James Baker Testimony: DNC Lawyers Met With FBI Officials Prior to October 2016 FISA Application…

The DOJ-NSD and FBI are holding a press conference today at 9:30am.  The topic is unknown, but the timing coincides with a document production subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee for McCabe Memos, the “Woods File” supporting the Carter Page FISA application, and Gang-of-Eight documents on the Russia investigation.

In related news, former FBI chief legal counsel, James Baker, delivered testimony to the Joint House Committee yesterday in the ongoing investigation of corrupt FISA processes and “spy-gate”.   Fox News and The Hill both have reports.

There has been some speculation James Baker is a willing/cooperating witness within this ongoing investigation. I would urge skepticism and caution toward that view.  Baker is currently a participating member of Lawfare; he is not likely to testify in opposition to his DOJ and FBI ideological allies despite their corrupt activity.  Indeed, Mr. Baker attended the closed-door hearing with lawyers to protect all interests, including James Baker.

One of the more interesting leaks from the testimony is found in a report from John Solomon of The Hill where he outlines a Jim Baker admission that lawyers from the DNC (Perkins Coie) met with FBI officials in the run-up to the Carter Page FISA application used against the Trump campaign.

WASHINGTON DC – Congressional investigators have confirmed that a top FBI official met with Democratic Party lawyers to talk about allegations of Donald Trump-Russia collusion weeks before the 2016 election, and before the bureau secured a search warrant targeting Trump’s campaign.

Former FBI general counsel James Baker met during the 2016 season with at least one attorney from Perkins Coie, the Democratic National Committee’s private law firm. (read more)

Essentially the article is affirming a connection, validated by James Baker, where the Steele Dossier -a product of DNC funding- was deployed with knowledge of origin by the FBI in the FISA application.  Those who have followed the story closely may not see this as much of a big discovery; however, the DNC and Clinton Team have adamantly denied their transparent connection – so this could remove their defensive talking point.

The fact that FBI officials were meeting with a lawyer representing the interests of a presidential candidate to frame investigative material against the candidate’s opposition is a serious issue.  Then again, with overwhelming evidence highlighting the plot – by now everyone accepts this corrupt activity took place within the FBI under James Comey to the secret benefit of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Of course the use of Perkins Coie lawyers as a go-between provides Clinton plausible deniability.   Every corrupt behavior in Clinton world is based on plausible deniability and parseltongue use of obfuscated language.

Additionally Joint Committee republican representative Mark Meadows told The Hill’s new morning television show, Rising, there is evidence the FBI had human sources secretly recording members of the Trump campaign:

“There’s a strong suggestion that confidential human sources actually taped members within the Trump campaign,” Meadows told Hill.TV hosts Krystal Ball and Ned Ryun. (link)

If true, and if it can be proved, this puts an even bigger shadow over the insufferably corrupt institutional behavior already identified within the DOJ and FBI under the Obama administration.

With around 34 days left before the mid-term elections, and no visible efforts being made toward willingly providing documents for oversight – or having a sense of urgency therein;  it still appears the current corruption monitors, leadership within the DOJ and FBI, are trying to run out the clock and avoid exposing the institutional corruption that remain visible near the surface.

Perhaps after Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed the pressure will mount upon the DOJ and FBI, specifically upon DAG Rod Rosenstein and Deputy Director Christopher Wray, to provide the demanded sunlight and declassification of documents.

DAG Rosenstein is expected to answer questions about his “wear a wire” comments to congress on October 11th; and Ms. Nellie Ohr is scheduled to delivery her “spy-gate” testimony on October 19th.  The proverbial clock is ticking…

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596 Responses to James Baker Testimony: DNC Lawyers Met With FBI Officials Prior to October 2016 FISA Application…

  1. roubaix says:

    DOJ indicts Russian sports hackers as penance for actually helping Trump with something

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    • MightyMustardSeed says:

      Yes, Roubaix, and every time we expect something of substance from the DOJ, they pull out Russians.

      With the unfathomable number of true crimes against our nation, and our President it is a
      criminal insult to Americans to make this announcement.

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    • Tom says:

      The firewall is holding. That should scare everyone.

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      • Mr. T. says:

        It may look as though the firewall is holding for now. After the midterms it is going to crumble, right after President Trump terminates the employment of Sessions and Rosenstein. President Trump is a patient man who knows how to play his hand at the right time.

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  2. dawg says:

    “During the time that the FBI was putting — that DOJ and FBI were putting together the FISA (surveillance warrant) during the time prior to the election — there was another source giving information directly to the FBI, which we found the source to be pretty explosive,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

    That would be Sidney Blumenthal.


