Sunday Talks: Steve Scalise Discusses Government Shutdown and Border Security…

Incoming House Minority Whip Steve Scalise appears on Fox News to discuss the current status of the appropriations impasse and the non-essential government (non)shutdown.

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52 Responses to Sunday Talks: Steve Scalise Discusses Government Shutdown and Border Security…

  1. Cache says:

    Still don’t understand why Jim Jordan is not in this role. Seemed a done deal, without a real fight. Just don’t get it…

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    • jmuniz1 says:

      Scaleses endorsed our President. He would be dead if our President had not changed Hospitals after he was shut by some looney lefty during that shooting in DC baseball field a year and a half ago.


  2. Cobra227 says:

    Tweet of the year!

    Thank you Sir, may I have another 😏

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  3. MaineCoon says:

    Sundances’ “Twitchy Bear” post makes this fight comparable to kindergarten recess.

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  4. Bullseye says:

    Republicans had 2 years to fund wall. Thanks but no thanks Stevie

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Thanks but no thanks Stevie”

      No one still seems to be willing to put the primary blame where it belongs – on the Speaker of the House AND the “rules” that give that position an inordinate amount of power and control over the other 434 or 435 members (The SOTH does not have to be a congresscriiter).

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      • SteveC says:

        Yes, but the GOP Congress could have removed Ryan and didn’t.=, even after he became the lamest of lame ducks.

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      • Bullseye says:

        They didn’t fight for what PTrump ran on and was elected to do. They blew him off, lied to him and made promises they had no intention of keeping. That’s why we are where we are. Zero excuse. We had house senate and presidency and still do for a couple more days. Never again

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Scalise is very good at saying NOTHING that sounds like SOMETHING, lying through his slimy teeth. I watched him “whip” votes for RINO interests time after time.

        Watch and listen carefully to his interview with Levin on Sunday a few weeks ago. He earnestly said NOTHING, while slyly trying to APPEAR to be caring and conservative. He is a snake of the worst sort.

        I was not sad that he was shot, nor woukd I be with 95% of those lying sacks of schitt in both houses of Congress.

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    • tdaly14 says:

      Still needed 60 votes in the senate.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        No, 60 votes is not required by the Constitution. Let the Dems do 24 hours/day filibuster as long as they can, then vote a majority. But like the House, the Senate was full of lobbyist-owned “FLAKES”, too. (Senators are surprisingly affordable, buy one today!!!)

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    • Matthew Musson says:

      If the Government is shutdown – are we still running a Deficit?



  5. starfcker says:

    That interview is everything that’s wrong with politics, interviewer and interviewee. And Steve Scalise, the limitations on what the President can build were in the bill passed by you and Rat Ryan

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  6. Comrade Mope says:

    There is a bill in the House and a bill in the Senate. Take them to the conference committee. Quit peeing down my leg and telling me it’s raining.

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  7. Sentient says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just enjoying the shutdown. The longer it goes, the better it gets.

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    • Ivehadit says:


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    • YvonneMarie says:



    • YvonneMarie says:

      Silly sounding Sandra set the stage for fake sentiments that the shutdown is sad.
      NOT !!!

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    • No_BlahBlah says:

      The longer the shutdown the sillier the Globalist Controlled Corporate Media and the democrat Commie party looks to All those Americans that don’t pay attention to what is real vs what is propaganda

      I say we go for the record;
      During the Bill Clinton administration, there were two full government shutdowns during 1995 and 1996 lasting five and 21 days respectively, based on disagreement on whether to cut government services. During the Barack Obama administration, a 17-day government shutdown occurred during October 2013 over Democrats and Republicans not coming to an agreement for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known colloquially as Obamacare.


  8. GB Bari says:

    Scalise is quite well-rehearsed in Swamp-speak. He didnt contradict the President on any points but he missed/ ignored several opportunities to slap down the female interviewer’s “gotcha” premises for her questions.

    I’ll generously give him a B- for his performance.

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  9. Monticello says:

    Should have retired along with Ryan. And the new minority leader as well, good riddance to the GOPe….why aren’t they all gone yet?

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  10. fred5678 says:

    Linset’s talk of a trade and DACA / Dreamers crapola inspired me to just email this to

    Dear President Trump,

    NO to DACA and NO to “DREAMERS” while pregnant mothers can climb 6 feet high walls!!!

    DACA is as insane as rewarding the stolen jewels to the children of the burglars — without stopping the burglaries!!



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  11. montanamel says:

    There is no GOP anymore!

    Let’s fall back in orbit and nuke the place!


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  12. GSR says:

    Blah, blah, blah……..unless Trump gets several billion AND starts construction immediately, it’s all an exercise in futility.

    Besides, even more important than a physical barrier is the will to actually enforce immigration law, including turning away scofflaws who show up at the southern border.


    • Beau Geste says:

      When some communities tried to use local ordinances to block illegal aliens back in the Dem – presidency days, the Federal Courts held that foreign immigration was solely under federal power, and that states and local governments had no power or legal ability to stop the damage to their communities.
      Now that there is a President who wants only legal immigration, the carefully-selected federal judges allow “sanctuary” cities and states to have control of and protect illegal aliens. The “rule of law” is a joke. It has become the proverbial “nose of wax”, to be twisted into any shape a crooked political judge wants.

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      • GSR says:

        True, I agree. Also, what if one wants zero immigration for a period of time (a few years, a decade or more). Is that a legitimate viewpoint?


  13. TwoLaine says:

    IF Walls Don’t Work, why are we fortifying prisons?


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  14. Appalled says:

    If the President were to declassify documents regarding the CFIUS Uranium One decision, that couldn’t be interpreted as obstruction of justice because he wasn’t campaigning for president or part of the government then. Strikes me as powerful leverage, powerful enough to get the whole wall, not just a segment.


    • Beau Geste says:

      And declassify records of the Senate “security” chief Wolfe’s classified FISA and other leaks to the press and his concubine, together with what Sundance believes was senator warner’s involvement. Plus, release all the records relating to the Weiner laptop investigation, and the Awan investigation.

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  15. Bill S says:

    Aplolgies if this has been mentioned by others but the Dems are simply trying to take away Trump’s key campaign issue (the wall), just as they did with Bush 41 (“read my lips, no new taxes”). Ironically, if Trump folds on the wall, the Dems will never us forget it.


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