Sunday Talks: Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis Discusses State of the Race…

Former congressman Ron DeSantis discusses his race for governor in Florida.

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97 Responses to Sunday Talks: Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis Discusses State of the Race…

  1. MM says:

    Go Desantis…..….
    I voted Friday instead of my usual election day due to feeling as if I’m on the way to the flu bug…
    I was afraid to wait and be too sick to make it to the polls on Tuesday……

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  2. kcockroft says:

    I voted for Ron DeSantis last week. I hope he wins the election Tuesday.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I sure hope he wins too. He’s a good man, good family. What are those Floridians thinking to vote for a candidate who has benn (maybe still is?) under FBI investigation.

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      • Rhoda R says:

        Some are lefties who don’t care so long as they can expand the power of the state and some are welfare parasites who don’t care so long as they get their free bennies and some are cynical politicians who see this bastard as the golden gate to political power.


  3. Q&A says:

    Praying for a Governor DeSantis come Tuesday night. Go FL, do the right thing!

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  4. dr. D says:

    Ron has been my Rep the last 4 years. He seems like a good man, who is honest, intelligent and hard working; a combination of traits which seem to be so rare for a politician.

    He doesn’t always project the most confidence or charisma, but hopefully he’ll win despite that. Unfortunately, too many people seem to vote for slick salesmen; especially the practiced liars who promise free shit.

    My wife and I look forward to voting Tuesday!

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    • dr. D says:

      Sorry about my use of the S word. Should’ve said free crap.

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      • No virgin ears/eyes here!

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “Should’ve said”

        “Dung” works, too.

        Malachi 2:3 Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it.

        Luke 13:8 And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it:

        Philippians 3:8 Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,


  5. alligatriot says:

    I have Tuesday on the calendar marked with a large Red “R”!

    Ron DeSantis.
    Rick Scott.
    Red Tsunami.


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  6. dr. D says:

    I’ve never been so anxious to vote in a midterm. My guess is I’m not the only one here who feels that way.

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  7. visage13 says:

    I early voted for him and all the Reps on the ballot.

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  8. Lady K says:

    Husband and I early voted last Sunday: Republican Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott.

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  9. Disgusted says:

    How can it possibly be true that Gillum
    Is leading and is running on raising taxes by 40%?

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  10. dr. D says:

    I’ve been wondering for the last week or so about the GOP EV and if more people who usually vote on election day are voting early. There have been many blogs pointing out that our numbers are so much better than historically for EV and that we usually win election day.

    As long as we win, I don’t care when people vote, I just hope our significantly increased EV doesn’t mean significantly reduced election day.

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    • Sammy Hains says:

      Republicans win on election day because they are self-motivated voters. Democrats have historically won in-person early voting because they pay people to drive low info voters (AKA Democrats) to the polls and tell them how to vote. They can get a lot more people to the polls when they have several weeks to do it, rather than a single day.

      So if Republicans are now winning early voting, it is most likely because there is increased voter enthusiasm among Republicans, which means unless Republicans have suddenly altered their voting patterns, we should see an increase on Election Day proprtional to the early voting increase, as well.

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      • dr. D says:

        I hope you’re right, Sammy. I know it’s just anecdotal, but my father in law voted early (GOP) for the first time. He usually votes on election day and someone above said the same thing. Hopefully those numbers won’t be significant enough to matter.


  11. Eric says:

    Vote for Ashley Moody for FL Attorney General!

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  12. GB Bari says:

    With such a large, stark contrast between the two gubernatorial candidates, it is very curious why, at this late date, there aren’t any credible public polls showing DeSantis moving into the clear lead.
    It’s 2016 all over again?

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  13. Howie says:

    DDD Report….Florida will not elect a Communist Black Panther from Taxahappy. Bet the ranch.

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  14. Howie says:

    The democrats have been trying to Shoot The Messenger since the release of the democrat crooked email. They have a problem. Too many messengers and not enough ammo.

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  15. D says:

    The polls are skewed. The MSM is working overtime to promote the “Blue Wave” propaganda. It will be 2016 all over again and the Dems/MSM/silicon valley/Hollywood are all going to be seen as even less credible on November 7th than they were November 6th. Let’s KAG and send these commies back to where they came from!

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  16. Howie says:

    DDD Exclusive….after much research I have found the reason the democrats lost the mids….no it was not Russia….A far greater menace….Be afraid, very afraid.

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  17. Howie says:

    48 hours till the true polls are known. Thank God. Ban Polls!!!

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  18. JX says:

    More Gillum Graft

    Among the many questions about an FBI corruption probe nagging Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is what does his political rise have to do with 311 E. Jennings St.?

    It starts with money. In the first three months after Gillum announced his bid for mayor in April 2013, the decade-serving city commissioner received $8,000 from a host of companies using that address. And businesses there have received a number of financial favors from the city and the mayor, who, as a member of the Community Redevelopment Agency Board, voted for the subsidies.

    Those dealings are receiving heightened scrutiny since the FBI last year issued subpoenas to 38 individuals and companies, more than a dozen of which are connected to the Jennings Street address. Among the names on the subpoenas is Adam Corey, Gillum’s former campaign treasurer.

    A recurrent name in them, along with Jennings Street, is local businessman J.T. Burnette, a major Gillum backer who in 2014 received $883,000 in city subsidies for developing a downtown hotel.

