Ms. Blasey-Ford Legal Team: No Further Plans To Pursue Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh…

No surprise here.  With Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh having successfully defeated the fraudulent smear campaign mounted against him; the political operatives in control of Blasey-Ford announce they have no further plans to pursue.

Washington DC – With the Senate voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as an associate justice of the Supreme Court, Christine Blasey Ford has no further plans to pursue her sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh, according to her lawyers.

Ford only wanted to speak with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, her attorneys told CNN on Friday. Ford does not want the situation to “drag on into the next Congress should Democrats end up winning control on Capitol Hill,” the network reported.

When asked about the possibility of impeachment proceedings, attorney Debra Katz told the network: “Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort. What she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agree to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI, and that’s what she sought to do here.”

“She does not want him to be impeached?” CNN’s Dana Bash later asked.

“No,” Katz replied flatly.  (read more with video)

The question now becomes whether or not the DOJ or FBI will pursue those who constructed the fraudulent accusations?….  Unfortunately, the answer based on historic reference is likely, NO.  The swamp will most likely revert to status quo.

On the optimistic side, there is a possibility a strong mid-term election victory by President Trump and Team MAGA might just change the dynamic.  Providing accountability for this type of activity is another good reason to vote in November.


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390 Responses to Ms. Blasey-Ford Legal Team: No Further Plans To Pursue Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh…

  1. Jane Smith says:

    Bring it on…
    McLean and Ford have to be prosecuted.
    They have to go to jail.
    There can not be random white males accused of random crimes and found guilty without evidence solely because the accuser was a female…who had no evidence.
    She…Ford…made up the whole thing.
    She…Ford…should go to jail.
    There is enough evidence for that.
    We just need someone with the B_lls to prosecute.

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    • Kenji says:

      Exactly! Even the corrupt DA in the FAKE DUKE Lacrosse RAPE story was severely punished for his ILLEGAL withholding of exculpatory evidence. Unpunished CRIME in America begets more CRIME in America.

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      • flyboy46 says:

        You mean someone who “screwed” 67 guys before she went away to college, as she bragged yo a


        • flyboy46 says:

          Something happened before I finished writing. contd’ ….. to a friend, wasn’t really traumatized by being felt up thru a bathing suit? Beware what YOU PUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA, it lasts forever, even AFTER you delete it.


          • cali says:

            @flyboy: Exactly – 64 guys in during her college years is a lot of guys to sleep with heck this number is something no woman should ever brag about because to do so is shameful and says a lot about her.

            Of course the democrat op trying to stop Brett Kavanaugh failed ergo no other actions are required by these shameless and treacherous people/women. It never fails and they always slink off into the night without so much of facing legal consequences.

            That needs to end and women who bring such false accusations about such heinous crimes as rape and gang rape need to be brought to justice.

            This is not the end because the republican senators like Grassley, Graham and others will ask for an investigation into that operation involving each and everyone of them.


    • Stickboy says:

      Ford needs to face justice for the crimes she commited. She lied, she slandered and she did it not as a victim, but as a main player.

      I see a lot of posters here who think Ford was used by the Democrats, I see that as hogwash. She put on an act, ridiculous as it was, but still an act. And yet people don’t seem to see through the bullshit, they feel sympathy for her.

      She’s a player, she is not a victim, probably has never been a victim her whole life, rather a victimizer, a damn predator.

      If nothing is done concerning her many crimes, along with her friends, lawyers and the Dem players in this, then it’s a green light for the next sham put up by the Democrats. It has to be made crystal clear to any future “victims” that this shit don’t wash, and it becomes very expensive for those who peddle garbage claims.

      Ford needs to be bankrupted, jailed as well. The same needs to happen to her handlers, lawyers, and the Dems behind the farce…..brutalize every damn one of them…’s a great opportunity for a teaching moment, be a shame to waste it.

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      • distracted2 says:

        If Ford was used, she was used willingly. She volunteered. She may have been told she would never have to speak publicly about the accusations – and in that regard, she may have been deceived – but she has no one to blame but herself.