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  3. John55 says:

    >” by now everyone accepts this corrupt activity took place within the FBI under James Comey to the secret benefit of the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

    I’m not sure the Senate Republicans accept it. Or care about it if they do accept it. They’re still supporting the witch-hunt against Trump. I notice that it is only House investigators who are even attempting to get to the bottom of this scandal. The Senate GOP has done absolutely nothing … except periodically repeat their mantra that they support Rosenstein, Mueller, and the “investigation”.

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    • We need some more revelations before midterms. Court of public opinion..
      Then we hopefully we get more MAGA senators and greater leverage for Trump on everyone he endorsed.
      + the more MAGA senators we have the less the nevertrumpers like Burr matter.

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      • The Boss says:

        DoJ is in it’s policy-driven “quiet period” before an election, so they won’t do anything. It will have to be another agency, or Trump himself, who pulls the finger from the dike.

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        • Job! says:

          They strung Nunes, Trump etc etc along for two years very successfully.

          The released tidbits strategy worked well. It should have all been out 6-12 months ago for justice sake. But it wasn’t.

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          • Matthew LeBlanc says:

            I always go back in my mind to the comments from the very fake news regarding the classic “Obama is tapping my wires” tweet. How far we’ve come from those early days where he was excoriated by very fake news yet here we are.

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        • If and after Kavanaugh is seated, PDJT will start de-classifying documents within two weeks MAX. In addition to seeking justice and influencing the midterms, the documents he orders released will be SWEET REVENGE against all enemies regardless of political affiliation. Perps should be worried. MAGA

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    • Job! says:

      What if the FBI used the information from these Hillary lawyers, which came from the “dossier,” as fake independent corroboration of the “dossier,” like they used the media reports of Isikoff and Korn as fake independent corroboration of the dossier?

      Yet another reason they had to be coy in application about the source funding of the “dossier” if they used dossier tidbits via the lawyer as separate corroboration.

      Also goes to show how incredibly stupid the FBI Counter Intel people are. Is this well known in the Washington community?

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    • RoddREpub says:

      Great point. I never hear anything out of the Senate about Mule Face Mueller.

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  4. Donzo says:

    “There has been some speculation James Baker is a willing/cooperating witness within this ongoing investigation. I would urge skepticism and caution toward that view.” – SD
    Is there any chance Baker would actually consider the possibility exists for him to be indicted for perjury at a minimum were he caught giving false testimony under oath? s/

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Surprise, surprise!

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  6. MightyMustardSeed says:

    “The fact that FBI officials were meeting with a lawyer representing the interests of a presidential candidate to frame investigative material against the candidate’s opposition is a serious issue. Then again, with overwhelming evidence highlighting the plot…”

    Please President Trump… We The People have been demoralized by the lack of accountability.
    Only the lowest level offenders have been held accountable.

    In this open, wanton assault upon you and the America we love, our Great Nation is worthy of so much more.

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  7. Tom says:

    The frenzy of liberal Democrat activity regarding “Russiagate” all arose just after Seth Rich was murdered. It is almost as if some people were worried about complicity in murder, and related Uraniuim One shenanigans – people like Brennan, Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein.


    • Big Easy says:

      I have always hoped (against the odds) that Seth Rich’s killer(s) would one day face justice. We may learn a lot in the process as well. But it’s just a fleeting chance I suppose. RIP Seth.


  8. Curt says:

    As Sundance points out, James Baker cannot be trusted. He’s truly a snake in the grass and doesn’t do any taking without ulterior motives. Something else very probably going on here. If this up coming election holds true to form, and history, the Democrats will take back control of the House, (It makes me want to regurgitate too) and of course this investigation will be buried. That’s the hope of these out of control intelligence agencies. Their unethical and criminal activities will then not be exposed. Let’s hope that Bret Kavanaugh gets confirmed so that we can put this behind us going forward!

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  9. SJM says:

    October 4, 2018, 4:00 AM EDT

    A Former Obama Operative Built a New Anti-Republican Attack Machine
    John Burton hopes an army of dirt diggers can deliver an October surprise for Democrats.

    By Joshua Green


    One evening in September, Tanya, a consultant at a big New York firm, was on her laptop scrutinizing public records and reading posts on VKontakte, the Russian social network, involving Representative Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican congressman from California. She was looking for dirt. On the other side of the country, Genevieve, a science teacher in San Diego, was doing the same. So was Vadim, an insurance representative in Phoenix. And they weren’t alone.

