Lou Dobbs on The DOJ: “The Rats are Running The Place”…

Methinks Mr. Lou Dobbs is encapsulating a great deal of MAGA frustration the American people currently have with the United States Department of Justice:


It appears that Team Mueller is waiting for the outcome of the midterm election to determine how they write their investigative summary. Team Mueller has absolutely nothing to do with a presumed figurehead, a human person, named Robert Mueller. It was the “team” who selected Mueller, not vice-versa, for exactly that reason.

Meanwhile, everyone might remember the useful idiot called James Clapper.  There again, was another doofus who was enlisted to run the ODNI specifically because he was too stupid to run anything, and simultaneously could not realize he was a tool for others.  Well, they didn’t break the mold when they created Clapper, they only shelved it for a few years and took it back down to appoint current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

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  1. Gonna be another long day……………

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  2. budklatsch says:

    We are all waiting for the mid-terms anxiously and with great expectations of another leap forward in freeing DC of its’ political corruption.

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  3. Blind no longer says:

    I think this is the reason that PDJT didn’t release the documents yet. He is keeping his powder dry till we see what happens in the midterms. Either way, I believe we will see the documents…it’s just he will have a silver bullet for Mueller’s report, whether the House stays in Republican hands or not! The FISA and text messages are his ACE in hand.

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    • White Apple says:

      Trump needs Republicans, crooked or otherwise. There are corrupt Republicans in the documents. After the election these corrupt, crooked Republicans can be removed and replaced by States with Republican Governors.

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      • pocaMAGAjunta says:

        ^^^^^ Exposing the corruption will include Republicans and Democrats. We often fail to take this into account. Whether the corrupt Republicans are replaced by governors or special election as allowed by the state, this is one of the best explanations / strategies I’ve read.

        The corrupt Republicans add a layer of complexity that requires postponement of document declassification and criminal charges until after the midterm elections.

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      • New Nonna to Be, Again!!! 🤗 says:

        O! White Apple!! That makes sense to me now!!

        At his rallies, I see him strongly push for the election of ppl running for governors of state. I didn’t understand his extreme support of that office.

        Based on what you say, it makes TOTAL sense! Thank you!!

        President Trump is one VSG indeed!!

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    • Greg says:

      If the Repubs lose the midterms the Ace Trump is holding is worthless because they will impeach him. The Ace needs to be played before the Midterms for maximum damage to improve the midterm outcome. I don’t want to take a chance of a Democrat win, play the card now!

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      • beach lover says:

        Ive often thought this as well, but if we lose the house in the midterms (Lord help us), he has his lame duck months to get all this released and the wheels in motion.

        There is no way once the truth comes out that it will reflect well on the Obama administration and the Dims and he will still have the WH, and the Senate. Clear out the DOJ and FBI and get those new people on this fraud story pronto.

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        • T man says:

          Yes, there is a way. The “truth” will not come out. The media is run by Democrats and they will not allow it to come out. Democrats would control the Congress and they won’t let it come out. They will have the power and the will to suppress it.


      • cccp3-o says:

        If the House did impeach, the Senate does not get to 66 to convict.

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    • Sneaky Pete says:

      ” The FISA and text messages are his ACE in hand.”

      Or you could say, “the insurance policy.” Sweet irony.

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    • 11bravo says:

      If the dems take the house… cannot Sessions start a couple of special counsels so what we want investigated will proceed? I hope so.

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  4. Cheeshead54016 says:

    I and and have been so upset by all of this and Im forced as a result of being upset by this to not trust my government. I trust (in my own definition of trust) the current elected leader of our Govt and support him but Im forced to not trust the govt (DOJ/FBI, State Dept, IRS, all Intel agencies). I hope and PRAY that our current elected leader doesnt sweep the corruption under the rug and let the corruption slide. My trust in him may at that time fade or disappear as well. But right now I am in firm support………I will support a leader who brings integrity back to our Govt. Who is that going to be?

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    • mugzey302 says:

      The swamp extends to ALL levels of govt and judiciary. Most of us didn’t realize that until the dog fights started after President Trump was elected. He told us about the swamp, but we didn’t realize how deep and how far it extended. In NY, of course, we can see the corruption in Albany and Schumer thinks he is a crown Prince ~ so that is obvious to anyone who cares to look. But my neighbors, for example, watch mainstream news and never wonder if it is biased. It is pathetic, and frustrating.

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    • Fred Ward says:

      You should never trust any government. Or should I say, trust but verify.


  5. Diogenes says:

    Sadly, I don’t think the swamp is just waiting for the midterms. They are actively counting the votes they will need to manufacture in close districts. It will take a red wave plus to overcome the dead/illegal vote.
    So get out there, bring your friends and vote!

