President Trump Interview With Chris Wallace…

President Trump sits down with swamp gatekeeper Chris Wallace for an extensive interview over multiple events. Fox News posts the interview in three segments. Part I:


Part II:

Part III:


Howie Kurtz interviews Chris Wallace:


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103 Responses to President Trump Interview With Chris Wallace…

  1. Dan Patterson says:

    This might be a good op for PDT; Wallace is the Captain of the Gatekeeper’s Guard so there could be revealing information. I will watch when I get a chance.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      Might be…could be…will watch when you get a chance. Thanks for being first to let us know you didn’t review the subject matter. /s

      Here’s a recap: Chrissy starts out by framing what all of PTrump’s enemies are saying about him. Then, he proceeds to ask a “how long have you been beating your wife” question. It continues for about another half-hour with gotcha questions and interruptions.

      POTUS was on trial here – it wasn’t an interview.

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      • snarkybeach says:

        I was running errands this afternoon and, lucky me (/s), got home in time to watch the ever preening Little Chrissy attempt to defend the propaganda merchants…

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      • hdpman says:

        Who is worse Wallace, Juan Williams, or shep? I would say Wallace because he tries harder to hide his bias. He comes across to me as one nasty sob. Vsg, says he wasn’t on the ballot, that’s what happened to the house. I think too many trump supporters couldn’t hold their nose one more time to vote for their rino. Maybe we should have all used this opportunity to get rid of the rinos and start over when PDJT is on the ballot in 2020

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    • PremAmericaReturns says:

      Folks, watch the interview. It is fantastic.

      Yes, Wallace is at times combative. But really nothing.

      The President came across brilliantly.

      It is silly to be so thin skinned that you miss out on relaxing and enjoying a really good interview.

      And, it is much better that Wallace is somewhat combative. It makes the interview compelling and believable.

      Also, Wallace is very respectful of the President. Watch with an ounce of objectivity. It is a lot of fun.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        You found Wallace “respectful of the President”? How so???

        Only in the 3rd clip (a 3-min video of a walk in the Oval Office) was he non-combative. Other than that, he was a genuine, certifiable ass.


      • GB Bari says:

        Honestly I think you’re really reaching to describe it that way.

        Wallace was about 50% disrespectful and 50% respectful. The President simply had to overpower his rude interruption several times, which PDJT did effectively.

        I almost shut it off maybe three different times when Wallace would not let the President complete a key reply to the question. It was so obvious that Wallace got perturbed when the President was not taking the bait for a “gotcha” question.

        I give the President an A+ on his answers and his patience in the face of Wallace’s D+ performance for his rudeness and attempt to bully the President about his calling out the Fake News.

        IMHO. YMMV.


      • Newton Love says:

        Yes, Wallace is at times combative. Yes, Wallace was a (D) Donkey, who loudly brayed at PDJT, to interrupt his answer to try another gotcha question to entrap the President.

        There, I fixed it for you.


      • Gary Lacey says:

        I can’t watch Mr Gotcha without it kindling a burning rage to snuff the SOB, making the air cleaner, the sun brighter….you get the idea.


      • Sandra says:

        I particularly chuckled when PDT referenced Wallace’s dad, a friend of his. I thought he was talking about a credible reporter


  2. bertdilbert says:

    The media really likes to play up angry Trump. Chris Wallace jumped right in.

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  3. WSB says:

    Wallace…a very good name for a short-haired Chihuahua, obnoxiously nipping at your heels.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      WSB, and he has no manners as he keeps interrupting Trump, but Trump then tends to override Wallace’s crudeness and besides Wallace is part of the fake news. The president can do whatever he wants with the press in the WH or the pressers because that is his and any other’s president’s right to do. Love the new picture of a baby chair just for Acosta. Loved seeing that and still laughing but he must pay for his own diapers, thank you!

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  4. rumpole2 says:

    I am about to watch….
    I am assuming that Christine will be annoying as always

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  5. Pyrran says:

    I had to stop watching this interview because Wallace would never let the President finish a sentence before breaking in. I already thought he was a jerk and this just cemented my views on him. Just once. could we have an interview where the questions are allowed to be answered?
    Not with Trump. Oh no, we gotta get him. Wallace says you lost in this election and that election, trying to equate Trump with losing when he isn’t running. Everything is about damaging the President and his reputation. It’s despicable

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  6. feralcatsblog says:

    North Korea has a very large standing Army, so in a sincere show of Chairman Kim’s respect and affection for President Trump, I would suggest he offer the loan of, oh say about 25,000 of them … .. we would provide transportation and food and lodging, of course, as well as job well done bonus later … .. to defend our southern border. They would have a North Korean General leading them and I am quite sure he wouldn’t tell his troops to regard the whole thing as just some mickey mouse set up camp training exercise.

