Jair Bolsonaro Inaugurated as President of Brazil…

The inauguration of former army Captain turned congressman Jair Bolsonaro was held today in Brazil; delivering the first nationalist outlook to the office of the presidency in decades.

President Jair Bolsonaro and First-Lady of Brazil Michelle Bolsonaro both delivered speeches during the inauguration ceremony, with the first lady also using sign language (her father is deaf).

President Bolsonaro now takes the reins of Latin America’s largest and most populous nation after decades of corruption carried out by Brazil’s far-left politicians. Many will remember a failed assassination attempt on candidate Bolsonaro by opposition from the socialist workers party only a few weeks before the election. Bolsonaro has vowed to end business-as-usual governing which led to rampant corruption.

Many people within the far-left ridiculed Bolsonaro while he was a congressman and stated his Brazil-First outlook was too nationalistic amid a world now driven by global influence. The marginalization by those voices failed and now President Bolsonaro will likely chart a different course.  (Sound familiar?)

There are many similarities in national outlook between U.S. President Donald Trump and President Bolsonaro especially regarding economics and trade. Additionally, following a similar decision by President Trump, Brazil will now move their Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Overall the U.S. Brazil relationship could make for an interesting alignment in South/Latin America; this relationship will become particularly important around the geopolitical strategy and influence of China in the region.

The 63-year-old President campaigned heavily on an anti-corruption, Brazil-first, nationalist agenda and promised to support gun ownership rights for law-abiding people within Brazil.  Both Trump and Bolsonaro are opposed by the same groups.

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147 Responses to Jair Bolsonaro Inaugurated as President of Brazil…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. amwick says:

    2019, so far so good.

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  3. perpetuaofcarthage says:

    The US stock market went up like a rocket after Trump was elected, and then inaugurated. Is anything like that going to happen in Brazil?

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. WVLioness says:

    Brazil’s First Lady is also lovely. Think i read that she, like Melania, was once a model? Our POTUS inspires world leaders everywhere!

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  6. sundance says:

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  7. The Devilbat says:

    Its interesting to note that all the right wing politicians have beautiful wives while all the left wing politicians seem to be married to flea ridden dogs.

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  8. Jimmney says:

    His wife is very Pretty,Sorta looks like she could be his daughter.. Anyhow good for the Brazilian’s. People are waking up every where.

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  9. GTG1775 says:


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  10. deepdivemaga says:

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  11. Kristin says:

    Godspeed to him and his cabinet.

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  12. Suite D says:

    Give this man credit. He actually was shot by the evildoers during his campaign and fought on to win for his country! In my dreams a new world organization for freedom loving nationalists will arise to defeat the UN. Brazil, Israel, USA, etal with men at the forefront who thank God almighty for His goodness and mercy. The Age of Trump! What a time to be alive! Make Brazil Great, Mr. President!

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  13. Patrick healy says:

    Beautiful (New) 1st lady.
    A few interesting things about the new Brazilian President which augers well.
    1. The media hates him (BBC Itv etcetera)
    2. He says he is going to get rid of the Marxists in the schools and colleges.
    3. He says that adult non criminals can have guns to defend themselves from (armed) gangs.
    Btw Mr Sundance not wishing to be insulting but Mr Bolsonaro has taken the reins – not reigns as spelled above.

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  14. When will Mueller’s scope be expanded to Brazil?

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  15. Nagothm says:

    I lived in Brasil for years. I watched the corruption siphon the lifeblood from that people. Bolsonaro winning this election despite attempted assassination as well as confronting the embedded globalist cabal is truly as great a miracle for Brasil as President Trump has been for us in the United States. God bless Brasil and God bless the USA.

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    • DJSnyder says:

      Amen, brother! 😀

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    • Nagothm I didn’t live in Brasil long term but my son did.
      I only visited but I really like the Brasilians I met.

      To the White House monitors of CTH,If you are not already aware Brasil is the only country south of the Rio Grande that supported the USA during WW2. Brasilians as a group (at least in my experience) have a generally favorable opinion of the USA.

      I would hope VSG POTUS will work with Bolsonaro in an effort to secure this hemisphere.

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      • Suite D says:

        Oh yeah! A biography of Gen. Mark Clark (Italian campaign that included Soaves, Brazilians) tells of his post WW2 trip to Brazil per their invitation. Big parade for him with the crowd shouting for Marky Clarky!

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    • Jake says:

      I would not be surprised if our VSG doesn’t have someone down in Brazil working on a deal. I’m thinking Kushner. The Pres seems to send Jared to places like Saudi Arabia quietly and then good things start to happen. He always plays the long game so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve just found a new partner and are working together to straighten things out. Keep your eye on it SD…..

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      • Jan says:

        The tweet up above from Sec. Pompeo indicates he and his wife were there for the inauguration today. I anticipate good things happening and soon. Brazil has the same problem with Venezuelans emptying into their country that we have with Central Americans (and some Mexicans).

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  16. Nunya Bidness says:

    It is only a matter of time before Congress starts investigating Trump’s connections to Bolsonaro and possible collusion in their election.

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  17. Newman says:

    Damn Russians again. They’re stealing elections across the globe now.

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  18. 335blues says:

    Besidea the corruption of outright thieves,
    the foremost enemies of Trump and Bolsonaro
    are the same. Communists.
    Marxism is alive in Latin America with communist china heavily pushing their loanshark agenda as in Venezuela.
    There is apparently much similarity in Bolsonaro and Trump. So much so that Bolsonaro should immediately adopt Trump’s slogan “promises made, promises kept” to help him stay on track.

