SDNY Releases Cohen Sentencing Memo – Apparently Media Reports of Cohen Cooperation Were Greatly Exaggerated…

Within a sentencing memo filed today (full pdf below) the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York recommends “a substantial term of imprisonment” for Michael Cohen, who has pleaded guilty to fraud and tax charges and campaign finance crimes, as well as lying to Congress.

Reading through the memo – the content of cooperation, and the details that surface as a result therein, are entirely different from all previous media claims:

Additionally, special counsel Robert Mueller filed a second memorandum, recommending no additional prison time for Cohen’s guilty plea for lying to Congress, saying it would be “appropriate” for Cohen to serve any sentence in that case concurrently with the sentence in the SDNY case.


Notice anything missing here?:

Cohen cheated on his taxes and lied to a bank about same; he didn’t fill out a campaign distribution report that almost everyone argues was not a campaign expense; and he misled congress about the timing of his business contacts.

Where’s the Russia collusion?

Where’s the Russia conspiracy?

Now it’s clear why Mueller and SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner needed to work together to get the “lying to congress charge”…. the other three accusations are almost nothing.

The entire narrative around this has been a bigly manufactured bucket of nothingness.


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155 Responses to SDNY Releases Cohen Sentencing Memo – Apparently Media Reports of Cohen Cooperation Were Greatly Exaggerated…

  1. superfly007 says:

    I have not seen the word Help by the Russian in that whole happy talk memo!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I hope 🤞 this POS rots in jail for a very long time. He thought 💭 he could play both sides of the aisle. Instead of doing what the others are doing, this POS played the game with Mueller. He decided that was his best bet. He made his bed 🛏 and he can sleep in it for a very long time!

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    • Marsha Frey says:

      None of Mueller’s investigation has come up with Russian collusion because it wasn’t ever there. The media has drooled over every contact from Flynn to Cohen — believing that is “the one” who will take down the president. It hasn’t worked – Mueller can’t get his witness to do the job — Manafort was a bust, Cohen is a bust. The witness’ Mueller thought he had are now saying they won’t cooperate — the case is unraveling faster than Mueller can re-ravel it. But be sure — Mueller will come up with something – he has to – that was his job.

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      • tucker7518 says:

        Alan Dershowitz said Mueller’s entire report will be circumstantial evidence, and nowhere near high crimes and misdemeanors.

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        • Marsha Frey says:

          I hope so, Tucker. My view of Mueller is he will come home to his evil seditious cohorts with “something” otherwise how does he explain the million and millions of taxpayer dollars he has flushed down the taxpayer’s toilet.

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  2. railer says:

    Oh no no no nono… no Cohen Christmas… having sad feels… I was promised…

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  3. If Cohen would have kept his mouth shut he would have been a hero and probably pardoned by the President. Now he is going to jail and when he gets out he will be disbarred and no one will ever hire him for a job since he cannot be trusted.

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    • Summer says:

      He should not have surreptitiously recorded his clients either; notably, Donald. J. Trump.

      Cohen is a sleazy shyster and I’m not sure why Trump didn’t recognize it earlier. Unless he did recognize it and simply needed an unscrupulous lawyer to deal with undesirables without being given explicit orders. Trump had him on retainer, yes? That answers some questions.

      Cohen was “caught” only because of his association with the President. CPL Avenatty is probably dirty x100 but he will never go to jail.

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      • dd_sc says:

        Or Trump didn’t have a choice. I’m sure the real estate business in NYC and Atlantic City is a lot like the real estate business in Las Vegas when I was working there. Nobody is entirely clean, and some hide the sleaze pretty well.

        That’s part of the leverage these swamp critters hold over each other. They all know everyone has been whellin-and-dealin’ to get where they are. Meuller’s exploting that.

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      • FanGirl says:

        CPL has a curse, everything he touches goes south. He’s ruined a porn stars life.

