President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing White House….

President Donald Trump delivers remarks to the media departing the White House for a visit to Florida and Georgia to see hurricane Michael recovery efforts.

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69 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing White House….

  1. Wretched1 says:

    Regarding Sen Warren’s DNA test, “who cares, who cares.”

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    • Haha he is so funny!!🙄

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      She may have even less than the average amount of Injun DNA:

      According to the Times report on the study, … “European-Americans had genomes that were on average 98.6 percent European, .19 percent African, and .18 percent Native American.”

      If Warren is 10 generations removed from a Native-American ancestor, she would be no more Native American — .09 percent — than any of the groups studied in that research.

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    • Question: If “white privilege” exists, then why did she, a white woman, try so hard to be Native American to advance her career?

      Answer: Because being white affords you no special privileges.

      In a deliciously ironic way, Elizabeth Warren has fully disproved the theory of white privilege. Thanks Lizzie! 😂

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    • the _sirius_one says:

      I find it amusing that Pocahontas and her emedia buddies think they have a gotcha on the POTUS. What they don’t perceive is that the latest iteration only rekindles the much larger issue of her “Cheating the system for her own self-advancement” thereby denying an actual worthy Native American applicant for the benefit.

      I doubt any reasonable observer would deem it acceptable to use 1/64th NA heritage as ample merit to apply for affirmative action.

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    • ethicall says:

      In order to qualify as Indian, depending on the Tribe, you need to be between 6.25% TO 50% or more. The average American is 0.14% Native American. Warren DNA test said she may be, at most, 0.09%?


      • Newton Love says:

        I’m Lakota, called The Sioux, but that is not our name.

        Blood Density, forced into our Treaties by the US Government, was based on the Black Slavery Blood Density Laws.
        If a Black and a White had a child, that child was 1/2 Black, and called a Maroon.
        If a Maroon and a White had a child, that child was 1/4 Black, and called a Quadroon.
        If a Quadroon and a White had a child, that child is 1/8 Black and called an Octaroon.
        If an Octaroon and a White have a child, that child is 1/16 Black and called an Ultramaroon.
        If an Ultramaroon and a White have a child, that child was White.

        The (racist) Blood Density Laws forced into all American Indian treaties states that when the blood density falls below 1/16 (6.25%), the subsequent breedings are not members of that tribe or nation.

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  2. duchess01 says:


    Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure
    Issued on: October 15, 2018

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  3. feralcatsblog says:

    Stolen Feathers Warren is one crazy white woman. No tribe recognizes her as a member. Not a one. She is quilty of grand theft heritage.

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  4. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump is an exceptional executive. He makes sure his employees are getting the job done

    We haven’t had this level of competence in the Fed gov in history. Imagine how much better things would be if President Trump was not fought every step of the way. Things are pretty good now but President Trump can make them truly GREAT with more Rs in the House and Senate.

    Dealing with a natural disaster is beyond the capabilities of most presidents. Clown boy just ignored them while playing golf but even as a candidate, Trump went to the areas and offered/provided assistance from his own pocket.

    Out of all the hurricanes I have lived through, only one had utter devastation around me in 2004. It was bad but I have to give W and Jeb! credit, they got the job done. Thank GOD Obama was not in charge! The people in these destroyed areas are fortunate that we have President Trump!

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    • Chris says:

      Then why did W act so stupid and accept blame for Katrina in 2005? He screwed us by doing that. We got a democrat senate and house in 2006 and that was a big part of it.

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  5. feralcatsblog says:

    Blumenthal is stolen valor and Warren is stolen feathers.

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    The Press is losing their minds with Saudi Arabia! Their masters have told them to badger the President every second they get. They know that in less than 3 weeks, the sanctions that will be put on Iran will guarantee that the Mullahs are either killed or run out of Iran. Once that happens, you can kiss chaos in the Middle East goodbye. The Bushes and Obama have invested to much time, energy and effort to keep the ME in chaos and for Iran to rise to power.

    I wrote this last night and I absolutely stand by it!

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  7. Jane Smith says:

    So, let’s see:

    Fauxcahontas is possibly 1/1024 mixed non-North American Indian (Mexico,Peru,Colombia).

    $1 million / 1024 = $976.56.
    $976.56 / 3 = $325.52.

    President Trump should send a check for $325.52 to each of the Indigenous Women’s Research Centers for Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian Native Indians.

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    • scrap1ron says:

      Better yet, the only proof of any connection to the Cherokees is her great 4th degree? grandfather was part of the Tennessee militia that helped round up the Cherokee at Fort Ross which was the starting point of the Trail of Tears.

      The Lord has a delicious sense of humor, no?

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    • Cute but Fauxahontus by her own admission is less genetically similar to Native Americans than the average American so no $ to Lizzy’s designated charity.


  8. rsmith1776 says:

    The President holds his own umbrella.

    No humiliation of a proud Marine, treating him as a servant, the way King Obola of Kenya did.

