Butte County Officials Establish “Health Advisory” Predicate To Block All Property Owners From Returning…

[OK, take note – this official Butte County statement now leads me to add a ‘Paradise Fire’ tab to the category listings on the right margin of the page.  This evolving story deserves continued and ongoing review.]

Today, Butte County health officials are establishing a the legal predicate to stop residents of Paradise, CA , and surrounding region, from returning to live on their property following the devastating “Camp Fire” wildfire.  The framework surrounds a regional “health advisory”; however, the objective appears to be blocking anyone from returning to live on their property for an undetermined period of time.

This type of big-government intervention is concerning for a myriad of reasons and could likely spur even more people to begin questioning motives:

Butte County – Dr. Andy Miller, Butte County Health Officer, has issued a hazard advisory strongly suggesting no habitation of destroyed property until property is declared clear of hazardous waste and structural ash and debris by Butte County Environmental Health.

There is evidence from recent fires in California that homes and property destroyed by fire contain high and concerning levels of heavy metals, lead, mercury, dioxin, arsenic, and other carcinogens. Some property may have the presence of radio-active materials. Exposure to hazardous substances may lead to acute and chronic health effects, and may cause long-term public health and environmental impacts.

As areas affected by the fire with destroyed homes and property are opened to residents, residents will have limited access to visit property to collect recognizable belongings and mementoes that may have survived the fire. Residents should review the Health and Safety Precaution for Re-entry packet, which will be distributed at controlled re-entry checkpoints.

The County is working with State and Federal partners who will assess each property for hazardous waste and remove those materials from each property. This process will take time.

There is no estimate as to how long it will take to assess and remove hazardous materials from each property at this time. After the property has been cleared of hazardous waste, the property owner can sign-up for a State debris removal program at no cost to the property owner.  (read more)

Understanding and appreciating the sensitivity because there are likely human remains in the burned-out rubble from almost 900 missing persons, and a death toll increasing daily (currently 81), this declaration by county health officials is remarkable in scale/scope.

Well over 12,600 single family homes were destroyed and hundreds more multi-unit dwellings.  That equates to tens-of-thousands of people over a significant area who are essentially being stopped from going home to begin the process of recovery.

From a resident’s perspective this health declaration is troubling on many levels.  Can the local government stop you from parking a camper on your own property while you rebuild?  Under what statute or set of regulations would the state or local county government be able to limit habitation on private property?  Is this a new standard being established?

Additionally, this semi-legal assertion appears to be establishing a precedent and could likely fuel significant numbers of people who are starting to question if there are motives and intents beyond (or before) the crisis at hand.

We’ll keep watching, and praying.

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309 Responses to Butte County Officials Establish “Health Advisory” Predicate To Block All Property Owners From Returning…

  1. Texian says:

    Why is the President allowing Moonbeam additional taxpayer money.. Moonbeam wrecked the car and killed people.. So you give the driver a pat on the back and give him other State’s money to clean up the wreck he caused and also will pay for restitution? And after the wreck the driver just gets to go home a richer State as if nothing had happened..?

    So called “sanctuary cities” are breaking the law.. And gubmint keeps giving them other State’s money.. Why is gubmint rewarding tyrannical behavior with law abiding citizens’ money?

    It’s the same thing with illegal invaders.. They break the law.. And the gubmint gives them free money, free food and free shelter.

    I don’t think the average American citizen gets such perks.. Wreck the car, kill people, wreck many lives.. And then the gubmint will give you somebody else’s money? I don’t think so..

    An American breaks the law.. And they get the book thrown at them..

    I’m tolerant to money being civilly donated to the Union to a certain extent.. Namely for our protection from outside invaders – and that point is becoming very questionable on its own by the way..

    I know Texas doesn’t agree with Moonbeam’s destructive policy behavior.. And I certainly don’t want our Texas money enriching and rewarding a destructive State’s criminal behavior..