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  7. Did I just hear wallace rattle off 36 seats?
    This means Democrat voter fraud has been used to flip 10 more districts well after the election.

    Why isn’t Trump telling him ‘fraud’ and sicking the attorneys on the DNC this instant?

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    • NJF says:

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      • conservalicious says:

        I saw this on reddit and think it shows what has been happening since the midterm election… “There was not one single election contest in all of America where the democrat was leading on election night, and the republican candidate then found boxes of votes to win. But the democrats just did this very thing 20+ times for these midterm elections. Odds of 20-0 is mathematically impossible.”

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    • NPR posted on the 14th with 34 seats and by today expect 39. I would post the link but broke my mouse. It’s called big blue wave democrats pick up most seats in a generation, if you want to find it. Funny how they pick up 14 seats after an election.

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    • Just read on the Daily Open Thread that democrat Gina Ortiz Jones is attending orientation in DC and is 1,500 points behind her Republican opponent and hasn’t filed the $100,000 fee for a recount. Sounds pretty presumptuous but strange things are happening.

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  8. CharterOakie says:

    Wallace is such a tool. Insufferable.

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  9. Trump has lost his touch on-the-fly since the primaries.

    Wallace talking about Obama and the media..
    Obama surveilled the entirety of the AP, barred Fox News, and IMPRISONED dozens.

    This needs to be thrown into their face every single time they try this canard on him.

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    • petszmom says:

      i was waiting for him to retort with ‘and how many did obama lose, now THAT is historically newsworthy since it’s what, double, triple what i lost?’. the only way to fight fire with fire is exposing them right on the spot, turn the tables on them, paint them into a corner., run a shiv through their tongues. with this kind of training they will think twice about a second interview with the same evil motives of painting PT badly.

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    • Judith says:

      I hope the President understands that the GOP has failed him AND us. The Republican party stood back and *condoned* the massive voter fraud that effectively stole their majority. This was done against the wishes of POTUS and the American people.

      AMERICAN CITIZENS, however, continue to support President Trump and his MAGA agenda. The problem is, we were robbed of our constitutional right to free elections.

      I hope that President Trump appreciates the difference, and that he finds a way to combat it. Where is Whitaker?

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      • George1 says:

        Unfortunately if the President is not even allowed to decide, based on a reporters’ obnoxious behavior, who is allowed in the White House press room, then I doubt he is going to be allowed to have a real AG that has not been reigned in. Whitaker has probably already been undercut past being effective.

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      • Yy4u says:

        Judith brings up an excellent point. I would add. Why does Ronna McDaniel still have a job? Shouldnt she resign? What happened to all the money they supposedly raised? I smell a rat. Actually a lot of rats.


  10. Menotrite says:

    Chris Wallace. Ugh!
    He reveals his true self every time he does an interview like this. He can’t seem to listen long enough to understand.

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  11. rumpole2 says:

    Christine Wallace is the ENEMY of the American people!!


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    • andyocoregon says:

      Yeah, Chris Wallace knows exactly who President Trump is referring to and why when he calls Fake News MSM The Enemy of the People. He played dumb and P. T. called him out on it. And his claim that all media is united is total B.S.

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      • Christine says:

        With rumpole naming Wallace “Christine”, I feel compelled to reply! I’m the pro-Trump, non-Swamp Christine. 😉

        That’s the bit of the interview that annoyed me the most. Yes, we all know Wallace is a Swamp creature, but this is getting ridiculous.

        For months MSM have accused President Trump of calling MSM the enemy of the people. Countless times he & others have corrected them, ad nauseam, saying “No, it’s FAKE NEWS that is the enemy of the people”.

        Yet, they persist with this lie! Even Wallace tried pushing that line twice, and was twice called on it by POTUS.

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    • StanH says:

      Yes Chris, you have removed all doubt you are a defender of the state.

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  12. frank field says:

    My cable plug goes off at 12 am tomorrow. I loathe Wallace. I can gleefully imagine trump smashing him in the chest with a straight right.

    GOD help me and please keep blessing America.

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  13. todayistheday99 says:

    They really try to convince themselves that they aren’t fake news. But it just makes it more obvious they are fake news. After fox backed the Acoster lawsuit, I don’t bother watching FOX except Tucker Waters and Gutfeild.

