Mitt Romney Kicks off New Year With WaPo Op-ed Attacking Character of President Trump…

Senator-elect Mitt Romney obviously couldn’t wait to kick off the new year with a direct attack against President Donald Trump.  Hell, he hasn’t even taken office yet, and Romney rushes to express his hatred in a strategically aligned op-ed published by the Washington Post:

“The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short”…

You can read the op-ed here I’m not sharing it.  Romney is a small, foul, bitter and jealous man.  His intent to lead the MAGA resistance was entirely predictable.  F**k Romney!

Also, don’t forget all those who have aligned with Romney throughout the years.

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629 Responses to Mitt Romney Kicks off New Year With WaPo Op-ed Attacking Character of President Trump…

  1. Larry Stark says:

    Romney pillages everything he gets into, and would love the ability to sell out the USA.
    The Democrats will be behind his every move; birds of a feather.

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  2. TwoLaine says:


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    • Padric says:

      I love the response to what Fitton wrote. It accurately sums up 2 things: First, on the surface level just how absurd Romney’s op-ed is and second, the even greater stupidity of the NeverTrump crowd.

      On another site I frequent, they have a comment section as well. There is a NeverTrumper there that earlier this year I got into a discussion with about the tax cuts of 2017. He started slamming president Trump because the debt increased after the cuts were passed. Here’s the Cliff Notes version of how the discussion went from that point.

      Me: “Wait, haven’t you always said you were a huge supporter and fan of Reagan?”
      Him: “Yes. Reagan was a true conservative!”
      Me: “But Reagans tax cuts nearly doubled the debt. Isn’t it a double standard to praise Reagan and slam president Trump for doing the same thing?”
      Him: “No. Reagan’s tax cuts were better.”
      Me: “How the heck were they better?!”

      Ready for his answer? Get ready to suppress the desire to want to bang your head in frustration….

      Him: “Reagan had better character and morals than Trump”

      That’s really what everything boils down to with them, same as the liberals:

      “Derp, Orange Man Bad!!!”

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  3. Papoose says:

    Sedition. Coup d’Etat in broad daylight.

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  4. TwoLaine says:

    SPIT! You couldn’t get me to click or read it if you paid me!

    I am actually glad Miffed planted his UNIParty/DIM/Globalist colored flags ahead of taking his Senate seat. We already KNEW what he was since he gave away the Presidency to The Kenyan, YELLOWBELLY, but now the whole world sees it as well. Thanks Miffed!

    There is no hiding him under the R flag anymore. He should be forced to step down, even before taking his seat. At least now no one can EVER say he turned on TRUMP. He was ALWAYS anti-TRUMP, unless of course he was begging for $$$$$$$ from TRUMP, yet he talks about character.

    He is just another stark reminder of why we need Congress to finally step up to the plate and give us term limits. A promise they have consistently made and consistently denied, just like the wall, birthright citizenship, etc., since I started voting in the 80s.

    Can anyone please remind me how much of Mitt’s own $$$ he put in any of his many mostly failed campaigns?????

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    • notunderwhelmed says:

      Another POS swamp rat recycled over and over to screw over the electorate. Romney doesn’t give a damn about Trump’s character. The president, like the tea party , must be eliminated because he is disrupting the flow of $. It always has been and ever will be about $$$. Country be damned.

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  5. Peter says:

    Is that the “I never wanted to win the election anyway.” Mit Romney? I had just come to the US when he was running and he was as fake as a three dollar bill THEN and I saw it.

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  6. Rainy says:

    That rat ba$tard had to go to the Mormons to get elected!!!…Mittens…uugghh…spit.

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  7. StuckInBlue says:

    Shorter version: Mitt demands illegal alien labor for his buddies, doesn’t understand how to use economic leverage on the world stage, and generally hews to the US Chamber of Commerce goals of hollowing out American business.

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  8. saskamare says:

    Ronna Romney McDaniel needs to resign NOW! Anyone who’s party LOST the House via VOTER FRAUD needs to OWN up to the misstakes SHE made and ignored needs to resign. SHAME on her!

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  9. Lawrence says:

    So fast!

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  10. rsanchez1990 says:

    What does Mittens say about his character? His character lost against Obummer. He’s bitter that he will NEVER shape the public character of the nation, no matter how many angry op-eds he writes.

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  11. Patriot1783 says:

    Such a tiny shallow person. For no one in the Romney family to dispute what he wrote against a sitting president of their party, everyone in that family rides mitts coattails and just as petty as he.