    Something is seriously wrong in the American Union gubmint..

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    • WSB says:

      I hope the driver who wrecked the car and killed all the people has his trains and other toys taken away.

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    • Dave Radetsky says:

      I disagree. First, there are probably very few illegals living there. But more important, the president is not doing this to help Moonbeam, he’s doing it to help American citizens in need. This isn’t about one state vs another, it’s about Americans helping other Americans. If we start refusing to help disaster victims, as Obama did when Nashville flooded during his term, then we are no better than the left. This is a time to set aside differences and show them our love and compassion.

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      • LafnH20 says:

        Very few illegals living there


        You Must Be Kidding…
        Correcto, mi amigo!!

        Friggin FARM Country all around.

        NOT many illegals…


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        • MamaTried says:

          i Spoke with a mother of four who lost everything in the fire. She hates Jerry Brown and has been trying to get out of California for awhile. I suggest the Fed offer American citizen property owners that are fire victims money to move elsewhere and that is it by way of aide.

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        • Terri says:

          Native Californian here – at least 25% of the illegal population of the entire US lives in California. Last count we have at least six million illegal immigrants living here. The population of Butte County, Paradise in particular had a large number of senior citizens, retirees. But make no mistake you’ll find illegals in every county of California. This is a sanctuary state for crying out loud.

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        Yeah, many balked at helping New Orleans after Katrina, too. The average resident has no control over poor government. BUT, California has been transparently flouting forest management, with predictable results, and they know what they are voting for.

        We should demand policy change for our money, and no further federal assistance without some responsible self protection.

        Also, New Orleans residents were not allowed reentry for a full 30 days, with good reason. There is literally no infrastructure there now, and no concept of the health conditions on the ground. Let’s not jump to conspiracy theories SD. They’ll be living on their land in federally provided FEMA trailers soon enough.

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      • Texian says:

        It is obvious we were raised and educated very differently..


    • Ron Jaeger says:


      Sonoma County , Calif. has allowed folks to park Trailers etc. on burned lots etc. with swer hookups etc. I hope Butte sees the light on this .

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      • Uncle Zeb says:

        I am one of the strongest supporters of President Trump, but as someone who investigated arson and house fires for 30 years, this is not unreasonable. You really dont want to breathe that crap. I have talked to medically retired firefighters who can no longer breath without oxygen. You would not believe the crap that will be circulating in that area for awhile. Nasty stuff. Now if it becomes permanent them I am with you. At some point they should be allowed to return.

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        • JimmyJack says:

          I am very concerned about my friend there now.


        • WT says:

          Yep, I’d set my tent or rv down right in the middle of my burned out house, /sarc
          I guess since common sense has left the planet, dictates such as this become routine.
          Just a quick look at google maps shows that most of the people in Paradise weren’t living on postage stamp lots, and should have plenty of room to camp……
          Nope, sorry I’m pretty much tired of being protected, vaccinated, poisoned(fluoride), gmo’d, to death, and that’s just on the Health care, not to mention surveilled, chemtrailed, regulated, taxed, and finally burned out, Yep, it’s all good!
          I think you missed a boot……


    • janinec4 says:

      It wasn’t a car wreck, it was a direct purposeful execution…genocide.

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    • MB224 says:

      He can’t appear to be punishing the People of California to spite the Traitors in Office. But all will come to light. It will take a minute in CA because the cabal is so deeply entrenched.