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  6. The FBI charter includes this phrase:
    Protect the United States from terrorist attack

    The legal definition of terrorism:
    (1) the unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion; (2)violent and intimidating gang activity street terrorism.

    I keep seeing Antifa attacking people for their political views. I see Dems assaulting Repubs in restaurants, etc., for their political views. I see Dem leadership encouraging this. Where is the FBI? Where is the DOJ? Why is this being allowed to happen? This is terribly wrong and disgusting to watch.

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  7. bakocarl says:

    I wonder if sufficient verified facts can be brought to light in front of the judge at an appropriate level of court to show that a corrupt DOJ and FBI conspired and took action to both hide the facts of the Benghazi and Clintoon email investigations and protect miscreants by granting of immunity, if that judge could reverse the immunities as being part of a criminal conspiracy.

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  8. White Apple says:

    The reason it is being allowed is the “Terrorist” are controlled by big money Globalist Establishment Elite. This means a two law system; one law for them and one law for you.

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  9. dawg says:

    Im really not understanding Sundance’s point in this post.

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    • That the members of the coup cabal demonstrably were (are) all too stupid to be anything more than minions of a higher power, a larger conspiracy. I call it the Insane Left of Obama/Soetoro (who, also too stupid and thus a minion, nevertheless was and is a cult leader, and as President was responsible for the whole execrable destruction of American law and order).

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      • Lost says:

        I think you missed SD’s point, too.

        Mueller is a figurehead; the “members of the coup cabal” were not. The latter picked the former, and were in control (in practice) the entire time. Obama likely knew and tacitly put up with it, but tried to buffer himself and stay disconnected from the shenanigans (see: Susan Rice email on her way out the door, “by the book”).

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      • rayvandune says:

        And dropping the big one before the election potentially clobbers corrupto-crats with “R” after their name too, many of whom will be RINOs that can be replaced through appointment by Republican Governors. Even if the House is lost, there is still the opportunity to nuke the roaches as long as we can clean-up and control the DOJ. We finally have the secret ingredient we have lacked in the past – a President who fights!

        This finally makes some sense of the delay in declassifying the documents. I just hope it is not wishful thinking on our part.

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    • jnearen says:

      Relates to a prior (several months ago) post. The “small team” of McCabe, Strozk, Page, Baker, Comey, Ohr, ROSENSTEIN, etc. selected Mueller because they knew he could be manipulated and would do whatever they told him to do. The impeachment coup is alive and well. I would further theorize that Mueller is racing to get his report in Rosenstein’s hands to protect Rosey from being fired. Once he has the report the President is effectively blocked from firing him (politically, not actually.)

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  10. “Stop ALL immigration” …..yep. About time we get that EO out of this WH.

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  11. Zippy says:

    “Lou Dobbs on The DOJ: ‘The Rats are Running The Place’”

    And the POTUS –WHO IS THEIR BOSS– is letting them. The buck stops there…


  12. Jimney says:

    Well, when ya got a bunch of Republican,senate and congress men, who have been on TV for the last year plus threating subpoenas,contempt etc. Saying the same thing from week to week. Yet not doing anything about it. Not using the powers givin to them by the Constitution of the United States. This is what you end up having.

    Republicans hold all the cards. Yet for the last year in a half,it has been nothing short of constantly playing defense. It’s about time for them to start throwing some touchdowns,or turn in their suits. This is absolutely ridiculous.
    I’m sick of the whining and crying coming from the Republicans side. Every damn chance they get to hold someone accountable, they fold.

    I’m also really not certain why and if we’re waiting to see the outcome of the midterms, to start holding people accountable.

    Before I’m accused of being a “troll” you can bet your pie, I’m as red blooded as anyone one here.You can bet your house I’m showing up to vote,Straight,Republican all the way down the line.
    The reason I say all this, is because I’ve been seeing people on here call other people “trolls” because some people’s point of view of how things should be handled, are different than others. The funny thing about it is, the end result is the same. We want people held accountable.
    So those of you calling people “trolls” cause you think you know better than others and totally understand the plan.If it ends with people being held accountable. You may need to be a little more humble with yourself and others.Only God and Trump, knows the plan. Everything else is just speculation and opinions.. Good day, Treepers!

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    • 1000 Clowns says:

      POTUS takes a longer view than do congressional republicans.

      He will apply this extraordinary political leverage at a time of his choosing.

      The longer he waits, the crazier they act. There is no rush.

