The Unimaginable Horror Continues – 7 More Bodies Found in ‘Camp Fire’ Bringing Total Killed to 63 – Hundreds Still Missing…

Unimaginable sadness.  According to the latest official briefing, seven more bodies were located today in the Califorinia region impacted by the horrific ‘Camp Fire’.  This brings the total death toll to 63 with hundreds still missing…

CALIFORNIA – Authorities have reported seven more fatalities from a blaze in Northern California, bringing the total number of fatalities so far to 63 in the deadliest wildfire in state history.

The announcement came Thursday as authorities continued to search the devastated town of Paradise for human remains.

More than 5,000 fire personnel were battling the blaze that started a week ago and has displaced 52,000 people.  Authorities also raised the number of homes destroyed by the wildfire to 9,700.  (link)

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243 Responses to The Unimaginable Horror Continues – 7 More Bodies Found in ‘Camp Fire’ Bringing Total Killed to 63 – Hundreds Still Missing…

  1. I’ve been “following” these “Forest Fires” for a few years now..
    Above all, I believe “some” of these fires are just, *NOT NATURAL* or Started “Naturally”..
    Example, (On a unrelated youtube channel).. The “Redding” Ca fires were “reportedly” caused by “Lighting Strikes” yet the *WEATHER*, GOES Sat images, showed NOTHING of a sort, No T-Storm(s), clouds, or adverse weather condition(s) or in other words NO RAIN of any kind.. Fires springing up out of no-where, reportedly caused by weather..

    I’ve see quite a few pictures with homes “Leveled” by “fire” .. YET the TREES immediately surrounding them are GREEN & LEAFY, not a (tree), burnt one around the area(s), I’m talking about 10’s of feet away..

    A CAR or several of them burned, Melted Rims, gutted cars in the street ,, YET a tree right beside them, “green & fully leafed”..
    Some claim it’s maybe “DEW” weapons being used.. (Directed Energy Weapons), or High energy “Microwave” Weapons in the 5G range..

    I can tell you this, I’m NOT BUYING the “Shorted out” power line excuse.. If that were the case ALL of Wilmington would of “burned-up” with thousands of power lines down. I’ve watched & seen literally hundreds of videos of “shorted” power lines & transformers, NOT causing Fires like this..

    Then there is the “Weather History” posted a couple days back, (Wind History) for the time in question.. NOTHING over, (winds) over 14 mph at a Weather station.. LOW Temps 70’s & 40’s for DAYS. We were *TOLD* wind gust(s) were up to **60 MPH**, AND VERY HOT conditions.. Bovine excrement abounds! Weather history Data SHOWS this, (from the Farmers Alamac)..
    Minimum Temperature
    39.2 °F
    Mean Temperature
    52.8 °F
    Maximum Temperature
    71.6 °F
    Wind Speed and Gusts
    Mean Wind Speed
    2.53 MPH
    Maximum Sustained Wind Speed
    13.81 MPH

    Agenda 21 at work? Are *THEY* trying too “burnout” Northern California? As you read “recent” news FEMA has just arrived today & many Folks are being told to Just Leave, discouraging “rebuilding”..
    I dunno..
    But this “document” has Surfaced, concerning PG&E (e-mails), And “Space based” Microwave(s) etc.. (2015)

    Then there are the pictures…

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    • amanda4321 says:

      Thanks for posting the photos–I haven’t seen those before. For one of the earlier fires in CA, I did some research and saw a video with a tree on fire from the inside–very strange. Also, I visited that stopthecrime site and found lots of interesting info, including a video of Col. Fletcher Prouty on how/why oil was falsely classified as a “fossil fuel” –they lie to us about EVERYTHING!!

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      • I watched that “fossil fuel” video also.. I “know” the basics on Geology, the depts. they are drilling, (and finding) crude oil, some depths of 30+ thousand feet underground DEFIES, the “theory” of crude being made by Dead dino’sOr even “plankton” & plants being the source of crude oil.. Deepest drilled hole in the world, (In very hard rock mind you) RE: granite, was yielding small amounts of hydrocarbons.. Even as NASA has theorized he Moon Titan is, or has a OCEAN(s) of Hydrocarbons!

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    • A few more.. Remember that *Hospital* burned up? Isn’t there “commercial Sprinkers” inside, like 99.9 % of “commercial buildings”?? Have you asked yourself this question? or was the water “turned off”? Or something else?

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      • LafnH20 says:


        Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in September that lets PG&E issue bonds backed by surcharges from the utility’s customers. Those bonds would help pay for damages tied to deadly California wildfires in October 2017 caused by faulty PG&E equipment.

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      • davidsstones says:

        The electricity was the first to go; within moments, as the PG & E wires fell and sparked.
        It’s not all about flame. It’s about dehydration of the air and everything man made and God made as well.