  2. Normally Quiet Observer says:

    For those commenters who think the lack of population in the northern most fire areas is a reason there will be NO Super train going there … those of us old enough can remember when MOST of the area was so thinly populated that electricity and phone lines WERE NOT AVAILABLE in places like rural Auburn, CA – which is an almost unheard of thing today. The government lays their plans – often DECADES in advance, for what they want to do, and I believe they see the spread of NORCAL “society” right into those areas that are now burnt to a cinder. The difference is by then, the government will own it all (or a select chosen few will have bought it from the gov’t at rock bottom prices)! Property that by then will be ‘cleared for habitation’, and development – including the train to get commuters to work. Funny how so called “natural disasters” seem to happen in areas the government would like to own. After the “learning curve” of the Bundy Ranch, and its northern land grab afterwards, they KNOW the people will no longer stand for that kind of ‘takeover’ … so they found another way to get people OFF the land they want control over. Also, think Mineral Rights of the land they are basically stealing from the owners … Hmmmm.

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  3. elmo says:

    Just love the picture of the suspicious cat. Trying to hang onto hope for all these victims, praying for the missing and closure for all.

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  4. bertdilbert says:

    “Some property may have the presence of radio-active materials.”

    Yes this is true! Coleman lamps had radioactive mantles!

    “The Coleman Company, one of the world’s largest makers of camping supplies, continued to use Thorium to make their mantles until the mid-1990s when they changed to yttrium, a non-radioactive compound that does not burn as bright, but burns longer.”

    Key word “may”.

    This is starting to look like a land grab..

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  5. bessie2003 says:

    Thank you Sundance for creating a permanent tab for this topic.

    I’ve shared it with a few family members and friends who are affected by this event so they can follow along, share it with others in their situation, add info as it becomes available.

    The Treehouse is indeed becoming a go-to source for real news!

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  6. Litlbit2 says:

    Where is the rental fees, transportation fees, mail, mail orders, storage for those not at? fees coming from. Who is making the checks? Audits? Who is responsible for liability under the orders?

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  7. IMO says:

    POTUS brought the guilty back to the crime scene. Newsom with his hands in his back pockets looks guilty of something.

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  8. bertdilbert says:

    General rule with people: If someone gives you a bunch of reasons (excuses), chances are none of those reasons are the real reason. So many reasons are listed here, I suspect that none of the reasons are the real reason and we are being fed excuses. Suspicious cat is right on the money.

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  9. robohobo2014 says:

    Watch for the land grab. It will be coming.

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  10. Big government and land grabs all for the good of society….watch out….we’ve seen this game played before!

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  11. Smurfette says:


    Investigators were not permitted access to Building 7 to collect data at the WTC immediately after 911 either, which by then all the supposed melted steel had been removed.

    New evidence in the mainstream media confirms that Building 7 did not collapse from fire. It collapsed on its on footprint in 7 secs. See video of announcement.


    I give you: Directed Energy Weapons INFRASOUND. Look it up.

    The recent Italy bridge collapsed the same way.

    Here is the link and official video where it was announce there was no fire at Building 7.

    Kill two birds with one stone literally. Massacre 3000 Americans for Agenda 21 and use it as excuse to send troops to the Middle East. Iraq War. GWB. Three Bush generations starting with Prescott, Nazi sympathsizer, of the Skulls and Bones Society who meet annually in a tomb without windows. In other words, underground where they cannot be eavesdropped. John Kerry, coincidently marries the rich Heinz heir, was also a member.

    Osama bin Laden taken down under Obama. All 17 Navy Seals formerly in the mission die in a helicopter crash. How convenient.

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  12. Molly Pitcher says:

    Why doesn’t this surprise me in the least? Did the Govt assess the southern Ca properties with the same advisory?
    Grab that land, fire sale, literally.


    • Jbird says:

      Southern Cali properties involved in Woolsey fire were extremely high value assessments , the state would be crazy to purposely disrupt the property tax basis income they receive. Paradise is different, I did hear Brown state not necessarily could present lot owners rebuild in Paradise, building codes, environmental regulations are now more restrictive.


  13. Gary Lacey says:

    This is California, it is for all practical purposes essentially a socialist ruling elite elected by the people. The stupid only seem to grasp the dire consequence of their actions when it is their ox getting gored.

