Sunday Talks: Senator Rand Paul -vs- Margaret Brennan on Syrian Withdrawal…

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (KY) appears on CBS Face-the-Nation to discuss the appropriations conflict, border security and his support for President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan.


Anyone else notice not a single media network even casually mentioning the First Step Act and prison reform legislation passed last week.

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116 Responses to Sunday Talks: Senator Rand Paul -vs- Margaret Brennan on Syrian Withdrawal…

  1. Reality says:

    Staying in Afghanistan is also a great idea. Just ask Mattis.
    Does the US not understand when it’s being laughed at?

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      Wrong, wrong wrong! Recent presidents and their tagalongs have gotten us into needless wars. Our young men have been used as fodder to advance the globalists agenda and our government(s) have been complicit in doing so. If Mattis is against the President I agree with Trump. Let the other countries take care of themselves. We are America First and we are a beacon of hope not tyranny. People such as Bob Corker and others are the enemy who get us into wars.

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      • Voltaire says:

        One of the most notable aspects of the Age of Trump:
        Everyone has been exposed.
        Reporter’s biases have been revealed.
        RINO’s have been revealed.
        Everyone’s loyalty is revealed.

        You cannot serve two masters….

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      • Reality says:

        Oh dear….
        I’m an expat and have forgotten that Americans not exposed to the world have zero understanding of irony, sarcasm or attempts at sardonic humour.


      • cali says:

        @kiskiminetas: ^^^^^^^^This!

        Senator Rand Paul gets it – a rarity!

        What Mattis intensively focused on as priority? To implement transgender soldiers openly serve! Nothing else mattered to Mattis to my disappointment.

        I often wondered why he was so gung ho about demonizing Russia and Putin as though WWIII against Russia would be a good thing.
        To my surprise Mattis is a globalist with the globalist view as agenda for our troops. Gladly – he is gone!


    • Rex70 says:

      You can see, after watching these two Rand Paul interviews, that the Lefty anchor hacks got the memo of how to begin the interviews to attempt to set-up Mr. Paul. He didn’t bite.

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      • mopar2016 says:

        Seems a lot of US politicians want to stay in Syria (7 years) and Afghanistan (17 years).
        I think that we’ve been there too long as it is. Never been a fan of arming our enemies.
        Keeps the money from the war machine going though.
        Dizzy miss Lizzy sound a lot like her dad.


      • Carrie2 says:

        Rex70,and Rand is logical and truly millions of Americans want out of the ME and let them settle their problems by joining forces. Muslims killing muslims is not our problem but theirs. We are sick and tired of our young men and women being killed or viciously hurt and losing limbs, PTSD, etc. We need our military here for protection against those who want to overthrow our Republic. It is that simple.

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        • Rex70 says:

          And, at this point, I 100% agree. Senator Paul made the case today as did Mr. Trump in 2016–and it is crystal clear. If there is no military solution to the conflict there and our allies in the region are armed and supported by us to the best of our capabilities, then there is no reason for our military to be there.

          Economic leverage is way more impactful than military—as one feeds the other AND one inevitably corrupts the other!—so let’s bring our troops home.

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        • Michael Todaro says:

          Right Carrie 2. Muslims killing Muslims is their 1,400 year old problem. Shia, Sunni, Alawite, gay, blasphemer, adulterers…whatever…off with their heads…no one is safe. MAGA/KAG ! Merry Christmas !

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        • sDee says:

          “We need our military here for protection against those who want to overthrow our Republic.”

          Where will they start?

          The mortal enemy of freemen and our Republic is well entrenched, not only in the military, but in the schools, media, and all branches of government including the Supreme Court.


        • Farmkid says:

          Do these Middle East wars protect our freedom?


  2. God bless Rand Paul. Oh how invigorating it is to hear truth spoken, loud and clear.

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  3. citizen817 says:

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  4. citizen817 says:

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    • REPOSTED from separate thread this morning:
      [Love it when a Trump Plan comes together]
      [Message to Mattis: Thanks for nothing]

      President Trump’s WIN-WIN-WIN-… move to withdraw American Troops from Syria:

      • NATO-Ally Turkey’s President Erdogan promises to clean up the 1% ISIS residue in Syria, so President Trump simply agrees … assigning REGIONAL OWNERSHIP for Neighborhood Security.