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    • bakocarl says:

      I don’t think you’re gonna be labeled as a troll on CTH when you lay a whole bunch of blame on spineless Republicans who are not using the power of their office to root out the corruption. You’ll probably get cheers.

      Oh, by the way . . . Cheers!

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      • lady4trump says:

        It seems clear to me that many Republicans are afraid of being outed as Uniparty members if they go after the Democrat corruption. Republicans have been ‘talking’ about doing things for decades, and always wimp out. I will be, however, voting ‘straight Republican’, for the sake of Donald J. Trump, the best President in my lifetime, and perhaps of all time.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      Trolls are people who insult others for their opinions, make personal attacks.


    • mutantbeast says:

      I happen to agree with you. Maybe the one big problem DJT has is being an outsider, he has to hire insiders for advice, and some of them arent giving him the best advice(for example, apponting Sessions Magoo, Stink Wray ti replace Comey/McCabe, and McNasty as his NSA chief. Also getting rid of Bannon and Gorka, two of his actual decent patriots)

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    • abdiesus says:

      Whatever you see in the media is just gas-lighting, Potemkin village play-acting. Everything. That means everything you see from Republicans too. It can be amusing at times, of course, but the simple fact is they wouldn’t be saying what they are saying if by doing so they would actually accomplish something, because they don’t really want to accomplish anything, they just want you to *think* they want to accomplish something. It’s their role in the Deep State Uniparty to keep the right-wing voters happy by “saying” all the right things…but never accomplishing anything. Look at where the bribe money comes from. Follow the money.

      Trump of course knows this, and that is why he is always retaining and using leverage to force people to do things they don’t want to do – in order to advance the MAGA agenda. That’s also why he’s not going to release leverage too soon, but rather is holding on to be able to use it later at the opportune moment for maximum advantage. That’s frustrating for us, but it is important to keep your eyes on the prize, and the prize isn’t just meting out some payback to a few bad apples. The prize is nothing short of MAGA, which will require re-building *all* of our corrupted institutions (not just DOJ and FBI) and which therefore needs a lot of leverage to accomplish. Leverage Trump can get/build if he’s smart about how/when to use it and how/when to hold onto it. But Trump does not yet necessarily have all that leverage already in hand right at this moment, and thus if he were to move too quickly, he might be able to get a few bad actors put away, but he would loose his opportunity to MAGA.

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      • T man says:

        Trump will lose everything if he loses the midterms and control of Congress. You can’t win in overtime if you lose in regulation and never get to overtime.

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        • abdiesus says:

          I don’t think there is any way Trump loses the mid-terms unless there is massive Dem voter fraud and no counter-balancing GOP system in place to address and over-turn that voter fraud – which is an open question, I’ll admit, and one which I’ve raised on the MAGA feedback site. Leverage strategy is slightly easier with GOPe Uniparty than it is with Dem Uniparty, but it is still possible, so even if that were to occur (e.g. losing the mid-terms) I wouldn’t count Trump out. I just don’t think he’s going to lose the mid-terms – at least not at this point.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “..which will require re-building *all* of our corrupted institutions (not just DOJ and FBI) and which therefore needs a lot of leverage to accomplish. Leverage Trump can get/build if he’s smart about how/when to use it and how/when to hold onto it. But Trump does not yet necessarily have all that leverage already in hand right at this moment, and thus if he were to move too quickly, he might be able to get a few bad actors put away, but he would loose his opportunity to MAGA.”

        I wholeheartedly agree with your particular analysis there. Things would be easier if there was fair, unbiased news reporting. However, you have a pretty fair number of deceived sheeple out here.

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  13. Lactantius says:

    The conspiracy derangement in this thread is just whacky.

    Over at National Review, Kevin D. Williamson is attempting to explain how many conspiracy trails are available in the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Read the paragraph and understand that it might just as well be about the deep swamp in Washington D.C. and why their is no linear, cause and effect, straight forward answer to the DOJ, FBI, various committees, Mueller, Sessions, and various identified and unidentified players and sources.

    Williamson writes: “In reality, it’s a platinum-plated Shakespearean succession drama in the desert, with schisms within the royal family and between the royal family proper and other centers of power. In the immediate aftermath of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, one observer with considerable on-the-ground knowledge of Saudi affairs suggested that there were multiple possible explanations for the case: It could have been a straightforward hit on a critic of the regime ordered by Mohammad bin Salman himself; it could have been a straightforward hit on a critic of the regime carried out without the knowledge of Mohammad bin Salman; it could have been a hit carried out by rivals of Mohammad bin Salman, such as Mohammad bin Nayef, who had been next in line to the throne until Mohammad bin Salman pushed him aside, or Mutaib bin Abdullah, one of the Saudi princes arrested last year on corruption charges, who was fined $1 billion and removed from the government, for the purpose of messing with the crown prince’s life. It’s even possible that the Erdogan regime in Turkey was mixed up in this, he suggested.”