    Tanya, Genevieve, and Vadim have never met and probably never will. But they have two things in common: They’re members of the so-called Resistance, working to oust Republicans. And they’re being directed by a former J.P. Morgan banker named John Burton, who’s become a field general of sorts in the liberal opposition—and soon, he hopes, the cause of consternation and, ultimately, unemployment for dozens of Republican lawmakers in races from Maine to California.

    Before he was a banker, Burton, 38, was a practitioner of the dark art of opposition research, or “oppo”—digging up and surreptitiously deploying damaging information about politicians. As it did for so many people, Donald Trump’s election turned Burton’s life upside down. He quit his job, joined a Resistance group, and devoted himself to returning his country to the path he’d believed it was on when he worked for Barack Obama’s campaign a decade ago.

    Some Resisters march or knock on doors; others raise money or run for office. Burton felt his gifts lay elsewhere: namely, in tearing down political opponents. Over the past year, backed by mysterious donors, he’s organized what may be the most audacious grass-roots project in the age of Trump. Burton has amassed an army of 16,000 amateur sleuths who, with professional guidance, have spent months ferreting out damaging material on scores of vulnerable Republicans in Congress and state legislatures. Now he’s ready to unleash it just in time for the midterms. As he told me, “We’re going to do with real information and real Americans what the Russians tried to do with fake information and fake Americans.”

    Oppo works best when its target is unaware, so Burton’s project, dubbed Citizen Strong, has operated by stealth, waiting until just now to publicly declare its existence as a 501(c)4 “dark money” group with three affiliated political action committees. Even this step doesn’t reveal much. Dark money donors can give unlimited sums anonymously, and Burton won’t identify his benefactors or even the three operatives he’s hired to help run the group.

    But you needn’t know the source of his funding to see the potential of his army to upend close races. Rohrabacher presents a ripe target. The Orange County congressman has been so friendly to Moscow, in 2012 the FBI warned that Russian spies were trying to recruit him. Rohrabacher is also one of the least wealthy members of Congress, but he’s developed a pair of odd and remunerative sidelines: He invested in an obscure biotech company that shot up 100-fold in value; and he’s sold screenplays with names like The French Doctoress for tens of thousands of dollars, including one to a man later sent to prison for fraud. (None has been made into a movie.) In a statement, a Rohrabacher campaign spokesman says, “It’s October and Democratic super PACs are flush with cash. Every dirt digger on the left has a fistful of contracts and a bag of tricks and treats they are shopping to reporters. Most of it is old news, and the questions have been asked and answered long ago.”…CONTINUED( This is not a direct link; search the site):


    • The Boss says:

      Any wonder now why the DoJ held their press conference today? A message was delivered. Russia is the pretext.

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    • Well, I’m of the opinion that nothing they come up with will sway one voter to vote Dem or stay home.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “He quit his job, joined a Resistance group”

      OMG these effing losers have nothing better to do in life than play Political Subversive Dress Up Games. Seriously. HOW OLD ARE YOU, JOHN BURTON?!?! You and your merry band of Lost Boys and Girls need to put down the toy guns and suction cup bow and arrows and join the adults in the real world. Pew pew!! I got you! I got you! You’re dead!! NO I’M NOT!! YES YOU ARE!! Pew pew.. pew pew…


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    • Zorro says:

      These Demosocialists/Communists don’t have one new idea or program except huge entitlements that will suffocate the nation’s economy. They don’t care about the country because if they were they would want to ferret out all corruption, R and D. They want totalitarian control.

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  10. Orson says:

    Michael Sussman. Remember the name. You’ll hear it a lot shortly.

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  11. not2worryluv says:


    Keeping track of all the Players and their “credentials”.

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  12. scott467 says:

    “Perhaps after Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed the pressure will mount upon the DOJ and FBI, specifically upon DAG Rod Rosenstein and Deputy Director Christopher Wray, to provide the demanded sunlight and declassification of documents.”


    I never, EVER understand this. I don’t think it’s even MEANT to be understood.

    You can put all the ‘pressure’ in the world on someone, and it’s not going to make them ‘confess’ or turn themselves in, or turn over evidence against themselves.

    For the very good reason that doing so would result in an even WORSE outcome than enduring the pressure.

    So it’s never going to happen. As far as I know, it has never even happened before.

    Because it doesn’t work that way.

    The way it works, is by FORCE.

    It has ALWAYS worked that way, since Adam.

    Government is the lawful exercise of FORCE.

