Hurricane Michael Update: Current 85mph Rapid Intensification Predicted

As anticipate Hurricane Michael is showing signs of continued strength with each update. Current wind speed 85mph. Rapid intensification is predicted. Current forecast is for a Category 3 (115+ mph) storm at landfall.  If you are in the path you do not have much time to prepare. This storm is gaining forward speed as it strengthens.

[Hurricane Center] At 700 PM CDT (0000 UTC), the center of the eye of Hurricane Michael was located by a NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft near latitude 22.7 North, longitude 85.2 West. Michael is moving toward the north near 12 mph (19 km/h). A northward to north-northwestward motion at a slightly faster forward speed is expected through Tuesday night, followed by a northeastward motion on Wednesday and Thursday.

On the forecast track, the center of Michael will move over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico tonight, then move across the eastern Gulf of Mexico Tuesday and Tuesday night. The center of Michael is expected to move inland over the Florida Panhandle or Florida Big Bend area on Wednesday, and then move northeastward across the southeastern United States Wednesday night and Thursday.

Reports from the reconnaissance aircraft indicate that maximum sustained winds have increased to near 85 mph (140 km/h) with higher gusts. Steady to rapid strengthening is forecast during the next day or so, and Michael is forecast to become a major hurricane by Tuesday night. (read more)

For those in the cone of uncertainty, Florida Governor Rick Scott has provided an extensive update on state preparations – SEE HERE – More information is available on the Florida Emergency Website – SEE HERE.

Due to the speed of this storm, and the rapid intensification strength, all interests in the coastal area should immediate rush to completion their hurricane and storm preparation plans.  Tuesday is likely the only day to prepare your property and personal effects.  Do not delay.  Pay attention to the warnings and guidance of local officials.

If you live in an evacuation zone be prepared to respond as soon as instructed.  Take this storm seriously.  Slight variations in the storm’s path can create major changes within any impacted region.

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76 Responses to Hurricane Michael Update: Current 85mph Rapid Intensification Predicted

  1. Pam says:

    This guy is in Charlotte but he makes it easy to understand what is going on with this storm. He just ended his webcast on Facebook.

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  2. SandraOpines says:

    We have been in the middle of the cone even with the wobbles. We secured everything today, tested the generator etc…. Gonna hunker down

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, that’s going to suck for people in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

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  4. Scary!! Stay safe everyone! I’m praying for you!!

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  5. missilemom says:

    Condo in Sandestin. Praying for our wonderful property managers that take care of all the details for us who live out of town. They are amazing; keeping us up to date. Praying for all in the path.

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  6. Pam says:

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  7. Pam says:

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  8. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
    I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.”

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  9. Pam says:

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  10. Pam says:

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  11. Pam says:

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  12. Pam says:

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  13. mikebrezzze says:

    Here’s a hurricane tip if you stay, take a sharpie ink pen and write your social security number on your arm, that way when the authorities find your floating dead corpse, you’ll be easily identified and not take up space in a county mortuary cooler!

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    • truthseeker39525 says:

      That’s what the people in the Hancock County (MS) Emergency Operations Center did during Katrina.

      Here’s a little video made in my neck of the woods after Katrina.
      Never forget.


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      • filia.aurea says:



      • prenanny says:

        Truth that video is amazing brought a lot of memories back as that is the exact area I came down to do vol work post the storm. We stayed at a camp in D’Iberville.
        First trip worked on drywall and painting, second trip window and door installation and finish carpentry. So many people got trapped in attics which is why to this day I tell people to plan an egress and have tools at hand.
        The locals were all wonderful people.
        Here is me Praying you are safe during Michael.

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  14. Texian says:

    Twenty hours of prep time left on the clock..

    This one is going to surprise many.

    Essentially a gulf borne unassuming storm and a lackadaisical attitude towards them.

    It’s sneaking up.. I’m tellin’ ya.. The timing on this one is perfect.. Gonna hit tight, fast, and hard. This middleweight storm is going to lay a surprising knockdown punch.. It’s gonna leave a mark..

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  15. sunnydaze says:

    Is it just me , or does this guy do a better job at describing what’s going on and why than most?