        The conservative pundits who are accusing the Dems of using her are doing so for two reasons – one, the #metoo movement has precluded anyone from blaming a woman and, two, it’s a convenient political shot at the Dems. None of them truly believe she was telling the truth or that she was used.

        Dr. Fraud is as guilty as those who physically petted her like a dog after her testimony.

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      • shirley49 says:

        I wonder if Kavanaugh can sue for slander?

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      • Patsy says:



      • Lady Sid says:

        Maybe the Holton Arms School for Young Witches Alumnae Association will do a crowd-fund for her and her attorney classmate, Monica McLean. The real pity should go out to the classmate that they attempted to suborn perjury from, Leland Ingham Keyser. Good for her to stand up to those two!! She could probably use some help and understanding at this point.


        • Covadonga says:

          “the Holton Arms School for Young Witches Alumnae Association”

          Oh, so that’s where she went to school.

          And Alyssa Milano is also a witch ( at least in reruns of “Charmed”.)

          So that explains why she was there…

          This is all starting to swim into focus now…


      • Eagle 61 says:

        I agree. She was complicit in this absurdity. I watched a lady (forgot her name); however, she is a body/language expert. Her main comments were, “See, here she does pretty pose!” and “I’m so through with this woman.”

        She was acting a part and had been coached to play the part. Her payoff was to be the GoFundMe money and potential future monetization of her “story”!

        It would be interesting to see who contributed the most to her GoFundMe.

        Even more interesting is that all those handlers around her have dumped her as old news.

        As we say in Texas….”Adios….Mo-Fo….!”

        Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out!


    • GregA says:

      Id be happy if she simply recanted, admitted that it was all a smear, and said she was sorry. But yeah, if that doesn’t happen, she and her lawyers have to pay a price.


  2. youme says:

    Chief Justice John Roberts Accused of ‘Cover Up’ for Sitting on Kavanaugh Misconduct Complaints

    In a statement released early on Saturday afternoon, Judge Henderson noted, “Under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act (28 U.S.C. §§351-364) any person may file a misconduct complaint against a federal judge in the circuit in which the federal judge sits. After the start of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, members of the general public began filing complaints in the D.C. Circuit about statements made during those hearings.”

    Henderson’s statement continued, clarifying the conduct at issue. She wrote, “The complaints do not pertain to any conduct in which Judge Kavanaugh engaged as a judge. The complaints seek investigations only of the public statements he has made as a nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States.”


    • Kenji says:

      So … Dr. Hazy-Ford’s crack legal team say they will NOT pursue any further criminal charges for the alleged 36yo claim of sexual assault … yet … House Democraps promise to punish Judge Kavanaugh for a “crime” he did NOT commit.

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  3. Mike diamond says:

    Ford lawyers knew it was all a scam!,they got out a town in a hurry,the democrats loaded their bags with 30 pieces of silver,and they left Mr s Ford on the side of the road! She was a victim used by the demo-rats!

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    • lakelurelife says:

      Ford never was and still is not a victim. Willing participant and accessory, not a victim.

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      • Chieftain says:

        You have clarity.

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      • jogreggre says:

        I think Ford and McLean (her lifelong bff, a just retired FBI attorney/agent, former spokesperson for Preet Bharara) concocted Ford’s “story” and wrote the letter to Feinstein. The date kept moving around, it was originally the late or mid 80’s (to ensnare Gorsuch who was Ford’s age?) and finally settled at 1982, because Kavanaugh left for Yale in 1983. I think Ford’s long time (6+ yrs) boyfriend’s statement put the lie to all of Ford’s claimed post trauma effects. I think the omission of the date/time/place was deliberate to make it impossible for Kav to conclusively prove he wasn’t there. I think the story was based on Mark Judge’s book, and the women’s belief that no one could counter their claim, and that the single female witness would corroborate it out of friendship and confusion (she didn’t). It will be very irritating to listen to the Left make a lifelong hero out of Ford, which they will. Of course she doesn’t want the matter pursued. Her own background (heavy drinking and partying from a very young age) might be investigated. You know, the Left never has worthy heroes. They build all of their folklore around unworthy people (the Kennedys, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Bill Clinton, and now Christine Ford.).