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  14. weareallandrew says:

    Butte County (and CalFire-Moonbeam Green Twits) may have something to hide, and
    this is a false flag to distract the Little People,
    that The Elite Who Know Whats Best need to keep in line.

    Now who might be storing radioactive materials out there?

    Cue the Twilight Zone music…

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    • I’m not much of a conspiracy person, but it could be possible there is a nuclear waste dump there…would explain the complete incineration of so many people. Also, I thought in that video that SD posted earlier which was trying to get people to move into shelters rather than stay in their tents was rather weird. But, at the time, I figured it was Dem obsessed control…never thought that there could be a reason like this.

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      • JimmyJack says:

        The Kardashians started publicly demanding Newsom look into some kind of secret nuclear facility that was showing higher radioactivity levels from this fire. Not sure how they’d know if it’s a secret unless someone reached out to them knowing they have access to the president.


      • Farmkid says:

        Early on at the onset of the fires I read a concern from someone who was alarmed about the Paradise fire passing through a former nuclear waste site (not sure if it was a lab or military) and people were not being evacuated. At the time I was busy tracking friends in the southern fire and did not confirm. I believe the commenter was British and had regional/historical knowledge through his employment.


  15. Rex says:

    I suggest this was the goal all along.
    i.e. , Peasants in cities/tent cities are more easily controlled than people living out in the sticks.

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    • JimmyJack says:

      I have to admit this gives weight to all the people insisting this was a DEW to clear people out fir Agenda 21/2030.

      If those people are right our lives are now literally in the hands of the globalist deep state in ways we cannot defend ourselves from.

      Suddenly Swalwell’s words don’t sound so crazy.

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  16. Thomas Holsinger says:

    Sounds like inverse condemnation to me. It blocks all reasonable use of the owners’ property. Damages are problematic, though.

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  17. Jenny R. says:

    These were the recommendations given in 1997 *this is roughly the same policy as the one recommended in 1995, that is referenced in the second link from 2007):

    Click to access 1995-Federal-Fire-Policy.pdf

    These policies were again reiterated as preferred policy by the BLM, Forestry, etc. under the National Fire Policy Plan:

    Click to access 1995-Federal-Fire-Policy.pdf

    In 1994 (or 5), the Clinton administration started the initiative (which it basically strong armed the logging companies into) of “saving” old growth forests by not allowing logging. It also did not respond to the 1995 report by Forestry, BLM, etc. listed above.
    During the Obama administration, the budget for fire suppression was drastically cut (at a time when the Clinton policies were really starting to turn up results: huge freaking fires).
    Fire Operations – Suppression Budget
    2008 – $1,177,620
    2009 – $993,947
    2010 – $997,505
    2011 – $595,000 -40%
    2012 – $537,8583
    2013 – $534,7814
    2014 – $680,488
    2015 – $708,000
    2016 – $794,534
    2017 – $873,904
    2018 – $1,056,818
    YOu have to realize that by this time, due to Clinton policies, the undergrowth would take even more money to get cleared…because it had been allowed to get out of control; instead, Obama cut the budget.
    And Jerry Brown did block a bipartisan bill that would have at least addressed the problems somewhat in his state.

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  18. I’m kind of wondering if there was a nuclear waste dump under these properties that State Government knew about, but no one else. Would explain Gov Brown’s shell shocked behavior….did he mention it to POTUS?

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Every house has radioactive content. Bananas and Brazil nuts are radioactive. Every foundation will emit radioactive when the concrete is broken. They are trying to pull a fast one here.

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    • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

      His reaction may be colored by the disaster over at Hunters Point housing development….Pelosi’s baby.

      That is definitely built on a former Superfund site!

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      • JimmyJack says:

        What disaster?


        • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

          Public relations disaster. Do a quick search for Hunters Point Radiation and there are years of articles. The land was previously a nuclear research facility. During atomic bomb testing era, at Bikini Atoll I think, they placed ships around the underwater nuke to see how they fared. Then they got the bright idea to drag some of them back to Hunters Point to try and decontaminate the ships. Well they couldn’t clean the ships. Up until the point they realized this, workers with sand blasters, steam and high pressure water were gettin it done and spreading contamination everywhere.

          There is no radioactive waste dump under Paradise!

          California is home to the worlds largest underwater radioactive waste disposal site. It resides just past the scenic Golden Gate Bridge, in the Farrallons National Marine Sanctuary.

          A further little tidbit of democrat lunacy…. You can’t ride a Jet Ski in the Farrallons as they harm the environment.

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  19. Ausonius says:


    Is it still 1955 in California? 😉

    “Step right up and buy Doctor Jerry Brown’s Full-Strength Guaranteed Internationally Renowned Elephant Repellent!

    “Elephant repellent? There aren’t any elephants around here!”

    “See how well it works?” 😉

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  20. Feanor says:

    Burning houses for rail.

    Not unthinkable for a Liberal to do.

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  21. Franklin says:

    The air in Paradise is probably very toxic right now. Letting people in would open the government to new problems.

    There is no infrastructure left so sitting on your property presents a health hazard. Where are you getting water, fuel and waste disposal from? Also if the debris is to be removed it would appear reasonable to have people out of the way. A plan first needs to be developed as to where to begin such a monumental task of debris removal.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      “The air in Paradise is probably very toxic right now”

      You are so full of bunk. The President and State government officials were there last Saturday and none were wearing protective equipment. Photos abound.

      Mods: Government/Liberal shill alert. This one has been flagging me for a while.

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      • JimmyJack says:

        I have a very good friend on the ground there now doing forensics so I hope to God you’re right. I do remember though the huge mistake Christine Todd Whitman made by saying the air at WTC was safe when it wasn’t and first responders are dying from it daily.

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  22. Will says:

    Sundance, might I suggest you get in touch with Gerard Van der Leun, a former Paradise resident who lost his home in the fire who is also a blog writer. He’s been in the Chico / Paradise area for quite some time and might know a local angle to this strange order by Butte County. His blog is here:


    His email is on the far right side of the blog page.

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  23. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Some smoke detectors have Americium-241 to make them work, but a really small amount. It’s an alpha emitter and bad if you inhale or ingest. But you only need a NIOSH approved particulate respirator to protect yourself.

    I think excluding people from their property is wrong.

    Unfortunately while trying to brainstorm ideas to allow entry I come up with regulatory roadblocks.

    Such as if they issue entry procedures requiring use of protective equipment. CalOSHA has regulations about issuing respirators, so does that make the state liable for people possibly injured because they wore protective equipment wrong?

    If the debris is ‘hazardous’, they don’t want it improperly disposed and going into the watershed and they don’t want people exposed to it.

    But, I’m still very sceptical as I’m trying to remember if they did this with previous fires? What makes these homes different? All homes have a few smoke detectors.

    If there is ever a big radiation event involving a community, it will be evacuated and nobody is going back to live until radiation levels drop enough so it’s safe for people to live. See Chernobyl.


  24. The scumbag governor Moonbeam has been a disaster for in all the years he’s been in office. He has done nothing much except to help destroy the once magnificent state of California. What makes anyone think that now because of the fires that occurred as a direct result of his malfeasance, he’s going to do a 180 and do the right thing?

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  25. rashomon says:

    How odd that yesterday Greg Hunter would host Dane Wigington on just this very GLOBAL topic: Geo Engineering. Dane Wigington – Climate Engineering the Single Greatest Threat Short of Nuclear Cataclysm

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    • Sherbear61 says:

      Every treeper should watch Rashomons video…I believe this is what the real problem is too.
      How in the world to change things…🙏


  26. markone1blog says:

    You know, this would be a perfect time to reset the unreasonable real estate prices. If you’ve insured your house, take the money and get out. Go somewhere that has lower real estate prices, lower taxes, less intrusive government, and more personal freedom.