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    • weareallandrew says:

      Fox calling the elections before polls closed, plus standing uo for Acosta means I will watch clips, here, GP, and occasionally elsewhere but have cut the cord otherwise.


  14. Lactantius says:

    It is mysterious to me why President Donald J. Trump continually permits Chris Wallace to eat his lunch by controlling the narrative. Wallace tacitly supports every goose in the gaggle which pretends to be the press. They are all holy, sacred protectors of the truth, in the Wallace world. And while he is doing it, Wallace continually reframes what the President has just said in order to tee him up with another smack of the Wallace driver. I long for President Donald J. Trump to recall Reagan and answer Wallace with “there you go again” and then parse how Wallace is twisting his words.

    Just for grins, I would love to see a proper deconstruction of the many, many shifts to fallacies of logic which Wallace employs. Wallace is no great journalist. He is an Ivy League Acosta with a Brooks Brothers finish. He is Barbara Walters in drag. A mile wide and an inch deep.

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    • GB Bari says:

      People see and hear what they want to see and hear.

      Wallace did not “eat [the President’s] lunch” by any measure. He was trying but was effectively outgunned by a stronger and more forthright individual, POTUS.

      Wallace looked pathetic. Rude, yapping, he must have used the word “But” thirty times.

      Wallace is Swamp Media Personified.

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  15. Lie Detector says:

    Sorry, but Wallace is right. “Mr President, we all are fake news. So an attack on CNN is an stack on all of us”.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      AND THEN President Trump should reply: You really get it Chris. You are ALL fake news so an attack on one of you IS really an attack on all of you. That’s what I love about you Chris. You REALLY get it!!!

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      • dogsmaw says:

        dang it you say it so well, I decided not to leave a separate comment. The Unimedia is instep 100% in reporting. No need to have a preferred commentary from a journalist for any network…they paraphase each other daily…and Chrissy Boy just doesn’t realize he stepped into it big time.

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    • woohoowee says:

      Would this work: Mr. President, we all write and disseminate fake news.


  16. jrapdx says:

    Sure, Wallace is a little POS, a slimy operative for the “enemy of the people”. In the last video Wallace is boasting about how he lambasted the President over his “fake news” commentary, but I clearly heard the President say it was NOT the media as a whole, but the part gives phony info that doesn’t serve the interests of the people. Wallace didn’t understand, or more likely deliberately failed to make the distinction, itself “fake news”.

    So yes, all too clear that Wallace constructs himself to be an “enemy of the people”. He couldn’t be more transparently “fake” than he showed us today.

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  17. woohoowee says:

    LOL! The All-American Alpha President vs a rabid Pomeranian. Lefties are just permanently miserable people. Sheesh! Who wants to be around/listen to that all the time?!

    Fake News is the Enemy of the People

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  18. MR Deacon says:

    Wallace: You called “the media” the enemy of the people.
    Trump: Fake news media. They lie.
    Wallace: But you can’t just single out certain outlets and call them liars just because you don’t like the lies they are telling the public and just because what they are telling them is totally false. After all, false and fake are not the same things. .
    Wallace: continues lying and interrupting pushing the communist global agenda while quelling free speech and crying about free speech

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  19. A little critique of the highest order.

    Honestly, I have seen the President do better interviews. I thought he could have clarified and drove home the “enemy of the people” label for the media. Simple: When the media purposely creates false narratives to undermine the Presidency and by extension the will of the people—the media are then the enemy of the people. However, the President did at least give examples of the Fake News.

    That said, going through the comments under the videos on YouTube—except for the handful of expected trolls, the vast majority of the comments were supportive of President Trump and very critical of Chris Wallace.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      I thought President Trump handled Chris Wallace quite well. He defended his positions and statements with facts.

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      • Like I said, critique of the highest order. I was nit-picking a bit. 😀

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      • donna kovacevic says:

        I enjoyed the interview little Christine had with President Putin. Putin asked him ” Are you going to let me answer or talk or should you just continue with your propaganda. Putin leaned in I was praying he would pop that weasel right in the ugly face. Yuk.

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      • apfelcobbler says:

        PT’s answer of “A+ can I go higher?” was great – he refused the ten bait. PT is getting better by the day!!

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        • beach lover says:

          I loved it. But asking this stupid question tells you more about Wallace than it does about the President. I think questions about “rate yourself” are completely idiotic. You are sitting in front of the most powerful man in the world, who is known to have a sizeable ego, and ask him a loaded question like that! Of course, knowing Trump the way he (and we) all do, he is not letting that one go. So, in the end.. what purpose did it serve anyone?

          Time for someone who interviews our President to ask better questions about what is important to the viewers, us, and not gotcha, weaselly ones for the rest of the media.