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  16. Kent says:

    Thank you, Sundance for always being on top of the storms/hurricanes situations…I’m in Southeast Texas so I have an interest in tracking/anticipating the storms from personal and employment viewpoints…

    I have been using as my ‘big picture’ weather source for a few months now and so far they have be dead on the money a week or more out per predictions of storms tracks…it’s almost spooky the level of information they provide..

    I offer this opinion as a tool to this community and wish all to be prepared and safe in what are obviously at the very least stressful time…

    God Bless and Be Safe!,-93.959,5,i:pressure

    I am in no fashion or form affiliated with other than grateful for the boatloads of wether information they provide for free…..

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    • blondegator says:

      I also recommend the Weather Underground’s hurricane blog, Category Six.

      There are many regulars there who are both professional and amateur hurricane watchers, and the comments (often at the rate of 500 an hour during an event) provide a wealth of graphics from academic and national weather sites from around the globe. I, too, am just an observer of the site, and as you say, grateful for the free information.

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  17. thetrain2016 says:

    I live in North Pasco, but -just in case – I’m going to get some gas and supply. If I’m proven wrong, I can use it later…

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    • sunnydaze says:

      IN NE FL. some stores ran out of stuff after that huge ‘cane/flood in TX last year, cuz they were sending stuff to TX. since you guys were flat out.

      Shipped all my coffee out of state! ….but! it was all for a Good Cause.

      So yeah, you never know. If you need something, get it, wether you’re in the danger zone or not.

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      • Kent says:

        …..thanks for the help!


        • sunnydaze says:

          YW. It was a good heads up for me to know that could happen.

          They shipped all the good, *cheap* coffee to TX. But kept the good *expensive* stuff for us more fortunate ones.

          I was happy to take one for the team. And also happy to see my fave coffee back on the shelves in a months time.

          Stocked up on it now. JIC.


    • Snow White says:

      We live right on the county line between Pinellas and Pasco, about a mile from the beach. The weather was saying storm surge warning, danger imminent and we packed our cars and left by midnight. Hopefully nothing happens but I’d rather be safe than sorry.


  18. blondegator says:

    Here is an excellent graphic that I’ve never seen before, but for those of us who live in coastal communities, it’s rather eye opening. I am saving it for future reference. No wonder my flood insurance increased by 24% this year, and my windstorm by 18%. I didn’t realize I lived in one of the most prone areas to be hit in the US. I’ve lived here all my life, but have been extremely fortunate to only experience a very, very near miss of Wilma in ’05. Homestead wasn’t so lucky in ’92, with Andrew. Any of these storms are not to be taken lightly! Stay safe, everyone.

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  19. As I’ve opined already..
    interaction with the Frontal “trough”, re: Cold front, What is known as Baroclinicity , is going to Wreak havoc EAST of (I’m assuming) of Interstate I-95 of Michaels Track, , in other words, the areas hit by #Florence..

    Heavy Rains, High Winds AND spin-up Tornadoes.. Possibly numerous..
    Our infrastructure is VERY Fragile.. Barley operating ..
    It will not take much, (couple of inches) too reproduce epic flooding, AGAIN..
    Not to Mention..

    (Pam can verify this)..
    Our trees are **WEAK**
    Many trees are “blooming right now, that normally flower in the spring..

    **Trees and flowers rebloom after Florence**
    If the warm temperatures aren’t making it feel like fall outside, the trees and flowers blooming is making it a little hard to believe its October as well.
    Hurricane Florence caused extreme stress on the greenery around the area.
    Strong winds ripped off bark, snapped limbs off the trees and damaged shrubs and flowers.
    In response to the stress, the plant goes into a defense mode, which causes it to bud.
    The blooms will last as long as they would in the spring.
    So we will see blooming for a few more weeks for most of the species.
    Some of the blooms that we’re seeing are on Dogwood trees, Cherry, Red Bud and even Azaleas!

    And the main reason they bloom is to repopulate in order to survive.
    This does take some energy out of the plant but Lloyd Singleton, the extension director of The Arboretum New Hanover extension, says that the trees bloomed early enough this fall that the plants will be able to go through a dormancy period and regain strength and rebloom in the spring.**

    Many Lives Oaks, Pines, Pecan, of course other “Species” of trees are weakened, Saturated grounds etc, …
    Is not going to take much to break & blow them over… Falling on power lines, Homes etc etc..