      • If Turkey fails to honor their commitment, or uses it to persecute the Kurds, they’re NO LONGER an ALLY, RAISING their DUPLICITY for using Khashoggi to set up their arch-rival MBS of Saudi Arabia.

      • Trump’s pull-out HONORS yet another CAMPAIGN COMMITMENT.

      • He triggers the Media-DemBot Complex to again PROVE they’re FAKE NEWS by duplicitously criticizing him for actions that they extolled Obama for taking and for LEAVING a VACUUM.

      • He got the D-Rats to PROVE they’re now the WAR-MONGERING PARTY.

      • POTUS secretly embeds Saudi Arabian Military to replace withdrawn American forces at a newly-constructed base in Syria
      … setting the table for Saudi-Turkish TEAMING to DEMONSTRATE REGIONAL OWNERSHIP for Neighborhood Security.

      • The Saudi role will cement the Saudi-Israeli-Jordanian ALLIANCE.

      • The Saudi role positions MBS to HONOR his COMMITMENT to PROTECT the KURDS with a SAFE ZONE (overlooked by everyone).

      • Trump’s Withdrawal-and-Replacement action ENTANGLES RUSSIA in MEDIATION or FIGHTING over who-gains-what in Syria amongst Turkey, Iraq, Iran, the Kurds and the Saudi Alliance.

      • His decision to leave ENDS CONTENTIOUS DEBATE (a good thing) over his Regional Ownership policy to TRANSFORM AMERICA’s DEFENSE ROLE
      … from ENDLESS CONFLICT as FRONT-LINE FIGHTERS for other nations’ interests
      … to MILITARY BACKSTOP for Existential Threats to America.

      • This triggers RESIGNATIONS of ADMINISTRATION ANTI-TRUMPERS (SecDef Mattis and Special Envoy to Defeat ISIS McGurk), whose announcements prevented political fallout by eroding their own reputations with their chicken-little demands that we needlessly keep our troops in harm’s way.

      Our VSG POTUS or what!

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  5. Bendix says:

    I think most Americans would have us get out and stay out of those places.

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  6. Bendix says:

    On that First Step Act signing, I was left with the feeling of, “did that really happen?”

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    • Zippy says:

      Probably eye candy:

      “Critics of the Act argue that the $50 million each year for the next five years, provided for in the Act, is not enough to successfully implement the provisions of the Act or accomplish its goals. Therefore, without sufficient funding, the Act may prove to be full of empty promises. Opponents point to waitlists for already existing in-prison programs and insist that the funding provided for in the Act is not enough to provide meaningful programming to prisoners.

      Furthermore, some opponents argue that the funding may not even be appropriated (i.e. authorized and set aside) by Congress and therefore there is little guarantee that any amount of funding will be provided to support the recidivism-reducing programs that give prisoner’s time credits. In fact, they argue that Attorney General Sessions is trying to do the opposite and is (was) cutting the Bureau of Prison’s budget and reducing its staff.”

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “the $50 million each year for the next five years, provided for in the Act, is not enough to successfully implement the provisions of the Act or accomplish its goals.”

        i.e. – not enough pork in there for the money grubbers to get their filthy paws on. Just enough to get the job done efficiently without the usual government waste (usually built-in and allowed for by the CBO)

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  7. The Red Pill says:

    Go Rand… you VERY effectively ripped off Brennan’s “psuedo” intellectual mask. She was loaded for bear, and you ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED her with facts, reality, honesty and commonsense!!

    Like a floodlight on cockroaches!!

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  8. GB Bari says:

    “Anyone else notice not a single media network even casually mentioning the First Step Act and prison reform legislation passed last week.”

    Oh Yes.

    It has been conspicuously absent from the eneMedia broadcast and print versions of their propaganda streams. It would distract their “bot farms of viewers” away from the preferred Deep State narratives.

    The TDS-infected Operation Mockingbird Media cannot bring themselves to give PDJT one ounce of credit for taking serious action (that has been endorsed and praised by prominent members of the black community) trying to solve problems the Left has been bitching about for five decades yet failing to resolve.

