President Trump and First Lady Melania Arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the G20 Summit…

President Donald Trump and Fist Lady Melania Trump arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the G20 Summit of world leaders.  Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived with the first couple met by local dignitaries.

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72 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the G20 Summit…

  1. Snow White says:

    Lord protect them and bring them back safe and sound, send your angels to watch over them and destroy any evil plans. In jesus’s name we pray.

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  2. mj_inOC says:

    LORD, guide and protect these, Your Servants, our devoted President and his lovely and gracious wife, Melania. And his team and staff… by Your Mercy.
    In the Holy Name of Jesus, our Savior and Lord.

    Looks much more mild there than DC…

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    I have an aunt and uncle that migrated to Argentina 🇦🇷 from Italy 🇮🇹. My dad would go during the winter to visit them. He loved it because it was summertime there. My uncle who passed really struggled to make ends meat. He and his family lived in Buenos Aires.

    My aunt was lucky in that her husband was very well off. They had a summer home in Mar del Plata in Argentina. That is where he would spend much of his time.

    He once took my little sister while she was in high school. They told her not to speak a word outside the house in Buenos Aires. She only spoke English and they were afraid of someone kidnapping her for ransom.

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    • Lack is not all says:

      Crime has increased exponentially since the time you are describing flo and its very violent crime. They could kill you to take your cellular phone. Mar del Plata is a beautiful city but it is infested by crime too.

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    • Linus in W.PA. says:

      My company had a small office in Buenos Aires from about ’09 to ’14.

      I went to Argentina about twice a year for about 2 weeks a clip during that time frame., and traveled to many cities in the entire country.

      It was safe for Americans and a great place to do business, but socialism and corruption eventually killed the country. Somewhere around ’12, the gov’t started putting a 30% tax on any dollar you wanted to remove from the country. So, if I wanted to take $100K in profit from my company, I had to pay the gov’t $30K. We stopped investing in the country shortly thereafter, and closed our office in ’15.

      While business travel is a pain in the ass, I enjoyed going to Argentina.

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    • WSB says:

      Argentina is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Spent some time there in 1990. Only their historic invasions and corrupt politicians continue to suppress what shoud be a first world country.

      Sadly, ours is now on a parallel.

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  4. zooamerica says:

    They’re simply the best.

    Better than all the rest.

    President Trump and First Lady Melania look like God’s Glory shining upon the world to see.

    What a picture!

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    • benifranlkin says:

      The Presidents get very close to their wives….their only true friends and confidants.

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      • Jenevive says:

        I have noticed lately that POTUS and FLOTUS hold hands
        more out in public.I wonder if it is more of an in your face thing
        how the media like to stir up marriage troubles . I just find it
        interesting that it is happening more. But I agree they both
        have no real friends in DC so they have to rely on each other.

        It does seem FLOTUS does have influence with POTUS as she
        said in her Africa interview she told POTUS there are people he
        can;t trust and then the story of that lady who clashed with FLOTUS
        and got removed from her job.


    • Kalbo says:

      Both, American treasures.

      We are so very, very fortunate.

      Everyday I count my blessings they are my / our President and First Lady.

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  5. John Doe says:

    I marvel that she can keep coats on when they are slung so casually and elegantly over her shoulders. Just…WOW!! God bless you both.

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  6. zooamerica says:

    The photo posted is epic.

    That is like The Mona Lisa of 21st century political art.

    President Trump looks like George Washington and Melania looks like a Goddess.

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  7. Robert Bush says:

    I was in Buenos Aires in 1981 and fell in love with that city. The legacy of Juan Peron was that he destroyed those who might succeed him so when he died, there was a vacuum of leadership. Evita bankrupted the country and anarchy threatened to overtake the country. They have had a hard journey since that time but with the right leadership, Argentina could be great again.

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    • WSB says:

      Beautiful. Dinner at 12:30 AM, tango until 4. The cemetary is one of the most unique in the world, and Bariloche is divine!

      “Agua para mis cabillos, y whisky para mis hombres! Ahora mismo!”

      The only words I ever learned in Spanish, but the bartenders got a chuckle out of it!

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      • Niagara Frontier says:

        I spent a some time in Argentina during my years in the Navy in the 70’s. Friendly people and I always felt safe on the streets, day or night. I’m sure it’s changed.

