Sunday Talks: Devin Nunes Discusses Economy and 2018 Mid-Terms….

In Part II of the Chairman Nunes interview today, Maria Bartiromo discusses the state of the economy, the downstream political consequences from the Kavanaugh smear job, and the mid-term elections.

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19 Responses to Sunday Talks: Devin Nunes Discusses Economy and 2018 Mid-Terms….

  1. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Maria Bartiromo discusses”

    She did her homework and was well prepared today.

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    • Newton Love says:

      She has staff to do her homework for her. This week, she FINALLY read what her staff prepared for her. She decided to tried to look good.


  2. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “..get out and vote; otherwise you will put these lunatics back in charge of this country.”

    Exactly. This interview segment ended perfectly. If that happens, those democRAT lunatics will show you republicans how to use “the system” to fraudulently persecute their opponents, while you (republicans in charge) have had two years to bring REAL criminal charges against people looking to subvert and overthrow the rule of law in this country.

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    • Pam says:

      Yep, that was the most important statement of the entire interview. People are disgusted over the clown show. The best way for folks to direct their anger over the three-ring circus is at the ballot box.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Your absolutely right Pam! The Democrats are going to look back at the last three weeks and realize that they lost 70% of Americans. Our President will not allow voters to forget these past three weeks with the rallies he will be having over the next month. Republicans running for office in the House and the Senate will make sure voters in their districts and states are reminded about the behavior of the Democrats.

        I can’t wait to watch on November 6th just how angry 😡 Americans are!

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  3. Heika says:

    I keep saying, they need to dig in here and haul in the funders of this chaos. Soros etc. Unfortunately ‘the democracy’, the right to free speech has been highjacked and abused and will soon cause terrible outcomes. You can see why people end up voting in ‘dictators’ to soothe the chaos of such movements. It is the old pendulum in action. The warning is here now. If they don’t sort this out – it will go too far, and these people will resort to even more violent behavior. They are mindless. This is similar to the way ISIS recruited. These ‘misguided’ mass, will end up shifting to terrorism inside Americal. It’s not hard to see how. They are already nine tenths there. They will do anything for the cause. Even if they have no idea what it is.

    Nunes nailed it, these poor confused souls have no idea what they are protesting. They are not dissimilar to a pack of revved up dogs, being let loose in a rabbit cage. They have no consciousness of why they are doing this. They are being triggered deliberately by those in power who know exactly what they are doing and how to mobilize the vulnerable minds. Those vulnerable are mostly those who have been indoctrinated for years inside the universities. Take a very good look. This is serious. The universities have must to answer for. They have embedded propaganda in their heads, feigning it as education, given them all a ticket (called a degree) to prove they are ‘smart’, so they keep them in there. The education has been nothing more than mind training camps for Marxists. The universities must be held accountable. Recently saw the call for more transparency on the funding and what it is used for.

    This is no small matter. It has caused mass psychosis in millions of young people. As Nunes says, you ask them on the streets, and they have no idea what they are fighting for. They just scream and rage and mimic the ruler’s orders. Frightening.

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    • Heika,
      Yes we need to bring more sunshine on Steyer, Soros and others and exactly what these folks are doing.

      For example, the pay rates for some of their minions are appalling and I think might get attention. Over the weekend someone posted that the woman screaming at Flake in the elevator is making $178K+ as “co-head” of her Soros-sponsored NGO.

      These places do nothing more than recruit and “train” lunatics to yell at our duly elected representatives. Normal people and independents would be further galvanized if they knew this.

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  4. rumpole2 says:

    Nice that “probes” and Congressional inquiries continue (after nearly 2 years), but what is actually needed is CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS… which could be underway at the same time. DoJ/FBI don’t have to wait until Congress finishes and writes a REPORT! Nunes and others continue to allude to evidence of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY… there has even been the odd “Criminal referral” to DoJ… but the DoJ seems to now be “The place where evidence goes to die”

    The evidence is real, but the indictments are fake..

