President Trump and First Lady Melania Deliver Remarks During Congressional Holiday Ball…

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania host a stunning congressional holiday ball at the White House.

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95 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Deliver Remarks During Congressional Holiday Ball…

  1. FL_GUY says:

    Melania looks like an angel.

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    • The Boss says:

      Agree. 100%

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      A snow angel.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Absolutely radiant! God are we blessed to have such an incredible FLOTUS and President that love each and everyone of us and our country.

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      • farmhand1927 says:

        Mrs. Trump is, in fact, an angel. In spite of the abuse, hatred, filth and lies that she endures 24/7 toward her, her husband and even her dear young son, she radiates love and kindness.

        There is a warm inner light that glows within Mrs. Trump’s heart and soul. Few possess something like it because it’s source is not of this world. Human power alone can’t hold up under what the Trump family endures. God knew that from the beginning and so He gifted us with the Holy Spirit. People aren’t born to handle the type of strife the Trump’s face, they are called. And once called, they are cloaked in the impermeable armor of God. Their reward on earth, if any, will be like dust in the wind, but great is their reward in Heaven.

        Gideons International puts a preface in their free Bibles that includes this about the Word of God: “It is the traveler’s map, the pilgrims staff, the pilot’s compass, the soldier’s sword and the Christian’s charter. Here Paradise is restored, Heaven opened and the gates of Hell disclosed.”

        Melania Trump offers a tremendous role model of the supportive, loving wife, the lioness’ heart as a mother, the healing embrace toward the suffering and the grace, beauty and intelligence our First Lady–our American Woman Ambassador–should always aspire to be. May God continue to bless our First Couple and especially Mrs. Trump. May the daggers that seek to pierce her kind, gentle heart be trampled under the feet of all of us that pray fervently for her and her family.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      FL_GUY, her taste in clothes is tremendously lovely and she takes care of herself so she looks super in whatever she is wearing. Now Karen Pence is starting to wear more attractive clothes as well. She is also a very pretty woman and Pence is a handsome man along with Trump. What a great foursome for our WH and our Republic.

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      • Mac says:

        Melania is absolutely stunning and has the quiet self-confidence of someone who knows she is beautiful inside and out. I truly feel sorry for Karen Pence. She’s not bad, but when she’s next to Melania it’s like a kitchen match compared to a lighthouse. President Trump has a wife worthy of him, and I’m grateful we have the both of them. In 2020, for the first time since 1984, I will once again have a President I want to vote FOR rather than having to choose between the lesser of two evils.

        If President Trump hadn’t done anything at all other than win the election, I’d still be profoundly grateful to him for giving us Melania and Ivanka to look at rather than that harridan he beat. That woman’s voice always makes me think of the sound made by a cat sliding down a blackboard. To give credit where it is due, she was quite a pretty young woman. As she aged, her true character began to show in her face and now she looks like the person she really is–the one who has to dull her conscience with drugs and alcohol to live with herself. Thank God America was smart enough to deny her the presidency!

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        • covfefe999 says:

          when she’s next to Melania it’s like a kitchen match compared to a lighthouse.

          Ugh. That’s so rude! I don’t really think you really intended to be so rude but why are you so harshly critical of Karen Pence? She’s a very good looking woman who looks a couple of decades younger than her real age. She hasn’t had all of the procedures and treatments Melania has had, nor does she spend the same kind of time on her hair and makeup. And that’s all good, you don’t need to feel sorry for her! It’s her choice not to be so “done”. She is much more natural, and she looks fantastic!

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          • Mac says:


            A Volkswagen Super Beetle is a fine automobile. When you put it next to a Lamborghini, its relative deficiencies are obvious. I’m not being rude, I’m just commenting on a simple and undeniable factual difference about the physical beauty of the two women.

            Is beauty everything there is to a woman? Absolutely not, although given how much time, money and effort women spend on it one could be forgiven for thinking it is. And why do women go to all that trouble? It is because an observer can’t tell how nice a woman is at 20 feet, but said observer can certainly tell how pretty she is, and that means a lot when it comes to inspiring initial masculine interest. Beauty counts for a lot in this world, and women know that better than anyone.