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      • Donald says:

        Actually, Donald J Trump is decent and caring to a fault! Good luck trying to convince any others except posters here that that is true!
        In re to why(?) Cohen as a lawyer and associate? The President alluded to it this week (or last?) before boarding White House helicopter; namely, according to PJT, ‘ Cohen had done him a big favor once.’
        The favor is explained in the sentencing memorandum provided above, which can be simply summarized as follows: Cohen had been a condo owner in a New York City building that bore the Trump name. The other owners, for reasons unexplained, wanted to have the name removed. Cohen, as a resident, succeeded in having all the condo board members removed and the motion to have Trump’s name taken off the building was dropped.
        If you read attentively the sentencing memo wherein all of Cohen’s rather idiotic moves are detailed, it’s clear he was one of NYC’s dumbest lawyers. Trump simply felt enormously indebted to the guy, and was overly- generous by paying him a bloated large salary (400,000 range) in his organization. Previous to that, according to memorandum, Cohen’s legal services had netted him an average of 75K per year.
        Do yourselves the favor of reading entire memo.
        Of course, the legal theory on which the campaign finance law violations are based is built on quicksand!

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        • JimWVa says:

          I read the SDNY sentencing memo on Cohen. Cohen’s convictions on campaign finance violations strike me as blackmail payoffs to the adult film subject and the Playboy magazine model. Both of these business women approached the Trump Campaign with a financial demand. Publishing contracts were entered with each woman with representation by their own attorney.

          Each business woman evidently made a decision that the market for the payments would only bear $130,000 and $150,000, respectively, given the polls on the Trump election in October, 2016. Neither of these women were “silenced” to advance the campaign of Donald Trump. If they believed their “stories” could have made more money by going on MSNBC or CNN in October, 2016 or early November, 2016, these women would have been “public” 24/7. When we elected Donald Trump President of the United States, both of these women realized that they sold their stories short.

          The House of Representatives Committee hearings on this “shake down” of President Trump by these two business women will truly be stomach turning.


      • dawndoe says:

        “He should not have surreptitiously recorded his clients either; notably, Donald. J. Trump.”

        Exactly. I would think this what has made Trump the maddest at Cohen. No telling how many times Cohen recorded their convos and what kind of info these recordings contain. That’s a huge reason Trump has no sympathy for him and hopes he does prison time, IMHO.

        I also think Mueller should be held accountable for raiding Cohen’s office, home and storage facility (or was that Manafort’s storage?) violating attorney client privilege. I know they said he was more of a fixer than an attorney, but both can be true and should be protected under attorney client privilege. IMHO. I feel it was an abuse of power.

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      • not2worryluv says:

        I’m sure the FBI has had Cohen on their radar for years. They just pounced on him with the Mayor’s and the DNC blessing to squeeze him for dirt on POTUS.

        Cohen lies to save himself – not the family, the Country and his “reputation”.

        Evidently he didn’t follow Comey’s lead lines:
        I don’t remember
        I can’t recall
        I know nothing about that
        I don’t think so

        Of course, Cohen was so stupid he thought Clinton’s Attorney would negotiate a Get Out of Jail Card.

        Welcome to Cell Bloc A and Bubba – Merry Christmas.


  4. If anyone deserves to be brought up on the most serious felony charges of gross prosecutorial misconduct, it is Mueller and his henchmen (and women). Jerome Corsi’s complaint lays it all out and I can’t wait to see the responses:

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    • Leane Kamari says:

      double jepardy, thats why Miller and his team ask for the sentencing being one-for-all. He knows what will come of from Manafort complain about double sentencing, ha,ha,ha.

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    • I am also wondering why Joe DiGenova and some of the other lawyer/ commentators are not discussing Corsi’s complaint in great detail. It really lays out in a formal way, all of the wrongdoing by Mueller and his gang and the criminal penalties that they should be subject to. Why are they wasting so much time on phony Cohen plea deal??

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  5. Andy says:

    Thats it!?

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      How can we tell when journ0lists are lying?
      Their lips are moving.