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      • Anonymous says:



    • Blu Vaner says:

      Ms. Ford did not leave DC empty handed. She got a large chunk of silver herself.


    • Mellie says:



    • Melanie says:

      If So……………….A Very Rich Victim as per her Go Fund Me Page.
      Nice reward either way.


  4. Dennis Robison says:

    Ford’s attorneys are letting this sham with no evidence go because there is no way forward without consequences to their law license…. they are not being “good losers” who are quietly going away

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  5. Monticello says:

    There is no righteousness in the land unless there is justice. Bearing false witness must be pursued by the U.S. Senate not Kavanaugh. We shall see if there have been enough firings and departures from THE DOJ/FBI to see justice done in this case. Turtle is already waffling on it and it remains to be seen if Grassley and Graham will follow through on their calls for investigation.
    Republicans won one battle, it’s now time to treat the Demon crats like we did the Iraqis on the road out of Kuwait…… annulation!
    One battle doesn’t win a war and if you did not think we are at war this last battle over Kavanaugh should convince you otherwise.
    Just like radical Islam, the left declared the war and you and I have no choice but to fight if we honor the Constitution, the rule of law and civilization itself. They will not quit nor should we! Go to the mat! Do whatever you can to ensure the midterms are positive to the Constitutional Republic!

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  6. ristvan says:

    Lurking Lawyer here. The Treeper belligerants need to get a grip. Themobjective is to ‘win’ the political war and simultaneously ‘drain the swamp’. To win the war you winn the major battles, and do NOT persue every skirmish.
    So, one view says that to prevent the next ‘Ford gambit’, prosecute her civily (defamation) and criminally (perjury).
    But an alternative view says she was a losing gambit the DemonRats dare not ever try again, since discredited already twice. First Anita Hill, then Blasey Ford. A third repeat would be too obvious even for DemonRats.
    Move on. We won this skirmish/battle. There are bigger fish to fry in re FISA abuse, more central to the swamp.

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    • scott467 says:

      “But an alternative view says she was a losing gambit the DemonRats dare not ever try again, since discredited already twice. ”


      But they will try it again… and again… and again.

      It’s who they are, it’s what they do.

      Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

      It even has a name. It’s called “The Wrap-Up Smear”:

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      • scott467 says:

        Here is the text, it’s as cold-blooded, calcuated and premeditated as it could possibly be. And it won’t ever stop, until it is punished so severely, that the pain is not worth the gamble.

        This is the level of evil we are dealing with, but it’s just another day at the office for this scum:

        Nancy Pelosi: “It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. You demonize, and then you — we call it the ‘wrap up’ smear, if you want to talk ‘politics’. We call it the ‘wrap-up’ smear.

        You smear somebody, with falsehoods and all the rest, and then you ‘merchandise’ it. And then you (pointing to the press) write it, and they’ll say “See, it’s reported in the press, that this, this, this and this…” so they have that validation, that the press reported the ‘smear’, and then it’s called ‘the wrap-up smear’.

        Now I’m going to ‘merchandise’ the press’ report, on the smear, that we made.

        And it’s, it’s a tactic. And it’s self-evident.”

        You’ll never see a better explanation, admission or full confession than that.

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      • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

        Great find. We better turn out for a monster vote at midterms or this will be the speaker of the house.


    • TDU_Weight says:

      Strategy Vice Tactics…

      “The medium is the message” but “patience is the key and timing is everything.”

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “But an alternative view says she was a losing gambit the DemonRats dare not ever try again, since discredited already twice. First Anita Hill, then Blasey Ford. A third repeat would be too obvious even for DemonRats.”

      You’re ascribing a certain integrity to the Democrat Party that simply does not exist. Their thirst for control overshadows any other attribute that a rational person would consider “normal”. They are control freaks. Their fanatical ideology IS their view of the world — they think their view of the world is the ONLY TRUE view of the world, full stop. For example… and just a simple example… do you walk around all day every day looking to find “racism” and/or “sexism” in every aspect of daily life? Well, they do. It’s insane. They are driven by a need to shape the world in their image… an image shared by legions of ideological automatons. It is a Group Think Army, and it is an army that will go to great lengths to win what they see as a generational war (for example, the incessant “white patriarchy” nonsense). Don’t underestimate their insanity, irrationality, fanaticism, etc. They will not give up their fight, and aim to win “By Any Means Necessary”. Literally, that is their motto.