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  12. tommy says:

    Hey Mitt Romney I am VERY Resentful that you took advantage of the US Trade policies of the last 25 plus years to deindustrialize my Nation making my Nation’s people DEPENDENT on Government more than EVER BEFORE , while you got rich by this out sourcing of American Lives , so how do you propose we fix it better than Trump is doing it ?????

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  13. paulraven1 says:

    I can’t believe we’re still talking about this walking turd. I remember having arguments with Hugh Hewitt over 10 years ago about Romney (I was correct on every point). Depressing to have to continue to deal with such an obvious POS. But that’s really the only thing exceptional about him — the remarkable ugliness and pettiness just beneath the smooth surface.

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  14. ldy333 says:

    Mitt has major business talent, but it doesn’t matter if he is on the wrong team. His team members were Orrin Hatch, Ryan, McCain, and other like- minded elites, lobbyists, multinational globalists + US Chamber of Commerse types. Not real sure if he ever identified with local American Main Street

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  15. ldy333 says:

    Mitt has major business talent, but it doesn’t matter if he is on the wrong team. His team members were Orrin Hatch, Ryan, McCain, and other like- minded elites, lobbyists, multinational globalists + US Chamber of Commerse types. Not real sure if he ever identified with local American Main Street


  16. Justah says:

    Time to get those Letters, emails and phone calls to your Senator, Leader McConnell, Whip John Cornyn and make it crystal clear how. Offended Trump supporters are by Anti-Trump Senate Elect Romney. Make it clear that we will consider it a Slap in OUR Face for the Jr Senator from Utah to get on any Committees he has requested .

    I’m going to suggest possibly the Committees on Aging, Library, Printing … if he apologizes, perhaps the Committee on Small Business.

    Mitt Romney is telling friends he wants seats on the high-profile Senate Finance and Commerce committees
    Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee who was elected to represent Utah in the Senate last week, is already looking to move up the GOP leadership ranks in the chamber, CNBC has learned.
    Sources say Romney has told friends that he’s planning to submit requests to join at least three high-profile Senate panels: the Finance Committee, the Commerce Committee, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
    A Republican member is departing each of the committees.

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  17. rustybritches says:

    I’m really sorry but I said I thought that Ronna McDanials should have quit along time ago when she was on TV every day talking about how great their ground game was but yet she didnt even know about the ballet harvesting that is law in Calif, nd about that other stupid ballet that says if you have more than one candidate running and none of them gain more than 50% of the vote the one that wins will be the one who the voters have given more stupid votes too Not the one vote for one person.. just see how many illegal votes they can gain to knock all of the Republicans out of office and she helped that to happen by not knowing any of the laws that she should be aware of and as for Romney. Our President needs to stop being nice to scum bags like him I didn’t like hIM WHEN he was running and after he took more than his share of pot shots at P T I decided NO More I hope that PT Gets the money he needs

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  18. Hey loser work with President,

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  19. Ken says:

    Not surprised. The Flake, Corker replacement. He should have gone after Obama the way
    he has gone after President Trump. He may have won in 2012. POS.

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  20. ann says:

    Romney is a good example of why President Trump swept the GOP .

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  21. TessTruehart says:

    I regret to say I not only voted gladly for this man, I actually admired him, thought him a fine man. Needless to say, I was a maroon, tho it’s true he hid his weasel-ness pretty well. From me, anyway.

    Trump is a magic mirror that illuminates people’s true character.


  22. Kathleen 03 says:

    Mitt Romney, President of the gaggle of wannabes who never will be. All hear “Hail to the Chief” each time they look in a mirror, while ignoring the fact they have been and always will be rejected by the multitude of voters. Having voted for Romney in the past I now realize the wisdom in the words, “God help you if you get what you want.” I am so grateful I did not get what I thought I wanted.

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  23. marlis kuhstoss says:

    Shame on you mitt Romney.


  24. David - NC says:

    He is a criminal. Our President already knows. Laundering money for the Bush/Clinton crime cabal isn’t nice, nor is being an accomplice to WIRE FRAUD to the tune of about 700 mill. And now he’s a Senator? He was also a total screw-up as Governor of what state? Let’s not embarrass those folks again, but he will be a total screw-up as Senator too, and you-all in Utah should have known better. Never go on your emotions when you enter a polling place. Infos on this slimy rascal are open source. FWIW: I voted for Ron Paul. I couldn’t pinch my nostrils tight enough to keep the Romney stench from making me gag.


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