*Updated* – CTH Post Inauguration Suggested Media Guidelines for White House…

With a citizen-led executive administration, it is time to apply a commonly accepted set of standards for media conduct as customary within private sector:

trump-portrait♦ Request White House Correspondent’s Association (WHCA) voluntarily register as corporate lobbyists under the name of their “for profit” parent corporation; and also conform to the same rules, guidelines and standard restrictions upon all corporate lobbyists.  Registration would not be required for “non profit” media.

♦ Drug test anyone who requests credentials for White House press credentials; and retest randomly throughout tenure. Conduct background checks, criminal checks and credit checks via a third party security vendor. Dismiss any applicant who does not pass a strict background check.

♦ Keep using twitter and facebook daily, or as determined to send direct messaging to a news-consuming public. Keep using social media, and/or any alternate communications platforms to communicate directly with the American People.


♦ Establish a strict dress code for credentialed media. No casual days, ever. 100% business professional, 100% of the time. The workspace is the White House, our house. No business casual, ever.

♦ Discontinue the live-feed broadcast of the Daily White House briefing. Stop allowing a press briefing to be the daily news lede ‘in-and-unto-itself’. Only conduct the WH press briefing when POTUS is actually in the White House.

♦ Set an earlier time for the press briefing – ex. 7:30am daily, for a set amount of time, ex. 1hr. Deliver the day’s bullet-pointed news as it pertains to the White House and current events, answer questions and be done.

♦ During Q&A require each questioner to stand up, speak their full name clearly and identify their media organization, prior to stating their question.

♦ Draw a distinction between “interviews” and “press conferences”. Pressers should be short question and answer sessions; eliminate long-winded background set-ups for questions in press conferences. Background expository prior to a question is an interview technique during an interview, not a press conference.

♦ Eliminate “exclusive interviews”, which are notorious for editing and disinformation. When granting interviews bring in two media entities to conduct an interview; one each from either side of the political continuum, they can interview together – taking turns on the questions.

♦ Ten hour work days. 7am to 5pm. Use TWO continuous, alternating, Press Secretaries, not just one. Focused intensity and urgency.

♦ Have a quarterly lottery for White House press briefing room media attendees who pass the background check and application process. Equal opportunity participation. Seating = first come first seated, general seating, every day. Doors close promptly 6:55am, late = shut out.

♦ Drop the traveling Presidential press pool completely. Give the press a daily schedule, and then make media use their own resources to cover the events therein as they deem needed including air travel. Equal access without preferential treatment. This also includes foreign travel. The “credentialed press pool” only applies to White House pressers.

♦ When POTUS, V-POTUS, or cabinet officials travel, give first preference to local media, not national.  Reserve first row, or prime location, within any off-site press conference for local reporters.  Allow local reporters to ask questions pertaining to their community perspective on the event or engagement.

♦ Drop the insufferable White House Correspondent’s Association dinner fiasco. It’s a ridiculous and vulgar display; a bubble event, with no inherent value for the country. It is also a grotesque exhibition of disconnected indulgence. There’s too much work to be done, just go about doing it.

♦ Engage the corporate media as a communications unit. Deliver the Trump message as a communications unit. Have a self-broadcasted roundtable meeting of communications officials with a rotating group of media invited to attend. Maybe every other Sunday etc.

♦ Have POTUS give monthly EVENING press conferences; with part of the presser containing an ongoing and established outline to share progress on agenda. Perhaps half for ongoing efforts, half for current events.

♦ Re-establish a media work ethic by setting high standards, high expectations and a zero tolerance for laziness. Make the media rise to the level of professionalism required by never letting circumstances dictate your standards.

♦ Engage in a standard practice of removing/suspending reporters for gross errors in ideological pool reporting (ex. MLK Bust removal).  One week suspension for any grossly deficient infraction which also includes their employer news agency.  If AP reporter, suspend all AP credentialed reporters for a week (or period you determine).

♦ Set an example with the recent display of CNN’s Jim Acosta. He can either write a public apology outlining his rude recent behavior, or he can lose/serve a suspension of his White House credentials.

♦ Most importantly, make shame a great motivator again.


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341 Responses to *Updated* – CTH Post Inauguration Suggested Media Guidelines for White House…

  1. Jay Landers says:

    Give CTH, breitbart, infowars, etc. front row, prime access to press conferences, photo ops etc. All msm/globalist media is at the back of the room or not invited at all!

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  2. Charles says:

    As to Sundance’s point about drug testing White House Press reporters….