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    • Chieftain says:

      Do both.


    • Greg1 says:

      Well said. In particular the strategy being to win the major battles and not fight every single skirmish. To do so wastes valuable time and resources unnecessarily.

      View it as an island hopping campaign. Defeat the enemy on the more strategic islands and hop over the less strategic ones since they will have been cut off from resupply coming from the now vanquished strategic islands. We win, while reserving strength for bigger battles. The skirmishers starve out without resupply…….and we win without an unnecessary battle.

      Excellent post as always , Ristvan.


    • OSP says:

      Thanks, ristvan. Agreed.


  7. scott467 says:

    Here is Nancy Pelosi explaining the entire ‘smear’ process, and she even uses the word ‘smear’ multiple times. Plainly admitting it’s just a ‘political’ tactic:

    (posted by Q a couple hours ago…)

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  8. Fools Gold says:

    Anybody know when that next IG report is suppose to drop? You’ll recall Trump gave the order for the FISA to be included and unredacted. Seems to me once that happens it will reveal Sessions true identity (i.e. a snake in the grass or the silent killer) or will it be the straw that broke the camels back…

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  9. treehouseron says:

    There are likely a million or so people out there, that got all invested in her, and think she’s telling the truth, and now think that some rich guy got away with it and she’s a poor little defenseless woman that the democrats threw to the side.

    So much disinformation, it’s amazing the world gets along as far as it does, no lie is too much for the gullible and nothing will convince them it’s not reality.

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    • tballard says:

      Well maybe what we need to do is push the narrative that the Democrats just abandoned Ford when she had served their purposes. While those rabid leftists will never vote Republican, maybe they will be discouraged enough by the Democrats “betrayal” that they may just stay home on Election Day.

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  10. TNGal says:

    I am sure that the Dems are now personally helping Ms. Ford with all of her problems. They care SO much more than everyone else.

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  11. Dave says:

    Ford gets how much money from all the GoFundMe accounts started in her name? A million, plus or minus? Yeah, she’ll be “suffering” alright! And McLean, her BFF, comes to mind. Every picture I’ve noticed of her has her posing behind the largest bag I’ve ever seen! Does she think it hides her svelte figure from us? What can one possibly carry in that size bag without damaging one’s shoulder? Perhaps her lunch…two large pizzas! Or the compact spare tire for her Prius! I hope to see her in the news a lot more in the coming weeks!

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  12. Junior Naturel says:

    what happens to all that “go fund me” cash?


  13. strateshooter says:

    Ford and her team should be pursued without mercy. I think they all conspired to destroy a good man and his family for political gain and power.
    This has no place in our society and MUST not be allowed to re-occur in the future.
    If either a Dem OR a Repub repeats this they should be thrown in jail.
    This has to stop and the ONLY way to stop it is for examples to be made.
    Jail time. I am sick of the corruption.

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  14. Rick says:

    If any of the other Republican candidates would have somehow beaten Hillary, which I doubt that they would have. ( Would have folded at first false accusation), they would have pulled the nomination.
    So thankfully we have a fighter in office for a change, someone who will stand up for what is right.

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  15. mashall says:

    “Dr. Fraud is as guilty as those who physically petted her like a dog after her testimony.”


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  16. Nunya Bidness says:

    I’ll bet this experience will be seared – seared! – in her memory. She had a worse time than any of her many drunken house parties as a teen.


  17. Eberhard says:

    Ford is much more functional than the Duke False accuser, but time will tell if she wants celebrity or return to her very comfortanle anonymity. This statement that she does not want impeachment reads to me like she wants no more scrutiny.

    Remember she has two sons. Sons who go to parties, date girls, maybe even drink beer. Relentless scrutiny, of the sort she imposed on the Kav family, is a heinous burden. I think she’s beginning to realize, she dealt herself the same forever after.

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    • Greg1 says:

      I agree, she wants no more scrutiny. And I seriously doubt her lawyers want any, either.