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      • Fringe Dweller says:

        James would work well in a conservative administration as either a spokesman or director of communication. So well spoken. I hope he’d take the role if offered, and maybe he should actively pursue it in the future.

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      • CJames says:

        Two news outlets in the old Soviet Union Pravda and Isvestia. Pravda meant Truth and Isvestia meant News. The Soviet joke was “no truth in the news and no news in the truth.”

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    • Janie M. says:

      Andy, one of my favorite Peggy Lee songs came to mind with your comment, so here is an excerpt of the lyrics:

      “Is That All There Is?”

      Is that all there is
      Is that all there is
      If that’s all there is, my friends
      Then let’s keep dancing
      Let’s break out the booze and have a ball
      If that’s all there is

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  6. Dutchman says:

    THATS why the prison reform bill; empty the cells of non violent whatever,…to make room for all who will be doing hard time,..for lieing to CONGRESS!
    “What you in for, kid?”

    “Uhhh lieing to Congress.”

    “No, seriously! What you in for?”

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  7. oldschool64 says:

    Yep! Pretty much this!!

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  8. rayvandune says:

    The lights will be on late tonight at NYT, WAPO, NPR, etc. trying to figure out how to spin THIS one! My take is if Cohen had anything on Trump wrongdoing, he would have sung like a canary to stay out of jail. So, no song, no wrong!

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  9. Curry Worsham says:

    Michael Cohen is a small time crook and a fool. And an idiot.
    That’s all you got Deep State.
    A smart crook would have retreated from the spotlight and never have exposed himself by participating in a high profile campaign like that.
    But Cohen then drew more even more attention to himself by selling “access” to the Oval Office.
    He betrayed our President.
    I hope he gets the full 10 years.

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  10. Drogers says:

    ‘…. bigly manufactured bucket of nothingness.’

    Yeah, there’s a surprise.

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  11. Risa says:

    When will it be against the law for Congress to lie to American voters????

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  12. CopperTop says:

    This is part of the obstruction angle Mueller’s going for. You can’t get POTUS on obstruction for a hint at a pardon if there is no jail time to pardon.

    The Manafort memo indicates that PM lied to SCouncil by saying he had no contact with POTUS admin. when in fact he did through February 2018.

    I’m sure SC is trying very hard but it won’t work as the contact was not with POTUS himself one ca assume.

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  13. auscitizenmom says:

    The whole reason they put out the news that Cohen was cooperating and made it sound like he was spilling the beans on the President was to make people believe it. Some still will.

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    • The Boss says:

      The segment of the population (defined above as “Some still will”) will be just as disappointed as many of us are with the MSM, DoJ, GOPe and FBI. So it’s fair to conclude that the Deep State hates the “Some still will” as much as the “many of us”. The DS and Uniparty are an equal opportunity haters. Therein lies common ground.

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    • Bill says:

      And slowly, the average left-leaning citizen will realize the truth….and their rage will grow…all fed by an irresponsible leftist media. The coming civil unrest is their doing.

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  14. Don Deagan says:

    Weird that there’s nothing about him going to Prague. :^)

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  15. G3 says:

    Fox all have their reading glasses on – latched on to the Russia building meeting—What business meeting hasn’t use the word “synergy”? Didn’t that word get banned last year for over usage? There was no follow up. They need to take their readers off and breathe. There is no building in Moscow.

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  16. Mike says:

    From the get go with PapaD, team Mueller leaked to their media lap dogs every time “He flipped, he’s cooperating, he wore a wire, he turned on Trump.”

    This fed the media circus that Trump was “guilty” and attempted to intimidate Trump’s team, and was used to politically wound him. All the nefarious redactions in Flynn’s agreement, the vaguely worded descriptions on Cohen’s “cooperation” are all made for more media circus speculation that this time they really got ’em. Sounds like more BS to me.

    Yet ALL Mueller’s witness’s who supposedly “did” Trump, have pled guilty to LYING.

    If Mueller had anything on collusion, or obstruction he would be getting pleas on conspiracy, etc.