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    • Clarence Smith says:

      Quite often the White comms team and potus step all over the positive messaging from the administration. Syria and the Mattis TMZ show could have waited after the 1st of the year.


      • Marc says:

        These sound exactly lake MSM talking points. If POTUS is giving the message, that’s the message he wants to get out. Why do you think if the President played the game the media wants him to play in regards to communications that they would reciprocate? They are scumbags that twist every good word into an evil report. Syria is the story. We’re out and thank God.

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  9. woohoowee says:

    Patriots won all rounds of MainStreamMob Sunday shenanigans!

    It’s great to see Senator Paul looking back to his old self, again 🙂 Hope the ribs don’t bother him anymore.

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  10. Alex50 says:

    Absolutely loved watching Senator Paul “school” this obnoxious valley girl.

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  11. gymcy81 says:

    (with a wider vision)
    Good response to (set up) questions, Senator Rand Paul.

    Thanks for sharing CT.

    Is it awkward, curious, or what…that the U.S. is (publicly) currently frozen, politically, from visiting with the USSR?
    That sounds dangerous …(by nefarious designs?)
    (yet HC etal made Uranium deal with the USSR, and made up the russia collusion witchhunt that is causing legal / financial harms to U.S. citizens and soldiers…to protect HC etal…)

    hope, joy, love….

    love thy neighbors…


  12. cheryl says:

    He said he wouldn’t vote for the wall without any “offsets”.

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    • DLVN says:

      Margaret Brennan, hoping she had set an effective trap for Rand Paul by arguing that Paul was prepared to spend money without offsets, lost her argument dramatically when Rand offset the cost 10 fold with the waste of money arising from the war in Iraq. She didn’t seem to expect a strong counterargument and started to find reasons to argue against him on another front. Beyond curiosity, she seemed to oppose just about everything he was advocating.

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  13. Gary Lacey says:

    The MSM isn’t interested in putting feathers in DJT hat, to that end, that will help elect him in 2020.
    Nothing note worthy about the MSM being in the Democrats pocket.

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  14. beachbum31 says:

    the current dem narrative strategy of lighting a fire on whatever might light right now is akin to a poker player playing light on chips. Trump needs to do a Sunday night address and finish them.

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  15. Cathy M. says:

    Speaking of Rand Paul. . .
    Here’s his very long Festivus Twitter thread.
    He is Hilarious!!!
    ough, ough my sides hurt!

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    • Cathy M. says:

      Big Apologies! I posted the link believing it would not post the thread. (I’m not very IT savvy, at all)

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      • WSB says:

        It is great, Cathy, and then there is this:

        “Speaking of which, buried in the foreign aid reports last year, I discovered something — we give foreign aid to China. So government is so dumb, it is literally borrowing money from China, to give it back to China, while paying interest on it.”

        O. M. G.

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  16. ForGodandCountry says:

    My only gripe is that Sen. Paul doesn’t know or seem to understand that the US isn’t “abandoning our allies” and, in fact, PDJT got the Saudis to commit to sending their very best troops to replace ours, so this “abandoning our allies” talk is pure liberal narrative BS. The dumb talking head kept trying to say that over and over and he could have obliterated her argument with that one point. Otherwise, he was great, as was this tweet earlier today….

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  17. zooamerica says:

    First Step Act, ignored. Prison Reform, ignored. The Farm Bill with a Green Acres tweet, ignored. Leaving Syria is getting a lot of attention. The end of the war in Afghanistan is getting no attention. Anyone else notice that? People still can’t believe it. 18 years ago, right after 911. The war is over. President Trump is delivering on his biggest campaign promise and the MSM is doing their best to deceive and lie to the masses about it. Rand Paul did an excellent job explaining complex matters in a simple form without getting all hot and bothered about it. Rand (and his father, Ron Paul) is very matter of fact about everything he is asked and does not sugar coat anything in political speak. President Trump thanked Rand Paul today.

    If this was Obama doing what President Trump is doing, the media would call him the greatest POTUS ever and he’d actually be worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. .