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  27. RVAguy says:

    Precautions to stop the spread of hazardous cell phone videos from leaving the containment zone. Political wildfire.

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  28. Garrison Hall says:

    The Califa county governments have been heavily politicized by Agenda21 dogma for many years now. They’ve been trying to induce people to leave rural areas and move into cities by refusing to maintain rural roads, for instance. There is an Agenda21 based set of ideas build around “re-wilding” where people are concentrated into cities and newly “wild” areas are closed to all human use. This is done in the name of “sustainability”. It is entirely possible that the country officials in the fire areas are going to try to create something along those lines. Given the ideological influence of Agenda21 “planning” I don’t think those counties want people living in those burned areas.

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    • amanda4321 says:

      Yes, I think the refusal to maintain rural roads is what woke up Rosa Koire to what was going on. She now gives talks on Agenda 21, runs the democratsagainstagenda21 site, and wrote the Behind the Green mask book (good for waking lefties up about the green agenda, the UN and “sustainability”)


  29. Chris J. Lilley says:

    So I am HazWOPER trained and posses all appropriate PPE and training required to enter an uncontrolled site. They cant stop me on my property. Additionally my home qualifies under the household hazardous waste rules. Theyhave no jurisdiction. Look itup.

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  30. Chris J. Lilley says:

    Geesh – sitting here thinking about it – to declare any SITE off limits due to waste rules requires evidence and due process. Any conscientous home iwner can depth charge this by asking when their property was inspected by DTSC (california version of EPA), ask for the report and evudence, demand their day in front of the admistrative law judge and eat their lunch.

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  31. Chris J. Lilley says:

    A single home owner with a decent legal representation can end that. Radioactive – really?? For those that dont know that applies to most smoke detectors. Which have home owner exemptions to dispose via municipal disposal (ie your garbage pickup).

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    • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

      I agree with you on the disposal aspect of smoke detectors, but those are intact units. They are dealing with incinerated detectors, in this scenario, and a potentially radioactive dust, but it’s nothing that a half face HEPA respirator wouldn’t keep out.

      The chemicals produced by the fire are many times worse exposure wise, than radiation!

      I think they use the word radiation for the shock value.


  32. Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

    Let’s see. Pass absurd, tyrannical, no-cut, no clear, no controlled burn rules against all commonly accepted forestry practices and wait for the inevitable conflagration.

    When it occurs and burns people off their land, you ban them from returning and then take the land.

    Put them in ‘compact urban areas’ were the UN says we must all live. Sound about right?

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  33. Chris J. Lilley says:

    40 CFR 261.4 HHW exclusions. Giggles.


  34. Franklin says:


    Look at this video there are some interesting satellite images and the poster raises some interesting points.

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  35. I mentioned a couple Days ago, in one of Sundances “fire threads”..
    The (well I was accused of being a “Tin-Foiler”..)

    That the Residents would NOT be allowed to move back in NOR will they ever be allowed to “rebuild”…
    I’m Not going to say “I told you so”..
    But the Title of the tread here bears witnessing, What I suggested, a few Days ago, bears out the truth…

    So folks are citing the “Bullet Train” theory..
    IMOP, it goes alil deep & Older that this..
    Remember Orrville Dam? Well, conduct a search on Gold being found after the spillway nearly Collapsed..
    I post a couple quick links, for your enjoyment.

    Click to access report.pdf


    Mines in the area(s) surrounding Paradise..

    (notice the “Minerals” being mined)
    Here is a OLD piece of History about this..

