President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing the White House…

Prior to departing the White House for a MAGA rally in West Virginia, President Trump stopped to talk to the media pool about today’s great economic news and current events.

250,000 new jobs; 3.7% Unemployment; 3.1% Wage growth.

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37 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing the White House…

  1. 4sure says:

    Trump has set the bar so high, no one will ever exceed it or even get close.

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    • Robert Homes says:

      Honey Badger President Trump don’t give a Shi#!.

      What a breath of fresh air our president is. Every time he has an audience of reporters he plays them.

      Good times!

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  2. Thanks for posting…I was listening to Rush in my car and it was really great because Obama was in the middle of a rally and both cnn and fox were showing, so POTUS walks out and talks to the media and both cnn and fox switched off Obama and broadcast this…that’s what Rush said as he has his tv’s on in his studio and he had both stations on…so funny. POTUS knocked Obama off tv…haha

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    • Ristvan says:

      He also trash talked Obama/Gillum FL in his WV rally just now.
      So we can safely infer this ‘glitch’ was intentional. Obama stupid enough to schedule his FL Gillum rally just when PDJT knew he could command press leaving WH because of pre-released WH and rally schedule.
      PDJT plays multidimensional chess. Obama cannot even play 2D checkers. Maybe not even the simpler 2D game of TicTakToe. Which can always (mathematically proven) result in a stalemate—yet Obama still loses!

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      • G3 says:

        Obama can’t draw students, on a college campus, in the middle of the afternoon.
        So much for the days of Greek columns. There he was flanked by a felon and senior citizen, as he got heckled.

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    • nimrodman says:

      yeah, I was watching Fox with the sound turned down and suddenly the fee switched from Barky to our President

      turned the sound up and enjoyed
      watched our Pres knock Barky right off the frikkin’ TeeVee in a quick masterstroke


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  3. Minnie says:

    Thank you, Mr. President 🦁

    We support you
    We thank you
    We respect you
    We love you


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  4. MM says:

    PDJT is simply the Best President Ever.
    We are so lucky to have him……..

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  5. This President has a very strange idea of why we have a military. He seems to think it’s to protect America, and its borders and its citizens and not to bring Democracy to the Muslim world..
    – Joint Statement issued by George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama

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  6. He just OWNS them. And think of all the MAJOR issues underway–many with incredible progress already:
    Economy–JOBS, WAGES, GDP, Tax reduction
    Vets-Vet choice, FIRE bad VA employees
    Reform for justice system in particular reentry programs for released prisoners(did not cover this one at the presser)
    Medical–Right to Try for terminal patients, Eliminate liberty-busting Ocare mandate, Some progress and proposals on drug prices. More to do here but at least some consensus on specific areas to attack.
    Iran Sanctions
    China Trade–Xi wants to negotiate
    Immigration–FINALLY the rest of the Rs understand the urgency, deployments at the border, etc.
    News fairness-The progress there is that people that have any awareness or willing to listen know that the vast majority of media is biased at best.

    What else am I missing Treepers. Just WOW!

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  7. wheatietoo says:

    “The Fake News is creating violence.”

    Oh that’s gonna set them off, bigtime.
    The Enemedia is not used to having the truth told about them!

    Look at how he stands up to that gaggle of scumbags…all alone.
    He’s fearless.
    He stands up to them and punches them in the face with the truth.

    I love our VSG President!
    Best President ever.

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    • Minnie says:

      We ❤️ Mr. President, so!

      Each new day brings more WINNING.

      Never seen anything like it before in my lifetime!

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    • Prairierose123 says:

      They act like such children, asking the same questions over and over. He handles them so well, I know I wouldn’t have the patience. I am so thankful for a President who is a true leader! God bless him!

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Me, too, Wheatie. I absolutely love this man. He is an amazing, amazing President. He is more than I could have ever hoped or dreamed for, so much more than I could ever have imagined. He is an answer to prayers that I didn’t even know my soul was crying out for.

      I spend time nearly every day praying my gratitude for PDJT.

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  8. MAGAbear says:

    For all the pundits who keep repeating that the party in power always loses seats in the next election (blah, blah, blah), they fail to realize that it’s not simply because the voters are erratic but because often the party in power didn’t deliver on it’s promises (or lied about their intentions). PDJT not only has delivered on his promises, he told us right up front what he was going to do and he did it! No reason for any sane person to not vote GOP on Tuesday.

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    • nimrodman says:

      … and in the final week before mid-term elections, he has driven coverage to illegal immigration, perhaps THE strongest issue with his base (and a strong issue with many undecideds as well)

      If any Repub voters are unmotivated because of other issues, they should be able to find enough motivation to vote on this issue alone.


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  9. Yy4u says:

    Listening to this murder of crows was almost more than i could stand. Our media have made themselves embarrassing and ridiculous. How can they not see how they have destroyed journalism? Even a schyster lawyer knows shen to just shut up.

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  10. Linus in W.PA. says:

    The Trumpet kind of backed off the strength of telling the military to treat a rock the same as a rifle early on in this segment.

    Then he came back stronger with it, but shy of last night’s statements.

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  11. pnj01 says:

    The Man goes up to an unfailingly hostile “Press Line” and takes any and all questions. He is straightforward and usually very informative. The Press is no match for him. He knows it and uses them to get his message through to the People, just as he uses Twitter and the rallies and interviews that he often rewards on honest reporters, but sometimes gives to an Enemy just to shadow box with them and show them up for the phonies they are (e.g., the 60 Minutes Reporterette (Leslie Stahl)).

    I particularly loved the way he dismissed recent arrestee Alec Baldwin for the non-entity he is.

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  12. Milo says:

    Why does President Trump waste his time giving the Press this information? They are not going to report it.


  13. Maquis says:

    PDJT is far kinder to the jackals than they deserve.
    Patience on loan from Job.

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