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  18. zooamerica says:

    Thanks @RandPaul “I am very proud of the President. This is exactly what he promised, and I think the people agree with him. We’ve been at war too long and in too many places…spent several trillion dollars on these wars everywhere. He’s different…that’s why he got elected.”— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 23, 2018

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  19. zooamerica says:

    13 minutes ago President Trump tweeted this!

    “It should not be the job of America to replace regimes around the world. This is what President Trump recognized in Iraq, that it was the biggest foreign policy disaster of the last several decades, and he’s right…The generals still don’t get the mistake.” @RandPaul— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 24, 2018

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  20. Old School: Oh my God, Trump is going to get us into all sorts of wars! What are we going to do? Somebody, you have got to help us!

    New School: Oh my God, Trump is going to getting us out of all sorts of wars! And it doesn’t look like he even wants to start any new ones to replace them! What are we going to do? Somebody, you have got to help us!

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  21. The Bullpen says:

    Jarheads, feel free to tune me up if you want. As a USAF (ret) guy, to former Sec Def Mattis

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  22. Alex50 says:

    Jerk Tapper had the look of a student who was just told by his professor that he’s getting an F in PolySci.

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  23. WSB says:

    I hope no one minds me reposting from tins morning, however, yes…no anchor was willing to open any segment about the prison reform bill, but Margaret, in general has a real problem she never owns up to.

    WSB says:
    December 22, 2018 at 7:47 pm
    Margaret Brennan, another deep state traveler? We have investigated her world before. Sketchy.

    As is her husband.

    “Born Ali Iyad Yakub, Yado Yakub is Syrian American. His parents are Dr. Y. Nabil Yakub and Rolana I. Yakub.

    His father works as a nephrologist at Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia. Meanwhile, his mother works as a preschool teacher at the County Day School in McLean, Virginia.”

    He a also goes by the name Ali Iyad Yakub (convenient), and has written farce about the islamic roots of democracy, infecting this through the University of Miami.

    More importantly, Yakub has served in OUR military.

    Very sketchy person, if you ask me.


  24. zooamerica says:

    President Trump is positioning himself as the Peace and Deal Maker for 2020 To the MSM, Trump is the devil incarnate. Team Trump’s opposition is the opposite of peace and deal making. That is their biggest weakness. The left does not know how to get along with other people. Ironic.

    Are the Democrats going to run in 2020 on going back to the old physical warfare in the Middle East?

    President Trump is making peace deals with North Korea, China, Canada, Mexico, and every other sovereign nation that wants to avoid economic warfare. Economic warfare is far more powerful than dropping bombs and missiles in the 21st century. Look at Venezuela. America has a $22 trillion economy. No other nation has that much firepower. The USA is the economic engine of the world and those who seek to stop it are like a train in vain….

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    • While progressives may have an occasional problem with Trumps agenda, most are within Democrat norms of tolerance if not support. It is Trump himself with which they have issue and not his morals, ethics or even tweets. It is the fact that he exposes them and threatens their control. Debates on policy are pointless and they will do anything to stifle him on his core agendas. He must be stopped, and as importantly, destroyed financially and reputation.
      This is NOT politics, it is survival.


  25. GGHD says:

    Margaret Brennen with her upbringing should have an understanding of the importance of Religion to many people. … She would have learned how people would rather die, than renounce their faith.
    Senator Rand Paul touched on religion in explaining the war; he ~understands the importance of religion to people. Margaret Brennen didn’t respond quite like she understood what Senator Rand Paul was talking about!

    Why have so many Americans failed to learn, how religious beliefs can be more important than a temporary earthly life?
    Islam has been around since the 7th century; Christianity even longer [it’s the measurement of the years for Western Civilization].

    Fortunately, President Trump has an ~internal understanding of how important religion is to so many people here in the USA, and elsewhere. Trump acts like he understands; = trillions of US dollars, will not have much effect on devout religious beliefs.