    What is tedious about all the conspiracy derangement in this thread is that every one has a different ox being gored for different reasons and some of them personal. People blab. People under stress take the route of what is best for them. The mob in the movies has got to get a resolution in two action packed hours. The mob in reality is rotten at trench warfare. They disperse and hide. It is very difficult to know who is helping and who is covering his butt when you are pulling on loose threads and trying to build a chronology and an interaction chart.

    Patience. Yes the mid-terms are ticking away, but that is always the case in war. Bomber Bill in WWI crawled through barbed wire and hid in crater holes and was shot multiple times. But he reached the German trench and out of pure luck the hole to the underground room was right in front of him. He rolled his bomb down the tunnel and flattened himself as dirt, secondary explosions and parts of Germans filled the air. He had enough blood and strength to crawl back to his trench and survive the war with but one missing leg. A “trotter” he called it. Time and Tide wait for no man. Being frustrated with the battle and weary from the war never wins the outcome.

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    • Rockindubya says:

      Re: Conspiracy theories abound in the death of Jamal Khashoggi.
      I’m just now on and have not read farther.
      I find it almost ludicrous that MbS would be involved in anything this sloppy. I’m not defending anyone, and they are a brutal group, but this is so amateurish, it MUST be from outside the royal enclave.

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      • T man says:

        I wonder why we care. A Saudi citizen apparently gets killed on Saudi soil (Embassy) in Turkey by Saudis. They probably kill lots of people just as many other despotic regimes in the middle east do all the time. China has killed millions of “dissidents” on their soil.

        While disturbing that it happens, why is this case such a big deal for us while millions of others are not? In fact, why is this such a big deal when compared to all the American citizens getting killed in places like Chicago amid nary a peep from the media.


        • The media will stop at nothing to win this election. The media is trying to separate We the People from our chosen leader. The media is making a big, noisy fuss about this hoping to separate Trump from the Saudis, They think this is a two-fer.

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        • swissik says:

          For the same reasons you state I just this morning asked a friend why this fuss over the Kashoggi affair?


        • Maquis says:

          To make matters more ludicrous, this Kashedout fellow was activist Muslim Brotherhood scum in bed with the worst of American traitors. I almost don’t care. Wait, I don’t.

          The Left is trying to score a hit for the Islamic jihad against America, a hit against the American Saudi anti-terrorism intelligence sharing arrangement which, being outside of “our” intelligence community’s purview threatens the Coup and the Swamp, and a hit on President Trump’s success in diplomatic, military and economic affairs in the Middle East. This is about injuring PDJT and MAGA and making the world a better place, nothing less. That I sure as Hell do care about.


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    • Zippy says:

      Here’s a “conspiracy” for you. LOTS of pretty damned obvious dots to connect once you actually see them, which you never would, of course, from the IC/DO”J”/FBI/MSM… which is a primary part of our problem.

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    • intercesser says:

      Okay . Bomber Bill is our role model . Who do you see with that kind of dedication ? Only God is capable of raising up a Bomber Bill and protecting his life and making him successful . We need many Bomber Bills . I never heard of Bomber bill before , so I guess he was not a General . More likely a grunt .Tel me more about his book deal , and his movie or TV deal . Even 15 minutes of fame has some market value .


      • Lactantius says:

        Bomber Bill was the subject of a poem by Robert Service. He is likely a product of poetic license. That said, he is an object of grit and determination much like those CIA contractors who defied orders and rushed to the “compound” in Benghazi. Such heroes have always existed and still exist.

        My comments are meant to say that the deep state is a series of interconnected mobs who battle one another sometimes and congeal at other times. They are amorphous and ooze around. Pinning them down is hard, tedious work. You will never get them all and always a few big fish will get away. Some will even be protected by the white hats in exchange for either getting out of the game or providing help or both.

        Those on this site who want the Bomber Bills to rush in and do combat with the deep state had best understand trench warfare. It all sounds easy sitting at a keyboard and talking big talk. The reality of it is entirely different. The DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. are NOT rotten to the core. But they have plenty of problems that need to be run down and addressed. 115,000 DOJ employees has to include some significant number of goldbricks, scoundrels and idiots. Within that significant number are those who utilize and manipulate for corrupt purposes. One IG with about 500 employees is not much of a police force.