      If they REALLY thought they had a strong case they would have gone to the local authorities, who ENCOURAGED her or anyone else to come forward with claims against Kav.

      Obviously, she did not.

      She had nothing the entire time except for smears. She knew it. Her FBI friend knew it, her lawyers knew it, and most of all, the American people saw through it.

      Any further chasing of this will get her run over. She and her lawyers know that, too.

      I doubt she or her lawyers or the senators with whom they corresponded EVER turn over that correspondence to Grassley. It will be catastrophic for them AND the democrat party.

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  18. FishtheDish says:

    I believe that Ford was a tool. Willing yes – but used by schemers. The accusation – heavy due to it being sexual, limited specifics (remember that specifics can be disproven easier than generalities), the wiping of her social and internet, her location with McClean (Ex FBI) during writing of letter, the timing of press releases (consistent method and pattern here), media geared up against Kavanaugh, McClean tampering witnesses, Feinstein’s reaction above tells me that she knows they know.

    Vote – yes absolutely…But keep pressure up on investigating this all the way. Grassley seems on it as does Graham. Continue to call in – pressure Ford, and McClean – get them to flip and spill the scheme.

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  19. HJR27 says:

    Hopefully but doubtful, the GOP will realize an opportunity for cohesion, after the dems in the Senate publicly exposed what a hugh jamble of nothing they, in reality, are. It proves conclusively to me that the dems are a disorganized mess with little but empty protesting and chaos spewing in their tool bags. They have, in fact, answered the question, “why should I vote for a democrat?”, for anyone who had doubts.


  20. SalixVeridi says:

    Yep. This is how it ends, folks. She appears, she accuses, she ‘cries’, she scrubs her background, she maintains it ruined her life, she takes lots of money, and now she runs.

    The Democrats will be using her as some holy relic and a martyr. We will hear about Ford endlessly. She MUST be revealed as the liar that she is, and we MUST know all the perps around her who brazenly put her out there in the spotlight to ruin a man’s reputation.

    No, it must not End!

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    • amanda4321 says:

      YES!!!!!!!! to this “She MUST be revealed as the liar that she is, and we MUST know all the perps around her who brazenly put her out there in the spotlight to ruin a man’s reputation.”

      And I think it’s up to the people spreading the word. The left-wing MSM will NEVER tell the truth about this. All the people who watch MSNBC and CNN or read the NYT have no clue about the letter from Dr. Fraud’s ex-bf. And even the hosts on Fox haven’t really exposed the truth either–they all keep saying that Dr. Fraud was “credible” (give me a freaking break!!) and that something must have happened to her, but it wasn’t Kavanaugh.


  21. Denyce says:

    LOL! OF COURSE! They know that they don’t have a case, and that no DA would prosecute without evidence.


  22. Eberhard says:

    The Duke False Accuser was a Holy Relic too, until she murdered a boyfriend.

    The Dems appear ready to run on impeaching Kav if they get the House. That means there would have to be more scrutiny of Ford as well. President Trump is having rallies all over the country. If the Dems continue to go after Kav, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear Fords yearbook entities and the boyfriends testimony READ to these thundering crowds. And maybe a lot more! Our President will not shrink away from giving them back in spades whatever they throw at Kav.

    Unfortunately for Ford and her Beach Friend, this puts them smack in the middle. No more Holy Relic.