        There is a difference between Bottom Up; traveling on the ground eating oxygen and traveling up consuming buildings, animals, people, cars to increase itself and Top Down burning (Canopy Fires) which leaps horizontally blowing itself across tree tops burning downward into the ground, the burning limbs blown onto rooftops and individual vehicles by the force of the fire and gravity. Some flaming embers blown a distance, falling like arrows onto a distant target, burn top to bottom. It’s called ‘patchwork’. Fire doesn’t travel only forward or up.
        Fire zigs and zags, leaps and burns down, up and sideways, avoids quenching by water or by suffocation dehydrating the air which invokes Spontaneous Combustion; this bldg but not it’s neighbor; these trees but not all of them.

        For all you know the Hospital sprinklers did work momentarily at least till their emergency auxiliary power fuel source was burned down or exploded.

        No sprinkler system spraying only the inside could save any building from the physical scope of an outside threat. Outside walls would have transmitted the heat to combust the inside. Self ignition.

        Temperature of pavement surrounding a vehicle will contribute to the some burn some don’t. As will flying embers and burning ash.

        In all of your photos there is a domestic or managed environment; some trees have roots down to water below ground. But as the ground dehydrates along with one ton per acre of necessary microorganisms they’ll become dangerous and have to be cut down before they die and topple in a year.


        • Michael K says:

          In the 1961 Bel Air Fire, the water pressure went to zero from the firemen several miles away draining the water pressure for use there. Red Skelton was a neighbor of my in-laws. When he first heard of the fire, he ordered a gasoline driven pump delivered to his house. He used it to pump out his swimming pool and save his house. My in-laws house burned to the ground. If those people move back, as I have read they plan to, they need a refuge in the town with water and shelter since evacuation is so difficult. In the Bel Air fire, a neighbor submerged in his pool and watched his house burn. The sprinklers probably had no water pressure.


      • rojobirds says:

        Actually the phrase is “wildfire” not “forest fire” Clever mixing of phrases. A couple of more comments.

        First, Fire Code in California does require commercial space to be protected by fire sprinkler system, but it depends on the age of construction, building occupancy, and local requirements. Some may require nothing as an older constructed building is “grandfathered”. Others may require life/safety fire sprinkler systems to protect egress and not structure. The building pictured above is joisted-masonry construction. The walls remained because they are made on non-combustible material – probably concrete. It is typical for the combustible roof to implode and fall into the fire. I doubt it was caused by wildfire, but impossible to determine based on photo alone. If it was protected by a fire sprinkler system (and possibly it wasn’t), it is possible the system was inadequately designed for the occupancy, which I see too often in California. If the sprinkler system was shut off a tamper alarm will activate and alert local fire department.

        Second, if there is enough defensible space the fire department trucks will attack a fire to keep the embers from impacting other structures including vegetation. The photo of the gas station does not include a frame of reference. I have a hard time determining cause based on a photo. I doubt wildfire due to pattern.


    • Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

      I think you are on to something. Natural News guy had an article about those 5-G cell towers being something like what you suggested. It does sound nuts.

      I wish I could find that article that was in Natural News. This url is plenty scary:

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  2. MaineCoon says:

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  3. mutantbeast says:

    someone needs to bring up the role of militant, far left enviromentalists in all these wild fires. By going to court and suing anone who wants to clear under brush from there own property, the RATS in Commiefornicate and there green nut minions are as responsible for these fires as anyone. Zinske said it in code yesterday, better land management is needed. ITs a back handed slap at the RATS in the west whove enabled these wildfires b sucking up to there green nut pals.

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  4. permiejack says:

    My wife and I had to drive over the hill to Reno yesterday because the smoke was intolerable and unhealthy here. We live near Grass Valley about 50-60 miles away as the crow flies. Today we are filling a huge suitcase with jackets, clothes and other necessities to donate.

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  5. American Male says:

    This, death, is what happens when residents refuse to leave their homes because law enforcement/municipal, county, state authorities are unwilling or incapable of protecting property from looters (Democrat scum) and/or prosecuting offenders to the fullest extent of the law when caught. During recent wildfires including those in State of Washington in the past few years there were deaths that could’ve been prevented, those who stayed behind, many of them elderly, they wouldn’t leave their houses worse yet looting scum were nabbed including in the unburned portion of a home with a fire fatality. Additionally homes in California downstream from where the faulty dam and substandard/collapsing Democrat-engineered/constructed spillway was in danger of total failure were subjected to rampant thievery while Democrat-controlled badge wearers went door-to-door threatening residents with arrest if they didn’t leave and allow California’s version of “Income Redistribution” to occur unimpeded.

    Lock & Load!

    Fill a large tank with water too!

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  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Maybe the folks living in the Walmart parking lot should sue the Sierra Club etal. for damages, along with Jerry Brown, his step-child Gavin Newsom etc. Sue everyone that dropped the ball. Including San Fran Nan, Feinstein, Barbara Boxer. Isn’t Boxer the Smelt champion? Someone should send those b*tches a smelt wrapped in a fire blanket (a la Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes)

    President Trump said it straight-up, mismanagement.

    Those deaths stem from public policy.

    The survivors should sue the Democrat Party too. It’s their platform. Bad decisions and public policy should have $$$$ consequences.

    At this point suffering is optional. Nice people end up in Walmart parking lots.

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  7. Funny picture I came across, I was VERY hard to “recover” and find as |It’s been “scrubbed” and buried in the memory hole of the internet..


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