        All this piss and vinegar about stomping out the roaches is pure b.s. It takes time and care to connect the dots and turn suspected causation into fact. But, if you need a Bomber Bill, they are available and one of them will do the deed. Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, 40, a senior official at Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), is accused of illegally giving a reporter bank reports documenting several suspicious financial transactions, known as Suspicious Activity Reports (“SARs”), from October 2017 to the present. She will be given a lot of “encouragement” to rat out the whole nest in exchange for testifying against bigger fish. That will not happen by Christmas or even Easter. Only in the movies does “persuasion” take such dramatic strides in turning these creeps. They lawyer up and then heat has to convince them that they are still going down and losing their lives to legal bills. It is a game of cat and mouse and the cat wins. 97% of federal prosecutions end in convictions. Impossible. But that is because the small fry cooperate and skate and the big fish get clobbered with irrefutable evidence. The U.S. Attorney has means and methods and Grand Juries which are extremely effective. But they are not attention span quick.

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  14. woohoowee says:

    Ban lawyers. It’s our only hope.


  15. Pedro Morales says:

    Sessions is a cheddar eater—rat!!!!


  16. 4sure says:

    Here’s an interesting but encouraging stat:

    “Historically, it would take one of the bigger waves since 1976. The party out of the White House has picked up 24-plus seats in only four of the past 10 midterm elections.”

    Make sure this remains only four of the past 11 midterm elections. Drag as many kicking and screaming no shows to the polls as you can. Hand out clothes pins and help those w/arthritic fingers clamp the nose shut as they enter the voting booth. We will get rid of the bad smell in the
    next primaries.


  17. TwoLaine says:

    Saw this last night. I don’t know what we did before Lou Dobbs.

    He’s the only one that doesn’t bring on the rats from the other side. We know how they are we don’t need or want any more b.s. crap from any of them.

    He brings on the real fighters and doesn’t take any crapola from them either.

    P.S. Here’s how the show ended last night.

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    • lady4trump says:

      I watch Lou Dobbs every night because he speaks the things I would say if I was on TV. I so appreciate him not having screeching Democrat liars on his panels. I really hate screeching fascists.

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      • mutantbeast says:

        Absolutely love Lou Dobbs. Maybe the only true patriot in the media out there on TV. I even liked Lou when he used to work at CNN, where they essentially pushed him out because most of his show was talking about the DANGERS of illegal immigration and trade deficits with Red China, things Dobbs was talking about 15-20 years ago.

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      • paulyho39 says:

        I agree! I get so disgusted and disappointed by some on Fox who must be either forced to or just feel they have to have disagreeable dems on to make them “fair and balanced”! They make me so sick..they NEVER shut up and I ALWAYS mute or pass over them! They are not helping their shows by doing that! The other night Tucker’s guests were overwhelmingly screeching libs…it was not worth watching! Disappointing is a very “gentle” word to use for it!

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      • TwoLaine says:


        Fox should call really call that model The Fair & The UNbalanced. It is nails on a chalkboard. I want HONEST NEWS, not vile untruths from vile people who do not love our constitution or our country. I can get that on all the other cheap channels and the innerwebs any time I want.


  18. Pokey says:

    I will vote straight Republican next month. I will, as usual, have to hold my nose on some of them. But the alternative is a consequence I fear we will never be able to endure. About 8 straight MAGA style victories at the polls is about the only way we will avoid the Communist plague. We can let this small minority of our population run our lives with the help of the Useful Idiot Party, or we can let the Republicans make their probably feeble attempt to prevent it. Bad choice, but at least it is still a choice.

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  19. Concerned says:

    Washington Weather Report Today,

    They will have more corruption with continuing nepotism, indifference and a general lack of integrity. Expect afternoon showers of bribery.

    We all know that President Barack Obama is down with Perkins Coie. President Obama’s longtime legal adviser, Bob Bauer, recently returned to the firm, after a stint as White House counsel.



  20. Concerned says:

    Breaking News That’s Not Breaking News – more Andrew Weissman, Thomas Ott and Bruce Ohr corruption. No-one doing anything about it, of course.

    Additional reporting from Sean Davis shows that one of the Assistant Directors at FinCEN is Thomas Ott. Mr. Ott worked for Fusion GPS collaborator Bruce Ohr at the DOJ. Also, Mr. Ott worked for RICO with Andrew Weissman at the DOJ –



  21. Charles Tate says:

    Mueller signalled he would not be releasing anything before the midterms for two reasons. First, so that his ominous presence could encourage nitwits that he would soon come forward with the “proof” of Trump’s illegitimacy. The second is more important; Mueller has absolutely nothing and his game can only continue if he pretends otherwise. But Trump could declassify everything and hammer the Dems (which he should do without mercy). Mueller’s move is to support the gentlemanly rule that one does not drop big bombs prior to an election. Mueller’s nothing burger is set forth as an example for Trump to emulate of unwritten rules. He should reject it and blast them with everything he’s got. Now is not the time for civility. Trump needs to remind everyone how criminal these scum are and that he is committed to exposing and punishing them. They’ve earned it. None of them should be left standing.