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      • dd_sc says:

        So are a lot of the other first ladies around the world. Melania has made glamor and elegance chic again.

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  2. nimrodman says:


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  3. ByrdDeplorable says:

    She’s so beautiful and elegant and, I love her voice! Thank you, Dear Lord, for President and Melania Trump!!!

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    • amwick says:

      I have said, with her accent, she is the voice of our nation. Immigrant, and mother, and an entrepreneur, a sucessful one, in her own right.

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      • facebkwallflower says:

        She is the voice of our nation. So true. Immigrant, mother, entrepreneur, AND a CITIZEN. Good woman.

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      • lanahi says:

        And she can speak fluently to people of five different languages.

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        • amwick says:

          IKR? Isn’t that wonderful?… and I heard that English was the last language that she learned, yet she has nailed it!!!

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          • farmhand1927 says:

            Every time I hear Melania speak I remember Hypocrite Barry Sotero chiding the people of the nation he was set in place to lead because the majority only speak English. He had himself quite a grand little time there, making fun, yet he has never himself spoken in multiple languages. We always had to pay interpreters for him and his wife–and likely still do.

            Along comes Melania, fluent in 5 languages and have we ever, ever heard Hypocrite Barry compliment her for that amazing accomplishment? Of course not.

            When Theresa Kerry introduced John at their convention back in ’04, she rattled off greetings in a few languages and the media went insane, so excited at the prospect of a multi-lingual First Lady, what a marvelous asset that would be to the presidency. Apparently, they think none of us remember…

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            • flova says:

              Because I have made amends to all the people I may have hurt in the past and received forgiveness from God, if I had one wish before I die it would be to see Barry pay for his crimes against our great nation.


  4. Oh my word! Melania never ceases to amaze…

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  5. linda4298 says:

    I didn’t hear wall funding.

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  6. PoCoNoMo says:

    Often when I see Melania, and she always looks ravishing, I think of the designers who during the first days of Trumps’ presidency, loudly and haughtily proclaimed how THEY would not be caught dead dressing the first lady. Hahahahahahah! She had her own well developed sense of style; sleek, uncomplicated, never fussy, and always dignified. Who were those snotty designers who’ve been losing out for the last 2 years???!!!

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  7. louloulaw2017 says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for including this uplifting video.

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  8. Athena the Warrior says:

    Wonderful seeing them having fun. I think wall funding wasn’t mentioned because tonight was about coming together putting differences behind and finding common ground. Notice how he focused on healthcare and infrastructure? There will be time for battles later. Tonight was about celebration.

    Is it wrong of me to giggle thinking about the horrible WH press being given coal instead of enjoying a beautiful party with POTUS and FLOTUS?

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    • anniefannie says:

      Coal? Oh the polluting irony!
      Watched Tour of the White House all decorated for Christmas. It exudes the taste and class of a beautiful First Lady!! Say it ain’t so, Joe—you didn’t get to go!! So?????

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  9. Newton Love says:

    After all of the flack that PDJT received since his inauguration, to hear him say that the White House is a very happy place is a sign of his inner strength.

    Besides being the greatest President of at least the 20th and 21st Centuries, PDJT is also the most interesting and dynamic one by far!

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  10. covfefe999 says:

    Understandably the focus of attention is on Melania. How could it not be? But look at Karen Pence, she looks 20 years younger than her actual age. In spite of all of the hate directed toward them and toward their husbands, they manage to keep it together and keep it classy. I love these two women.

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    • littlequilterkitty says:

      Yes, let’s not forget our Second Lady, Mrs. Pence. The grace and class of these two ladies is insurmountable!

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      • flova says:


        I couldn’t agree more. These women are both filled with faith and God’s love and it shows.
        Their strength comes from their devotion to God, their families and the country. Most of us cannot imagine withstanding the evil they are up against but look at the peace and joy on their faces–may God protect them through the next 6 years.

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    • facebkwallflower says:

      I commented similar downstream, missing your comment somehow and just now caught on the re-scan.


  11. WSB says:

    The Happy Warrior and his Athena!

