Nigel Farage Discusses PM Theresa May’s Disappointing Brexit Deal…

British Members of Parliament will vote on Theresa May’s sketchy Brexit deal on Tuesday 11th of December. The U.K. House of Commons is set to debate the pact for five days. More than 100 members of parliament have indicated they could vote against the deal.

Nigel Farage appears on Fox News to discuss the deal that Theresa May has constructed.

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92 Responses to Nigel Farage Discusses PM Theresa May’s Disappointing Brexit Deal…

  1. RoostyScoot says:

    I still haven’t seen what exactly is in the deal. I can’t tell whether it’s good or bad, and i don’t really trust the Pundits. I trust Nigel that it’s bad. But where can I see the agreement?

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  2. Right to reply says:

    It is time for Nigel to do something, rather than just talk about it. He needs to get into a position where he can run for PM

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  3. stats_guy says:

    This entire thing is a testament for bi-lateral trade agreements. Trade blocs and mult-lateral treaties like TPP are just dangerous for sovereignty. The EU sees itself as a hegemon.

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  4. snarkybeach says:

    Steve Hilton talked about this on his Sunday show. He said May’s deal is to have two more years of meetings to discuss Brexit, instead of severing ties immediately. He thinks May should resign.

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  5. AngelOnejudicial says:

    Establishment way, failure by design

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  6. Mncpo(ret) says:

    May is in serious trouble. When both the Tories and Labour hate you, you’ve got a problem. The deal, from what I’ve read, is horrible. She caved to the Spanish on Gibralter (even though the Rock voted to stay with the United Kingdom), she caved to the French on getting their fishing rights back (the EU will control all waters for fishing/Brits get less than 40% access), she caved to Junker on allowing the EU to “let” them leave at some point.

    They cannot make their own trade deals. They have to abide by what ever the EU Courts decide (regs, taxes,standards) AND the cherry on top is it only costs them 60 BILLION to become a vassal state,

    Now, she’s promising “Peerages”, key committee seats, key backing of some MPs, etc to bribe the House of Commons vote. My British friends are aghast and rightfully so.

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  7. Doug says:

    theresa may has negotiated for the exact deal that she wanted… its a crap deal and thats by design… so its either accepted and the electorate hates it and demands a change (which the elites want) or its rejected and she says they should vote again about a new deal… either way ignore the will of the voters is her goal… why you install someone as PM who was a remainer is and was always dumb and it shows

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  8. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Mrs May is another childless leader, what does she care? Her husband’s fortune is established in the EU. None of what her country has to go through will effect her. They can retire to Brussels and live with the elite. England-pfft

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  9. snellvillebob says:

    Does Merkel get to keep the UK nukes? I Doubt if she is willing to give up half her nuclear weapons, the other half used to belong to France.


  10. Dee Paul Deje says:

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    • Firefly says:

      Great talk: “We understand who we’re dealing with” an “how lucky escape we had in voting for brexit”
      Amazing how frustration and retaliation the brexit voters are going through parallels how we conservatives are treated after voting for PTrump. Good to see the Brexit voters aren’t putting up with it either!

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  11. I hate the EU like the Devil but even if Britain leaves it is done.
    Mass migration from Pakistan started in the late 1950’s. There are millions of them there now.
    Britain has no written constitution as such, no 1st amendment and no second to protect the first.
    There is no freedom of speech, no legal way to defend oneself and a camera on every street corner recording your every move. Plus 70 million people in a country the size of a small State. It has very few natural resources and very little industry. The economy revolves around the over priced property market and people using their home as an ATM by endlessly refinance it to support the service based economy.
    The country is a left of center country with obscenely high taxes and a health care system where you have to wait 4 months for an eye test, and a huge welfare state that has bankrupt the country.
    It is done.
    I was born and raised there so I know of what I speak.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Wow. Well. That’s pretty definitive then: no British dual-citizenship for me. Ever. It sounds like a disaster. :^p

      TBH, you’re 9,000 meter view is… depressingly eye-opening.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:


      Your post is an education.

      I must be ignorant on this but didn’t the people vote to get out of the EU?

      So, why can’t they just get out?…..”Hey. we’re out” finished…over…done…

      What is the issue…..or issues?…….Is it that complicated with all the side deals that were in place?

      Get out of the EU and then make side deals with people.

      Not to be flippant, but 70 million people on an island the third size of Texas……a large percentage of them invaders, a big percentage of the land belonging to the royals…..

      I don’t know that much about exiting the EU, but the UK seems to be like the band on the Titanic………or as Dandy Don used to sing….