    If they want the documents… if they REALLY want the documents declassified and released… they know EXACTLY how to make that happen.

    There is NOBODY who knows more about the use of FORCE to gain compliance than our government. Their entire world revolves around the use of FORCE and the threat of FORCE.

    And when they are ready, according to THEIR timetable, they will not hesitate to use FORCE to achieve their objective. Because that’s how the entire system works.

    Nobody does anything against their own interests without being FORCED to do so.

    That means subpoenas issued by a body with the lawful Authority to do so, served my Marshals who ARREST those who do not comply, and if necessary, the Marshals can and will be backed up by the United States military.

    And there is no bigger FORCE than that.

    The entire Deep State, on their best day, in their wildest fantasy, are NOTHING compared to the FORCE that can be exerted by the United States military.

    It’s all about force and the use of force.

    It always has been.

    Everything else is kabuki theater, a side show, a circus.

    When DJT is ready, the necessary amount of FORCE will be applied, and the desired result will then be achieved.

    And not sooner.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Government is the lawful exercise of FORCE.”

      Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. 2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

      3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: 4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

      5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.


      • Alligator Gar says:

        But, if the rulers are evil, like Diocletian and Nero, and recompense good with evil, DESTROY THEM. They are of their father the devil. Romans 13 has been so misinterpreted. It is dealing with the church and the rule of God and Heaven. It is not meant to make milquetoasts of Christian men, making us doormats for tyrants. Else our American founders were godless rebels in the sight of Our Lord.


    • pyromancer76 says:

      Yes, the use of force creates the ultimate resolution,with a cavet — in a Constitutional Republic, citizens agree that this (limited) use of force is necessary. In other governments, force may be everything.

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      • scott467 says:

        I understand and agree, but as a practical matter, nearly EVERYTHING involving government / police is done by forced compliance.

        For example, you’re driving your car down the road and you hear a siren behind you and see flashing lights. You look down at your speedometer and you’re going a little fast.

        Are you going to pull over?

        You don’t have to.

        You do have a sort of ‘limited’ choice.

        But if you don’t, that cop in the rearview mirror is going to force to you to, eventually. He will probably call for backup first, and after 9 or ten cop cars are following you in your very own rendition of an OJ Simpson slow-speed chase, they’ll throw out one of those tire-puncture devices in front of your car and, eventually, you WILL stop.

        And then you will get to meet the friendly cops who were following you for the last half hour.

        Big smile for the policy ocifers! Boy are they gonna be glad to meet you, give you the red carpet treatment, lol!

        And that’s just a simple traffic infraction.

        Imagine if you’re holding documents that prove a conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States of America…

        The president can obtain those documents whenever he pleases, by any number means, all of which involve the lawful use of force, if his subordinates refuse to hand them over.

        Government gives a polished and civil facade to our “Jungle”, but the Lion is still king of that Jungle, because ‘power’, and power only exists because it is backed up by ‘force’.

        And if you follow that line of ‘power’ to its logical conclusion, from the street cop upward, eventually you end up at the president’s desk, one way or the other… if you manage to get that far 🙂


  13. Elle says:

    I suspect that what we are seeing now with Mueller’s and many others is that they understand that Kavanaugh will be confirmed and there will be no blue wave. All eggs had been placed in that basket – from international trade deals, to impeachment and to what would happen when they had the majority. They were sure they could sink Kavanaugh and ride #metoo to victory, it was THE plan. But now they are faced with the realization that it ain’t hapening. So what I think we are seeing now is many covering their tracks, cutting their losses and cutting deals while there is still a chance to do so.

    They don’t own the levers of justice anymore. It’s over.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Sorry to be pessimistic, but it ain’t over until it’s over. Not even after a vote to confirm Saturday (which seems increasingly likely to be that way). They’ll just up the ante to regain power. Physical assaults, attempted assassinations (how many does it take for the SC to have a quorum – five) I fear may be next.

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      • Elle says:

        I agree with you, especially about the violence. So, yes, it’s not “over”, but it’s like a football game where there are two minutes left and there is not enough time on the clock to make it happen. Not a good time to go all in or risk getting your best players hurt. There will be no blue wave.

        They have lost the ability to call their buddies in positions of power and so now, once again, there are possible consequences. If this goes well, we could get a decade or two of law and order restored. I pray to God that it will.

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  14. So after About Feb. 1st 2019 , there should be about 34,000 openings in the NEW FBI.

    The criminals should be put in a circular firing squad. ALL OF THEM. and only ONE allowed to walk away. Then KAVANAIGHS wife should accidentally run him over , by ACCIDENT .

