Hurricane Michael Recovery….

For those who know the stages of hurricane recovery, specifically in the deep southeast and Florida region, there is no needed explanation for the importance of this video and the subsequent joy.


For those who don’t know – this convoy means the catastrophic stages of rescue work and the painstaking process of going block by block therein is complete.  People are now safe. Primary arteries are clear.  Massive numbers of power crews are working to rebuild the grid; tens of thousands of tons of debris being removed. [Much of what is now called “debris” represents the cherished belongings of thousands of lives.]

Now it’s time to try and restore some sense of normalcy for those who have been so incredibly impacted, and commit to a long-term rebuilding process. For many outsiders it’s just an innocuous convoy; yet for others it represents a purposeful recovery phase where we have counted our blessings and live thankfully, neighbor-to-neighbor, hand-in-hand, in fellowship.

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  1. sundance says:

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    Seeing those Publx trucks was such a breath of fresh air. Even though I like to shop at Winn Dixie when I am in Florida, I may have to return the favor and start shopping at Publix😉

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Do. Another outfit that is dependable is Wal Mart. In our part of the panhandle, they have consistently been the first with water and ice after major hurricanes and are generally the last to close before one hits and the first to open afterwards.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        We shop there as well 😉

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        • Carrie2 says:

          And I like Walmart stores in China too and they have everything and more just like a large Walmart in our small city. Publix is also good but in any case any food is good and so glad that they can bring in goods to the many who lost everything. Now we need to gather clothings and kitchen items, etc. and get them off to FLA and TX again. Now they need to build walls/barriers/dams to protect these areas and should have long, long ago.

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      • tuesdayschild15 says:

        Yes, this is true. I’m a huge fan of Publix, not so much because of their prices, but because here in SC they stay open even when Wal Mart closes. Maybe I shouldn’t laud that considering that their employees have to stick around and work during natural disasters and what not, but while SC was waiting for Florence the employees who were still working at Publix said they were happy to get the hours.

        Nothing bad happened here at all, but Wal Mart closed for four days. Publix was open every day and they had pallets of water and the shelves were reasonably stocked. I love my Publix.

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    • MM says:

      I drive 50 miles round trip to shop at Publix….
      We have Winn Dixie and their quality cannot compare to Publix………
      Also Publix are much cleaner stores……….

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    • wholland50 says:

      Publix is Florida-based. Out of Lakeland. Publix is good to their employees

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  3. Pam says:

    There are no words to describe what a beautiful site that is.

    Even though I’ve been through several hurricanes here in SE NC in my lifetime, and yes Florence was bad but not even close to Michael at all! I send my prayers to all those who lost family members or property. Thankfully, I haven’t had that experience and don’t wish it on anyone.

    May God richly bless the victims and may they find comfort during this difficult rebuilding of their lives.

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    • nikkichico7 says:

      In Jesus name amen

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    • Dixie says:

      Pam, I’m glad you and I both escaped the terrible ravages of Florence.

      Having worked three weeks for an insurance company, only one of many, who itself, has handled 99,000 claims following Florence, I got a first hand look at the number of small businesses which were completely wiped out by either the wind or storm surge produced by Florence. Around here, there are tarps on every other roof. People having trouble getting available roofers to repair or replace the roofs so they can replace the collapsed ceilings and wet wallboard and floors.

      After I escaped structural damage, I was shocked to see so many who didn’t escape and have lost their homes completely. People are really hurting from both storms. Clean up crews are working 24/7 and the debris piles only seem to grow. I understand Florence produced 24 tornadoes in eastern NC and there are many trees with the tops twisted out of them still hanging by a splinter waiting for the next slight wind to fell them.

      Michael hit Florida hard and it was wonderful to see that convoy of trucks headed to help the people of Florida. Makes my heart sing to see the way people come together to help each other.

      However well intended, I don’t think we can say that Florence was not even close to Michael. Both were horrendous in different ways and the results devastating.

      May God help all who are suffering.

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  4. Monticello says:

    Thank goodness, it’s a long process but the worst stages may be almost over!


  5. Pam says:

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  6. Pam says:


  7. MM says:

    Publix is very good to their local communities…
    Very generous…
    Thanks for the update Sundance, I’ve been waiting for your post………

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  8. IMO says:

    Publix stores must have donated goods. I heard in past hurricane relief in Texas HEB store donated a lot. Love our truckers 😍

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  9. Pam says:

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    • Proud American from Texas says:

      My BIL from deep South Texas has been there about a week. He and his repair crew were in a “man camp” consisting of bunk beds on 18 wheeler trailers, Skid-o-cans and open air shower stalls. Hence, the “man camp”.
      He told me the devastation was “brutal”. Have to get the main lines repaired, so folks will be able to get power. once they have their homes ready for service.
      One stretch of 120 poles they were assigned had ONE pole still serviceable. The rest had to be replaced.
      His special prayer request was for God to hold his body together for the 16 hour days.
      Hope it goes well for all those affected.

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    • piper567 says:

      My Nephew works for FLA utilities.
      He said before Florence, his crews reported the evening before she was expected to hit, and were kept overnight for coordination of efforts, assignments, etc. when they were able to respond.
      Very Organized, and very good communications…and very comforting.


  10. Grandma Covfefe says:

    America First–This is who we are—helping one another.

    I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
    Ps 27;13

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    • Carrie2 says:

      I disliked what Paul Ryan called “this is what America is” when he meant nothing, but in spite of floods, tornados, etc., we the REAL America is right there to help and thanks to Trump it is getting done faster and faster. Remember this vote for republicans because the democrats don’t give a damn for anything but your vote! I belong to neither party but I vote republican because I want America MGA!

