President Trump MAGA Rally, Indianapolis Indiana – 7:00pm EST Livestream…

President Trump’s second rally of the day is in VP Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana, where President Trump is supporting Mike Braun for U.S. Senate to unseat Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly.  The venue is Southport High School in Indianapolis, and the anticipated start time for President Trump is 7:00pm EST

UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link

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390 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally, Indianapolis Indiana – 7:00pm EST Livestream…

  1. G3 says:

    Sleeping Joe was last on the list.

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  2. sundance says:

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  3. Pam says:

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  4. wheatietoo says:

    Wow. Our President is firing on all cylinders, isn’t he!

    Great crowd. Wonderful speech!
    We love you, Mr. President!

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  5. zooamerica says:

    President Trump has such a great, strong VOICE.

    He does not speak softly, and he carries a Big Stick.

    Incredible voice! You’d think he’d be a little hoarse by now.

    Not even close…he could do another rally tonight.

    A truly AMAZING VOICE!

    President Trump is our voice.

    Every rally is special. Every day is special.

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  6. bflyjesusgrl says:

    Oh no, don’t let it be over, it’s too soon😩

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  7. Katherine McCoun says:

    President Trump finishing so strong, passionately, no sign of fatigue. On his wrap up now.

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  8. covfefe999 says:

    tuskyou posted the link to the space force tee …i see they have some state tees too. No Illinois

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  9. covfefe999 says:

    Hahah, back by popular demand, “our hearts beat red, white, and blue” 🙂

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  10. zooamerica says:


    It’s that simple.

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  11. Pam says:

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  12. wheatietoo says:

    Heheh…I love that long-haired bearded guy behind the President.
    He’s been great.

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  13. Katherine McCoun says:

    Great Rally! Fun to watch it in the treehouse!

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  14. zooamerica says:

    Jim Acosta is offended…again.

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  15. Bth says:

    I’m 59 years old. My dad and I used to get many tears watching Reagan’s speeches. He made us feel so good to be American. But, Trump is in another league. His energy is unfathomable. I just freaking love his passion.

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  16. Lion2017 says:

    Fabulous speech as always. Our Lion seemed serious tonight and very focused.

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  17. teeheeman says:

    After today, say bye-bye to the Senator Joe boys……Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Joe Donnelly (D-IN). You are welcome to switch parties and come back in a few years.

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  18. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Wow! RIP ROARIN’ enthusiasm!! Love it!

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  19. tuskyou says:

    Contact info for OANN if anyone wants to thank them for showing the rallies:

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  20. Summer says:

    There is no such thing as “too many Trump rallies,” not in my house anyway, but on Wednesday… get ready to major withdrawal, folks. Just sayin.
    I love these rallies, they make me happy and hopeful and grateful.

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  21. kea says:

    So did they pull out the creepy blue shirt guy and his friend or did they just leave?

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  22. kea says:

    Bobby Knight who pointed to Trump and then to God. Yes Fully agree. I also loved the joke about the pad and pen and selling them. LOL

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  23. zooamerica says:

    The early voting numbers are off the charts!!! Record setting!!!

    ALL of the enthusiasm is on the republicans side.

    Bernie, Gillum, and Barack…H….Obama can’t fill a high school cafeteria.

    They failed the high school gymnasium test.

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  24. kea says:

    Loved the joke about the camera’s. Also the shout out to the First lady!! 🙂

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  25. covfefe999 says:

    Hahaha, someone made a Jim Acosta’s Dignity twitter account

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  26. Minnie says:

    Rest up folks, we’ve got another double-header tomorrow 😊

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  27. agentcommonsense says:

    House gains 180 SEATS !

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  28. PC says:

    Southport Field House has a capacity of 7124. They probably had close to 10000 enthusiastic Indiana patriots in attendance.
    President Trump is a one person turnout machine.
    Truly inspiring.

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  29. daughnworks247 says:

    Taking one for the team – watching the Nelson/Gillum/Obama rally.
    Nelson say Repubs want to make pre-existing conditions constitutionally prohibited. What is he talking about? Nelson is 60 years older than anyone else in the crowd. Optics are horrible.
    Nelson says McConnell wants to strip Medicare and Social Security.
    Gillum is awkward, needs speech lessons. Sweating like crazy but no one else is. No one says “y’all” in Miami. Talking about momma and grandmama, putting a cross on his head with olive oil. What does “Bring it Home” mean? Want us to all put our oars in the water an row in the same direction. Common sense, Decency. Haven’t heard him yet tell everyone he is a Marxist Communist.
    And he introduces Obama.
    But Obama is not on the ballot. Why isn’t Barack introducing the others? Crowd chanting O-Bam-A, but it’s not 2012. He was heckled. 3 minutes in and he hasn’t said anything yet.
    “We’re at a crossroad” “most important election of our lifetime, politicians often say that but this time it is true” – heckled again. Wow.
    “Where was I?” – he’s 7 minutes in and nothing yet.
    Back to healthcare. Accusing the other side of rhetoric that promotes racism. Heckled again. Wow.
    Accusing hecklers of using a tactic that is common when the other side fears their power is slipping away.
    Ticking boxes of all races and genders. Begging them to vote. “Marching, mobilizing, and voting” and “that’s how we won the women’s right to vote” (100 years ago?).
    Crowd won’t shut up. They keep yelling. Rude to do to a former President.
    Ahhhhh, Republican cut taxes for the rich and rule for big banks — and Dems had to come and clean up.
    HEEEEE got the economy going again, healthcare for 20 million, doubled renewable energy, rules for credit card companies, and he’s taking credit for Trump economy…….
    Blaming the Repub Congress for blocking him from “doing everything he wanted to do”.
    What are Repubs doing now? Cutting taxes for the rich, stripping out rules for clean air, and OMGGGGGGG running up the deficit….. “just like the last time”.
    Here we go, “Republicans have racked up enough indictments to field a football team”. “No one on my team did that”. This guy needs to go down hard.
    I swear to God, Obama is actually talking about the perils of the deficit.
    Heckled again.
    Obama just asked, “Why are the folks who won the last election so mad all the time?” Get that? We’re the ones who are “getting ginned up” to be mad cuz “that’s the mindset” of our side.
    Back to healthcare.
    Pre-existing conditions. He’s actually lying. I PERSONALLY lobbied the statehouse in Florida for the pre-existing condition insurance pool. That was what I did. We did it 35 states, back in the 80’s.
    Okay, I figured it out. The left is claiming because Repubs voted repeatedly to repeal the ACA, we are therefore stripping the protection for pre-existing conditions. Bad logic. Yet, when has bad logic stopped the Dems?
    Obama is claiming the Repubs are coming after your healthcare. Scare tactics.
    He’s sweating like crazy.
    Now shaming OUR side for politics where we yell at each other. Can you believe it?
    Now talking about our side lying – talking about Hillarys emails – Trump talking on his cellphone while the Chinese are listening in. Using our military, taking them away from their families for a stunt at the border.
    Uh -oh, Obama is MAD about our new Cuba policy. Interesting. That touched a nerve.
    He claims our side is distracting the left, lying all the time, meanwhile stealing ‘stuff’. Claiming our side “lies with abandon”, connecting it to family. He has the audience in the palm of his hand for the moment, talking about lying to you family. Sooooo, vote. Not rationally connected.
    Here we go, he’s talking about threatening the press. Obama has no shame. No memory.
    Moving onto taking care of Puerto Rico – appears to be empathetic to the ‘conservatives’ to be fiscally prudent – but then slams conservtives for not being fiscally prudent because of trillion dollar deficits. No kidding.
    Slamming our side for spending ALL our time vilifying the Dems, calling Americans names. Wow. Wants people to stand up if they see their gay friend being harrassed. Does not mention Dems harassing Repubs.
    “Cuz that’s who we are”.
    Talking about Parkland students —- dear heaven, when it was his policy that caused the problem.
    “The antidote of a government run by the powerful few, is the organized powerful many” – only he thinks he is the common man – wrong. Talk to Hillary or Valerie J.
    Very clear, Obama wants Gillum in and then a Dem Legislature. He keeps mentioning the legislature. Now repeating the myth about women not earning the same as men.
    Obama can taste the power he might get in Florida, or with a Governor in Georgia.
    Donna Shalala waddles to the stage to kiss Obama.
    I need another shower – Bruce Springsteen on the sound system.

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  30. Chicago->Arizona says:
  31. teeheeman says:

    As the late great Ernie Banks of Chicago Cubs fame would say….”Let’s play three!” Triple-header coming on Monday to wrap up this Trump Storm. And then deliver the goods on Tues and celebrate with popcorn and adult beverages on Tues night/Wed morn.

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  32. How many people (paid or otherwise) were at the Gillum, OZero-Nelson shindig?

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  33. Miss Marple says:

    The rally was held at my old high school,,,I remember when that field house was built, Lots of fond memories of when that was built,

    I was at the rallly tonight. It was FABUILOUS!!!!

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  34. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    A CNN libtard commentator, a high-yellow mulatto, and a homosexual walk into a bar. The bar-tender says, “You ain’t welcome here Mr. Lemon.”


  35. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    A CNN libtard commentator, a high-yellow mulatto, and a homosexual walk into a bar. The bar-tender says, “You ain’t welcome here Mr. Lemon.”


  36. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    I have watched most of POTUS Trump’s rallies which are attended by thousands/tens of thousands. I have paid attention to rallies held by Obamohammed, Hitlery, Gropin’ Joe Biden, and Crazy Bernie. They attract hundreds at best. Pretty sure that (((CNN))) and the rest of the (((MSM))) are lying to us about the Blue Wave (along with everything else that they report). The Red Trumpnami is coming to wash away the Blue and the Swamp.

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  37. Cooper45 says:

    Leaders and winners like Trump and Bobby Knight immediately command your attention as soon as they speak. It’s refreshing to listen to them tell it like it is.

    It’s not easy to describe exactly why but we know it as soon as they begin speaking. Unless, you are already programmed not to hear the reality because your MSM and Dem brainwashed and distorted presumptions over ride your natural instincts and close your mind.

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