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  19. 335blues says:

    Besidea the corruption of outright thieves,
    the foremost enemies of Trump and Bolsonaro
    are the same. Communists.
    Marxism is alive in Latin America with communist china heavily pushing their loanshark agenda as in Venezuela.
    There is apparently much similarity in Bolsonaro and Trump. So much so that Bolsonaro should immediately adopt Trump’s slogan “promises made, promises kept” to help him stay on track.


  20. Publius2016 says:

    Brazil Colombia and USA…Venezuela will be FIXED in 2019!

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    • Sherri Young says:

      I pray that is so.

      “The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (GBRV) continues to monopolize foreign exchange, imports of food, agricultural inputs, and distribution of those goods, creating profound challenges for grain production, consumption and trade. In addition, hyperinflation is reducing the purchasing power of Venezuelan consumers. Corn and sorghum production and feed use is declining because of dwindling poultry production. Corn for human consumption is down as consumers shift towards more affordable grain and starch staples. Rice and wheat imports are forecast to remain relatively steady, reflecting continued consumption of these basic staples. The suppliers of the grain imports have been shifting to adapt to the difficult economic environment.”


      The poultry production is dwindling because the poultry farmers cannot afford the chicken feed. The government has been meddling in the farmers’ business and causing problems along with the challenges of a currency crisis.

      So many children down there are malnourished. I have a few hundred photos from the last 3-4 months. Some of the children in the pics from last week had eye infections (not terribly uncommon in Latin America) but there are medication shortages.

      Besides that, Venezuela is in default and at risk of losing their stake in Citgo. That is the company in the US through which they sell their crude and get same-day payments in USD.

      Maduro and his handlers need to leave. Now. Please.

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  21. Green Gas says:

    Twitter is lighting up saying Bolsonare’s wife is making a Q sign.

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  22. Dora says:

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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  23. WeThePeople2016 says:

    God bless him and his First Lady and the people of Brazil. She is very pretty.

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  24. sundance says:

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  25. BobBoxBody says:

    Jair wanting to allow law-abiding Brazilians to be able to buy arms to defend themselves ought to give a nice shot in the arm to Taurus and presumably Bersa if they allow their guns to be imported into Brazil….

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  26. Neural says:

    A stunning and beautiful first lady named Michelle. That’s gonna really annoy liberals.

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  27. Latina says:

    I like Bolsonaro.

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  28. Latina says:

    Here are some of his comments:

    “We are going to unite the people, rescue the family, respect religions and our Judeo-Christian tradition, combat genre ideology, conserving our values.”

    “Good citizens deserve the means to defend themselves,” he said. Bolsonaro said he was counting on Congress support to provide “legal support” for police to do their work; he has promised impunity for police who kill criminals. “They deserve it and must be respected,” he said

    Jair Bolsonaro has announced Brazil’s “liberation from socialism, inverted values, the bloated state and political correctness” after being sworn in as the country’s 42nd president.

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  29. Latina says:

    He promised to combat the “ideology of gender” teaching in schools, “respect our Judeo-Christian tradition” and “prepare children for the job market, not political militancy.”

    “I call on all congressmen to help me rescue Brazil from corruption, criminality and ideological submission,” he said.

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  30. uptothere says:

    Praying the new President is allowed to move his country forward. Meanwhile, Mexico has assasinated a newly elected governor. Both countries have got to find a way to neutralize this constant Leftist corruption and murder.

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  31. Latina says:

    Bolsonaro’s Foreign Minister said: climate change issue was invented by ‘cultural Marxists’ to help push a globalist agenda that is anti-growth and anti-Christian

    “Socialism is ‘criminalizing faith in God,’ he said. ‘Criminalizing patriotism. Criminalizing biology by prohibiting the statement that a person is born a man or a woman. Criminalizing competition. … Criminalizing red meat. Criminalizing air conditioning. … Criminalizing beauty. Criminalizing all Western thinkers… Criminalizing history and its heroes.”

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  32. Latina says:

    He calls Marxism, trash. I love this guy

    Brazil’s New President Vows To “Fight The Marxist Trash” in 2019

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  33. Latina says:

    “This is the beginning of Brazil’s liberation from socialism, political correctness and a bloated state,” Bolsonaro, said

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  34. Latina says:

    Bolsonaro: “One of the goals to take Brazil from the worst positions in the world’s education rankings is to combat the Marxist trash that has settled in educational institutions. Together with the Minister of Education and others involved we will evolve into forming citizens and no more political militants.”

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  35. topavalley says:

    Thank you for your post on Bolsonaro’s speech and policies.
    I agree. He sounds great. Calls it as he sees it. Against corruption in all areas, for his country and the people.
    I will add him, his family and his supporters to my prayers.

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  36. nrgmizer says:

    Now that the war on Syria is finally ending, nationalist President Bashar al Assad along with his British wife and fashion model Asma will take their place on the world scene as before.

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  37. PMadison says:

    My advice to the new president: Don’t hire any Never-Bolsonaro’s into your cabinet. You’re better off with an empty seat than a seat bent on your destruction.

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  38. TwoLaine says:

    HELLO Betsy Devos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  39. Vera Kay says:

    Congratulations President Bolsonaro!
    One country at a time, government for the people.
    What a beautiful concept!


  40. Vera Kay says:

    Congratulations Mr Bolsonaro,
    One country at a time, for the people.


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