Retiring Duo Goodlatte and Gowdy Bid Investigative Farewell to Whitaker, Horowitz and McConnell….

With the congressional year now effectively over Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy are retired.  With that in mind they submit a joint letter to the DOJ and Senate saying, essentially: ‘wish we could have done more… but, oh well, c-ya‘.

Outta’ there like a couple of fat kids playing dodge-ball.

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198 Responses to Retiring Duo Goodlatte and Gowdy Bid Investigative Farewell to Whitaker, Horowitz and McConnell….

  1. beach lover says:

    Politics will take over our country. The reason Trump won (at least the reason I voted for him) is he was not a political animal. He wanted to accomplish much for the country, and try to “work” with those idiots that he used to be “friends” with in his past.

    I now am worried that unless he is so personally attacked, or his family, that he will let the past wrongs go in order to try to do what is needed for border security, taxes, foreign policy, etc. He strikes me as a pragmatic person, that cuts his loses, and knows when to move on. I hope I am wrong, because there are many of us here that are fuming at what happened, and that they will get away with it. Who are we kidding? They DID get away with it. And unless the Senate suddenly gets a spine (ha), hold on to your seats. It’s gonna get ugly.

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  2. Emuuuu says:

    We can only hope that the unmitigated ignorance of Pelosi and Schumer will be manifestly obvious as they rush to center stage, in every great camera angle, to spew their hatred for justice and fairness, which are the bases of the Trump doctrine.

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    • I have a friend at work who is a liberal Dem. He and his wife pay little attention to politics. Yesterday at break he volunteered that he and his wife were mystified by, and sick of the unrelenting attacks on Trump. The Left has badly overplayed its’ hand. How’s your popcorn supply?

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      • Anonymoushorse, but will it make them vote any differently? If not then they are a big part of the problem in just letting it all go on and IN THEIR NAME because they aren’t doing anything about it. I see people like your friend and his wife as super supporters of the criminal, liberal politicians and media. They are just as disgusting and pro corruption.

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    • E.jay Miller says:

      I believe your are mistaken. They are smart.


  3. Jane Smith says:

    CYA Letter published on a Friday night while on your way out the door…

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  4. Hebo Sabe says:

    BOEING & GE are withholding Emails that Hillary wiped, which they admit having, as revealed by the NationalCenter.

    We do nothing but leave the room, counting something. Cash, likely.

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  5. ForEyes says:

    Some assumptions beg for review:

    “It’s better to wait.” — until after mid-terms, etc.

    That Congressional oversight matters.

    That sunlight is a cure.

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    • ForEyes says:

      A few more:

      We won’t get caught

      Private email accounts protect against search

      And, if doing anything you shouldn’t dont leave any digital trail. Leave your phone home, speak person to person, take a cab instead of your own car.

      Assume accomplices will turn.


    • Right to reply says:

      The money needs to be removed. If they believe what they say, it should be salary only and working for the people! I’m going to be interested to see the Democrat finances rise, especially those claiming to be hardcore Socialists


  6. youme says:

    The Warren Commission, was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson through Executive Order 11130 on November 29, 1963[1] to investigate the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy

    Trump should establish his own commission to investigate FISA abuse, unmasking and illegal queries.

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  7. RJ says:

    All talk and no action, it is as simple as that! Hillary and her buds skate, free as birds with bundles of American cash. They all should buy second and third homes in Iran and Russia.


  8. iwasthere says:

    Sen. Goodlatte lost any respect I had for the House when he championed Google’s bill to gut the US patent system. Here you have a coal country representative suddenly carrying water for silicon valley (or should I say the silicon valley boses). It was disgusting display of google’s raw political power to say the least. What a parliament of w h o r e s as PJ said

    And then the Act passes in the Senate 98-2. And then a Google staffer became PTO Director and implemented the law in the most anti-patent way possible. Gotta hand it to Google, quite the hat trick.

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  9. Pristach says:

    “You have to get up every morning and relish the fight”

    Who said that? O, that’s right. PDJT.

    Let the Dems go nuclear on impeachment, open borders and deficits.

    That’s worth the fight.

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  10. Good riddance to both of them!


    • Gregory Jenkins says:

      They are going nowhere – they now open a business just a few blocks away and drain us for Millions more as lobbyists or in some other manner! That’s the problem don’t you see – they don’t go away – they are lifers and will continue to destroy this great nation from another angle!

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  11. TigerBear says:

    And little shiffty Adam is already crowing!

