President Trump Answers Reporter Questions During Oval Office Bill Signing…

After signing the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act in the Oval Office, President Trump takes questions from reporters on issues of the day.

The first question surrounds a judge intervening to restore the press pass of Constant Narcissism News (CNN) correspondent Jim Acosta.  President Trump notes the White House is making up rules for media decorum.  If only someone had thought of that earlier… like, say, um, two years ago. Go figure:

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280 Responses to President Trump Answers Reporter Questions During Oval Office Bill Signing…

  1. MIKE says:

    This isn’t a court case on !st amendment rights; This is about decorum, manners, and common sense.
    The press has a job to do. Not only are they skewing facts, being pugnacious, argumentative, combative; they are deliberately omitting any reporting on every positive achievement the Trump Administration has accomplished(and there are many more than the three prior administrations have done, combined). Why?
    Because it is highly effective. Proof?
    How about the increased frequency of comments right here that begin with ” I love President Trump, but if he can’t or won’t do such and such, I’m gonna(insert preferred counteraction here).

    Demand honest reporting. Outlaw their narrative engineering. That is what opinion media is for.
    Clean up and sharpen (or at least re-establish) the line that divides journalism from opinion. Lemmings believe the opinions spewed forth IS news because it emanates from media that has been labeled as “news” since its’ inception. Call it what it really is.

    I’ve got a 1st amendment court case to suggest; We the people, plaintiff, vs. The six global corporations, co-defendants, that have monopolized the media and have made the truth, obsolete. Our basis or grounds for the suit is a legally binding contract that names We The People as the sole beneficiaries of its’ contents within the contract, and is THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, as per Article VI, and fortified with Marbury vs. Madison (1803), which upholds it as supreme law and as such Judiciary cannot create law, only interpret law.

    And I know we would lose in our current Maritime/Admiralty (denoted by gold fringe on the flag) courts. Repeal the harmless sounding Organic Act of Feb. 21st 1871 and restore common law to our courts As the court system that the COTUS was written under.

    Lastly, patriots, if you want to jump the train, just jump. Don’t opine about it, just jump. There are a plethora of blogs that will welcome you with open arms.

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    • Lisa Bevan says:

      I agree with you 100 percent Mike.

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    • dalethorn says:

      The simple truth is that the MSM (corporate media) are just mouthpieces for the money-grubbing criminals who preceded Trump, and who want their power back. They’re the enemy of the people and must be defeated, else the U.S. and our freedoms will be lost.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        And sadly most are foreign owned, i.e., CNN is a British owned news thingy. We know British officials don’t like us or Trump (no matter we saved their country and lost many of our military doing so, and no Thank you to us ever so far), so they allow their offsprings to do whatever to insult, lie, cheat, and be rearends and no longer are they reporters nor journalists but gossip columns!

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    • Bluto Ruffian says:

      The real reason for the White House Press Briefing was so that major news outlets could publish stories regarding the president in a timely fashion. Back before there was even telephone communication, a news organization would put the story together on the way to their agency’s telegraph operator (by horse & buggy) that would take the penciled notes and send by Morse Code the story to the printer of the that particular newspaper. It then took a small army of talented people to edit and typeset the story among other news of the day to make tens of thousands of copies of printed pages that was a “newspaper” that was then delivered to tens of thousands of subscribers and news stands.
      Today we have the internet and Twitter. We don’t need a White House Press Briefing any longer. The president tweets what is important for the press and that is it… Any questions?

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  2. budmc says:

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    • glissmeister says:

      Swalwell is one of many know-little and done-less lawyers whoring their way to wealth and riches as another syndicate Democrat devoted to conducting politics as an ongoing criminal enterprise. How shameless they are. Why does it seem most of them suffer malignancies of narcissism, and some, full blown Borderline Personality Disorder.

      It explains why they believe they are entitled to have power and dictate to others. Time to start recognizing the clinical red flags of the malicious, treacherous Democrats.

      Remember Blumenthal? Lying for years about his Vietnam service that never happened. And he’s still a Democrat and a Senator in good standing? How shameless they are.

      We need to figure out at what point a syndicate becomes a cult. Perhaps the answer is: “When it acts like one.” Perhaps the answer is: “It already was.”

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  3. rumpole2 says:

    Obviously the next time there is a press conference etc…. and into the future…

    All eyes will be on Acosta… watching to see how far he goes and if he will step over the line

    Acosta has achieved what he wanted.. to be the center of attention.. to be the story…. SAD!

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  4. Heroic Dreamer says:

    Not sad at all. President Trump tells media to behave. A rule book is forthcoming. The MSM is being trained. President Trump is teaching the MSM the boundaries.

    More skirmishes will occur. More Acosta-types will be tossed out. President Trump will walk away a couple of time. The MSM will heel. Decorum will be reinstated.

    Thank you, President Trump. God bless you and all that you do for America.

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    • madeline says:

      That’s an idea. POTUS and Sarah walk away a few times and after four times, turn around and say to the rest of the press, you get rid of this guy or press conferences will be invitation only.

