President Trump and President Macron Bilateral Meeting…

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron deliver remarks to the media prior to a bilateral meeting.


[Transcript] Élysée Palace – Paris, France 11:05 A.M. CEST

PRESIDENT MACRON: I wanted to welcome my good friend, President Trump, and wanted to thank you for this visit after a very important time in your domestic policy.

I do appreciate the fact that you came here, Donald, after your visit for Bastille Day in 2017, and now our state visit in Washington beginning of this year. I think it’s very important to celebrate our soldiers and the great solidarity between our two nations. And we are the best (inaudible) allies, and this is what I told our people.

Obviously, we will discuss about a lot of topics: Iran, Syria, Yemen, Africa, trade, climate, and a lot of common global issues. And, obviously, we will discuss about our defense cooperation, which is very important. And I do share President Trump’s views that we need a much better burden sharing within NATO, and that’s why I do believe that my proposals for European defense are totally consistent with that, because it means more Europe within NATO, more capacity, in order to take our part of the burden. And I think it’s very fair and it’s very important.

So thanks very much, Donald, for being here. This is our pleasure. And our people are very proud to have you here, and I want to thank you here today for your solidarity 100 years ago, and your constant solidarity for precisely our people.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much, Emmanuel. Thank you very much.

PRESIDENT MACRON: Thank you very much.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I very much appreciate that, Mr. President. And we have become very good friends over the last couple of years. We have much in common in many ways — perhaps more ways than people would understand. But we are — we’re very much similar in our views.

And I appreciate what you’re saying about burden sharing. You know what my attitude has been, and we want a strong Europe. It’s very important to us to have a strong Europe. And whichever way we can do it the best and most efficient would be something that we both want.

I just want to thank you very much for the graciousness that was so beautifully received. We were so beautifully received last night. We look forward to spending the next day and a half with you.

And today and tomorrow are going to be very important. And we’ll be discussing many things, not only military and aid, and NATO, and others, but we’ll also be discussing trade. And we’ve been discussing that for a little while. I think we’ve made a lot of progress. We’ll see if we can get it over the line, as they say. We’ll see what happens. But trade is very important.

And we’re also very much focused — the President and I — on terrorism. Terrorism is a very big subject for both of us. And we see what’s going on in the world, and it’s not a good picture. But we’ve made a lot of progress. We’ve done things together that were quite bold, recently, six months ago. Very bold. And terrorism will be a big factor and a big part of our discussion today.

So I want to thank everybody for being here. And, Mr. President, thank you very much.

Q Mr. Trump, you said you felt insulted by what Mr. Macron say about Europe making its own defense. Could you explain?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We’re getting along from the standpoint of fairness, and I want it to be fair. We want to help Europe but it has to be fair. Right now, the burden sharing has been largely on the United States, as the President will say, and he understands that. And he understands that the United States can only do so much, in fairness to the United States.

So we’ve — we’re rebuilding our military. We just had approved $716 billion. The year before that, we had $700 billion. So we’re almost completely rebuilding our military with the latest and the greatest.

And we want — we just want — we want to absolutely be there. We want to help. We want to be a part of it. But different countries have to also help. That’s only fair. And I think the President — we’ve already discussed this — and the President and I very much agree on that.

PRESIDENT MACRON: I do agree. I think we worked very closely together in Syria. President Trump reminded you what happened on the 13th of April this year. We worked very closely together to make a super operation against chemical weapons. And we work very closely together in the Middle East, in Africa, and some.

But it’s unfair to have the European security today being assured just by the United States, and we need a much better burden sharing. That’s why I do believe that we need more European capacities, more European defense, in order to take this part of the burden. When President Trump has to protect or to defend one of the states of the United States, he doesn’t ask France or Germany, or another government of Europe to finance it.

That’s why I do believe that we need more investment. It’s exactly what we do in France. It’s the first increase in terms of budget for defense, for the coming years. We will reach 2 percent. But that’s why I do believe that we need more European defense. Thank you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you. Thank you.