    As I opined, before.. The “Rivers” are just “settling” back with-in their banks, yet, the MOST MINOR of “rains” Flood warnings & watches are issued..
    Some were just “issued” today.. over “rains overnight”

    If We even get 4″ to 6″ inches of rain, it’s going too add to the devastation & Misery..

    NOT Counting those Folks that have TARPS or “TEMP” roof(s) on their homes..
    Michael is going to rip ALL that off… 30~40~too 75+ MPH winds are in store, up to hurricane force Winds from “Baroclinicity” is going to have a very Devastating effect..
    Going out tomorrow, to buy, more Gas for My generator, (again).. I’m several hundreds in the hole NOW, I don’t need this.. HOPING the Live Oaks above My “rented” Home can survive yet another On-Slaught..

    Otherwise, I’ll be with the hundreds or Thousand(s) of displaced folks ATM..
    MY & the Misses Mind(s) are stretched to the breaking point, I cannot even tell you.. (Well maybe Pam & Dixie can), of the mind-numbing effects.. The ‘cost” of living on the Coast.. & living “close” to the beach..
    Pam I hope We can “get-together” soon at a McDonalds, Share Our strengths, While living here..
    Set down Sharing Stories..
    You are right, I recorded Cat 3 Gust(s) and Winds..
    Until them We’ll await, yet another on-slaught..
    Following Winds & Seas (or so I wish)..
    Model ensembles of possible winds for OUR area(s)..

    Last but not yet Least…
    Tropical Tid BitsTonight..

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  20. Martin says:

    Well, if it sticks to the track, it’ll be a wet Tuesday night here in SoGaNoFla. It’s been dry, but this is looking like a bit more than relief.

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  21. Sporty says:

    Hunkering Down in N. Central Fl.

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  22. Deb says:

    Dear Lord, please let this storm weaken. May the Lord bless and keep everyone in it’s path. Stay safe Treepers. God bless you Sundance.

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  23. smiley says:

    latest Intensity Guidance…

    expected to reach 120 mph …be prepared for a Cat 3.

    it seems to be barreling thru the wind shear.

    still praying for it to weaken.

    …but even if it doesn’t, be strong Florida.

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  24. Pam says:

    2am ET intermediate advisory:


  25. Pam says:

    5am ET/4amCT Advisory:


  26. smiley says:

    HURRICANE LOCAL STATEMENT….1 hour ago….PUBLIC ALERTS for West Central Florida

    also provides other ALERTS for inland areas.

    main concern: life-threatening storm surge for the entire area

    current wind speed : 90 mph

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  27. Pam says:

    8am intermediate advisory:


  28. smiley says:

    all the latest… What To Know …from NOLA as of this morning,…

    it’s a Cat 2

    hurricane force winds extend outward 40 miles from center.

    TS force winds…195 miles from center.

    much more important info at the link…everything…hazards, surge, etc.


  29. Pam says:


  30. Doc Moore says:

    Somehow, seems like, Florence got a LOT more attention…much sooner. It seems completely possible that this storm could be much worse, given that Florence turned out to be little more than a fairly windy rainfall catastrophe. With people wearied of media over hyping, and little time to prepare…if this thing goes to the top end of Cat 3…gonna be bad.


  31. Pam says:


  32. Pam says:


  33. Pam says:


  34. Pam says:

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  35. smiley says:

    Michael is now at 110 mph , per NOAA latest update.

    it is almost a Cat 3…it will be a Cat 3 at 111 mph.

    conditions are def changing here in coastal Collier Co (SWFL) even tho it’s nowhere near us as it comes up thru the GOM…wind gusts are much stronger than yesterday…trees blowing around, in heavy motion, leaves inside-out, quite gusty…then it subsides…sky is completely overcast with racing clouds…looking nasty to the SW (GOM).

    just gusty winds & some rain tonite, Wed & Thursday here…but it’s def on its way, out there in the Gulf.

    really praying for all the folks up in north FL in the path of this thing….and inland, too.

    stormy weather.

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  36. Pam says:


  37. Pam says:

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  38. Pam says:


  39. Pam says:


  40. smiley says:

    about 40 minutes ago…

    good graphic there…

    …but sure don’t like the Cat 4 alarm in his voice.

    just don’t see how this will weaken before landfall…but miracles do happen.

    looking like it could be a strong Cat 3…and that’s no picnic.


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