    I originally thought, yeah ok, eliminate the stoners and cokeheads.

    But the problem maybe miuch more subtle:

    Does the left have a drug problem?
    “[snip]….Before dismissing ADHD stimulant drug use in academia as being inconsequential or insignificant, the reader should take time to note some of these drugs’ side effects:

    Nervousness; restlessness; excitability; fear; anxiety; insomnia; and, as Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, pointed out to Katie Couric, psychosis.”

    It had not occurred to me that these reporters might be abusing prescription drugs. “Speed” certainly comes to mind, or maybe they just over consume Red Bull (yeah, that’s it).

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Like you, I was thinking more along the lines of prescription meds.
      The background check is the most interesting to expose hypocrisy.


    • dbethd says:

      A friend of mine told me a story about her brother, 8 years younger than her. When he started 1st grade, his teacher told his mom he needed to be checked by a psychiatrist for ADD because he didn’t sit still. At this meeting with the psychiatrist, he asked if it was Mrs. XXX who sent the parents to him? Yes, it was. He said she sent many parents to him for children that couldn’t sit still. He also told them there was nothing wrong with their son and that he was just being a rambunctious boy.

      Thinking of this story there are probably many people who are on medications that don’t need to be.

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      • Gail says:

        The schools make money on every child that is classified as ADD, ADHD. So the more kids they get on the drugs , which destroys their brains and their lives and turns them into little zombies, the more money the schools cash in. Cha Ching! These teachers are lazy and don’t know how to deal with children. And their diets are terrible.


        • Gary says:

          To my knowledge, teachers, educators, and school admin cannot prescribe drugs. By law they have to refer even suspicious cases. Go after the doctors instead.


      • 4bleu says:

        That’s horribly the case – it’s widespread. That isn’t a teacher, that’s an ‘educator’ who would not only fail any teacher’s qualification exam required by every other country on the planet, but who also has zero medical qualification to make any such determination. That Americans uncritically accept what they say is stunning. The kid has also been told at an impressionable young age that there’s something ‘wrong’ with him. Thanks!!

        Your friend’s brother is lucky to have had a pediatrician who didn’t unquestioningly accept a complete hack’s completely invalid assessment that the kid ‘needed’ to see a psychiatrist. Too many pediatricians just sign off on it. The passive collusion of the medical profession to roll over and push drugs on kids based on the self-serving schools’ recommendations should be a national scandal, in both medicine and schools, but Americans seem to roll over and accept what is really child abuse.

        Secondly, only recently discovered why that Sandra Fluke and ‘need for birth control’ nonsense had legs. Had no idea that a large chunk of the population of US girls are starting the use of birth control to artificially ‘manage’ their cycles – many starting at age 12 – 13! By the time they’ve arrived at age 20, through their most critical growth period of their lives, their bodies have had nearly a decade of completely un-needed artificial hormone manipulation. It messes with bodies and minds. Why is the medical profession deaf to this? They get a cut of sales? Or have they been bullied into silence?

        The US has a drug problem all right. Look at the schools first.

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        • Carol says:

          As mentioned above, and probably posted after your’s, no one in the school system will or can make the diagnostic or prescribe drugs. It is required by law that suspicious situations be reported.

          With that said, it is the wealthy parents that are getting their children identified so that the student can receive special attention placing said student ahead of the rest. Teachers know t his is false but nothing can e done about it unless the parent agrees. The school system is required to foot the bill. Even though a stipend is paid to the system, it rarely foots the bill.

          It is a technique to get private instruction without paying for a private school. Here is a case of school voucher abuse.


        • aguila2011 says:

          As if they don’t know the difference between boys and girls behavior at various ages. Teacher is just lazy and wants boys to be more like girls which means easier to handle and therefore less trouble for them personally.


      • azchick says:

        It’s a majority of young boys who have “ants in their pants”, like little boys should, that get put on Ritalin by lazy teachers. They young boys NEVER learn to feel or control their emotions. Take a look at how many of the murderers at schools are on prescription drugs. It’s HUGE.