    Building a case 101, don’t base your case completely on statements made by witnesses that pled guilty to LYING.

    I believe this is more public relations by Mueller to push the narrative that Trump’s “close associates” are all liars, and that if only they would tell Mueller the truth, he could prove “collusion.”

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  17. Moose Otto says:

    I think the only possible charge remaining is that he said to the mueller team that Trump sr knew about the trump jr meeting at the ny trump building. If jr said under oath that he did not inform his dad then it is a Cohen said / jr said problem and also it looks bad for sr who said he never knew of the meeting.

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    • singingsoul says:

      Moose Otto Cohen is a proven liar no one will believe him.

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    • Jan says:

      Moose, #1, it is not a crime to know about a meeting or go to a meeting to obtain opposition research on your opponent. #2, Manafort was at the meeting and he was not charged with going to a meeting to collude with Russians by SC Mueller. #3, the meeting was a set up in which they hoped Sr. would attend but he did not. #4, the female Russian lawyer was there to persuade the Trump campaign to abandon the Magnitsky Act and in turn, Russia would allow Americans to adopt Russian babies again. The meeting lasted 20 minutes. Jr., Manafort & Kushner didn’t agree to anything and couldn’t get out of there fast.enough. And they got no “dirt” on Hillary #5 There’s every likelihood Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign designed the set up, using people involved in the Miss Universe pageant in 2013 to set up the meeting. #6 The female Russian lawyer was denied a visa to enter the US by the State Dept., and AG Loretta Lynch had to issue a special visa to get her into the US for the meeting and for her assistance at the trial of one of her Russian clients. #7 Fusion GPS also worked for the same Russian client and was also assisting at the trial. Glenn Simpson and the Russian lawyer met before the Trump Tower meeting and after the meeting. #8 And as a side note, the Russian interpreter for the meeting is the same guy who has worked in the Clinton and Kerry State Departments. See where I’m going with this??

      As Sen. Grassley said the other day in his letter to Sen. Blumenthal who wants to bring Jr. back before the Judiciary Committee, there’s much more evidence that Glenn Simpson lied to the Committee and not much that Jr. did. We’re now going to believe a guy (Cohen) who’s plead guilty to lying to Congress??

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  18. Cohen is a crooked liberal lawyer who should be doing far more time than he will for the fraud he committed on the taxpayers of the state of New York. As the President said a while ago, Cohen is lying about matters related to the President to get himself a better deal – looks like he’ll do less than 5 years for fraud that should be 10 years minimum.

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  19. CopperTop says:

    So if SDNY has evidence Company 1 paid Cohen 450000 in grossed up payments to make up for his 130K HELOC hush money to stormy (basically the book entry movements were disguised as retainer fees when there was in fact no retainer.) Then, so what?

    Is there are crime here against Company 1 that SDNY can prosecute over the false claim of payments for ‘legal’ retainer? This is a debt regardless…and would be hard to tie to some other crime (such as obtaining banking finance). Isn’t the old adage overestimate your debt and underestimate your assets.

    The only harm to POTUS is his assets were diminished by bad accounting practices.


    • CopperTop says:

      Part II:

      So Company 1 according to the sentencing memo has been defrauded by Cohen he made a false claim of retainer, invoiced the company and collected income over it. So it looks like the hush money Cohen paid on CDJT…was all Cohen’s idea or it was paid as a retainer. Both can’t be true and but both exonerate individual 1…

      MSM will choose to see it as a bombshell however that individual 1 instructed Cohen to act without mentioning that the action of paying hush money is always legal.

      Cohen is therefore not CDJT’s atty and there is no privilege…but it didn’t matter. There is nothing that SC gained by removing a privileged relationship…

      EXCEPT…that the FISA request with the FALSE FACT of Cohen in Prauge…is no longer a smoking gun of lying to the FISC if it was (and my conjecture for 2 years) obtained because DOJ assumed COHEN had a privileged relationship with POTUS which is one of a few reasons a DOJ can claim that don’t have to interview the US citizen if at all possible before seeking a FISA warrant.


