Lindsey Graham Discusses: Florida Recounts, Flake, Mueller and Senate Judiciary Committee…

Senator Lindsey Graham appears on Fox News for a pre-scheduled interruption to Sean Hannity’s hour long monologue.   During the eight minute appearance, Graham was able to speak for 2:16 seconds and discussed: the Florida election; the intent of Jeff Flake to derail any Judicial nominations: and the likelihood of Robert Mueller continuing an investigation of President Trump.  Graham is optimistic for the next congressional year.

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331 Responses to Lindsey Graham Discusses: Florida Recounts, Flake, Mueller and Senate Judiciary Committee…

  1. Fools Gold says:

    Sorry y’all but the only thing Graham has seen in my mind is how devastating it can be as a politician seeking reelection and more power when you’re own the wrong side of Trump and deplorables. No, he’d much rather sit with the wind to his back rather than face the head wind of Trump for his previous GOPe shenanigans. If you want to call that a changed man, fine but y’all do remember Gramnesty right.


  2. 6x47 says:

    I hate Hannity interrupting to repeat the same diatribe he’s already repeated ad nauseum. I also hate that part of his show where he has two guests on at the same time so they can try and yell over each other.

    Remember when he interrupted Rudy Giuliani to rattle off his litany of Hillary Clinton crimes, including “… laundering campaign funds through a law firm …” (i.e. Perkins Coie to Fusion GPS to Christopher Steele) which prompted Rudy to spill that President Trump not only knew about the Stormy Daniels payoff, but that he absolutely did NOT use campaign funds “laundered through a law firm” (i.e. Michael Cohen) to do so?

    Hannity was sputtering after that.

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    • swissik says:

      Your post is right on, I could have written that. I gave Hannity a try some years ago but found his program intolerable for the very reasons you describe. Thank you for validating my own observations.

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  3. Phil Free says:

    Interesting headline from Gateway Pundit:

    “Sean Hannity: I Have Information that Evidence Has Been Turned Over to Law Enforcement on Criminal Activity in Broward County [VIDEO]”

    “Sean Hannity invited Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on his show on Wednesday to discuss the criminal activity in Broward and Palm Beach Counties in the 2018 midterm elections.

    Sean Hannity told Pam Bondi he has information that evidence of wrongdoing was turned over to Florida state law enforcement.”

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  4. Everett Miller says:

    Lindsey Graham is guilty of being both a lawyer and a politician, but, even if it’s for the wrong reasons, any support for the Trump Train is a good thing. If he becomes head of Judiciary Committee, he’ll have ample opportunity to prove ( or expose ) himself. I hate his jumping in front of every camera and his goofy grin, but he just might keep doing the right thing for our wonderful POTUS.

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  5. Elle says:

    I’m not a big Fox fan, but I think you are unfair to Sean Hannity. I was listening on the radio the other day, and Hannity was making an effort to not interrupt and let the guy talk (maybe he reads in here). The guy wandered off and blathered on. It really wasn’t very interesting. Same thing about a week ago. Fact is, Hannity seems to interrupt with little stories stories, but seems more a tactic to keep the hosts on topic. At least he’s a good guy who was primarily responsible for making Americans understand the Strozk/FBI FISA stuff. Never like the concept of eating ones own.

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    • Elle says:

      tactic to keep guests (not hosts) on topic

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      • josco scott says:

        AMEN. I love Sundance and the comments on CTH but seems like there’s more bitterness against the Good Guys than the enemy.

        It’s NOT a good thing. Stop emoting, folks.

        Hannity has an irritating style IMHO but he’s done great things for us.

        I think he’s better on his radio show for some reason. And yes, he interrupts, esp on TV, but .. let it go, kids. Let’s FOCUS. We’ve got bigger issues.

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    • Mike G says:

      EVERY bit of information Hannity runs was reported online weeks and months before Hannity would touch it… and how many hundreds of times has he promised arrests, and never followed up on any of those blockbuster reveals… that never lead to charges!


  6. mopar2016 says:

    Never liked Mr. Grahamnesty, he’s always sounded like a dem to me.
    He seems like he wants to help our side, I hope that he’s serious.
    And I like that picture of him smiling while a Kavanaugh protester looks on.

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  7. Mike G says:

    As much as I want to hear many of his guests important information I simply can’t watch the man… he must rehearse those lines for hours, and once he starts he can’t seem to stop… like a broken record.
    The guy never listens or engages in conversation… he just waits for any kind of opening and presses Start. I would place a bet he is in the bottom 50% in IQ… not the sharpest knife…
    Yet he wins the ratings game every time… granny listens in the afternoon and watches his show to fall asleep?


  8. feralcatsblog says:

    For Flake to simply be a flake would be an improvement. ..


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