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Declassify and release the evidence in an unredacted version. Things are getting too crazy. Indict Christine Blasey Ford for perjury.


  5. Cathy M. says:

    Dems would have you believe that the previous 6 background investigations of SCJ Kavanaugh is similar to background investigations of a job applicant for employment with a civilian business, therefore of little consequence for actions done decades ago. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    An educated guess based on certain federal positions the Judge had/has, years of service and the number of BI’s- I believe that Kavanaugh had a security clearance.

    The SF86 is the form an applicant or a federal employee must fill out & submit to obtain a security clearance. Then the investigation begins & are updated every 5 years.

    (Headers for each section of the SF86 are in dark grey. Each section is several pgs. to allow for multiple entries)

    Continued in next post:

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    • Cathy M. says:

      These investigations cover just about Everything about the applicant/employee literally from the day they were born (including your high school days.) My first of several background investigation for a security clearance was conducted when I was 34 & half. I only learned the investigation was finally progressing because I had several high school friends & acquaintances that I hadn’t seen nor had contact with in 17 & half yrs call me & frantically advising me that the FBI was asking a bunch of questions about me. (they thought it was a criminal inv.)

      Not only does the SF86 contain information on just about everything about the applicant’s life, literally back to their birth
      but it also includes much information about people he has/had contact with over the years. This info includes the person’s full name, date & place of birth, SS# (of spouses), nicknames, former names, address, emails, telephone numbers & financial info on some of those. These people are:
      Current & past Spouses/cohabitants; children, step-children, foster children, adopted children , half-siblings, step parents, each sibling, parents, guardians, grand-parents, in-laws, 3 persons who know you well & add’l persons to interview are provided by those 1st 3, every foreign national that you have had contact with whether in the U.S. or abroad (this includes such casual relationships such as common interests), etc.,etc.

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    • Newton Love says:

      FBI files for a clearance should be kept NON-PUBLIC!
      In previous Security clearances, I had to tell the Investigator interviewing me, about allegations that I knew were from my adulterous and vindictive ex-wife.

      The FBI collects rumors and attacks from people in your past that mean to harm you, even if you are innocent.

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  6. MontanaMel says:

    We also need to keep our eyes and ears open for the next rattle out of the box:
    PACK the COURT … hasn’t been heard of since FDR’s days and the New Deal moves!
    The dem’s want some way to dilute what has just happened…otherwise, they are out of the control loop for some decades yet to come! IF they ever get back in control of the Senate…and Pres/WH,, then look out… They may rattle this Pack the Court call, but settle for a 18 year term limit and non-renewable for court members….thus giving them the repeat chance for more control … without the upper Court, they know that the bell has toll’ed on their parade…end of the road…no more LBGT shoved down upon us…
    AND… Don’t take these comments being touted as truth…. there is no “majority” of US Citizens wanting any such garbage pushed down upon us… single payer med coverage, for all, including ILLEGALS…LGBT…use whatever bathroom you “feel like” today…etc… These are rabid minorities being forced upon us by the loudest few… Check-6 and watch out for Nov 21st…

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    • Newton Love says:

      When Ruthie B Ginsburg passes, and PDJT appoints a Textualist as the replacement, the (smaller minority party) (D) Donkeys will bray loudly and kick down their barn, but when they have less than 25% of ALL ELECTED OFFICES in America, they will be fun to ignore!


  7. Fools Gold says:

    Ha! Lunatics is definitely the right description!

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  8. JMP says:

    Unbelievable. Devin is in a class by himself. Articulate, knowledgeable and fearless. Trump’s greatest ally.
    Lindsey has many miles to go before he can even hold Devin’s coattails.

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  9. Sherri Young says:

    Let’s hope Devin Nunes is re-elected since he is polling at 53%. He won 67% or 68% of the vote 2 years ago. That is quite a fall. If he does win again, his chairmanship depends on the Republicans maintaining a majority in the House.

    This is a good day for block walking. Lots of productive people will be at home. I wish I had realized that in time to arrange my calendar for today.


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