    In all, 52 LLCs listing the Jennings Street address, many of which are run by Burnette, have donated to state and local campaigns. Those businesses include Hunter & Harp, a partnership between Burnette and former bank executive James Kittrell, and Sunnyland Solar, another Burnette-related business connected to a city-subsidized clean energy project now under FBI scrutiny. Gillum voted in 2011 to give Sunnyland Solar up to $5.4 million in subsidies.

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    • churchmouse says:

      Thanks for the link.

      Wow, what a story.

      From the article:

      ‘In all, 52 LLCs listing the Jennings Street address, many of which are run by Burnette, have donated to state and local campaigns. Those businesses include Hunter & Harp, a partnership between Burnette and former bank executive James Kittrell, and Sunnyland Solar, another Burnette-related business connected to a city-subsidized clean energy project now under FBI scrutiny. Gillum voted in 2011 to give Sunnyland Solar up to $5.4 million in subsidies.’


  19. Howie says:

    The Tells….I am going to look at three things on Tue. to see what is up.
    1. St Lucie County FL returns.
    2. Monroe County FL results.
    3. Donna Shalala in Miami to see how well she does.

    The early votes will be up first. This is the Trifecta!

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  20. JRD says:

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  21. JX says:

    During the CNN Florida gubernatorial debate, Ron DeSantis asked Andrew Gillum whether he paid for the lodging associated with a Costa Rica trip that included lobbyist Adam Corey.

    Previously, Gillum said that he and his wife paid cash for the May 2016 Costa Rica accommodations.

    Newly released information from Adam Corey’s lawyer indicates Gillum did not pay for the accommodations.

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  22. Right to reply says:

    I don’t believe for one minute that Gillum will win. We’re voting straight R’s on Tuesday. Not just me, but our whole street!

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    • Howie says:

      The Gypsy Vote!!! It all comes down to you! Ohh ohh

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    • sickconservative says:

      Really would just a vote against success, Gillum if implemented might make all those NY and NJ go back.
      Really kidding they wanted out but many don’t understand why.
      You are welcome in the south as long as you don’t bring what sucks about it here.

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      • Skippy says:

        SC: you’ve made a great point here. My daughter in law ( a democrat voter) complains already about cost of living in Florida. She just bought a house so some deduction there. But if Gullum wins and succeeds on getting the Florida legislature to raise taxes, as well as if mass influx into FL continues, people will leave. Especially high income folks.

        I love the Florida sun, although haven’t visited in a decade. It seems Florida is changing very fast.

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    • bekfl says:

      I hope you live on I4 or I95! LOL

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  23. Tiffthis says:

    i really hope Florida votes red. I would hate to see it turn into a California

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  24. JX says:

    Gillum changes ‘Hamilton’-ticket story 5 times

    The evolving narrative continued after text messages and email records, released on Tuesday, appeared to document that an undercover FBI agent provided the candidate’s ticket to the popular Broadway show “Hamilton.”

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  25. Faye says:

    I am an Australian and I love and admire your President Trump and what he is doing for America and the world. On Wednesday (your Tuesday) we will be glued to the television. I believe he can win both Senate and House. Hopefully, the clean out of the Democrats can begin and the impeachment manipulators receive full punishment. (Who knows how high up that will go?) And let’s not forget the fake media who aided and abetted.

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  26. Howie says:

    democrats seem to be devolving in to ‘The Begging Stage’. It will begin on Wed.

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  27. Akindole says:

    My two Gen Ms went solid red over in Lee Co., the wife voted early Thursday solid red, and I’m going in Tuesday just to give CTH a range report of who’s in the lines.

    Speaking of ranges, the grumpy master glass 1/2 MOA guy said he actually ran into someone that voted for Gillum. The range master heard that and immediately called clear so we all could gather around for the story telling. Sorta like a UFO sighting down here.

    Consistent with what Ron says, If the BlueHairs® get wind of losing their Medicare Advantage they’ll go plumb medieval on the Florida house and senate. None of Gillum’s agenda will ever go anywhere.

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  28. Pyrthroes says:

    Despite caveats, the distinct impression here is that –as in 2010– Red Wave turnout will dissolve Rat demesnes like sandcastles. Can’t wait to see Wednesday’s headlines: “Them that takes cakes which the Parsee-man bakes, make dreadful mistakes.”

    Among other qualitative indicators, commentators such as David Frum give Rats an 85% probability of re-installing their hate-white-American-males etc. Pelosi-burger as Speaktresse of the House. This aligns with the LA Times’ notorious screenshot at 3:05 PM on November 8th 2016, proclaiming Bobbletwot, Wunderschlumpf –MzBill– the winner over Trump with odds of 98-to-2 (!): “We’d love to know your opinion.” Bend over, grab your ankles, so’s we can whisper it directly in your ear.

    As one puissant observer put it, collectivist Statism’s cyclic run of 72 years from 1946 has finally met its end. (In both New World and Old, this 36-year generational pattern dates from time immemorial.) However scuttering Rats may fuss and grunt, their “fleeting hour of brutish triumph” nears its end. Can’t happen soon enough.


  29. Howie says:

    St. Lucie County vote….The key.


    • What is it about St Lucie that makes it key? Demographics? I live one county North and although there are lots of well to do people in St Lucie County, there is a big section of Ft Pierce that is no go land and I hear is filled with Haitians. That guy who shot up Orlando Pulse was from Ft Pierce also.


  30. Nicco says:

    PRAY as never before the future of our nation depends on it.God bless all those on this site.I enjoy the comments as it shows people are alot smarter than they think.

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