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  22. j'accuse says:

    Mueller is corrupt not matter what his report says. He spent so much time chasing butterflies like Roger Stone yet did not investigate the actual Russian collusion, which originated from the Clinton campaign, the DNC and his own FBI. A real hero yes siree. He might emerge from all this mostly unscathed but he knows inside that he’s just a dirty prosecutor protecting dirty cops. Let him live with that.

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  23. T man says:

    Meanwhile, the swamp, the rats, the Democrats, and the Trump haters already won what they wanted. To collude and have an impact and influence on the midterm elections. They stalled, and lied, and stonewalled long enough to accomplish their main goal. The people failed to stop them. A sad commentary on our nation.

    All we can hope for is that enough people that haven’t been brainwashed by the propaganda put out by the leftist media will get out to vote so their goal doesn’t translate into a victory which will neuter Trump and destroy our country.


    • Beau Geste says:

      More specifically, Sessions failed to stop them.
      And Huber, who some think is generating 500,000 sealed indictments out in Utah.


  24. Newhere says:

    Sundance: would be grateful if you were to elaborate on the “leverage theory.” I believe this is the first time that your deductions have bumped into the uncomfortable assumption that President Trump’s interests appear to deviate from those of his supporters: that is, his supporters are laser-focused on sunlight and accountability, while Trump now has a separate motivation to use his power to force sunlight and accountability as leverage for his own self-protection/gain, and/or for the equities of the executive branch.

    What are we to make of this? If true, how does it not change everything? Doesn’t it upend the basic premise of The Big Ugly?

    Daylight between Trump and “his supporters” is no small thing; “supporters” here is really a proxy for the American public, for WE THE PEOPLE. For Trump to set that aside for narrower political interests, using old political calculations, is no small matter. It’s the whole ball game, isn’t it? That a soft coup — launched and operated from within our own government (the agencies with the most power, money and secrecy) in cooperation with foreign interests — that it took place at all, and now has continued for nearly two years under the leadership of the President, under his nose, with his full knowledge — well, it means our country is broken. Totally broken. Not suffering a bad moment. Done for. Over.

    Having any hope has been possible only to the extent it seemed Trump was acting with the singular focus to shatter the plot, to reveal and hold accountable the actors, and to fix the laws and “norms” that made it possible. In short, to restore the Constitution. Any gaming, trolling, double-speak or apparent lack of action has been tolerable only to the extent it seemed surface only — that meanwhile, the necessary investigation was properly underway, even if the media ignored it. By now it seems a distant memory, but for most of this time — many, many months — the guiding assumption here was that Trump appointed Sessions trusting he’d get this done; that Sessions handed mandates to Horowitz and Huber, and initiated a sprawling leak investigation.

    But now we face what by all appearances is a typical swamp cover-up at the hands of those who were supposed to be on Trump’s team (Sessions/Wray), and Trump himself has apparently decided to abide all of this in order to use the “leverage” to control the Mueller wrap-up, AND — it cannot be denied or ignored — to tether the prospect of sunlight and accountability to the midterms.

    I cannot reconcile this apparent decision by Trump. “Leverage” doesn’t work as an explanation for why Trump doesn’t declassify, NOW. Anyone who’s seen the classified material claims its publication would end the Mueller probe. If that’s true, Trump doesn’t need any leverage — he could finish this now. Why hold leverage to mitigate or control an ambush when using the leverage would end the battle immediately? Which means there must be other reasons not to end this — most obviously (because we’re reminded constantly), the midterm.

    He could do it now, The threat of the Mueller probe doesn’t stand up as a reason to withhold — nothing brings better “leverage” here than revealing the truth, especially with allies in place.

    President Trump has alleged a soft coup, tolerated it for two years, and now encourages the notion that only voting republican in the midterms will bring it to a close and justice achieved. Which is a slap in the face. It’s manipulative — and worse — it’s subordinating the solemn responsibility to protect the Constitution to a political gambit. Which means we’re where we’ve always been, in the swamp, with a leader trying to confuse us into thinking that the “ends don’t justify the means” …. except for sometimes.