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    • Jainphx says:

      The press dictates who sits where! The next press conference the seating must be dictated by the white house! Pull the back benchers up front and put the Acosta garbage at the rear! Who gave them the seating power, they’ve been doing it since I can remember!

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  5. Paul says:

    If the reporters don’t behave, Trump says his people will leave the room. No one can sue him for that.

    The pool reporters seemed a little more orderly today.

    If Acosta triggers Trump or his people to shut down the press conference, the other reporters will castigate him He will be shunned by his peers.

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  6. Mia C says:

    There’s no “right” to a press pass. Otherwise it’s pandemonium. A million Americans with a blog, Youtube channel etc could simply demand their free speech WH pass. What makes CNN more worthy of all these press passes than me? Or this blog? Or Breitbart news? If a judge can order someone out of his courtroom, a President can order someone who refuses to sit down and be quiet (after three combative non-questions) out as well. It’s clear he has a right to set boundaries. Your free speech can’t nullify someone else’s free speech. So you don’t have the right to shut down someone else’s right to talk, just because you can use a bullhorn or bully them in some other way. Our free speech has limits where other people’s rights begin. Press passes are a courtesy.
    –Trump just needs to continue this fight. Republicans have rights too. We can’t continue to let our rights be nullified by the Leftist mob.

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    • John55 says:

      >>”There’s no “right” to a press pass.”

      This judge just said that there is. Or to be more precise, he said that once the government gives somebody a press pass, they have a right to that pass and cannot be deprived of it except by the courts.

      And this judge is one of the supposed “conservative” judges we’ve been excited that Trump is appointing. He seems no different from the judges Obama installed.

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      • My understanding is that has nothing to do with what the judge said. And, to be honest, the judge is correct. If there are no rules of behavior, you cannot decide to throw one person out because you do not like his behavior. There have to be rules to follow before you can decide someone is not behaving properly.

        Honestly, I am shocked there are no institutionalized rules of decorum for press conferences or press briefings. I think that might be because they were not really needed in the past. So, this is a blessing. Now there will be rules. If you do not obey the rules you will be removed. I consider this ruling a plus..for the President and for the American people.

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        • Thank you for an open-eyed rational response to all of the hand-wringing. You are looking at the Trump forest and not just the Acosta sapling.

          The judge is correct and gives President Trump fantastic political cover to bring order to press mob with rules of decorum. I LOVE IT!


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          • NYGuy54 says:

            Exactly correct. This will end up being a win for the WH. Notice the insanely quick pivot by Pres Trump. This guy bounces back after setbacks like he knows they are coming.

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        • Horse hockey. The judge is insane and making his own law. We cannot end the insanity if we refuse to call it insanity. Note how quickly all these “legal” actions against our President come to pass — the legal system never worked so fast before, because it is feverish now, literally insane in its determination to oust Trump from the power they demand for themselves.


        • SteveC says:

          And we all to need prepare processes (for everything) to hand out to our children, anyone we allow into our home, anyone that we have a financial relationship, all in order to counter fabricate ‘rights’.


  7. triper57 says:

    Have not really needed rules or decorum before. The WH Press used to know how to act around the President. But the last 2 years the Press Corpse has gotten out of hand. Most act like they are Members of Congress now in how they frame their questions. Take all the passes away and ask the fake news orgs to submit new reporters for admission to the building. Infact move the room to the OEB across the street and keep he WH Staff out of the building. Make the briefing by video connection.

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  8. Dan Dan says:

    Thank you Jimmy Acosta the press now is to be treated as children and some think that is a win

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  9. Dan Dan says:

    How does this ruling effect social media (the new public square) 🤔


  10. California Joe says:

    Judges like this clown expell disruptive people including lawyers from their courtroom all the time. In fact, didn’t some judge in Oregon bar ICE agents from the state courthouse? The press pass is a Privilege not a right. The judge is another spineless lackey no matter who appointed him!

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  11. melski says:

    Folks. the court case has not yet been argued or decided. The Judge is only saying let the idiot reporter have his press pass back until the court case is finished. If at that time the White House wins the case it is bye bye reporter.

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    • stablesort says:

      Not really; the court has given Acosta a press pass to the White House that the White House said he couldn’t have. The court overruled the White House. Acosta won his motion for a stay.

      As they say, a lie will spread around the world before the truth gets its shoes on. This judge understands that and ignored that fact.

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    • John55 says:

      >>”The Judge is only saying let the idiot reporter have his press pass back until the court case is finished.”

      And the judge is an idiot for saying that. He dismissed the 1st Amendment argument CNN made and he should have dismissed their Fifth Amendment claim as well. Then there would have been no court case.

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  12. stablesort says:

    Private citizens have questions and will be allowed at our briefings.
    The pool will consist of 95% private citizens and 5% main stream media.
    No questioner will express any opinion on any subject.

