Fusion GPS Contractor Nellie Ohr Invokes Spousal Privilege During Congressional Testimony…

Congressional Testimony Today – [Background] The political opposition research and propaganda delivery firm, Fusion-GPS, hired Nellie Ohr in late 2015 to work on Russia-centric issues due to her expertise and language fluency.  After Hillary Clinton and the DNC hired Fusion-GPS for opposition research and political assistance  Nellie Ohr was part of the “Trump Project” which evolved into the “Steele Dossier.”

Nellie Ohr’s husband Bruce Ohr was the number four official in the DOJ and participated on behalf of Fusion-GPS, the DNC and Hillary Clinton as a back channel of information from his wife Nellie Ohr and her co-contractor Chris Steele into the FBI to support the creation of the Trump investigation.

Simultaneous to these events the FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker was meeting with lawyers (M. Sussmann) representing the Clinton Campaign and DNC.  The Clinton lawyers were also providing political opposition research toward the same collective FBI effort against their political opposition, Donald Trump.

A joint congressional committee has been interviewing all of the participants as part of a broad investigation into the political weaponization of the DOJ and FBI during the 2016 presidential election.  In August Bruce Ohr gave testimony to the committee about his contacts with Fusion-GPS and their contractor Christopher Steele.  Mr. Ohr’s testimony conflicted with prior testimony from the founder of Fusion-GPS Glenn Simpson.

Mr. Simpson had previously told the committee he did not have contact with DOJ official Bruce Ohr until after the election (Thanksgiving 2016).  However, Mr. Ohr testified that he met with both Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson long before the election and remained in close contact throughout the period leading up to the election.

Today Mrs. Nellie Ohr was questioned about her involvement with Fusion-GPS while working as a paid contract agent for the firm.  Additionally she was questioned on: her relationship with the dossier origination; her contacts with Christopher Steele; her role and responsibility within Fusion as it related to the Trump project; and the nature of the communication between herself and the participating players inside and outside of government.

It is being reported that Mrs. Ohr invoked spousal privilege to protect any communication between herself and her husband.

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135 Responses to Fusion GPS Contractor Nellie Ohr Invokes Spousal Privilege During Congressional Testimony…

  1. American Male says:

    ….anyone ID/know the name of that suited, smirking, psuedo-“female” defense attorney escorting Ethel Rosenberg…I mean Nellie Ohr, in the video. I’ll bet that thing never had to “Resist” a male or his appendage attempting to enter her festering puss-filled void.


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