  23. Lady Sid says:

    I plan to write a letter to the Head of Holton-Arms School in the coming days. I just read on the school’s website a very long diatribe from Head of School Susanna A. Jones. I imagine this was sent by letter to all the parents with kids there now. She does not mention any names, i. e. of school alums like Christine Blasey Ford or Monica McLean or Leland Inham Keyser, nor does she have anything to say about the recent activity of the US Senate Confirmation Hearings for Judge Kavanaugh, disrupted in large part by the shenanigans of alumnae named above. Getting “political” would risk the school’s 501(c)3 status big time.
    Ms. Jones goes on at length about sexual harassment programs in place recommended by CDC etc. to prevent it; she cites the need to focus on “the well-being of our girls” by instituting programs at various grade levels such as “Strong is the New Pretty” with art shows by the girls highlighting their individual strengths. “Gender equity” is cited as a distant goal. All well and good. Building girls’ confidence is what these schools claim they are uniquely qualified to do — for $43,000 a year. However, telling the truth, NOT bearing false witness, demonstrating integrity, does not seem to be part of her message. Two of their alumnae lied very publicly and cruelly to ruin a public figure and have brought disrepute to the school. I should also include the classmates who signed a letter testifying to Christine Blasey Ford’s honesty. A lot of smoke and mirrors here, gaseous vapors meant to deflect from some real issues that need to be addressed immediately.
    What’s interesting also is that the list of Alumnae Association board members does NOT include any from the classes in the 1980s, not one, out of over 20 such members. Was probably a loser crowd back then and EVERYBODY there knows it!! The SCRIBEs (yearbooks) prove it. Sad but true. Good luck with that Annual Appeal about to get underway, Ms. Jones!!


  24. Kuhl Brieze says:

    This is an excerpted statement from attorney representing the MN Democratic Farm Labor Party, Susan Ellingsrad, re: Karen Monahan allegations against Keith Ellison …
    “An allegation standing alone is not necessarily sufficient to conclude that conduct occurred, particularly where the accusing party declines to produce supporting evidence that she herself asserts exists,” Ellingstad wrote, according to The AP.
    “She has thus repeatedly placed the existence of the video front and center to her allegations, but then has refused to disclose it.”
    Planned “next step” per Nancy Pelosi – a House Ethics Committee Investigation … (which would not be finished by the time he leaves office).
    I am not an attorney, so I do not know what legal steps could be taken
    However, there are things citizens can do. First. Support Karen Monahan! I’ll go so far as to say that she is the victim of brutal physical assault and emotional battering from an abuser, Keith Ellison.
    Second, what took place with Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, to me, was so bad … descriptors fall short. The phrase, “what fresh Hell is this” kept repeating as I witnessed what was inflicted on this man, (and this country’s citizens) by these ‘creatures’.
    This Christine Blassey Fraud and the large number of players believe they pulled off a well orchestrated operation. Big mistake.
    There is a simple truth. These things operate from a basis of fear. (actually, fear of everything). The primary fear is … Fear of Exposure.
    The ultimatum that “________ MUST be believed” (or else?) Is but one example that reveals the terror base of operations for these things.
    They emulate. Appearing adept at evoking emotion, though incapable of any true emotions themselves. They operate in inversion. Their thinking, speech .. everything.
    This is beyond politics. It is not human. And, it is deficient.
    To me, events of late served as a distraction that took my focus away from God. That tells me what the source of all this is.
    Some ideas … Expose. Re-educate on ways to counter disinformation and, most important, above all else (in every way) be with God. Pray for guidance and protection. And, vote, vote and oh yes, vote! Make sure your neighbors, friends, etc do too!
    Gosh, I like winning!


  25. Lady Sid says:

    These women are nuts. I’ve just found more intemperate blabberings that the Head of Holton Arms School put out, this on BuzzFeed. Ms. Susanna Jones said she was proud of the (LIAR) Ford for coming forward with her allegations vs Kavanaugh. “In these cases it is imperative that all voices are heard,” Jones said in a statement provided to BuzzFeed news. “As a school that empowers women to use their voices, we are proud of this alumna for using hers” to LIE like a rug. On the school’s website under Employment there is the caution that there are high ethical standards the faculty must meet. Don’t get caught lying is probably one of them.


  26. Diddian says:

    Ford’s attorneys also said that Ford would have difficulty getting to DC to appear before the Senate JC because she has a fear of flying and of being in tight spaces.

    So, people can judge for themselves what a statement from Ford’s attorneys is worth.

    P.S. I think Ford’s “before we do anything else, may I make a request” for caffeine and the delivery of a coke was planned in advance. A coke placed in front of the witness, label facing out so all the news cameras could capture it. Coke. Anita Hill. Get it?

    These people are stupid.


  27. Lady Sid says:

    Let’s hear it for female empowerment. Rah rah.


  28. ragnarsbhut says:

    This should have been seen as ancient history.


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