    • CopperTop says:

      Above is reference to
      page 14 of sentencing memo (Scrib D page ’16’)

      After the election, Cohen sought reimbursement for election-related expenses, including the $130,000 payment he had made to Woman-2. Cohen presented an executive of the Company with a copy of a bank statement reflecting the $130,000 wire transfer. Cohen also requested reimbursement of an additional $50,000, which represented a claimed payment for campaign-related
      “tech services
      ” Executives of the Company agreed to reimburse
      Cohen by adding
      $130,000 and $50,000, “grossing up” that amount to $360,000 for tax purposes, and adding a
      $60,000 bonus, such that Cohen would be paid $420,000 in total. Executives of the Company decided to pay the $420,000 in monthly installments of $35,000 over the course of a year


      • CopperTop says:

        to a “retainer agreement.” The Company then falsely accounted for these payments as “legal expenses.” In fact, no such retainer

        agreement existed and these payments were not “legal expenses” –
        Cohen in fact provided negligible legal services to Individual-1 or the Company in 2017

        but were reimbursement paym


      • CopperTop says:

        The SC needed to cover for the small groups use of fake Cohen in prague. They needed to show that although at the time Cohen was considered THE Cohen associate of TRUMP now it doesn’t matter they were wrong because the idea that they were seeking the warrant without interviewing Page OR Cohen was because Cohen held privilige and they must offer an interview to him rather than putting him party to a warrant. They claimed to the court the application passed Woods without this interview step because privilige could tip off Carter Page.


        • CopperTop says:

          REMEMBER: Carter Page wrote James Comey in SEPTEMBER 2016…please stop investigating me and interview me.

          This memo from Page should not have allowed the application to pass a WOODS test.

          But with a nice false fact of an atty with privilege to use as an excuse…the Woods tests were ignored.

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          • JonMaxwell says:

            (The SC needed to cover for the small groups use of fake Cohen in prague) this is easy to debunk as cbp holds all of the records of any individual leaving the country, each passport has a unique identifier to the individual assigned to it, just like your dl there is no way to mistake the individual, however you can if your looking at flight records but not cbp records.


  20. NJF says:

    Turley was on special report. He said “what’s troubling is that both the special counsel & NYSD believe he didn’t ‘cooperate enough’”

    Turley asks, if someone is fully cooperating, which Cohen was, & they’re not satisfied, then what exactly did they want him to say?

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  21. Miller says:

    Mueller squeezed Manafort, Papa.,Flynn and Cohen and still couldn’t find any”collusion” or obstruction. That’s because there’s not any. Trump worked and hustled his butt off and won fair and square.

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  22. tomfrompv says:

    I have another thought. Yes, no Russia at all to hit Trump with. But look at that third charge about illegal contributions. “Individual-1” is Trump and they’re saying Trump and Cohen got together to buy off the porn star to “influence the election”. IMO, that’s the way they will get Trump now – he won the election by breaking campaign laws.

    This would be great fodder for the House investigation too. As well as breathless coverage on CNN. Porn star will come in for a TV appearance, so will the creepy porn star lawyer.

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  23. rustybritches says:

    I guess I feel sorry for Cohens family and I feel sad that The President has been sucked into this mess because of the biggest Crook of all, Hillary Clinton, Maybe after all the stuff blows out the President will take the time to talk to Cohan and pardon him as he might do for Manafort..

    I know that he is a small time Crook that deserves Jail time, but Mueller would never have gone after him had it not been for the fact Cohen was apart of PT life Sorry just my thoughts.

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    • Liberty Forge says:

      Boy, did you ever say a mouthful there, and you may not even know it.

      Everyone just needs to stop & think about this entire current situation. Pause.

      WE are here — all of this has happened — because of Hillary Clinton.

      Yep — one person has caused this chaos.

      Imagine. She too is smug & proud.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Welllll….. it’s a bit of a stretch to say that. Let me explain.