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  15. Targysan says:

    Hang all of them.


  16. mr.piddles says:

    Note to Bernie supporters: it ain’t about Trump. Time to choose sides.

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  17. mugzey302 says:

    We KNOW Omarosa was recording POTUS. Was she working for the FBI during the campaign?


  18. Yeah the best thing Republicans could do is find out if Bernie was spied on .


    • cdnintx says:

      Bernie basically let Hillary steal the Democrat Party Nomination from him and didn’t say a word about it.

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      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        Yep and that is what led me to MAGA. I watched CNN all of 2016 and when the Brazille emails came out and Bernie didn’t do an F’n thing about it, I knew it was rigged. I started paying attention to PDJT when he gave his inauguration speech i knew it was the right way.

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  19. Bill Henslee says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember that an “October Surprise” is one of the deadliest political tactics of all. I believe Trump and his political advisors will release the info timed to do the most damage to the Dems. It will be part of a cleansing effort of the FBI and DOJ, perhaps with indictments from the Utah prosecutor and reports from the Inspector General Horowitz.


    • railer says:

      Don’t think so. Trump has cowed the Mueller team at this point. I think Trump would prefer the constant drip-drip-drip rather than the big reveal, which the electorate can’t really process efficiently. The DoJ won’t break the 60 day rule, most likely, and a Trump big reveal would be diffused into the ether by the media.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Derailing Kavanaugh’s nomination may’ve been Democrats’ October Surprise attempt… but it’s sorta hard to tell now.


  20. gsonFIT says:

    Here is a press release from Perkins Coie last May of Partner Bob Bauer abandoning a soon to be sinking ship. This guy is Obama’s personal attorney and Obama for America paid legal fees to the firm of over $900MM in 2016-17.



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  21. Mueller, the DOJ and the FBI have – imho – zero respect for the 60 day rule and if they could screw PDJT, they would in a heartbeat.

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  22. davidsstones says:

    ….”Perhaps after Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed the pressure will mount upon the DOJ and FBI, specifically upon DAG Rod Rosenstein and Deputy Director Christopher Wray, to provide the demanded sunlight and declassification of documents.”….
    YES. There’s yet 31 days; a couple of days in Trump time. Get the Kavanaugh vote done. It will set or reset the next course in election-speak. Serious time next 24 -48 hours. No votes will become all about Nov. 6th. The veil is lifted Saturday; the masks come off; the delays end; there’s no hiding after the Kavanaugh vote. Up or down, conservative people will get their marching orders when the vote is over.


  23. Iamcat says:

    The country will not have closure until these people see prison.

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    • ann says:

      Cat, our political polity and international security are in jeopardy by Resist.m. To restore sanity w must have a. transparency b. proactive, prompt effectve enforcement of rule of law 3. authentic counterintelligence.

      Our DoJ is occupying the structural and functional organs of our most primary class mpinent of governance.

      In my opinion, the weak effete choices at JD deprive our public sphere of SANITY.

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  24. Cooper45 says:

    The Press Conference this morning has been called a “sham” etc and maybe it was but it didn’t seem like it was to me. It seems like a standard, legitimate, international cyber counter intelligence co-operation regarding “International Hacking, Sports Doping etc” and was not focused on election interference. I don’t think the Canadian RCMP officer was just a prop as he said there investigation is continuing but maybe I was duped.

    One glaring omission in these public DOJ/FBI press conferences is the infrequent or zero mention about Chinese cyber attacks that are likely more intensive. It’s always the evil Russians.

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    • ann says:

      I’m totally disgusted by their face saving and drum beating. So ashamed of the gutless men who strut about posturing as patriots.
      Baugh humbug.

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      • ann says:

        I demand these men cut the crap. We women want real protection from peculatijg political machines, surveillance, the constant revolution pushed by funded professional political activists,. We deserve to be guarded by trustworthy unwavering tair and honest law enforc meant from the malice of mobs,;and the economic invasion of migrants

        What will it require to wrest control of our country from those wmps? Grandma here, marching to my local bureau with an American flag? A prudent sort, my
        my sons outgrown hard hat is stashed, and a flag on a light flexible pole.

        Okay. Come around Thanksgiving, when the weather is cool, I may just do that. Attach balloons to my walker that say. “ Transparency Matters”.
        Even in my Resist city, how can that be offensive ?
        No provocative discourse, only silent Pro Transparency. No pretext for the mob to attack, or grounds to jail or fine me.
        I like it. At least it’s something, since our votes are nullified by safe seat demogues.


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