Jobs Not Mobs…

Not an actual GOP ad…. but it should be:



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147 Responses to Jobs Not Mobs…

  1. Sammy Hains says:

    This is the 2nd most effective political ad I have ever seen.
    The most effective being President Trump’s 2016 closing ad.

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  2. Kent says:

    Hi hil…

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  3. Retired IG says:

    Hi CTH,
    Want to give you a heads up re what is happening with trying to access CTH tonight. Tried to view this article and am getting all kinds of messages that “the certificate (for CTH) is not valid, etc., etc, etc. Same as when I used to visit the Russia Today website. I just had to keep clicking through.
    How convenient, less than 3 days before the election for the Schmeagle’s (Lord of the Rings) of the Internet to bring all of this up NOW.. I believe, they (whoever they are) are trying to stop traffic to your website.
    Just wanted you to know the experience from my side. The Universe is unfolding: eyes, hearts and minds are being opened every day (my prayer). Politics and religion I’ve heard should never be discussed with family. In my case that is usually true. Love the CTH because it is the norm of most who come here NOT to diss another person for their views. As it should be.
    Peace to all. Vote your heart and mind. And may the will of Universe prevail. Love, E


  4. Retired IG says:

    Kent – So awesome. Thank youL


  5. Brilliant piece that both makes me proud of our great country and our wise and eloquent founders, and sad for the conflict that we now are facing–when people should be thrilled and happy that there is growth, opportunity and progress here and abroad. Truly Satan has blinded the eyes of them that believe not, but we are blessed and so fortunate to know otherwise, and have patriots like SD and fellow treepers to share this fight!


  6. Cooper45 says:

    Is anyone else wondering where all the Big Donors are for the GOP Reps and Senators that are working hard to get elected. Trump’s policies have created several $ trillions, expanded companies, created over 4 million jobs and so on but Steyer, Bloomberg, Soros etc have dug deep into their pockets this election to ensure the Trump MAGA is stopped even if it means tanking the Stock Market, the economy etc. Darrell Issa said today that Diane Harkey had a chance to win his seat but she is not receiving a dime from the GOP (maybe getting some decent outside donations??) while her opponent Mike Levin is rolling in donation money. The GOP piggy bank is very limited and they have to choose a limited number of seats to fund. John James is a great candidate and is also in the same financially rudderless boat as Harkey but is fighting very hard and impressively with little outside help.

    This election (in the House especially) is being seriously bought by obsessed anti Trump lefty billionaires that seem NOT to like the people regaining a little power back with low unemployment numbers and other improvements or receiving increased wages etc. How many voters are aware just how financially unbalanced the spending is for both one side. Just like the one sided bias of the MSM and the major tilts in the influential gov’t agencies like the DOJ’s and Mueller’s pro Dem bias and probably still the FBI’s.

    Where are all the grateful companies and billionaires that received huge tax reductions that made them many $ billions as they expanded their businesses? There are more than crazy Dems and the sick negative media that want to see the House and Senate flip Dem or they couldn’t care less if it does.

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    • skifflegirl says:

      Doesn’t Congressional Repubs in House and Senate control election funding for their races? Just like McConnell and the Shameful Seven undermined the 2014 Mississippi Senate race against Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel?

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  7. Pyrthroes says:

    Rats have all but conceded 4 – 6+ Senate seats. As for the House, it may be 1994 if not 2010… welcome Speaker Jim Jordan, and a fast farewell to Rosenstein, Sessions, and others of their ilk, once confirmation of a Giuliani-type as AG’s a done deal.

    Meantime, we await with bated breath the pending deliquescence of SCOTUS’ excrutiatingly obnoxious RBG. May the farce be with her!

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  8. Mob and Racist socialism liar’s,

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  9. Blind no longer says:

    Sundance you are so right! It may not be a GOP AD, but it should be! I remember President Trump’s twitter videos in 2016 showing ISIS about to behead a prisoner and I thought it was brilliant! Show people the REAL TRUTH and they will think before they vote!

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  10. skifflegirl says:

    President Trump, Brad Parscale and Ronna McDaniel brought their A game. They ain’t playing.

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  11. skifflegirl says:

    Doesn’t Congressional Repubs in House and Senate control election funding for their races? Just like McConnell and the Shameful Seven undermined the 2014 Mississippi Senate race against Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel?

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  12. SPMI says:

    Hi Cooper 45
    Wrong about Republicans and money.
    They are ready and will definitely WIN!

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  13. Wayne Robinson says:

    Everytime Hillery opens her mouth im reminded what a horses ass she is

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  14. Bendix says:

    I was cheered to see Lara Trump mention people getting a chance at a better life the other day.
    So many of our elected officials have no idea how bad it got for the average American worker.
    They can’t understand that even an extra twelve dollars is a big boon to some.
    I think about Mitt Romney talking about “the dignity of work” for welfare mothers. Why was he even talking about welfare mothers when highly skilled American workers were idle, when Americans were working six days a week and it didn’t even pay the rent?
    God bless our beloved president.

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  15. L. E. Joiner says:

    The corollary to ‘Jobs Not Mobs’ is. . .


    That’s what all of the Republican candidates should be campaigning on. I wrote a little speech for them. See my post, “Made in America: the Key to Republican Victory,” here:

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