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113 Responses to President Trump and President Macron Bilateral Meeting…

  1. rumpole2 says:

    Obviously, we will discuss about a lot of topics: Iran, Syria, Yemen, Africa, trade, climate, and a lot of common global issues.

    Worth a try Emmanuel, but climate and global issues?…. not so much!

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    • michaelhamblin says:

      True story, whenever a conservative wants to talk about environmental issues – cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment, improving our air quality, improving access to water, confronting the challenge of marine waste, cleaning up our Superfund sites, and protecting our biodiversity – leftists always change the subject to “global warming”, “climate change”, international treaties and accords, demonizing human activity, but never toward actually protecting the environment and making it healthier for human and animal life.

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      • Bendix says:

        Just a few years back, before Donald Trump ran for president, I was shocked to find out some things I didn’t know about the condition of the Hudson River.
        I learned about the issues from a lefty blogger’s site. This was during Obama’s administration.
        Who knew human waste discharged into the river was still commonplace?
        I will take warmer temperatures over floating mats of human feces in our waterways, any day.

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        • michaelhamblin says:

          Outside Israel, the United States has been the world leader in water treatment systems and providing clean water technology. If you go to nations that are impoverished, the first thing you notice being there any amount of time is problems with water and sanitation. It takes money to keep the environment clean.

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        • Ken says:

          Name the cities I think you are full of it. Please site locations dumping into the Hudson or are you just fibbing!


          • Ken, it may not be cities. Some of the old home with septic systems may drain into a river or lake. I know counties are trying to get things like that updated in several states by failing the septic systems making the owners change things when the property gets sold. It’s harder to do if it is passed down as the owners die. That’s one reason why a septic system check is required in rural areas.


      • FrankieZee says:

        That is there way of stealing our $. And only the USA will be able to pay for that.

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        • michaelhamblin says:

          That’s exactly right, that and weakening the U.S. For example, Russia is very happy to have environmental restrictions on energy production, carbon taxes, fuel efficiency standards. They don’t ever apply to Russia anyway; if they did the Russians would just ignore it. They go laughing all the way to the bank. That’s just one example.

          In short: It’s a lie. Diversion and distraction, manipulation by guilt, policy designed for other outcomes.

          Any time wealth is reduced, environmental degradation increases. Simple fact. You can’t have clean water if you can’t pay to operate sewage systems. Flint MI is a prime example that this isn’t a 3rd world problem.

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    • Ristvan says:

      Wrote a whole ebook on ‘climate change’ and related energy issues, published late 2014. A crock of **** all around. Title: Blowing Smoke, Essays on Energy and Climate, with a wonderful foreword from Prof. Judith Curry herself.
      Rumpole and other Treepers, something you might enjoy. Essays are all bite sized, shortest is two pages, the longest (No Bodies debunking the AR4 WG2 extinction risk nonsense and related propaganda from WWF, Greenpeace, and many others). is only about 20 pages depending on your font size setting. All abundantly illustrated in color (hence ebook only format, because my publisher estimated a print edition would have to retail for $85 even print on demand—no way they would take the risk of a first edition). Available iBooks, Kindle, and most other digital platforms like Nook and Kobo. The Kindle version did sufficiently well that Amazon lowered the price two bucks from my already cheap $9.99.

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    • namberak says:

      The real issue is Iran. Approximately 15 seconds after that execrable deal was signed by Lurch, the French were in there pitching products to the mullahs. About 9 seconds after that, the Germans showed up. That’s literally all they care about, those investments. Everything else is a diversion.

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  2. emet says:

    Get out of NATO, resurrect and join the Warsaw Pact . The threat is Islamic aggession, not Russian invasion.

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    • guyinworld says:

      The Warsaw Pact was a evil pact against all people living under this pact. Including everybody in warshaw.

      NATO is defending Poland from Russia. That’s why they want a US Fort there.

      There are 400+ tanks in east ukraine waiting to attack ukraine + poland right now.