    What’s more: Trump must have thought this through in the event the Dems take a Congressional chamber, most likely the House (after all, no electoral outcome is guaranteed without vote fixing). So we must assume that that outcome is acceptable for Trump’s purposes; if it weren’t, he’d declassify now, while he has republican majorities, and allies in leadership spots on (some) of the key committees. It’s a fact: he could, but won’t. So, he’s either recklessly wagering on the midterm, or decided that ANY electoral outcome is acceptable. Even though dem control of committees promises that when (IF!) the truth comes out, they have far greater power to bury it — to put the country through far worse than we’ve seen these past two years.

    So that’s why it really would help to understand what’s going on here with the “leverage theory.” It may seem tactical, but even so it seems fatal. The small leak that risks deflating the whole thing. And if not, why not?


    • John55 says:

      >”President Trump has alleged a soft coup, tolerated it for two years …”

      That’s nonsense. He has no choice but to “tolerate” it …. because the Republican Congress has made it clear that it will remove Trump from office if he does not “tolerate” it.

      >”he’d declassify now, while he has republican majorities”

      1) He cannot declassify anything without the support of Congress. And he does not have that support.
      2) Those “Republican majorities” are supporting the coup and opposing Trump.


      • Maquis says:

        All this “Trump owns it” because he hadn’t single-handedly mown down all the suspects with a chain-gun stinks of demoralization ops. I don’t trust a one of them, even though I would very much like to employ said chain-gun for said purpose my own self!


      • Beau Geste says:

        BS. The President can release records. He can honestly find that the record redactions and classification are intended to cover up wrongdoing in violation of even Obama’s executive order. Or, for others that they do not disclose any methods or sources not already known. Or that they involve foreign (british, australian, etc) interference in our elections that the public has a right to know.


    • Lactantius says:

      ‘…..it means our country is broken. Totally broken. Not suffering a bad moment. Done for. Over.”

      I do not presume to speak for anyone but myself. When you have reduced things to “a chance” on the one hand and “Done for. Over” on the other hand, you might just as well throw in the towel.

      Washington D.C. has always been a swamp in which competing interests battle over power. It will always be that way. Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and ended up on the Ides of March as dead as you can get. The Medici yielded great power and accepted banishment in their world of conniving princes, ambitious popes and meddling by competing city-states. Power centers are all the same.

      President Donald J. Trump has accomplished an astounding record for such a young presidency. The Department of Justice (for instance) has 115,000 employees. Consider Sessions the mayor of a city of that size. That is two times the total enrollment of all of the “ivy league” schools. Sessions has had the same amount of time to get to know the DOJ as President Donald J. Trump oversees 15 departments which have 2.7 million employees.

      Obama set about to permanently “corrupt” many of the departments with loyal employees who will slow walk things, leak information, throw monkey wrenches and just be obstinate and obstructive. Certainly, there are some “cells” or quasi cells which are ideologically poised to protect their own views and to frustrate progress on things they oppose.

      In terms of leverage, there are those things President Donald J. Trump has and everyone knows. He also has leverage which others don’t know or fully understand. Leverage is both a club and the threat of a club. President Donald J. Trump has got 15 departments, world trade, 50 states, 535 Congresscritters, major industries, large cities, the news media, hurricanes, dictators, and God only knows what to deal with in his 24 hour day. His day is not longer than yours or mine.

      What President Donald J. Trump has pulled off so far is to ride a whirlwind non-stop since the day moment the Resolute Desk became his. Patience. And while you are waiting, how many issues do you have on your President Donald J. Trump list of major failures?


    • Elle says:

      yeaahhh, I was walking with you until this comment:

      “Trump… now encourages the notion that only voting republican in the midterms will bring it to a close and justice achieved. Which is a slap in the face. It’s manipulative — and worse — it’s subordinating the solemn responsibility to protect the Constitution to a political gambit. ”

      Uh huh….we are being SLAPPED IN THE FACE because after 2 years of removing key players and laying groundwork to see where the tentacles reach, we can’t wait a mere 3 more weeks for Trump to be able to squeeze the dirty players into behaving until after the election?

      You make it sound like he’s done nothing in the last 2 years other than ask us to give the House and Senate to the Republicans. It’s not there is no truth to your overall point about transparency and leverage, it’s just you completely gloss over the fact that the Democrat party has promised to do everything in their power to hamstring Trump and the importance in winning this election.

      Why now? Why the urgency now? Why wouldn’t he wait 3 more weeks? That he wants a cooperative House and Senate is hardly manipulative or nefarious. There is nothing to say that once the election is over, he’s just going to wipe his hands and say, “Well, glad justice has been achieved and this is all over. I’m going to sit back and do nothing more to meet my constitutional obligations.