        We now know that “Muh Russia” was started by the Muslim Communist Brennan and other ideologues in the Deep State well before the 2016 campaigns began. Both Hillary and BJ have been complicit in plenty of corruption misdeeds going back as far as their Arkansas days, and they were obviously involved with the infamous “Pee Pee Dossier”.

        But neither Clinton had the authority to command the DOJ or FBI to break so many laws and procedures with the FISA and DJT campaign spying scandals. THAT all came from ideologues within the two agencies, and is far more the responsibility of BHO & his Admin cronies than HRC.

        (IMO. YMMV)

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      • tucker7518 says:

        All roads lead to Hillary Clinton.

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  24. joeknuckles says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…


  25. motreehouse says:

    Does Dana Boente still hold title -chief legal counsel FBI- ?

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  26. not2worryluv says:

    Three big beautiful words to the Judge for Cohen:


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  27. Rob says:

    The reports were greatly exaggerated because they were trying to provoke president Trump to fire Mueller.

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  28. Skimming through court papers -they had him COLD on tax evasion for over 4 million dollars of unreported income for 4 years! all related to his wheeling and dealing with his taxi medallions -who knew they were like gold – And he tried to blame his accountant for doing a lousy job. The Bank fraud (lying on application ) related to that wheeling and dealing. The campaign finance ( paying off women for their stories ) is made to sound sooo serious and with such sincere and sanctimonious interpretation by the prosecutors – how it might have affected transparency of election yada yada ( what BS)

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  29. Rob says:

    So what was the legal reason why they raided his offices?


  30. Bogeyfree says:

    I really hope once Barr gets confirmed that PT tweets out….

    OK you’ve had your turn, now it’s my turn!


  31. Sandra-VA says:

    After reading the entire 40 page sentencing memo, all I can say is Michael Cohen is a scumbag and deserves whatever he gets. His tax avoidance, the lying to banks, selling his connection to the President…. DISGUSTING.

    I see nothing in there remotely connected to “muh Russia”, but they certainly tried to invent a crime that the FEC said was not a crime with regard to the payments to the women. That is disgraceful. Cohen clearly thought if he tacked that guilty plea on to all the other scumbag stuff that he would get hero status and leniency. WRONG!

    I am particularly angry with this guy who said he would “take a bullet for this President”. LIAR. When I think of all the nice things I said about him…. I could just spit!

    Fry him!

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  32. Piper77 says:

    A lot of liberals are celebrating because in the memo it implies Trump broke campaign finance laws.


  33. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    Pretty soon non partisan maybe even left leaning lawyer / law enforcement types in the media will start openly making fun of Mueller’s results. Say what they will about Starr the fact we all found out about what Bill was up to in the WH was infinitely more surprising than some sleazeball lawyers and politicos being indicted and convicted on lying, fraud , and tax charges. Pathetic.

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    • WSB says:

      “Making fun of Mueller’s results.”

      This would be just desserts. And PT can lead the charge. We can LAUGH Mueller out of town, as Corsi starts the snowball rolling downhill into an avalanche.

      Just keep piling one case after another on top of Mueller. Make the circus of him that he was hired for.


  34. Suncc49 says:

    Wow they really screwed over Cohen. I bet he feels totally played…. they made him plead guilty to a non crime and a second crime no one ever gets prosecuted for then didn’t even really offer him much leniency… he will do 5 years in his prime and come out with pretty much no way to earn an income in his old profession. He wasn’t even credible enough to form the basis for more lies so possibly get the President.

    I do worry about Don Jr though and the so called other criminal referrals that the retarded Richard Burr and his daddy Mark Warner have issued. Burr is from my state and I swear this guy is the biggest pile of swamp gas on planet Earth. Makes me sick!!!

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  35. deplorable says:

    So if Cohen, Pap, or any other average Joe can get thrown in prison for lying to Congress, then why can’t Congressmen be thrown in prison for lying to the public?

    I see a double standard here. Congress can lie to the people but the people cannot lie to Congress lest them be imprisoned.