    Tweets & replies
    Adam Schiff’s Tweets
    Adam Schiff
    Adam Schiff
    This is how the House Republican effort to undermine Mueller by “investigating the investigators” ends. Not with a bang, but with a Friday, buried-in-the-holidays whimper, and one foot out the door.
    Quote Tweet

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      Good LOrd I hate that scumbag.


    • Southern Son says:

      I disagree.
      They ended the investigation in the House, and turned over all Evidence to the Senate, before the Dimms could destroy and hide it.
      With the Senate (Overseers of DOJ &FBI) in solid control of these investigations, it can come to a Just end.
      I won’t be suprised, if anyone here disagrees with me, as it seems the fight has gone out out the CTH community.
      I still Believe in Justice, as long as my President does.

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  12. Thinker says:

    Hate to say it, but this letter is a waste of their time and ink. All their efforts before got no one investigated or charged. What did they think will happen with this letter?


    • Gregory Jenkins says:

      Noting, they were just going through the motions! As weeks bled into months and nothing much happened, I watched them just trudge along. They simply go through the motions, their life is on autopilot and now they live happily ever after. Any further questions?

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  13. Gregory Jenkins says:

    I have seen ENOUGH – I do not need further investigation – I do not need someone to tell me what they think is going on – I do not need a letter from these idiots – I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH – forget-about-it!

    They are all CRIMINALS – anyone not doing anything about the situation our country is in is committing a crime themselves IMO! These people supposedly did not commit the crime(s), but their actions have now helped (further delay in taking appropriate action). An accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime, but who does not actually participate in the commission of the crime as a joint principal.

    This has got to STOP! The criminals have got to be held accountable ….. SMDH!

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  14. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    ‘fat kids playing dodge ball’😆

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  15. Gregory Jenkins says:

    Donald J. Trump
    The Mueller Angry Democrats recently deleted approximately 19,000 Text messages between FBI Agent Lisa Page and her lover, Agent Peter S. These Texts were asked for and INVALUABLE to the truth of the Witch Hunt Hoax. This is a total Obstruction of Justice. All Texts Demanded!

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  16. logger says:

    Remember their names, remember the cowards who ran away from their responsibilities. Shame on them.

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  17. logger says:

    They urged patience, they urged us to trust the system … to run out the clock. Now they slither away.

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    • Abster says:

      Seriously…thanks a lot for nothing. In my little world, it becomes more obvious why I have such a small group of friends. There are very few folks you can trust.

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  18. Bluto says:

    Should’a sent that letter the first day Whittaker took office.

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  19. Alan jenner says:

    We’re fed up with all the talk from our Representatives! Our only recourse is to vote them all out and make good law that bars them from all profit, current and future, of the offices that they may hold… with term limits!


  20. Antenor says:

    Before you all tear your hair out, it might be beneficial to look at the other side of the coin. Being out of politics might open more doors for Gowdy and Goodlatte to shine more sunshine on the darkness within the FBI and DOJ. From what I’ve seen of these two gentlemen I don’t believe that they have folded their tents and moved on. Time will tell. Integrity, responsibility, and a belief in equal justice, which America was once founded upon are not values that are easily forgotten or corrupted.


    • law4lifeblog says:

      Atenor, with all due respect, yours may be the most delusional comment I have ever seen from a Treeper. There is not one iota of evidence that either Gowdy or Goodlatte were EVER willing to make waves to get justice while it was their job to do so. Do you really think that they will suddenly become heroes for justice, when in fact it’s likely that both will be jumping on the lobbyist/corporate gravy train ASAP to make up for lost time?

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  21. concerned3 says:

    It was a delaying tactic and that’s all it was!

    Extract from The Gateway Pundit
    They “investigated” for years, basically they covered up and delayed any real investigation….just like Mueller, Sessions etc. The American people who were impressed by Gowdy’s “tough” line of questioning against Hildebeast, Comey etc were completely fooled into thinking something would come of it. It was a delaying tactic and that’s all it was, now that the dems control the house…any “investigation” will disappear. POTUS Trump has had to fight the Washington establishment including the republicans, democrats, lobbyists, MSM and the deep state bureaucrats…

    Reps Goodlatte and Gowdy Send Letter to Acting AG Whitaker – Request Special Counsel to Investigate Trump/Clinton Investigations

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  22. sixtygunnuh says:

    First as for Ryan, this from Aesop in his inimitable style: His “heir” McCarthy is merely extension who will bring to what’s coming as much or less. And he’ll make it seem just as easy as his predecessor.