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      • Nonsensical fear mongering even if it’s true that the pact shouldn’t be resurrected.
        Russians took Russian speaking lands in the Ukraine. Not nice but not a big problem for us.

        Putin ain’t stupid to attack Poland tomorrow. That said it’s totally possible that a regime change in Russia could bring a new threat. China in the bigger picture is a much more dangerous enemy on several levels including trait.

        Obviously like emet says Islam is the true evil in the world and a constant threat.

        At some point it will come down to Sharia Law vs. Freedom! We don’t have Russians running in US elections to take over congress. But we have muslims doing that.

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      • emet says:

        If France and Germany continue to allow their populations and culture to be replaced by Muslims, at some point Islamic extemists will control their military and its nuclear stockpile. When that is accomplished, nobody will care about 400 tanks waiting to attack.

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    • Absolutely, Russia is a christian democracy and Russians are ani globalist nationalists.
      Europe is a socialist super state, China is a globalist dictatorship.
      We have far more in common with Russia than any other county.

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    • kevin king says:

      That’s why I am moving to Hungary. I would not be surprised to see the East Europeans form a new alliance with Russia. Not next week but some time in the not too distant future. The biggest threats to world peace are now the UK, French and German governments as they will become Islamic States and two of them will have nuclear weapons

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  3. Marygrace Powers says:

    POTUS body language tells me the bromance it over.

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  4. Everywhereguy says:

    I haven’t been able to figure out why this meeting in Paris was important at this time…

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  5. Bendix says:

    I still think he wants to be like our president when he grows up.
    As far as some of his behavior, well, don’t French and rudeness go together?

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    • Ristvan says:

      In Paris, yes. In Brittany or Cote d’Azur or Alsace Lorraine, not so much. And I speak rather fluent French, so Parisians have no excuse except my accent and their Haute.

      True story. While living in Munich for several years, had to go to Paris often on business. So one morning, got off a Lufthansa flight there and was standing in a rather long Paris passport control line, near the end for my flight. Next flight arrived, and a smallish skrawnyish French passenger from that flight started pushing and elbowing me (a 6 foot plus national champion two sport college athlete) as I got closer to passport control. About three persons from control, the French SOB elbowed his way in front of me in the line. Just then, the Lufthansa flight crew arrived at the crew gate ‘next door’. So I grabbed the rude Frenchman by the scruff of his neck (actually both shoulders under the armpits, a classic move), yanked him off the floor, swung him around behind me, and slammed him down in his proper line place. Told him loudly in French he typified the worst of France. Then turned to the Lufthansa flight crew and said normally in German, thats why we had to bail their sorry asses out in two world wars—crew broke out into laughter and applause. Then turned to passport control agent and said in English, here is my American passport. Im here for the day on business from Munich. Needless to say, no further commotion.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      And marrying mother figures…

      Hey we’ve been down this road before…..getting out the good ones….


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  6. Everywhereguy says:

    And Macron did not say the same things in French as subsequently in English.

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  7. “PRESIDENT MACRON: I wanted to welcome my good friend, President Trump, and wanted to thank you for this visit after a very important time in your domestic policy.”

    Even though I know he and his BFF’s Vlad and Xi are planning to attack France before we can create our own Super French Army.

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  8. Everywhereguy says:

    Speaking of the Veterans Day and WWI centennial marking, anyone heard anything about that big military parade idea that was first planned many months ago, then postponed??

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  9. Scott Lyddon says:

    Macron is saying all the right things now. I wonder how it went behind closed doors.

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  10. Molly says:

    I am hoping President Trump and Melania are enjoying a well deserved trip, after all the rallys.
    I can’t see a picture of Macron without thinking about this: 😛 (1.37min)

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  11. Macron should be wearing a shell not a suit. He is the personification of a slimy politician.
    I am amazed that he has survived this long over there. The French a partial to eating snails.