    1) Remain silent until recognized
    2) Silently raise your hand to indicate that you have a question.
    3) You may ask one question when recognized, after asking that question go to step 1.
    4) If you have any doubt about anything, go to step 1
    5) Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate revocation of pass with no appeal.

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  13. Barnestormer says:

    Maybe PT should send a letter to the judge informing his honor that the administration is in the process of drafting rules of decorum for the press, and requesting as a guide a copy of the written rules which the judge uses in his court room to admonish and discipline unruly parties, lawyers and spectators–as a model for meeting the judge’s due process standard.

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    • Bill says:

      Along with the punishment for striking court worker.
      Say 30 days and no bail?
      Does anyone think that accoster the aide beater is going to follow any stinking rules till he finds him self in the slammer for a couple of weeks to learn some manners!

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  14. jeans2nd says:

    When the court ruling was announced today my first thought was directly back to that post you linked from two years ago. How prescient.

    If only someone on the White House team had read that post from two years ago, and taken a few of the suggestions. Sadly, it seems even those commenting here have not read that linked post.

    Perhaps some here will join me in emailing that linked post from two years ago to the White House. Cannot hurt. Thank you for writing it.

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    • grainofsalt2 says:

      I’ve done that two years ago. I copied/pasted and added the CTH link to the WH. I guess it’s time to resend it now. Who knows that whoever is responsible monitoring the messages might pay attention this time.

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  15. DT2020 says:

    With decorum rules in place the free for all is over. I am fine with this development.

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  16. Forget Trump and Acosta. This is a Separation of Powers issue. A member of the Judicial Branch cannot decide who has access to the physical seat of the Executive Branch any more than a president could hand out passes to the judges’ chambers.

    I hope the Executive Branch presses the issue.

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  17. Pammipoo says:

    I’m sure that the Secret Service vets everyone who gets a press pass. Perhaps they will uncover some suspicious information on Mr. Acosta and refuse to allow him into the same room as the President. Just thinking out loud here.

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  18. KAY123 says:

    I remember past presidents who refused to do press conferences.
    Oh… let’s see ummmm like Obuthole had no scripts so he refused
    to do them, for the most part, and when he did, they were written
    first, sorted, and only his supporters were spoken to….. for 8 years.

    Obumho questions never were intrusive……if anyone asked
    prying questions he would punish them by forever ignoring them.

    No questions about his money, his Communist dealings, or birth.

    We still have no legal, legitimate, non-photo-shopped birth certificate
    that proves he was born in the USA. We know his father was Frank
    Marshall Davis…..(American Citizen)… Not Barack H. Obama. But..
    he has no birth certificate because his step fathers adoption voided
    his American citizenship while living in Indonesia, and changed his last name
    to Sotoroe and sent him to muslim school giving up his birthright.
    Even tho his bio father was
    American, he lied further and STOLE HIS SSN ID FROM an OHIO DEAD MAN.
    He has no relationship with anyone in Kenya…. except those fake
    family members that said he was BORN in Kenya Africa.
    MAYBE HE WAS…somebody lied…. his records are sealed forever and everyone
    of his real family is dead. OMG!!! talk about liars!!

    Yet Donald Trump is a huge thorn under the saddle of the DemoncRATS…
    because they can’t access every scrap of paper about him.
    What is sauce for the GOOSE is NOT SAUCE for the GANDER!!
    Is it ??

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  19. tonyE says:

    Perhaps there should be NO press conferences at the WH until the rules are written down.

    Then Acosta can get judged by it.

    Furthermore, if the networks want to claim loss of revenue, then the WH should charge for their income. For example, a large network like CNN could pay $30M per year per license, a newspaper could pay $10K and up and coming small outfits pay one penny.

    What incenses me is the fundamental hypocrisy from CNN and the large MSM corporations. They don’t have the _right_ to have people in the WH… I think the Judge made a mistake. But, even so, the WH could still kick him out per the Judge’s required process. Even though, IMHO, the need for such rules is ludicrous. The press is in the WH at the discretion of the President, that’s it.

    If I were the POTUS, I would move the whole circus away from the WH, completely. There must be a McDonald’s somewhere that will rent out the backroom? With a clown setting, CNN should feel right at home.

    Bottom line? Acosta is a goner.


  20. C R Lord says:

    What if the President just left this go on so people could see how crass these buffoons were. The public has to be convinced by now. The public has seen how far these loons will go and now it’s time to handle them as they deserve and the boom is going to be brought down. Acosta has to be accosted and brought down into humility. I think it will be fun watching his take down.


  21. Sunshine says:

    Thank You Sundance for including the link you wrote two years ago. I was looking for it the other day.


  22. kayak-cat says:

    So here is OANN’s take on Acosta:


    One America News Network is passionate and adamantly supportive of an unfettered free
    press. This is a very simple issue. The repeated, unprofessional conduct by one specific reporter, namely CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent, Plaintiff Jim Acosta, has hindered our free press
    from functioning effectively during White House briefings.

    I for one am glad to see the PRESS stepping up to the plate!


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