      Turn out the lights…..the party’s over…

      Sad, actually……

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    • Janie M. says:

      lp, it is my understanding the “police” have become nothing more than a social media monitor… always looking for any disparaging comments made by Brits about their invaders so they can be fined, etc., and Brits risk being arrested/fined for defending their homes against burglars/criminals. So much for your home being your castle. Not surprising that London is called Londonstan.

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      • lawrencepaul1 says:

        I would not live in London if I was given a free house and a pension.

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      • yucki says:

        Janie- you’re exactly right. Sobering look:

        How the United Kingdom Became a Police State

        This article will demonstrate how the United Kingdom has steadily become a police state over the past twenty years, weaponizing its institutions against the people and employing Orwellian techniques to stop the public from seeing the truth. It will demonstrate, contrary to official narratives, that both overall levels of crime and violent crime have been increasing, not decreasing, as the size of the state in the UK has gotten bigger. It will also expose how the Labour government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown from 1997 to 2010, deliberately obscured real crime data with estimated crime rates based on survey data as opposed to the real numbers.

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        • Paint a pretty picture don’t it.

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        • Janie M. says:

          yucki, I have been a subscriber to the Gatestone Institute since about 2014. They have provided valuable insight into the issue of the invading mooslims (since the early 2000’s), with the total capitulation of their politicians, etc. because they would scream “racism” any time they were charged with crimes. This goes hand-in-hand with its now toothless police who go after its bona fide citizens (low hanging fruit) for their thought crimes. And as it is true in the US, the politicians have a complicit press. Good article btw, I am saving it so I can re-read it.

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    • strateshooter says:

      as a Brit I agree. I keep telling my kids to emigrate to USA but all they hear is CNN telling them it is the home of the orange devil.

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  12. emet says:

    Brexit reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode “Nick of Time”, wherein William Shatner cannot stop playing a mechanical fortune telling machine in a cafe. Eventually Shatner comes to believe he cannot do anything unleds the machines permits. He relinquishes control of his life, and comes to believe he is powerless to control his fate.

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  13. Piggy says:

    The British globalists (who are really Marxists) in power and the EU will continue to sit on it hoping people give in or forget. Why is May still there?

    What would happen if the Brit’s in government grew a pair and just said “we’re out” ? The US could support the UK for a bit, it’s not like we haven’t done it before with the Marshall Plan. What could the EU do? Keep barking because they have no bite.

    Just leave. They say debt…say no. They say trade…say no. They say some bs paperwork…say no. The EU has no bite and are only legitimate because people acknowledge them. Any deals with the EU further empowers an unelected bureaucracy.

    Be Britain again. Be the UK. Put the Queen back in charge. Continue making bad breakfast. Teach kids British history which they barely do anymore. Keep taxing people for extra closets. Any of these besides staying in the EU.

    Intestinal fortitude when it comes to doing the right thing for ones country and it’s citizens is in short supply. Greed and stupidity has become the new indulgence.

    Just leave and make like Nancy and just say “no” to the EU.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Yeah, this is what I am questioning……just get out……

      The EU can’t do anything….

      What are they going to do? Punish you for “their” rule violation you no longer need to adhere to?

      Grow a pair……just get out……hell they own a big percentage of America now

      Can you say BP (British Petroleum)…..look it up…..they own a bunch of stuff here…

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  14. I’m no UK expert, but it appears that the EU would collectively attempt to BOYCOTT the UK if they did a cold exit and refused the Extortion Payments.

    British Banks with EU holdings would see them frozen and would fail.

    UK tourism would implode.

    UK travelers to the continent would be blocked.

    Selectively Blocked Exports and Imports would bring them to their knees.

    Their only hope is to DUMP May for a Patriot Dealmaking Genius.

    Sad: There’s no British Trump and zero British Leverage.

    … BUT … A new PM COULD TEAM with Trump and TAP into AMERICAN LEVERAGE.

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    • soozword says:

      Exactly, PTrump could give the UK every advantage over the EU in trade and defense. Drop our NATO membership and form some kind of defensive alliance with only the UK ***IF*** they do a full Brexit and pay a proportional share of the cost. We can add other countries later to the new pact as they remove themselves from the EU.

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  15. Ristvan says:

    There is a significant possibility that Parliament will not agree to this half baked May deal. In that case two things likely happen. 1. May falls. 2. Brexit happens with no EU deal in place, as despite the EU court case today Article 50 plainly provides no mulligans once its notification latter is sent. That was on purpose, to discourage EU exits.
    IMO both would be good outcomes. Then US can do a clean bilateral trade deal with UK, something (intentionally?) not possible under the present May ‘deal’.