    Goodlatte seems like mumbling in the back of a room in comparison to Nunes, Jordan, Gaetz and a few others, but Tres Gaudy seems far less. Like many here, I know what happened through likely 100 hrs. of intense and thoroughly unbiased research which early on included Vox (eliminated early for cause), Bezos Blog, the JYT, and like ilk. The residual of Bush “41”, Clinton and his satanic spouse, Bush “43” as if “41” wasn’t enough, and now the culminate aftermath of the 8 year sojourn of a spectacular incompetent named Barack Hussein Obama-Sotero who was at least a passive participant in this massive and complex conspiracy to first block, then Frame this lawfully elected President. Unprecedented in American History of sheer scope and criminality rendering “watergate” to an A-Misdemeanor. Yet, here we are bearing witness to slander and outright Treason against this President and the Heartland which validated his ascendancy and policies. For his efforts the attacks against his family increase parallel not one (1) grand jury convened let alone indictments of those who committed Treasonous acts and who charge precisely what they themselves are guilty of. Even young Baron at all of 12 years old has not escaped insanity, yet seems to be growing into a good young man. Have you noticed he’s now as tall as his father? From 25 ft. he looks like our youngest boy.

    Take the rest of the Season to be more than ever with family as we did with our boys, a new Daughter-in-law and true American lady already a success at 22 like our son, and with our 4 legged German Shepherd family members. A very Merry Christmas it is. And PRAY intensely. I’m not sure how much mercy G_d will show a nation that now often rejects and blasphemes Him for the G_d I know will NOT be mocked. A nation where far too many celebrate perversion and mental illness in the name of diversity™, and the Heinous sin of wanton abortion…. Saint Mother Teresa stated: “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish”. The “YOU” applied those fathers as much as the Mothers. Children wantonly aborted whose true number is known only to Him. Less true reticence and reversal of course all Mortal Sins which seems destined a horrific Judgement – one likely to be sudden, final, and catastrophic. I have surveyed well the landscape and it seems the worst is squarely ahead. Those here aged 40 and younger blessed with a Code born of forged steel are likely to shed blood over what ultimately comes through that Gate these serpents have built. Shed all delusion. This President, G_d Bless him is not going to save us. There is no voting our way out of this.

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  23. Zorro says:

    Has anyone considered that since America has turned its back on God, that God is turning his back to America and will allow totalitarian Demosocialism as a tribulation?

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  24. saskamare says:

    Gowdy said about 6 months ago in some interview (I mostly watch Fox) that he realized that Congress can’t constitutionally PROSECUTE so that’s why he’s quitting (the QUITTER!). So those “hearings” really are Dog & Pony Shows and are a waste of time. He’s joining a law firm here in SC. “The Spartanburg Republican is set to become a white collar criminal defense attorney for Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, adding to a high-powered team at the same firm he worked for in the early 1990s before becoming a federal prosecutor, according to four sources with knowledge of his plans.”


  25. zorrorides says:

    Hey there, namesake, you have a point there. But I’m believing God knows us who remain and He will save a people for himself, and He’s given Trump to lead his people.

    Turn us oh God and heal our land.

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  26. Doug Amos says:

    Don’t talk; do! Contact your reps and tell them to clean up election day; it starts at the state level. Give $ to CTH, Judicial Watch; true patriots. Cancel media subscriptions, be still and listen. You will find out who the good people are and you will receive signs and messages that will tell you what is the right thing to do. For now, the people we have are what we have got; we can find better. Getting rid of these two enfeebled imposters was a beginning. Yesterday was the easy day.

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  27. E.jay Miller says:

    Good riddance to these losers–who make Pelosi and Schumer look like geniuses. The “stupid party” must and will fail. They cannot even play the winning hand Trump has dealt them. I say goodbye to the Republican Party forever, whose elected representatives chose as their “leaders” McConnell and Ryan/McCarthy. Stupid, Stupid.

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  28. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    With weasel-dick friends like those two corruptocrat RINOs, who needs enemies?


  29. Curmudgeon2k says:

    While I couldn’t resist hoping otherwise, I always doubted the House investigators were other than grandstanders and perhaps there only to help time pass for the perps. Reminds me of the old quips about JFK’s rocking chair: It gives a feeling of motion without actually going anywhere.


  30. Beverly says:

    These two nancy boys are all mouth and no trousers. Gowdy in particular is a bitter disappointment: he’s able to make the case against the DemonRats more eloquently than most, yet he doesn’t give a good g—dam that they’re evil: he’s taken his 30 pieces of silver and is slithering out the door.
    The Master warned us that those of us who know the Truth and yet sin anyway, are the ones facing hellfire. These nancy boys figure there will be no Judgement Day: they are wrong.


  31. Karl Freitag says:

    First paragraph, last page “whatever product is produced by the Special Counsel must be trusted by Americans…” That shows where these two rubes stand.

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