MAGAnomics – NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Discusses the Expanding Economy…

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow discusses the outlook for U.S. economic growth, the jobs market, training and vocational initiatives and the expansion of benefits and wages for blue-collar workers.

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28 Responses to MAGAnomics – NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Discusses the Expanding Economy…

  1. Alex M says:

    Leftist Terrorist Attacks on the Rise: Numerous Terrorist Attacks on GOP and Republican Candidates Barely Covered by the Media

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    • Sharon says:

      This has nothing to do with this thread !

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      • Scarlet says:

        Actually, in a round a bout way , it does. Everything is going so well, the economy, the patriotism, the nationalism , the jobs market that it’s making the liberals more and more unhappy , unhinged and infuriated. President Trump ( I just love typing that 💕) is proving that everything these idiots believe is false and corrupt. They’re losing their minds. Literally.

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  2. 4sure says:

    Larry did a superb job on Varney. He is all in w/Trump agenda and he is very comfy on Camera since he appeared on TV for years. I like Larry’s responses. He is very knowledgeable.

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    • duchess01 says:

      Why are these guys so rude to their guests? Have to smack them down and stop them from interrupting – Kudlow handles this annoying donkey braying constantly well!

      Kudos to Kudlow!

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    The Economy is absolutely humming! The largest trucking company has stated that by 2019, they have to raise their wages by 20 percent.

    We are going to see more and more companies, both big and small, having to do similar things in the very near future.

    Americans are WINNING again!

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    Pensions require 4% to be sustainable…Social Security at 2% while interest at 4% allows for stable market…question is why now before midterms??? The FED is UnMasked…it’s about Balance Sheet…The FED needs to return to $300 to $400 billion not its current $3 Trillion!!!

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  5. Kudlow also does a good job of addressing the issue of the deficit, which of course should be considered as a % of GDP. Not to say that we don’t need to reduce it–as POTUS is working on with the announced 5% reduction for all budget submissions for FY2020.

    There will need to be wage gains to bring “discouraged” and underutilized workers back into the labor force. The good side of that is both more tax revenues and social security contributions. Inflation is not an immediate danger, but we could not continue with the QE2 near zero interest rates–that would actually be bad for the economy (and for savers, btw).

    Economics has never been, though, an exact science–some call it the “dark” science LOL 🙂


    • swampratterrier says:

      Economics has been called “The Queen of the Social Sciences.”

      It was originally called by the name of “Political Economy.”


  6. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Larry Kudlow discusses the outlook for U.S. economic growth, the jobs market, training and vocational initiatives and the expansion of benefits and wages for blue-collar workers.”

    Now if only there was a single “Winnamins” stock or factory us Treepers could invest in…..

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  7. Wretched1 says:

    Paraphrasing, I heard him say:

    Kudlow – “There’s a condominium of thought, yours, mine, the President’s, the Fed, etc. It’s all welcome and it’s all good” (that way).

    “It’s all about consumer confidence, which has been rising since day one…”

    “It’s sustainable. The tax cuts are year after year, regulations being cut applies this year and next. What’s not to like? It’ll just keep getting better.” (everything else being equal of course).

    Main Street is taking over… MAGA.

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  8. Newton Love says:

    Here is something I’ve not heard anywhere but here, where sundance has hinted at but never stated it as strongly as I do here.

    We Treepers all see how the personal and corporate tax cuts created a boost in our economy. We can all see how cutting the strangling regulations have unfettered American businesses to flourish.

    Okay, but there is another BIG shoe that will drop.

    Trump and his Trade Team just renegotiated NAFTA into the USMCA, and the EU became a fair trader, and India admitted that they didn’t have a treaty, and were willing to drop their tariffs on American goods, et cetera.

    All those trade deficits are melting, meaning our farmers and manufacturers will be selling into Canada and Mexico. Foreign companies will build plants in America to make their high-end cars.

    I predict that all of the new activity that will be generated by American Enterprise selling into those previously restricted markets, will produce an even greater growth in the economy than the Tax Cuts and the Regulation Cutting.

    Get ready for 5 to 7 percent GDP growth when the effects of PDJT’s Trade Reforms really kick in! (maybe more!)

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Rebalancing our international trade will be absolutely HUGE. You are right.

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    • Here’s the underappreciated TRADE MULTIPLIER:

      America will build factories to displace $500+ Billion of IMPORTED manufactured goods.

      Then expand them to EXPORT another $500+ Billion of industrial/petrochemical goods.

      Then multiply the $1 Trillion by 5 to 7 each year to recognize the “respending” demand for goods and services to support BOTH the companies and the people that produced the exports … at every stage of their goods-services-support supply chains.

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      • Newton Love says:

        American workers are about to DOMINATE global trade, like we used to. Not because we want to dominate, but because Americans (taking PRIDE in their craftsmanship, produce exceedingly high quality goods!

        Sure, it will be a little bit before an American company competes with BlauPunkt (Germany), but chevys and fords into Germany for regular folks to have low cost cars for commuting? Damn Skippy that we got that covered!

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    • GB Bari says:

      Your points are well-stated.

      Sundance did post a very clear explanation of how the trade deficit impacts the GDP. I cannot find his primer at the moment.

      GDP = private consumption spending + investments + government spending + (exports – imports)

      So that every $___ reduction of trade deficit increases GDP by __%, all else being equal.

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      • Newton Love says:

        sundance may someday win the Nobel Prize in Economics, but only if the LibTards on the Nobel Committee suddenly die, and a common sense group of Swedish Citizens populate the board.


  9. MrACC says:

    It still boggles my mind that no other president before our MAGA Trump could / didn’t know how / wouldn’t / was afraid to / was bought (you get the picture) do what POTUS DJ Trump is doing with our economy. Why wouldn’t they want America to succeed?? They all had a chance to be the best but chose evil instead. God help them. And God continue to bless our fearless leader.

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    • Scarlet says:

      They were all inept. And I voted for every republican since I was of legal voting age. They can’t hold a candle to Trumps intellect, business savvy and ability to get deals done. He is balls to the walls , my way ( our way ) or the highway and he sticks to America First. He’s a force for good. He’s a blessing and a godsend.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Let’s face it. They give us the right to vote long before the vast majority of us have a clue as to who we are voting for and how their policies will impact us in the long run.

        Heck, at age 18, we have no genuine concept of “the long run.”

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        • Newton Love says:

          But wth PDJT, who is illustrating the union of tax policy (individual and corporate) being tied to stopping over-regulation, and then killing trade situations where our producers are penalized, while their producers get a free run, PDJT has broken “the piggy bank” that they continually raid to get their money by taking it out of our economy.

          Too late, bi-at-ches! “Your time is up!”


          • Newton Love says:

            BTW, let me be the first to suggest, here on the CTH, that if Mexico through the USMCIA, agrees to not steal $150B / year in trade deficits from the US, that maybe that WILL PAY FOR THE WALL?

            PDJT: “Believe me, Mexico will pay for the wall.”

            Take that to the bank!


  10. Newton Love says:

    I just have to elevate this so everyone can see:

    Let me be the first to suggest, here on the CTH, that if Mexico through the USMCIA, agrees to not steal $150B / year in trade deficits from the US, that maybe that WILL PAY FOR THE WALL?

    PDJT: “Believe me, Mexico will pay for the wall.”

    Take that to the bank!


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