Devin Nunes Discusses Rosenstein Motive To Manipulate Declassification of Documents…

HPSCI Devin Nunes discusses the motives of current officials within the DOJ and FBI to continue all efforts to hide the institutional corruption.  Specifically the motive of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to push any investigative outcome past the mid-term election; where they hope those institutions are protected from executive sunlight.

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86 Responses to Devin Nunes Discusses Rosenstein Motive To Manipulate Declassification of Documents…

  1. Grassleygirl/Breitbartista/DannyBoy says:

    Who better to run a police state in America than the Big Police.?

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “a police state”

      There have been a number of GREAT articles on the “police state” over at, especially by John Whitehead.

      I did a search there for a link and a snippet to share here and so many popped up that I could not decide which one to use. So here is the search link:

      Readers of this site should be able to quickly find something, if one of the columnists they like has written about the subject.

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  2. FofBW says:

    So what they gonna do when that can hits the PT wall.

    Rosy is betting (Hoping) on a blue wave this election. They are all going to be very disappointed IMO.

    Fraud is going to be much more difficult. There will be eyes and ears everywhere.

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    • Lester Smith says:

      There’s alot of chadder about voter fraud. Towns will be guarding cemeteries this year to make sure their is no voter suppression trying to stop the living dead from voting also voting stations works have been instructed to ask are you a citizen. The correct answers are yes, no, maybe and no abla English for ID a blank peace of paper is an acceptable.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      Plus, once Kavanaugh is seated on the Supreme Court, cases where people have been destroyed as a means for the political fraudsters to gain their power (thinking of people like Gen. Flynn, the teapariers the IRS went after, ect.) this newly seated Judge will have first hand experience in order to relate to those seeking justice. It’s going to be a beautiful thing to see.

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  3. Howie says:

    There are two kine people. One kine wants to see the evidence in the Sunshine. The other kine wants to hide the facts in the cloak of night and darkness. Me, I am screaming for Sunshine.

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  4. JMC says:

    As the Obama EO states, among other things: Classification is not to be used 1) To conceal a crime 2) Merely to prevent embarrassment to public officials. I read that as stating that it amounts to obstruction of justice when anywhere tries to forestall declassification.

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  5. Wayne says:

    video already removed,,,

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  6. theresanne says:

    When it first came out, it was assumed the President was delaying the fight over the release of the documents until after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. Could this be the real motive for the delay of the confirmation vote, to keep the documents from being released?

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  7. GB Bari says:

    Kicking the can down the road.
    Could very well be, but we’re running out of road (midterms).

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  8. emet says:

    Corrupt officials flourish, whistleblowers wither, taxpayers pay for a system that feeds off of them, and returns nothing.

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  9. GB Bari says:

    I honestly believe that PDJT was focused on the UNGA, and also expecting Judge Kavanaugh to be approved by the Senate. Whatever he was told about the declassification issue was likely more than he cared to deal with at that time.

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    • ann says:

      Agree GB.✅
      Key takeaway in your post: “deal with at that (this) time.”

      Huge accomplishments, 2 years in, NAFTA; Korean Peninsula; restabilising our Middle East alliances, three complex messes this administration inherited. . .

      public and republican consensus for transparency is building.
      People are engaged. 👍

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  10. Chickficshun says:

    I wish PDT would wise up about Rosenstein.

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  11. DanO64 says:

    Proffffessor Ford stated she accessed her “therapist” records at an office not through an online portal. The location of her records just happens to be the same location she allegedly lives at. Funny huh?

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  12. James Hilton says:

    ‘..institutional corruption’ That’s shorthand for ‘meh’. People have been saying that government is corrupt forever so, meh. The idea of government corruption in the minds of everyday folk is, meh. Really, tell us something that we didn’t know. But this is not corruption. This is rampant ideological far-left activism. We have been seeing exactly that in these Kavanaugh hearings. Now tell everyday folk that their government is largely under the control of Marxists/Maoists, and they will just slightly respond. Robespierre has returned and is having a field day because no one has the intelligence and the guts to say what is really happening.

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    • T. S. says:

      Remember that Robespierre was beheaded after the Reign of Terror began turning on itself. Take comfort in that thought.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Yes. I think the reason the dem leadership is marching in lockstep with the looneytunes is that are TERRIFIED of them.
        And, if the Marxists were to get their way, the current leaders would be quickly purged. It’s the pattern, over and over.

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    • So say the actual truth. The “government” is in the control of the globalist banksters and their corporate cohorts. This IS the “new” world order that ghw bush told us was “here to stay and would be successful”, and all that it turns out to be is the global connectivity of totalitarian feudalists who appoint themselves as “the elites” by having stolen and extorted the world’s resources either by duping the American people and killing nations of people beginning with their alleged leadership.

      These people are evil, they traffic in drugs, humans-including children they molest, and manipulate economies worldwide. It’s 7, maybe closer to 8 billion times worse than we admit and it is what our President Donald J. Trump has taken to task. Meanwhile, some of us even here b!tch and moan about every little personal aspect important to them that hasn’t been accomplished in less than two years while the rest of mankind goes on about their lives “blissfully” unaware. Ignorance is only bliss to those who would, and do, use it against them.