          I’d love to see Mark Levin interview President Trump. Now that would be impactful and honest.


    • snarkybeach says:

      the press doesn’t think they are printing lies when they use anonymous, liberal surrogates as sources.


    • MR Deacon says:

      It’s like trying to get a pig to sing. Wastes Trump’s time and annoys the pig. In this case Wallace who just keeps on grunting along looking for an acorn.

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    • Mia C says:

      Watch again. Trump handled this like a ninja. He fended off every attack. He realized FOX is no different than CNN and was prepared.

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  20. birddog639 says:

    Chris Wallnut

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  21. I hate Prissy Chrissy

    I love my President

    Full stop

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  22. ALEX says:

    What a surprise, another arguement pretending to be an interview. I would be surprised if that many tuned into this for the simple reason it’s all so predictable. The President should pull an Obama and go to Florida for a month from Dec.2-Jan.2. and ignore the media completely…they wouldn’t know what to do, but the fake news would march on…

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  23. Ozark says:

    Nolte from Breitbart nails it,

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  24. Phflipper says:

    “Howie Kurtz interviews Chris Wallace”
    My take on this interview is the media (fake news) now has implemented their strategy to show themselves reasonable, and to attempt to offset the bias they have. Completely self-serving this was. Other than this,can anyone explain to me why the press suddenly finds need to do an ‘interview’ of an interviewer post facto?

    Am I missing something? Or is this ‘interview’ the interviewer nothing new? That, and has Fox News dumped the Fair and Balanced’ approach?

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Agree. Self-serving spin by Fox.

      Maybe the consequence will be that they have to wait 3-4 years for one of their anchors to get another interview with POTUS.

      Swamp slime.

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    • Mia C says:

      The media used to be the background, the teller of the story. Then they realized they want to be the star and the story. So now they have the nerve to interview themselves in order to “me, me, me” the limelight even more. It’s outrageous. I couldn’t watch. He just beclowned himself admitting he’s no different than CNN. No kidding. That’s why I don’t watch FOX noise. If Tucker or Judge Jenine has something interesting to say, someone will post it on Youtube so I don’t get sucker punched by the rest of their fake news.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I got 5 minutes in and shut it off. Worthless self serving drivel. I appreciate Sundance posting it so we can see the absolute garbage the Swamp Media puts out under the guise of “news.”


  25. I thought the first part of the interview, #1 video, was decent. Wallace was at least quasi professional.

    The second video, Wallace was horrible. Negative negative negative…interrupt interrupt interrupt….he did not really care about the answers, he was just desperate to get in the politically correct talking points. Is he really so stupid as to not know what ‘fake news’ is and then to say in some form how all the press is on same team, blah blah…he was vile.

    The third video was ok…Wallace seemed a bit intimidated by the oval office, or at least figured he had to act semi-respectful.

    I thought PTrump did fine, as he always does.

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    • Mia C says:

      I agree. Wallace was obnoxious but Trump did a great job counter-punching. He’s the master of this. Unfortunately I can’t imagine us ever finding another Trump so I’ll enjoy it every day while it lasts.

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  26. Gunner says:

    ThanX for watching folks. I couldn’t; can’t afford a new TV just now. But, I was fairly confident that ‘Little Crissie’ would be his blatantly blowhard self.

    That said, I believe POTUS should have done the interview and that FOX should have used the most antagonistic employee they have (though it’s true that FOX has a lot of them to choose from).
    No matter who in the media this good man offers himself to, he continually proves that he will most always be badgered, belittled, bullied, and baited.

    In so doing, he reminds us each time who the true fighter is and, hopefully, provides us the incentive to want to stay in the fray with him.

    As far as ‘Little Crissie’ is concerned, I’ve said it before — without his daddy, he’d be lucky if he was stocking shelves at Wal-Mart (no offense to the fine employees there).

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    • Gunner says:

      …re-read my post…wasn’t looking for sympathy in my comment about affording a new TV; simply meant that if I watched ‘Little Crissie’, I would have thrown a lamp or something large through the one I have…

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  27. Pete says:

    I would love to have the President tell Chris (acting like an angel) Wallace that no self-respecting, honest journalist should identify themselves with the FakeNews media. Chris Wallace just admitted to the President and to the nation, that journalist like him will always side and be united with the corrupt and dishonest mainstream media. The die is cast…the media is the enemy of the people.


  28. StanH says:

    “Open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Thanks Chris for the clarification you are an enemy of the people. Or to be kind…a devout member of the Propaganda Ministry for the Imperial Federal Government formally known as the USA. You don’t report news Chris, you deliver a coordinated narrative as dictated to you by your masters.