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  12. emet says:

    I’d have told Macron that if the two “Mumia” streets are not renamed, the next new street in DC will be Claus Barbie Ave

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  13. Monticello says:

    I will never forgive or forget Lybia. We lost aircrews because France wouldn’t let us overfly them. @#$* the French!

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  14. Sedanka says:

    Macron is an oily politician with delusions of grandeur. Thinks he’s a big player on the world stage (he isn’t), thinks he’s a big wheel in European history (he’s a footnote at best), and that he’s smarter than Trump (he’s not even close).

    Trump has always seen through Macron and every other politician. All talk of “I really like this guy” has always been Trump’s standard negotiation technique, same as attacking before the meeting (which he did on Twitter) is also part of his negotiating process.

    Nothing from this meeting is worth analyzing except for Trump’s own comments as a window into where he plans to take our working relationship with France.

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  15. Dan Patterson says:

    Did I miss an explanation of the cemetery cancellation?
    without a solid reason, and/or a reschedule that makes for a very poor message at a time when we need positive ones.

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    • Jenevive says:

      I agree unless a really important reason to cancel it is a bad

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    • Katie says:

      President Trump wouldn’t cancel unless it was a serious reason. They may have planned on using Marine One but weather prohibited it. Or a serious security threat…

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      • I do not think anyone can fault the President who just finished a blitz of campaign rallies. Then immediately sees the fruits of his labor and loyal citizens being robbed by thieves in the dark of Broward Florida. Constantly being ankle nipped by the poodles of the press over Cabinet changes…..Whew, give the lion a rest. Could any other President match this pace?

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      • kea says:

        That’s what I thought. Saw the headline on yahoo as I was checking my mail that Trump called it off do to ‘rain’ and blah blah blah BS

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      • spoogels says:

        I KNEW it! I said so on another posting. There had to have been a threat. And we know those French surrender monkey scum wouldn’t lift a finger to protect Pres Trump!

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    • Ristvan says:

      Yes you did miss the essence. Weather was crappy, rain plus very low ceiling. So his helo could not safely fly the 50 miles from Paris to Belleau Woods. Alow flying helo is RPG vulnerable—Blackhawk Down.
      And without saying it directly, SS deemed a Beast ride too risky given all the Muslim potential terrorists evident around Paris, given a previously announced time and a ‘known’ land route.

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    • piper567 says:

      There was a post upthread…Weather grounded AF1, and SS would not approve motor Route, as it had not been vetted for Security.
      Of course the msm outlets will not explain this.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      You should see some of the comments on social media about VSPGPDJT not going to the cemetery. Since I don’t watch commie news network I can only imagine that all they’ve said about it is the rain must cause his bone spurs to act up b/c that is what many are saying on FB anyway. Disgusting!

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    • AH_C, Boofer says:

      It was a 100 mile road trip in heavy rain. Too risky from SS POV, where they can’t cover the route adequately. Plus there was an apparent assassination attempt on Macron.


    • AH_C, Boofer says:

      Yeah you missed the reason, thanks to the msm.

      Leaving out details is still fake news, like heavy rainstorm and an apparent attempt on Macron.


  16. yucki says:

    When French Identity Died
    Emmanuel Macron, “True Frenchmen,” and the “Islam of France”.

    “Emmanuel Macron, President of France, caused a stir some time ago during his three-day visit to Denmark and Finland. In Copenhagen on August 29, he declared that there is no such thing as “a true Dane,” no such thing as a “true Frenchman.” He was widely criticized for this remark at home. What could he possibly have meant?…

    In late August, Macron began to show his frustration. On a trip to Denmark and Finland, he roundly declared in Copenhagen that “there is no such thing as a ‘true Dane,’” there is no such thing as a “true Frenchman.” It’s difficult to know what he meant. When asked by a Danish student about the future of national identities in Europe, Macron added a bit more to his original remark, that “the ‘true Dane’ does not exist — he is a European.”

    As for his comments on the French, he criticized his own people for the very thing many of us find most admirable: a “Gaulish stubborn resistance to change.” If France is able to save itself from the march of Islam, it will be precisely because of that “stubborn resistance to change,” based on a deep sense of national identity and pride, that Macron deplores.”