      Maybe I’m being a bit unfair, but without the recognition that the single most important battle in front of us today is removing power from the Democrat party, I don’t find it a compelling argument that Trump must, right now, today! give away all of his leverage/cards/strategy instead of waiting until after election day to see how best to move forward.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elle says:

        posted in the wrong spot – this was meant as a response to Newhere above

        Liked by 1 person

      • Maquis says:

        Well said, Elle. The timing of this negative “Trump must or else” blitz is highly suspect.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Newhere says:

        What I said is factual. Your spinning speculation about what I must think is not.

        And no — the single most important battle is NOT removing power from the democrat party. The battle is rooting out corruption. I get the overlap makes it tempting to conflate … but it’s a critical distinction. Not to mention conflating democrats and corruption contradicts one of the other excuses on this thread, which is that Trump has no choice because complicit republicans.

        Look, I’m behind Trump. But I’m not a mindless robot. I don’t treat any politician like a God.


    • Newhere says:

      None of these comments are responsive to my point; all are needlessly defensive; all assume I said things I didn’t. All only reinforce a dreaded suspicion — Trump supporters become kool aid drinkers, suspend rational thought and want to believe he’s superhuman and regular rules don’t apply. None of these comments indicate actual, sustained, true study and reflection on the issues. (“Demoralization Op” is ridiculous … this is what happens when you close your ears and start making the world black and white … be careful, you can become what you condemn.)


  25. Aztecpiper says:

    To side step the media, Trump must expose the corruption via an address to the nation on prime time!


  26. Doc Moore says:

    It is sad. I’ve read the optimistic hypotheses from SunDance here over the many months. He and I and many shared the hope that somehow Trump, Mueller, Sessions, Rosie were actually all aligned in an effort that would, perhaps surreptitiously, get the evidence needed to jail Hillary, jail many of those who conspired to overthrow the government, and ultimately end in a cleansing purge of the DC sewers. All the dots could be speculatively connected to make such explanations seem possible.

    Now, it seems very impossible to believe anything good about anyone in the leadership of the DOJ/FBI —or the so-called Intelligence Community. I spent almost my entire life working in DoD either as a military officer or a civilian professional. I believed in what this country stood for. I honored my oaths and those oaths gave me honor. Today… I search for a word to describe what I feel. No one word sums up the shame, anger, disgust, betrayal, abandonment I feel. And, the one person most recently responsible for the situation, though it was in place before he took the reigns and made it more powerfully worse, is Obama…a Democrat. I voted for him the first time. I’d have voted for Hillary…and then the daylight started to shine in. What a sad, sad, disgrace the Elected Democrats are. How very disgracefully sad that they are still able to get votes in this Nation they have worked so hard to destroy.

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  27. NC Nana says:

    Sidney Powell, Chris Farrell, and Lou Dobbs are all fabulous on this topic.

    After seeing this video I read Ms. Powell’s Daily Caller “Mueller’s Jig is Up” article. Excellent, as is all her material.

    She has such a unambiguous way of expressing everything. I don’t do twitter but I went to see what she had on the list of 10 documents to declassify. I found where she said this:

    #Declassify documents –it’s the “sources & methods” here that are #corrupt!

    Ms. Powell can express thoughts to clearly!! What a jewel. (BTW the list of 10 is in the Jig is up article.)

    My husband bought “Licensed to Lie” for me. What a treasure of information on our corrupt government. It is hard to read only because you don’t want to believe it is possible. When you sit down to read it just know you are taking the red pill of truth.

    I did a little research on Senator Ted Stevens a couple of weeks ago. I had to complete search after search just to find some of the corrupt prosecutors in the case. In “Licensed to Lie” they are clearly and completely there for history to see. It was an astonishing and heart breaking book. It should be required reading in schools.

    “Licenses to Lie” is a real page turner. Never do you get bogged down. At the end you know you have read the truth.

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  28. This just in: A former FBI agent in Minnesota was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison after he pleaded guilty to leaking classified documents to a reporter.

    The Associated Press reported that Terry Allbury, 39, was sentenced after he admitted in April that he leaked classified materials to a reporter between February 2016 and February 2017.


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  29. lydia00 says:

    It’s almost like he’s playing chicken with Mueller.


  30. Concerned says:

    FBI and DOJ Didn’t Catch Yesterday’s Indicted Leakers (Treasury IG Did) but They Did Cover Up One of Their Names

    he indictment of US Treasury officials yesterday is more important than first thought. As we reported the individuals indicted have close ties to demoted DOJ lawyer Bruce Ohr and Mueller team corrupt attorney Andrew Weissman! Is this why the FBI and DOJ covered up one of their names?


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