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  12. Constance M. Morrow says:

    Beautiful evening, PDJT sounds hopeful and optimistic, a true leader in very tough times. He knows what he’s accomplished even against the demonic onslaught. He has the joy of beautiful Melania by his side and the support of the inspiring Pence Family along with all of our prayers! Merry Christimas, President Trump and First Lady! YOU are a Godsend to our country!

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  13. dogsmaw says:

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  14. spoogels says:

    Hating The President Is Not a Strategy, As Bill Kristol Just Learned

    hehe Massive TRUMPENFREUDE!

    The Weekly Standard, a 28-year old neoconservative institution, is reportedly headed towards dissolution after its founder, Bill Kristol, devoted almost three years of work to attacking the President and his supporters.

    It’s not just Kristol. The entire world of clickbait Trump-hate seems to be in jeopardy, including sites that cater to the liberal base.

    The same week that The Weekly Standard’s troubles broke, Vanity Fair dropped a bombshell report about the struggles faced by those hip, millennial-targeted left-wing rags with the cool names and rabidly anti-Trump headlines strewn across your social media feed. Vice, Vox, Mic, Buzzfeed, Mashable — they’re all either looking for buyers or seriously reevaluating their strategies in hopes of becoming profitable. Mic laid off most of its workers. Vice and Vox are firing staff left and right.

    On cable TV, one network in particular has abandoned decades of journalistic tradition and ethics, devoting its resources to a relentless, nakedly partisan crusade to savage President Trump: CNN. Its ratings, predictably, are in the tank — in October, CNN fell behind both the Hallmark Channel and Home and Garden Television.

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  15. woohoowee says:

    Just beautiful 🙂

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  16. GB Bari says:

    Glad to see them relaxing and having some well-deserved fun. Well, at least many of them deserve it. Not sure the Democrats deserve anything but a lump of coal, but I’ll defer to the Prez.
    It’s his and Melania’s Christmas party.

    PS – I’ll bet the food from the A-team of chefs is spectacular.

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  17. facebkwallflower says:

    Karen Pence gets hidden in the shadows of Melania but she is a beauty in her own right; not artificial like some of the past vp’s wives. Her beauty is the everyday beauty shining through every military mom. Her hair is beautiful. Her smile is ready and often on the edge of a giggle. She is Hoosier Beautiful. As one man wrote: “Melanie is fantasized about. Karen is dreamed about. But neither come close to the reality of the beauty of my wife.”

    And, No one has ever rocked the high collar and the color white like our First Lady, Melania, who CHOSE to be an American.

    Since we are talking fashion and mighty fine looks, I like how Very Handsome President Trump’s hair is creeping up shorter and shorter.

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    • annie says:

      re the POTUS hair…I would love to see him rock a buzz cut..the press would go nuts!!! however, I don’t think the way his hair grown pattern is..if he could even do that..if he wanted to..which I doubt..LOL!!!


    • covfefe999 says:

      Karen has the unfussy natural beauty. That’s my preference. And I hope she stays that way.

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  18. G3 says:

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  19. snailmailtrucker says:

    The Democrats are Pizzed again this year…No Crack Party at The White House for Kwanza !

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  20. ingridsavignac says:

    Both couples look wonderful. An example for us all. Trump is the savior of the US and the world.

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  21. Bibi Spielberg says:

    Melania Trump You Did A Terrific Job with the Whitehouse Decorations. I pray that You @Flotus & @realDonaldTrump Overcome all the Obstructionists & put them behind bars SOON. I know I’m very frustrated that @JeffSessions @SpeakerRyan @MajorityLeader did nothing as they knew @BarackObama was Weaponizing all 17-USIntel. What Obama StrzokMcCabe did to @GenFlynn was sickening. Please Forward This Message To President Trump & Tell Him I’m Seeking An Urgent Appointment To Meet Him it’s absolutely Important & Urgent For early January 2019.
    Thank You,
    Bibi Spielberg

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  22. Joan Calhoun says:

    I am so happy, dear president Trump, that you find your White House to be a happy place.

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  23. spoogels says:

    What that CNN article does mention is that Melania is getting the Bellangé suite restored


  24. Both look Great,
    She is Beautful as always,


  25. Abster says:

    I wish everyone could get beyond their hate and take a very close look at President Trump’s many accomplishments – in spite of the endless resistance. The First Lady and President Trump are a lovely couple. May God continue to bless and guide them both.