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  17. yucki says:

    France: The Rise and Fall of Emmanuel Macron

    When Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France in May 2017, he was portrayed as a reformer who was going to change everything in France and beyond.

    Fourteen months later, illusions are gone. The reforms carried out have been essentially cosmetic and failed to slow France’s sclerotic decline. Economic growth is close to zero: 0.2 per cent in the second quarter of 2018. Unemployment, at around 8.9%, remains high. French public spending as a percent of GDP is, at 56.4%, still the highest in Europe. The country is still frequently paralyzed by public transportation strikes.

    No-go zones continue to spread, and Macron himself recently admitted his helplessness by asking for a “general mobilization” of the population. Riots are frequent; large-scale public events lead to looting and arson. The night after the French team’s victory at the soccer World Cup, hundreds of thugs mingling with the crowds broke windows, vandalized banks and ATMs, destroyed street signs and torched cars.…

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  18. bkrg2 says:

    Trump is the boss

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  19. First, Macron is highly unpopular now in France (I believe approval ratings in mid 30’s now), and he has tied his future far too much to friendship with Merkel. POTUS sees that and is likely distancing himself a bit in order to retain maneuvering room as things shake out in France. (Options currently for Macron replacement are not great, imho. Terrorism is a HUGE problem for them but Macron lacks the guts to deal with the issue effectively, particularly the Islamic enclaves in so much of the country).
    Seems to me that Pres. Trump smacked him around with the tweet–so that face-to-face conversations have clear boundaries and can be more cordial. There are no-go areas for the US, at least, and one of them is the ridiculous idea of an all-Europe military force when they can’t even meet their obligations to NATO! Not to mention the implied “threat” to USA–totally ridiculous and typical Napoleonic, short-man syndrome. POTUS makes sure that Macron understands the power relationship, and then they can talk.
    Look, I love France and have spent a lot of time there, nearly a year at one point. It is my best foreign language. And the French are capable of creating great beauty as well as interesting intellectual thought–but they’ve learned many wrong lessons from the great post-war prosperity we’ve enjoyed, not to mention that “Dieu est mort en France”–Judeo/Christian adherence is so weak and as a result, their discourse is a thin gruel as well.

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  20. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump Gaining Popularity Year-by-Year in France as Macron Plummets

    Trump is more popular in France than Macron is….and Trump isn’t that popular. France is not happy with Macron.

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  21. spoogels says:

    Meanwhile there is outrage because Trump didn’t visit cemetery because of …rain.

    But if I was Trump, I’d justify it because:

    Macron stirs anger with WW1 tribute to Nazi collaborator Petain

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  22. trapper says:

    Minor tiffs between members of the Western family. I lose no sleep over these. Kiss and make up, or not, or keep squabbling, no matter.

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  23. Macron: “When President Trump has to protect or to defend one of the states of the United States, he doesn’t ask France or Germany, or another government of Europe to finance it…..But that’s why I do believe that we need more European defense. Thank you.”

    Yes indeed. I am not in favor of the U.S. being a member of NATO. Europe is not a tattered lot of rubble as after WW2 and the Cold War is over for a generation now. They need to be responsible for their own defense and finance it themselves. Europe is capable of defending itself but why should they when they can get another country on another continent do it for them.

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  24. kea says:

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  25. apfelcobbler says:

    The French always have a “lot” to say … Trump is handling the slight wrinkle about French defense and Macron’s musings just beautifully. It all comes back to X paying their fair share of NATO costs. X=France.

    “‘China, Russia, or the US’ as an enemy?? Why that’s just silly talk! Now here is your ladder, Emmanuel, let me help you climb down from your ceiling!” —- President Trump Nov10, 2018

    Turns out, Trump is more of a classic Atlanticist than the people who pick apart his statements!

    Go President Trump! You have our complete support and trust!

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  26. Sentient says:

    The US should exit NATO.

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