as it was late afternoon. No one acted like they noticed him but I was watching him like a hawk. He walks over to the corner of 56th and Fifth and crosses the street to the other side of Fifth. Then we walks over so he is in front of Trump Tower and looks up at it, gazing at it for a few minutes. It was obvious he was studying the facade of the building carefully likely to make a design decision on another new project. Then he just walked back and disappeared into the entrance. I still regret not walking up to him and saying hello.

    I have done retail real estate development. The point of this story is that great developers, and I mean the great ones, pay attention to every detail of their projects. I mean every detail.

    So, for anyone who thinks Trump didn’t prepare for being POTUS or has not already sized up and prepared for the enemy, you are in for a surprise.

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    • jmgreenwell says:

      Good story, truthbomb!


    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      So appreciate this anecdotal gem. One thing I hate about politicians is the staged, the put-on, the for-show, the insincerity of elected officials, whose facade is an eminence front for a very different creature underneath. I can’t help but acknowledge and admire his authenticity and transparency, which is so obvious and his key to a truly successful presidency. So evident and notable no matter where you look through his past.

      Larger than life, a John Wayne, if you will.

      “Come on, boys, we’re burning daylight.”


  23. MattyIce says:

    At least she’s not the wolf in sheep’s clothing (aka ratface ryan)

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  24. jeans2nd says:

    Remember when Fake News questioned Pres Trump’s mental health when his mouth dried out from prescribed antihistamines and his tongue stuck in his mouth?

    Yet Fake News crowns this Loon a great “Speaker.”

    Good times, good times.

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  25. Women having the right to vote got us here. Pelosi is a symptom.

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  26. G. Willikers says:

    How long before Pelosi has the Capitol Police replaced with MS-13 and pantifa?


  27. citizen817 says:

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    • Another Scott says:

      In the Democrats minds the House is now the government. Get rid of the Senate, Executive and Judical. Democrat is now the official state party of the US. The Speaker is more like the Prime Minister or fuhrer. ANTIFA are the brown shirts. The FBI and DOJ are the SS…..

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  28. OKPatriot says:

    All I have to say is it is going to be a nasty long 2 years.

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  29. Greg says:

    Impeachment in the House is certain and could happen tomorrow. What we have to worry about are the 20 RINO senators who will defect. They need a bit more justification from Mueller to cover their backsides. Whatever happens a coup is in progress. I hope we are getting our troops organised.


    • lemmus1 says:

      …impeachment in the House is anything but certain
      …if 2 votes had shifted Pelosi wouldn’t even be SOTHOR …she has a very divided caucus, many of which come from red/purple districts and all of whom have to run again in ’20 …if the Republicans hold firm, and they will, no impeachment bill will pass unless serious evidence of a REAL crime by POTUS turns up


  30. Another Scott says:

    Everyone making fun of her: she’s just the figurehead. Her strings are being pulled by people who are very scary.


  31. Nancy Steger says:

    Could she be more obnoxious? She’s 78 years old, the Speaker of the House, and she acts like a flirty, 14-yer-old teenager. Apparently, holding one of the country’s most powerful government positions is not serious business to her. Maybe Botox dependency causes brain damage.


  32. Mike in a Truck says:

    I wouldn’t watch if even I could have.Ive seen freak shows before. Pelosi is a wrecking ball and its her party thats gonna get smashed.They got nothing.Not now,not for 2020.”We hate Trump” is the only thing they can run on.Not the Economy. Not foreign policy.Not crime.Not the border.Nothing.8 years of a “Mau Mau from Kenya”( Black Panthers words) and they still cant come up with a platform that dosnt make them look like raving lunatic’s.Because they are.

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  33. Dora says:

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  34. pochas94 says:

    Investigations searching for a crime. Impeachment hearings.
    The Inquisition has come to America.


  35. Bert Darrell says:

    We know that demoRATS lie and RINOs pretend … all the time.


  36. MightyMustardSeed says:

    Nancy, I can’t thank you enough for making your conniving congressional agenda available.

    I am certain that you colluded with some of the most devious minds in DC, leaving no dirty trick unplayed.

    We certainly recall your skill at driving a steamroller, from your Afordable Care Act job.

    Well Nancy, I’ve decided to not let your ambitious points go to waste. I will pray over each and every one, asking for confusion and disarray befalling each and every seditious point.

    Specifically, I’ll be praying for the Boomerang effect. You know, when your own weapon comes back around, and takes you out.

    God has a hilarious way of using what was meant for evil, to produce goodness! Come to think of it, I have to thank you again. This time it’s for being a blessing to The President of the United States.

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  37. WiVoter says:

    There are many things that may exist like unicorns, bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, but one thing that does NOT exist are moderate democrats.

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  38. eric says:

    …and some folks voted for this.


  39. Robert Smith says:

    As nuts as Pelosi is, now you are going to see what a waste Paul Ryan was by comparison.


  40. ‘Herr-Fuhrer’ Nancy ‘the Demented’ Pelosi (D-CA) Address to the 116th Congress.
    ~”Let the PERSECUTION of the PEONS who voted for Prs.Trump…BEGIN!”~


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