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  36. Cohen’s goose is cooked. On to the next deal. I’d like to see the leakers and unmaskers from the previous administration be arrested and tried. And, as mentioned in a previous comment, they should all be arrested on Christmas Eve at home in front of their families. MERRY MAGA CHRISTMAS!

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  37. Sayit2016 says:

    Ok.. I have a question. Why is lying to congress such a big deal, when Congress spends the day lying to us and lying to each other ?

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  38. coolmamie says:

    It does not matter if Mueller has nothing. He will put all his nothing together to make it seem like a lot of very sinister something.

    Powers far beyond Congress, The DNC, the DOJ, the FBI, and the MSM are after Trump, and, unless he is smarter than they are (which, unfortunately, I doubt) they will get him.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the guy and consider him a savior. But I am not hopeful, and I worry that the pressure is getting to him.


  39. Ackman420 says:

    Replace Cohen’s picture, and his name throughout, with Clinton and we’ve got something to celebrate.
    Flynn is getting off, as he should, while Cohen eats it. We’ll see about Manafort. Likely somewhere in between.
    Clinton should be indicted for multiple felonies, and her family disgraced and overthrown.

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  40. youme says:

    If Cohen is scheduled to provide trial testimony, Mueller or the SDNY would not let him be sentenced. Sentencing cooperators only happens after all the trial are over.


  41. Julia Adams says:

    If a person enters this country illegally, you’re caught, but after you register Democrat, you’re released…
    When the Federsl Government is weaponized to overthrow a duly elected President all because they don’t like him, there are no charges filed against the perpetrators…
    But, if you are a person associated with Trump, and you get caught in Mueller’s trap Five years in prison.


  42. mark says:

    It would be a good start, just a place to start, if President Trump would order Whitaker to release the Cowen sentencing unredacted.


  43. Genie says:

    Orange is the new plaid for Cohen.


  44. William Jennings says:

    In every accusation,the common thread is Mark Warner’s conspiring with Russians(let’s keep our meeting private),Mueller and anyone else with a sordid,imaginary tale to tell.Warner has been in the Clinton’s pocket since 2008,when Hillary’s minions showed him the information they had gathered about his past.He definitely used insider information from his job as a Senate staffer to make millions in the communications industry,and spend a great deal of money silencing staffers that he harassed(me,too hasn’t notice that one).Who knows what else they had?Whatever else is out there,the press hasn’t been interested because they know he is a Clinton puppet,and we all know how protected the Clinton associates are.


  45. shipley130 says:

    You can see the lies written all over their faces when they are on their little “media” shows when talking about this Meowler investigation. Especially that poc mark Andrea Mitchell.


  46. Just a technical note from a long-time fed:

    This Cohen pleaded and cooperated, WITHOUT a plea agreement that included a USSG 5K1.1 rec? Who does that? It is bizarre, and would be professional incompetence if suggested by a lawyer.

    Section 5K1.1 of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines provides that the government will recommend a “departure” below the applicable Guidelines sentencing range (a recommended or “advisory” range), in return for “cooperation.” This proviso is in most plea agreements, because otherwise there is little or no incentive to enter into a plea agreement, which usually requires a waiver of all appeal rights. The alternative is to plead “open;” no deal, no obligation on either side. (One can plead pursuant to a written agreement without cooperating, but the benefits to the defendant are often illusory.)

    It is rare that any federal prosecutor would recommend a downward sentencing departure based on cooperation if there was no agreement (and obligation) to do so. It is beyond stupid for a defendant to “cooperate,” with no agreement that his cooperation will help at sentencing. But apparently that is what is going on here.*

    I have to assume that I do not have all of the facts, because this story is nuts.

    S.J. Britt, Asst. U.S. Attorney (EDPA), ret.


    * It happens that a defendant may lie, or hold back, after executing a cooperation agreement. It also happens that DOJ may act in bad faith by minimizing otherwise useful cooperation, with the goal of limiting or obviating any sentence reduction. Without a cooperation plea agreement, any dispute never gets before the court.

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