    The President stayed on point, and answered the question he wanted to answer.

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  29. jahealy says:

    I haven’t watched and I will not watch. Why, with all the things POTUS could be talking about, and reassuring us about, in any format he chooses, with no media filter, in particular the stolen elections and the invaders at the border … WHY does he spend one hot second with any jackass from the media, much less this one?

    These “interviews” are a complete and utter waste of time for POTUS, and another opportunity for the media to do what they do. Why, why, WHY is he wasting precious time with this never-changing nonsense two years into his presidency?

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  30. Rainy says:

    Our man Trump didnt give this pathetic little weasel an inch!!!
    Not once did Wallass admit to anything good President Trump has done!! He wouldn’t even admit that fake news is fake news!!!
    President Trump and anyone in his admin should carry with them a thorough list of all the lies that the media have told about them from Trump removing the bust of MLK from the Oval Office right through to the lies of this week such as has Trump questioned VP Pence loyalty.
    Roll out the 1000 foot list of lies and ask where do you want to begin?!!!
    At the press conferences they could have a giant running electrical board with all the lies each organization has told and had to walk back!!!
    Also, stop playing the race card. You ask a stupid question guess what it’s stupid period it doesnt matter who asks it or what color the person is asking the question….stupid is stupid.
    Oh God help me…its time to go to the mountaintop.

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  31. apfelcobbler says:

    President Trump was smooth as silk – pretty impressive really, given the annoyance factor was turned up full blast.

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  32. KAY123 says:

    Pres. Trump is really catching it from all sides. Poor guy.
    Hurricanes, floods, caravans, fires, border walls, tunnels,
    drug cartels, bogus ballots, farmer anger, riots, protests,
    interrogations, accusations, character assasinations,
    Saudi killings, CIA killings, arms sales to enemies, unsolved
    mass murders, China, N.Korea, Iranian threats, and campaigns
    criss-crossing the nation during 2 elections.
    He refuses to take a paycheck (nobody else has ever done)
    Uses his own plane, takes very little time off ( unlike Obutho ).
    Add the usual funerals, speeches, required PR…..and one

    Send those quatters, invaders, trojan horses, evil doers, gangsters and drug
    dealers, diseases, uneducated, theiving future rats. NO!! SEND THEM
    BACK TO THEIR OWN HOMES!!! Ours are full of riff-raff already. We don’t need


  33. Donna in Oregon says:

    Chris Wallace is the propaganda media’s first transgender. He’s an old snarky woman trapped in a sagging, transgender body.

    His father was a lefty, but at least Mike Wallace had some testosterone in his body.

    Still looking for justice and a little peace in this world…… Nancy Pelosi is taken out by locusts and Third World disease and Chris Wallace has to cover the funeral……in an ice storm.


  34. stablesort says:

    Somehow, the news media have fooled their audiences into believing that the First Amendment was written on their behalf; they been so successful spreading that idea that they now regard that lie as the truth itself. No, the First Amendment guarantees all citizens the right to speak our minds and to publish that which we believe. The news media are free to do the same.
    The news media is a player in the world of politics. They boost the standings of their favorites and disparage those that they disfavor and they do this intentionally. News media denies the act of lying by omission; they believe that if every word said is the literal truth, that omitting disfavored truths is still telling the truth to their audience. As an example, reporting that a person favors children, but omitting that that person is a pedophile, tells the literal truth but not the whole truth.

    In any case Wallace and those that share his career need a bit of a comeuppance; while it is true that they can influence their audience, it is most often harmful when they do so because of their lies. Trump is right, fake news is the enemy of the people.


  35. NewSister says:

    Part II Wallace is annoying – wasting POTUS time discussing fake media.
    Parts I & III very good.

    God bless & keep President Trump 🇺🇸


  36. tvollrath66 says:

    Lol. The president always works the interviewer. He does everytime. Prissy was not treated any different. He gets them really worked up. I liked when he told him “don’t sit there and act like your some kind of angel.” Lol. I do think he needs to explain fakenews better. Like just saying what it is…lies.

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  37. If you can’t abide the preening CW, then read the transcript. That made it far more bearable.
    And I thought POTUS ate him for lunch, honestly, based on the transcript. Did not let any slur–however sneakily inserted–pass him by.


  38. PVCDroid says:

    Mr. President,

    Know your enemies in the press. Ridicule them all you want but don’t give them the opportunity to promote their narrative. Don’t sit down for interviews with known enemies.


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