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  26. emeraldcoaster says:

    While Rand Paul did a good job explaining President Trump’s rationale for exiting Syria (i.e., stated goal [smash ISIS] met), he reminded me of the biggest threat to us all: $1T deficit this year with $22T debt. (Way past time to take the credit card away from the kids in Congress.) Watch the interest payment on debt explode; folks will feel the serious pain inflation brings. Oh, $22T the old fashion way => $22,000,000,000,000.00

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    • Debt is a threat but only relative to interest rates, like bullets relative to a gun.. We must stop this debt spiral but we must get our economy functioning properly first. Markets going berserk over tiny rate increases tell us we have work yet to do. We do not want austerity at this critical stage. Our concern should not only be our debt but what we’re investing it in. Obama said ALL spending was stimulative, but he proved that a lie. Trump seemed to be doing better until of late, but it’s still early.


      • thedoc00 says:

        The “Market” is not reacting to Fed rate changes. It is being manipulated in high volatility and short terms major valuation swings for profit as well as political purposes. Use a little logic, Fed rates are a know and broadcast constant that should have little volatility with constant trend lines. It is NOT interest rates causing the problem.


  27. Texian says:

    Lefties are hawking undeclared perpetual wars with no exit strategy? WTF?..
    This single platform, something that all of us could find common ground on.. And they blew it..

    Leftist Hate is so deranged they prefer death and destruction more than Peace..
    What Leftists protested fifty years ago was all for nothing.. They have thrown it all away..

    Thanks Rand Paul for fighting to stop the insanity..

    This little boy watching it all happen fifty years ago hasn’t forgotten..
    ‘The vision that was planted in my brain, still remains..’..

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  28. ROFLMAO !!!—>Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks to the TRUTH about the WARMONGERING “Military-Industrial-Complex” that Pres. Eisenhower warned against & TRUMP-HATING-CBS-“Face the Nation”-MOUTHPIECE—>Margaret Brennan can’t muster a Coherent-Thought for a Rebuttal. 🙂
    Trust Me, EVERY U.S. Military Service Member & their Families are APPLAUDING Sen. Paul’s Remarks.

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  29. Kevin Cowlishaw says:

    Shouldn’t sign off ANY bills until funding for the wall is approved. Let them stew.

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  30. notfaded1 says:

    There will always be the VETO!


  31. Disgusted says:

    Oh, Margaret my dear younger HAG! Yes you will be mistaken very soon for others just like you, such as what’s her name Mitchell. Yup, you know how to continue a conversation with the magic words, “But Senator” and the always useful “Others would say Blah blah blah” in opposition to President Trump. She doesn’t seem to listen to her competition at all either! Her opening lie was all about government workers not being paid etc., the same bait Wallace tried out on Mick Mulvaney yesterday and which failed as well. I guess you should keep practicing!


  32. The Mid Eastern are killing eachother for over 1.000 years ago,
    Their will never peace on Those people,
    I strongly agree with OUR Presidents Decision for coming Home OUR Hero’s before loosing more Their life’s,
    GOD Bless you President Trump,🇺🇸👍❤️


  33. Abel says:

    I’m going to be lazy and swing at the first pitch.

    “anyone else notice the media doesn’t mention…”

    This is the biggest fraud and fault and tell of the media and how one knows the media is getting their talking points from some consistent source. It’s how I realized Chris Wallace was a fraud so many years ago. He could have the taliban on while Benghazi was taking place and he would ask them 20 questions about “is Obama always this smart and such a strong leader?” Again, they can argue they’re not fake this way. THE WORST example of media bias hiding in plain sight.


    • thedoc00 says:

      The media talking points is a classic example of follow the money. Look up the Board of Directors for the “news sources” AP, Reuters, ASP, etc. They are the same as the major MSM news outlets and they even share pool reporters. Source to Video Glass and Microphone is all the same.

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  34. azchick says:

    Like there’s NOT enough bloated $$$ in the budget to cover a WALL!. Cut some of the bloat you talk about Rand. BUILD THE DAMN WALL!


  35. railer says:

    The Swamp doesn’t want to be challenged by the People. If it’s challenged, the Swamp creates an uproar, and the usurpers to the Swamp’s imperatives become the cause of the uproar, of course. Their goal is to silence the challengers, and return to business as usual. The uproar is their tactic for this.