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    • lisabrqwc says:

      One of my favorite verses.

      Mr. Rogers, who was so comforting to us as children, said when he was young and saw reports of a tragedy like Michael and would be just heartbroken for the affected people, his mom always told him to “Look for the helpers. You will always see helpers when bad events happen.”

      God bless you Sundance and all the Helpers! ❤️

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  11. Blind no longer says:

    Praying for those folks…knowing how lucky we were! 5 miles makes a lot of difference in a hurricane. Thank You Publix, and Thank YOU Sundance!

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  12. jahealy says:

    Wow! What a sight! I’ve never been through anything like this, and I still have tears in my eyes watching that long line of Publix trucks barreling down the highway. ❤️

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  13. CNN_sucks says:

    FEMA just perfected rapid response. Hurray!

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  14. 7delta says:

    This is why I’m a loyal Publix customer (plus, in the grand scheme of things, other minor self-serving reasons.) It’s the big things, like the above convoy of help, that makes the real different. I donate there for disaster relief too. They promised me that all goes to the people in need and I’ve never seen any evidence that’s not the case.

    Thank you, Publix. I’m proud to be your customer….and well, ya know, we love your bacon-wrapped pork tenderloins. It’s a small thing…but hey…it’s a good thing!

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  15. Sandra-VA says:

    My eyes got a little dust in them for some reason…

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  16. Suzanne says:

    That brought tears to my eyes

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  17. Alison says:

    I’m so proud of everyone volunteering time, supplies, money, sweat and prayers. The people who suffer these hurricanes, and those who work for months afterwards to help with recovery, are typically the backbone of USA. They are men & women of strength, courage & sacrifice.

    I salute every one of you 💖🇺🇸💖🇺🇸

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  18. That video gave me chills. So very cool and patriotic. Thank you for posting it!
    Reminded me of the power company convoys that just seemed to go on forever to help after Hurricane Sandy and some of our bigger snowstorms. Most power lines in my neck of the woods are all above ground, and there are many hardwood forests — not a good mix for high winds or tons of heavy snow…


  19. Dixie says:

    Tear ducts are getting a workout regularly these days.

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  20. Pam says:

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  21. Pam says:


  22. Pam says:


  23. PaulM says:

    According to Russian media, the hurricane struck area has been over run by armed looters.
    It’s easy to understand where the MSM here got their ethics model.


  24. Texian says:

    Good people in Florida.. And whenever I’m in Florida, I always shop at Publix.. [And I check the produce section to see if I can spot Sundance.. I need to award him my gen yew-ine west coast Floridian stainless steel straw.. Why it even has the restaurant name etched into it.. (Cost me three bucks it did.. Ain’t lyin’ either..)]

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  25. Cow wow says:

    YES and amen SD. God bless you and us all.


  26. jeans2nd says:

    United States truckers are a breed apart. They will do anything for anyone anywhere, without question, and expecting no thanks. They are the salt of the earth.

    Recall the Puerto Rican truck drivers (communists) went on strike after Puerto Rico’s two hurricanes. The New York local said nothing, paid their own way to Puerto Rico, and delivered as many supplies as possible.

    Thank you, Lord, for getting those truckers to Florida safely, please bring them home the same way.
    Continued prayers for Florida. Perhaps our most resilient Americans, proven every hurricane.

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  27. daughnworks247 says:

    God Bless Publix, so traditionally, Florida, and the men driving those trucks. Angels.

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  28. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Only in America. Saw it first hand in Katrina, convoys of convoys of convoys.


  29. Maquis says:

    God sure has His ways of restoring man’s recognition of his relationships divine, each a cherished brother or sister, none a stranger.
    Shame we are such stubborn creatures that often little else short of such an event will restore that sense of kinship.
    I need to pray more.


  30. Mary Ann says:

    Praise God that people ban together in need.. Oath Keepers joined the efforts bringing in food and supplies, I pray people will see how blessed we are to be in this land.. All these hateful protesters need to head to disaster areas where their breath is of better use..


    • Nanasez says:

      Now those are statements that we can all agree on here in Florida! If the hateful came to Florida we could keep them so busy cleaning up they wouldn’t have time to spew garbage, because they would be too busy picking it up, lol!

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  31. Roy jennings says:

    I had to drive through the day after the hurricane. I have lived in Florida all my life and ridden out several hurricanes. I drove through houston the day after their storm last year. Like in most storms their problem was flooding. I have never seen such devastation. Entire forested areas flattened. Tree trunks twisted off like a tornado. Mobile homes ripped apart. Houses flattened and smashed by trees. Took six hours to pass through the storm area. I was lucky. My truck showed I still had fifteen miles to empty when I hit the gas station.


  32. ZurichMike says:

    Notice how Trump-bashing about “muh hurricane” is not in the limelight because it is being handled so well from so many sides. The leftists cannot stand Trump’s doing a good job on anything.


  33. Richard Aubrey says:

    HEB has a terrific reputation for the same thing in Texas.
    Time to defrost all those casseroles put up against the next funeral.


  34. pacnwbel says:

    So glad to read this thread since the media no longer seem interested in reporting on post hurricane clean up and rebuilding. But then that is typical in places where people are more self reliant and community minded.k


  35. blondegator says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for the great news. People who have never been through it can’t understand what it means to know help is on the way. To be able to point to something tangible, in order to show them how to help, is a blessing. TY again.


  36. mugzey302 says:

    May God bless all with healing, courage and shalom.


  37. railer says:

    Thank you for this slice of Americana, a beautiful milestone event and I’d never have known about it.

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