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  26. Pyrthroes says:

    Hoo-boy! Fast company… for we of –how you say?– “American nationalistic” bent, Trump and his lady shine like supernovae in a hostile firmament. Lord bless us, every one.


  27. lanahi says:

    Is this the party the press were not invited to? Lol!


  28. Hanuman says:

    I see fem-bot all weapons armed.


  29. wodiej says:

    Thank you, Sundance for all you do for us Treepers.

    I get butterflies and a lump in my throat when I see and read things like this. It really explains all PT has done in such a short time. Keep praying!!

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  30. Slavi says:

    When you watch a clip like this – a short showcase of the respect and appreciation that Trump and his wife clearly show the Whitehouse, the seriousness they show their many respective roles & duties – one can only be in awe of what has been accomplished to date.
    To compare this respect and class, with the torrent of ugliness that daily pours out of the mouths of his enemies in the MSM – in their insane, vicious, knee-jerk ‘analyses’ of this – and every good and decent thing they have done – normal Americans can only shake their heads in disbelief.
    But as has been pointed out many times on this blog – thankfully it will not end there.
    The disbelief, the quiet outrage over these endless obscenities that pass for a ‘free press’ – will continue to add to the vast reservoir in this nation of ‘cold, hard anger’ at their treatment.
    The endless disgusting expressions of contempt for the President and the Office – freely elected by tens of millions – is an expression of CONTEMPT for those whose votes gave POTUS his mandate, and for all decent Americans: it will not go unanswered for long.


  31. Evelyn says:

    Kim Clement’s prophecy from February 2014. Kim became ill a year before the election, losing his ability to speak. He passed away within a few weeks before the election, reminded me of Moses who looked from the mountain and saw the promised land but was not able to enter in himself. POTUS and Melania are without a doubt the man and woman referred to who would stand in the Oval Office:

    I have searched for a man and a woman who would stand in the Oval Office and pray and call for the restoration of the fortunes of Zion. I have looked for a man who would pray for the restoration of the fortunes of Zion. Therefore, if you hear My heart, says the Lord today, I will take you on a journey. I will first take you to Israel, whom they would give Jerusalem to his enemies. Why would they give half of Jerusalem away? This will not happen, says the Lord, for I will take you on a journey today into Jerusalem, where it shall be prophesied through song by My prophet what I intend doing in Jerusalem and in the United States of America at the same time, says the Lord. I am restoring the fortunes of Zion. I am restoring the fortunes that were the inheritance of My people. I am restoring the fortunes of those that are the elect of God and have been stolen from. You shall eat your delicacies again and your children will no longer be your food. You shall not use them and take them out of the womb anymore, says the Lord.

    Watch how I change everything, for there shall be those who are in justice. There are those who are in a strong position, I’m just hearing this now, in the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court. Two shall step down for the embarrassment of what shall take place for I wish to place in the highest court in the land, righteousness. And they shall attempt to put others in to endeavor, to reach their endeavors, but God says, hear Me tonight. Hear Me today, I have this whole thing planned out according to My will for it is now time for Me to restore the fortunes of Zion, the fortunes to those that had it once, you are going to get it back. This is My promise, says the Lord of Hosts.


  32. Q&A says:

    Karen Pence is lovely and has made effective updates to her look. She got rid of the heavy bangs she wore forever and trimmed up her figure to a point that she looks great in sleek dresses.

    She could benefit from an upgrade in her evening gown stylist as the stylist seems stuck in the prom dress from the past look. I’ve seen her is some lovely day looks that show off her great figure, but the off the shoulder thing is so passé.

    Her biggest misses IMO are the ball gowns, for which I blame her stylist, who doesn’t understand how to flatter KP’s figure nor understands what comprises an updated, modern look.

    Saying all that, Karen Pence is heading in the right direction, and I understand how hard it is to move on fashion-wise when you are out of your comfort zone.

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  33. TwoLaine says:

    Who knew turtle necks could look so sexy.

    P.S. I am talking about Melania.


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