    The key to combatting these tactics is to realize that the People don’t respond to the uproar directly. Pull 2,000 servicemen out of Syria? No big deal, it’s covered. Shutdown? No big deal, it’s not really a shutdown. The People won’t get into an uproar unless there’s something to be roared-up about. The Swamp will look like a bunch of shrieking idiots, if they are allowed to stand alone.

    If the “downside” of these uproar-worthy actions is just media uproar, you’re golden. But you can’t twitch like you have Tourette’s when some media creature delivers the uproar. Handle it smooth, like Wilbur Ross and Lighthizer handle it. The uproar works in the short term only. It’s designed to force a knee jerk reaction in the Swamp’s direction. Longer term, it dissipates, especially if your tactics modify during the implementation phase.

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  36. Danimal28 says:

    CBS and all other alphabet media is warmongering. Nuff said.


  37. notunderwhelmed says:

    Let’s identify payoffs & favors from the military industrial complex to those in government. Who are the specific players who sell out Americans for benefit and profit? I do not want our young men and women maimed or dead so some SOB member of congress or those in government can attain wealth.


  38. CNN_sucks says:

    Agreed with Rand Paul. The demoncraps went crazy with Muh Russia that they dragging the whole country to civil war. Try something new and different strategy. 17 years is a long time and still no end strategy in place? The war is becoming a scam by the generals. Thanks PDJT for ending it.

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  39. dustahl says:

    OMG, Rand Paul crushed her, Because her position and her globalist master’s position is , non defensible.


  40. America First says:

    Listening to the posted clip and the one that a commenter posted on this page of Sen. Paul with Jake Tapper makes it absolutely obvious that the narrative has been carefully shaped, you can almost see the propagandists off stage holding up cue cards. They started off the same, used the same verbiage, and tried to push the same points.

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  41. Dana Doran says:

    I wonder how 2,000 US troops in Syria are capable of staving off the entirety of Russian and Iranian troops (which according to MSM are waiting to invade)?


  42. My user name says it all. I was sent to AFG every single year between 2003-2010 for various lengths of deployment. We killed many “most wanted”, and when we returned, there was always a fresh list.
    I looked historically at the “graveyard of empires” and realized that a centralized government would never work in a tribal nation of warlords and theocrats. There are people in AFG that have never seen the people residing on the other side of a significant geographic feature where they reside.
    The ability to win a war and install a government resembling anything Western and Democratic ended in 1979 with the Russian invasion there. Anyone with ANY level of higher education fled the country. (except a noted handful that stayed to become Generals in the fight against Soviet Russia) Educators, doctors, lawyers, scientists and those educated abroad, all left a giant vacuum of reasoned thought in AFG, ripe for the Imams to distort the illiterate young impressionable minds left behind.
    Here we are today. A mostly illiterate society no better off, but for a token amount of infrastructure payed for by US tax dollars. God knows any money generated by Afghani people has only gone to AFG politicians and has lined their bank accounts in foreign banks.
    My brothers and sisters in the Multinational Armed forces have died there. Their deaths will never be in vain, as they fought to protect me and everyone else fighting alongside them.
    WHEN we leave (it won’t be soon enough), this soldier will praise God, and ask for continued blessings on our great country.

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    • SouthernTrumpette says:

      “WHEN we leave (it won’t be soon enough), this soldier will praise God, and ask for continued blessings on our great country.”
      As will I , DeployedTooLong.

      One of the main reasons I voted for Trump was because i believed he would bring our troops back from the never-ending wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.
      The Globalists have no conscience about killing or maiming our American soldiers.
      as long as their new world order is advanced.

      God bless President Trump !

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    • mark says:

      DeployedTooLong, thank you for your service. That’s not enough to say that but that’s all I got. Semper Fi if your a Marine and if not here’s a toast to understanding just how evil our Government has become. I raise my beer to you and all of our other Brothers in Arms. We/They may be this counties last hope.


  43. kltk1 says:

    Like him or not, one thing you can say about Rand is that he’s consistent.POTUS is the same way. We see interviews of POTUS back in the 80’s saying the same things he’s saying today. Only then he was addressing them to Japan.


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