        I especially remember that it was there I had some of the best steaks I ever tasted.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Robert, I worked in a company and my boss and wife managed to get out of Argentina (even with her diamonds, etc.) for freedom and since he was an experienced man, he was hired by a US corporation to run the company in Mexico City. Later after the crook and dictator was gone, he decided to return to his home country. Lost contact with him so hope it was a good move for them.


  8. listingstarboard says:

    To other countries the USA must look like a badass with our handsome POYUS, breathtaking FLOTUS and the vehicles/airplane! So wonderful to be an American!!

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    • WSB says:

      Well, I have to say…the Argentinians are some of the best looking people on the planet. After all of the invasions, they seemed to pick up the best physical features from all of the invaders.

      They are also have the most cosmetic surgery. For whatever reason.


  9. Sidney Powell says:

    The US Ambassador to Argentina is a friend of mine of more years than I will admit in public–since we both had spots. Ed Prado and his wife Maria are seen walking toward the camera at the 2:33 mark. Ed was a Federal Public Defender in San Antonio Texas, a US Attorney, then a federal district judge, then on the 5th Circuit, now Mr. Ambassador. Great guy, fabulous sense of humor. Boy is he busy right now!!

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  10. Redhotrugmama says:

    I always love FLOTUS attire! She has great style! I hope someone at some point does a big thick coffee table book with hundreds of pictures of her!u

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  11. Attorney at Law says:

    GOD BLESS President Trump and FLOTUS Melania. Grateful each day for Trump and his dedication to MAGA and caring about the citizens (Legal) of the United States. May he be blessed with excellent health and a smooth journey in all that he does. Amen

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  12. LibertyONE says:

    The classiest & most beautiful First Lady and her PATRIOTIC USA loving husband. Wow, what a sight and the Beast with those black tires isn’t bad either.

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  13. lemmus1 says:

    …POTUS/FLOTUS have certainly learned the optics value of handholding …they were frequently tagged for not doing so early in his term
    …she is simply stunning …and certainly appears to be growing into the role

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    • Carrie2 says:

      lemmus, sorry but they have held hands for years long before his run to the WH. It is a very endearing way to see them. How many men today hold their wife’s hand? Not many, unfortunately. A great couple and great example to us and our country in spite of the hate, lies, and nastiness by those who would want us to lose our Republic to communism.


  14. RyderLee says:

    The Excitement Never gets Old ,
    seeing Our President and First Lady
    step out of the plane
    to meet the waiting dignitaries !
    God Bless President Trump and Melania !

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  15. rvsueandcrew says:

    Did y’all catch Secretary Pompeo’s smile? I’m fascinated with the way that man stops time with a few terse words and a stare, yet his whole face can light up with the warmest smile.

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  16. Robert Smith says:

    Of course, China would not only give us 0% chance of a fair trade deal but despise us for being so weak.


  17. Jimmy Jack says:

    I selfishly love these foreign trips bc I love to see Trump put these foreign leaders in their place and I live for the Melania fashions. She always hits it out of the park abroad.

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  18. Rynn69 says:

    Dear Media,

    You are ugly. Very ugly. Even a brainwashed, ill-informed Democrat can notice hatred, bullying, persecution of innocent people, hyperbole, corruption, name-calling, narrative composing, and on and on and on. President Donald J. Trump will go down as one of the greatest Presidents of all time with an entire Evil Empire aligned against him. Do you understand you are the Evil Empire, media? Do you live in such an insulated bubble of like-minded know nothings you escape reality? When history is written, this will be seen as one of the darkest times in America. Free and fair press is gone. The media is the Democrat party so it is time to cut the charade. And by the way, when PDJT is no longer in office, the media will have nothing. Not even your daily hatred. The media has destroyed itself, its credibility, and its brand.

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  19. They look awefully cute and gorgeous! Well rested! Melania changed her outfit! Love to watch them!


  20. Like

  21. Jay Currie says:

    Did anyone else pick up the vibe that the Secret Service Agents looked particularly vigilant. Not to say they don’t look alert at other times but this time they seemed to me, at least, to be very urgent getting President Trump into the Beast ASAP.


  22. covfefe999 says:

    I’m beginning to feel like Donald and Melania Trump are the two most courageous people on the planet right now.


  23. Sunshine says:

    Pompeo is really into his element. He’s always smiling and laughing. They truly enjoy their work, are among the most powerful on the planet, and none are pretentious. It’s very pleasant observing them.


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