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  9. daughnworks247 says:

    President Trump is so damn comfortable in this role, that it’s an inspiration to watch him. No equivocation, straight answers. Confidence is dripping from his fingertips as he crosses the lawn.

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    • TJ says:

      “I’m here, to report to YOU…” (RE: S.A.)

      The Anti-Trump resistance media is so lazy and hostile they make themselves irrelevant. They’re like a group of addicts that haven’t started recovery yet. Still in denial.


  10. kea says:

    Annnnnnd now the press is upset that he didn’t hold the umbrella over hist wife….. Of course they are.

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  11. H.R. says:

    They keep hammering and goading President Trump to change his response regarding the Saudi King. They are trying desperately to drive a wedge between President Trump and the Saudis.

    I’m not going to watch the clip again, but I think they asked about the journalist at least four times, maybe five (I watched using cc). I’m guessing they were assuming and pushing as fact that the Saudi King was involved. They seemed to be goading President Trump to take that position.

    What a bunch of maroons!

    They got the same sane, reasonable, intelligent response every time. President Trump gave them the only fact that he has at the moment; he asked and the Saudi King denied involvement.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      It’s Kavanaugh 2.0.
      Guilty until proven innocent.

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    • litenmaus says:

      H.R. IMO it is the same media playbook that was used in late 2015. Vladimir Putin was labeled a killer of journalists and the media hounded Candidate Trump to denounce Russia.

      FTA: ” But Trump, whose lead in the polls has grown after a series of inflammatory Islamophobic slurs, called the Russian president’s remarks a “great honour” and described Putin as “a man highly respected within his own country and beyond”.

      Trump was called out on the platitudes during an interview with MSNBC on Friday. Asked to condemn the Kremlin’s alleged involvement in the assassination of reporters, he responded: “Our country does plenty of killing also.”

      (Yes, it’s the Guardian, however, it’s a good example of the narrative of the time)


  12. rsmith1776 says:

    In breaking news: President Trump has Adamic DNA, going back a fair number of generations.


  13. Mary Ann Miller says:

    I am impressed!! He can hold an umbrella over his head. So much more talented than Obama.

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  14. mo says:

    Yes, Mary Ann.. : ))
    ALWAYS a pump up watching the Master. Made my day.

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  15. feralcatsblog says:

    Imagine that instead of going into politics, Warren had become a pharmacist and was selling flu vaccine, or antibiotics, diluted by hundreds to one, or even 32 to 1. She would be in prison and for a long time.. .


  16. jfw2017 says:

    Okay, I will. Thank you. My talk is on Sunday the 21st.

    Janet >


  17. Doppler says:

    The bet the President offered Liz Warren was that he would participate in getting a DNA sample from her sent off to one of the major DNA sites, and, if it proved her case, he’d send $1M to her charity. What she did instead was to hire her own Stanford geneticist to run secret tests, so she wouldn’t risk the public humiliation if the results turned out against her. So she didn’t take the risk, therefore there was no bet. Then they were reported out as 1/64th, when they could have been anywhere from there to 1/1028th. 6 to 10 generations back, and no way to be certain.

    And no shame whatsoever from having claimed the status of a history of minority discrimination in order to reap the benefits of affirmative action.


    • Doppler says:

      I guess that’s why she is a leader of the Democratic Party, not one of its rank and file. The leaders demand power on behalf of “their” oppressed minorities, but only use them to claim virtue from them while milking money from Sugar Daddy George Soros, global hedge fund billionaire extraordinaire, who writes all their policies for them.


    • OmegaManBlue says:

      Did you see the video where they are saying he said he would give her money to take test? It was all based on him doing it if he was in a debate with her. I urge people to watch full video not just the snip-it of it.


  18. getfitnow says:

    President Trump does’nt play by the established, unwritten, rules when dealing with the press. Today’s gotcha … ahem…journalism, does’nt work on him.

    Here´s a hint……. its what got him elected.

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  19. White Apple says:

    The issue for Pocahontas Warren is she claims Indian, but does any self-respecting Indian claim Pocahontas Warren?


  20. prettyplease says:

    Hey, Trump’s people! Bring bagpipes to Trump’s rallies. The people will LOVE it! Trump’s mother is a McLeod of the Clan MCLeod. He qualifies for bagpipes.

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    • WSB says:

      Very funny. We have friends who are McLeods, and they are a sniveling brainwashed dem psychologist and his global warming wife! May God bless them. We used to be great friends but…

      They are so ticked off that their clan is compromised!


  21. prettyplease says:

    Thank you, VSGPOTUS-DJT for coming to our state and blessing us with your presence.

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  22. Sleazy lib medias What else talk about Trump’s at this Time,maybe first ladys 🧢

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  23. WSB says:

    President Trump and a litter of Tribbles!


  24. Beverly says:

    OUR President holds his OWN umbrella. Because, unlike the previous pResident, he is a Real Man.


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