    The Unsolved Mystery Of California’s Idle Diamond Mine

    Magalia Gold District
    **Some of the old mining properties have been made into housing subdivisions. The famous 54-lb. Willard, Dogtown, or Magalia nugget was found here in 1859. This is one of the more productive placer-mining districts in the state. Several local residents have estimated the total output to be $40 million, but that figure is too high (author). Much of the output has come from drift mines. **

    We could be looking at a “Agenda 21” thing..
    It could be about the $$$$ Possible to be made…
    I’m thinking “MINES” as the area(s) are now reported to be “Toxic”…
    Though Again I’m called crazy, or a Tin-Foil” type person..

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  36. agentcommonsense says:

    I am a 3 generation gold prospector, I live in California I don’t pan I find gold in rocks, I find it, I refine it and I sell it
    Paradise was and still is metallic mineral rich. The gold veins and Platinum in quartz are still being mined today..
    I fear the people will never be allowed back on their property because it is being stolen
    Its all about the gold

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  37. this is one picture I’ve been looking for..
    Yep “Wildfires’ are so UNPREDICTABLE..
    It decides to burn just 2/3rds of a home…
    Suspicious cat indeed..

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  38. furrcats says:

    I just found out that the sheriff of butt country is not letting cat rescuers to retrieve the survivors and if you went to volunteer you have to fill out rims of paperwork and be over 18 what a cluster ca government must cluster it’s in their DNA 🧬 they should feel grateful to Jesus Christ that I’m not there to kick there ass I’m so angry right now

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  39. Maquis says:

    Surprise Surprise Surprise.




  40. Paradise Lost #6 ~ The Gold Rush Returns ~ No Humans Needed

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  41. Fannie says:

    My brother just emailed me this info:

    “Our neighbor who’s the arborist for Minnesota Power leaves for California on Saturday for at least a couple weeks to survey trees in burned areas to determine whether they need to come down before power poles and conductors are renewed. Linemen with trucks will be traveling there also.”

    So there’s a plan to restore power but not the people?

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  42. kea says:

    I really don’t know what to think or say. But the fact that over 900 are still missing and it was such a hot fire and the Cal gov…. I trust nothing


  43. richq11 says:

    Nothing like being obvious… Eminent Domain! That’s why they started the fire, they wanted the property for the high-speed rail and they didn’t want to pay for it! Sleazy but very effective!!!

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  44. g77enn says:

    Gullible Americans go along with the excuses these corrupt Agenda 21 officials make to take private property. They don’t realize that the enemy uses any means to achieve their ends. So while we’re debating the pros and cons of what they are doing, they are taking our property. Once they get their foot in the door our property is theirs. Gullible Americans are easy to con from their perspective. They even laugh at us behind closed doors because the fact they took your property gives them the right to do so since we proved too stupid to stop them (their perspective, not mine).


  45. CarolinaKat says:

    Dioxin?! Oh really. The active ingredient in Agent Orange?

    If true, lots of dead people even exposed only slightly to it. I call false on that one. There are only two wastefills that will take dioxin waste (I’ve handle it in the laboratory for analysis). It requires extreme caution as it is one of the most deadly chemicals in existence. How did it ‘get there’ if there at all? And why is anyone ever allowed back, why is this fire ‘special’ from other wildfire areas with homes where people are allowed to return?

    Something really stinks on this, and it isn’t just the smoke. Between this and the terrorism in LV – we will never get answers.


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    • mimbler says:

      When I did a computer search it said dioxin is formed from burning trash and from forest fires.

      At what concentration, it didn’t say.


  46. kathyca says:

    I guarantee the reason is because of potential liability. Insurance policies typically contain specific exclusions for radioactive material, asbestos and other pollutants. Frankly, this is the fault of “we the people” who are so enamored of our victim status that juries award tens of millions of dollars to people who are, for example, dying from mesothelioma in their 80’s after living a long and happy life. Look at the litigation from the aftermath of world trade for another example.


    • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

      My parents lived about three blocks from the Twin Towers. My dad watched people jump from the building, he was so close.

      After 9-11, they were kept out of their place for close to six months, until the place was certified hazard free by the health department. The Red Cross provided housing during the time they were displaced.


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