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  16. Dutchman says:

    The insight this issue, of brexit and how the british govrrnment is handling it, clarifies british involvement in the soft coup.
    For Americans, like me, who like things simple, its easiest to think of May as Hillary.
    Once you make tjat simple transferance, everything becomes a lot clearer.
    England is NOT our friend.
    England, or the government, are anti-MAGA, anti DJT, and ALL IN on “Globalism”.
    British people? My guess somewhere around 1/2 are just like OUR stoopid libertards, eager for the socialist, globalist utopia, promised by John Lennon.
    The other 1/2 are deplorables, needing a leader. Think of us American Deplorables, for the 8 years before the escalator ride.
    “WE”, should by all rights cease and desist “5 eyes”, yestrrday. Thinking of Engish govrrnment as being an ally, is like DJT thinking Paul Ryan is his friend!

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    • yucki says:

      The vast population replacement of the last decades makes it more difficult than ever to compare the U.S. and U.K. The proportions are skewed.

      Muslims from the Indian Subcontinent constitute a block vote that may vote RED – Left, but is really GREEN – Sharia. Their imams dictate their votes.

      The Gulf monarchies own enormous assets, legacy properties and institutions. Even the British upper-class finds itself diminished in relative terms.

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  17. So with the small bit of information we have at the moment, seems as though the EU is telling “England”…”Heads we win; Tails you loose.”

    Sounds like Burr explaining the continuation of the “Russia Inquisition”.

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  18. icestation3 says:

    At no point does Farage point out the reason why May is so obsessive about keeping Britain in the EU. Theresa May, just like Macron and Merkel, is a neo-Marxist. The EU is a neo-Marxist monstrosity.

    But is it really true that Western Europe has been taken over by the far-left? Importantly, it should be noted that neo-Marxism is a version of communism which focuses almost exclusively on the culture. The only way to judge if someone like Theresa May is a neo-Marxist would be to look closely at what they believe culturally and morally. This is something that the political right just isn’t doing. And judging whether or not a part of the world like Western Europe has been taken over by communists would require looking at what was happening to the culture and to morality in Western nations.

    So is there any evidence that Western Europe has moved culturally and morally to the far-left? If I was to say that almost all Western European leaders since the Cold War have been neo-Marxists (who call themselves progressives, BTW) would you believe me? May, Macron and Merkel would all class themselves as feminists. They are pro-multiculturalism, pro-open borders (but only in the West), pro-mass migration (but only into the West), pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, pro-gay marriage, pro-radical Islam (perfectly happy with sharia law being introduced), anti-Christianity, man-made climate change believing, support diversity and equality doctrines (gender pay gap etc), believe in concepts like white privilege and are anti-free speech. Yep, neo-Marxists to the core.

    All indoctrinated in the university system which is now overflowing with neo-Marxists.

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  19. yucki says:

    Lysenkoism, Tommy and the Impact of Political Religion
    by MC

    Lysenkoism is the politicisation of science as practised under Stalin (and others). It consisted of using pseudo-science to conform with, and confirm, political will. It is a tool of totalitarian politics where ‘scientific’ truth must be subjected to political convenience.

    We now see around us a new breed of Lysenkoism where ‘truth’ is made a servant of political religion. For the sake of this essay I will call this phenomenon TheresaMayism, in honour of the current status of British Justice now as a “farce and a sham” as predicted in the hilarious film farce Water starring Michael Caine.

    The British form of the socialist religion requires that all we really need is lurve, that ‘justice’ must be reshaped to accommodate political religion, and that therefore Tommy must die (we do so hope not). The judge basically washed his hands of the matter in true Pontius Pilot fashion.

    But TheresaMayism is not just a function of Downing Street. It is a major part of Brussels theology as well, and we even find it sprouting profusely in the US Democrat dirt.…

    …When the rule of law becomes whimsical, we know that a religion is behind it. Under Sharia law the ‘judge’ hears the case and Allah tells him, the judge, who is guilty or not. In a TheresaMayist environment the judge hears the case, and if the defendant is a ‘Tommy’ then he knows that he can apply the principles of political religious whimsy and will not be held accountable…

    The media also tend to be fellow travellers, having their own meaningless jargon to which they paste ‘memes’ gleaned from TheresaMayism. So ‘right-wing’, for example, has come to mean anybody who is not a TheresaMayist and is looking for political truth rather than political religion.

    ‘Fake news’ is anything that smacks of reality from a non-TheresaMayist source, and a ‘fascist’ is anybody who holds liberal conservative views (i.e. small-government proponents).…

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