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  3. Barbara Willams says:

    Wow. 🎼…and I think to myself,”what a wonderful world…”

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  4. entagor says:

    Registering as lobbyists is a great idea. Libs are mad about Trump bringing in ‘businessmen’

    The correspondent’s dinner is really bad optics. Yes someone with the skills of Trump could possibly use the camera to land one for the little people, but I think the net impression is party time in the Swamp. Condescension is never pretty

    My local news tried to equate Hillary’s illegal private server with Trump’s use of Twitter. Public announcements by the chief executive do not have to be on dot gov channels. Twitter is a statement that Trump is working for the American people. It is a big big deal. Huge

    Exclusive interviews are cut and splice sessions. Without witnesses from competing media, a private interview can be repackaged. Damage control can suck a week out of the news stream. That is what manufactured scandals are for. We have alternate media now Including Twitter

    I am very glad Kelleyanne Conway is staying on with Trump. She has a rare talent. She never takes the bait. Stays on message. MSM doesn’t get it. They think they are taking KAC apart, but they are in fact, reinforcing Trump. Eff Chuck Todd especially falls for it every time.

    I have gone back over KAC’s ‘alternative facts’ argument with the Effer.

    Eff Chuck speaking to KAC implies, as if it was a fact, that Trump ordered his aide to lie: you sent the press secretary out to utter a falsehood on the smallest pettiest thing ..

    KAC: you’re saying its a falsehood and Sean Spicer gave alternative facts …

    Eff takes the bait. What a fish

    Eff: … alternative facts are not facts, they’re falsehoods

    Kac dives in describing a bunch of situations where the MSM and WH misrepresented the suffering of American citizens: Chuck, do you think its a fact or not that millions of Americans lost their health insurance … etc

    KAC basically lists many lies of the WH/MSM, not by calling them lies, but by telling the truths which are the opposite of the WH/MSM lies

    Eff Chuck at that moment lost

    KAC:… there is no way you can quantify the crowds

    [Eff laughs]

    KAC: You can go ahead and laugh at me…

    Eff: I am not laughing, I am just befuddled …

    The chump laughed. In a woman’s argument, which this was because I only heard two ladies duke it out here, never laugh and then say you didn’t laugh. Only KAC could roast this marshmallow. I think Eff Chuck came out thinking he had won, but he only won with his fan base.

    KAC seems to be made of steel. The MSM is going to have someone on as a surrogate punching bag. Better to have a talent like KAC.

    PS her inauguration outfit was brilliant

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    • wondering999 says:

      I don’t see how she does it — like Chuck I’d be “befuddled” but I am surely grateful that she’s willing to do this when she could choose to do other more pleasant things. KAC, much appreciation

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  5. heldnmut says:

    These are very reasonable and responsible qualifications and/or requirements in the professional world. Press has lacked; time to adopt. Excellent Sundance!

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  6. ladypenquin says:

    You mention the word, “Shame” Sundance, and that’s a point to be emphasized. The Lefties forced the deletion of “shame” in our cultural, yet shame is what keeps a culture from falling totally into the pit of decadence and depravity. Every culture and society, since the dawn of man, has some concept of it in mores and values. It’s the Western world who has made a major mistake is booting it – which the Lefties did on purpose. Without shame, it allows for not only immoral behavior, but an amoral, secular society.

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  7. UKExpat says:

    America has no Main Stream Media instead it just has a world laughing stock DemoncRAT Party PROPAGANDA ARM masquerading as media.


  8. aguila2011 says:

    A great list. The only change I would make is to make seating at each press conference a lottery drawing. Seats are numbered and everyone draws a number. “Take your seats, please!” Cut out the “elite” MSM getting front row seats. They do not deserve it because they are not “special.”

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  9. dott says:

    3 strikes, and you’re OUT?
    Majors, or minors, but particularly the majors.

    And– NO crying. Go cry outside in your car, truck, skateboard, whatever.


  10. ZC says:

    Wonderful. For far too long, too many people sloppy in dress and demeanor have been allowed to conduct themselves in ways not befitting the WH work environment of the United States of America. I’m still seeing Very casual dress and a lot of business casual dress as well, though… hopefully by end of first week this will be much better. I especially like the scope of the background checks for those wishing to be given WH credentials.


    • Kathy Brown says:

      You’re right ZC! And GUESS who set the example of the messy, dressed-down standards of our WH? Why: The now gone (thank you Lord!) ‘President’ from Hell, ZERO.

      Who can forget his utterly disinterested appearance right after our brother citizen, James Foley, was brutally BUTCHERED by the islamic monsters whose name he’d never even pronounce? And his failure to return the salutes of our Military? Then his open throat golf-shirts which he had the gall to wear in OUR Oval Office? Oh yes: As President Trump would say, ‘He was a real beauty.’

      Good riddance to bad rubbish. Welcome President Trump!


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