      The ideological (no logic involved) of the far left activists is coordinated and calculated by minions of the more than evil and heinous cabal of said globalist bankster/corporate scum that seek dominance over mankind. One of their favorite stooges claimed ownership of all the land, water, material resources, control over every religion, and the people of the entire planet for them just a couple of years ago. He did so while claiming he has “magisterial authority”, at the same time he was turning a blind eye to the rampant pedophilia in the priesthood. Yep, I called this pope a globalist stooge. Because he is.

      All connected, but we don’t like to admit it. All creating the chaos and demanding that WE finance our own destruction. All evil vs good, for how often has it ever really been good vs evil? Good does not bring this #WAR to us, evil does. And we barely fight, if we fight at all. Then, someone will “justify” that with something as poorly stated as “you can’t fight city hall”.

      Frankly, the human condition has always been that millions to now billions stand on the sidelines and watch the show of evil power thieving scum “run” (ruin) the world for the rest of us. “They” created the endless wars. “They” starved” millions, killed billions, raped the labor for their resources and “they” are still allowed to remain in power-through fear and force. And “they” have created millions/billions of zombies to keep us busy fighting what are literally phony ideologies of failure so that they can carry on unmolested and unabated.

      “They” have made sure that “city hall” is filled with their sick and twisted minions…the infection is deep and living right next door. Many of the very people we trust, are their people, and deep down we either know it… or highly suspect it. “They” even made sure that we murder our progeny in the womb. I cannot think of anything more evil or sick than making the decision to murder the only innocent among us, the decision to murder your own flesh and blood because it’s now “legal” to do so.

      So no, it is not just “marxist/maoist”, “socialist/communist” blah blah blah. It’s evil. Pure, plain, and simple evil. The world is under the control of EVIL… Period.

      We are mired up in the “entertainment” of it all, waiting with bated breath to “see what happens” in the crisis de jour. The bread and circuses still abound. The “muh Russia to Stormy to Kavanaugh” distractions brought about by evil activism… We better assist President Trump, now, and start “fighting city hall” bigly. The future depends on it.

      In the meantime, YOU elected Donald J. Trump, trust him and let him know it with your words AND your actions on his and our behalf. Be the We The People that he announced he would help return government to, and rightly so as those who are worthy of such responsibility.

      Too long? Fine, don’t read. Just grab your popcorn and see what “they” will give us this time despite knowing what they have in store. More of the same.

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    • Nancy Steger says:

      Weaponizing “McCarthyism” has made the word “communism” almost as taboo as the “n” word.


  13. Suzanne says:

    voter fraud will be epic this time around and I fully expect Nunes to be a prime target of said voter fraud in that he has stalwartly remained the driving force in this mess and I believe his efforts are the only reason we know anything at all

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  14. MontanaMel says:

    Another Sunday….Another Week….but, this one, it’s snowing outside at 31 f….
    Guess it means we have wasted another warm season waiting for some action….

    Wonder if there’s pressurized air down in the situation room level??? at the WH…
    Enough to run a nail-gun??? Bet the marine guard on the elevator would turn it on if asked…
    Just get Rose’y and a tape recorder down there and nail him to the big conference table…
    Ask him for names and dates…or, other parts get nailed…Bruce Willis rocks! and, gets answers!

    Sure is boring to be snowing on a Sunday already… Remember: Solar minimum is here, NOW. AND, an EMP event, or even a natural event like one, is just around the corner!
    Check-6 and order more popcorn!

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  15. JX says:

    Declassify it all. What DOJ/FBI sources and methods used to interfere in our elections should be kept from us?



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  16. Jpcarson says:

    1) Get Judge K confirmed next week. 2) Have a little get together with Rosey that was cancelled last week. 3) Declassify the documents after RR meeting.

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  17. ann says:

    The Justice Deparment ruined national security through their own actions.

    This cadre sowed the seeds of their own delegitimisation. The ongoing withholding of transparency does not fool the public.
    To defend our country requires proactive, prompt enforcement of rule of law.
    Kow towing to principals involved in Clinton’s intell breaches, Uranium One and other “matters” places the highest law enforcement and intell officers in the “ basket of dishonourably discharged courtiers”.
    Americans, both military and civilians, deserve to be freed from the oppressive authority of this self serving caste.
    Our nation’s safety and stability is undermined by high officials who permit colleagues ethical violations and felonies to be unpunished .
    Making America great again is a work in progress. 🦅🇺🇸👨🏼‍⚖️

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  18. MightyMustardSeed says:

    Oh no, they don’t get to kick the filthy can-OF WORMS- another day!

    I’m raising my voice to every entity I can. And I will do it again every single day. They have counted on my silence.

    We, The People, certainly can hire and fire. I’m supporting The Man who says, ‘You’re fired’.

    President Trump, do you hear my voice? I am with you Sir. And I will go and bring my friends.

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  19. Rose says:

    Trump cancelled the recent meeting with Rosy the slime bucket, Trump won’t meet him until the Judge get’s the nomination passed. Why won’t he meet him, my guess is he’s refusing to play with the deep states rats, it’s not below them to offer the judgeship if Trump drops the investigations into the corrupt DOJ and FBI?

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  20. Firefly says:

    The Rosenstein meeting is seems to be a serious one. Maybe it’s Gowdy theatre- but Rosenstein is put on notice he can’t just blame McCabe’s lack of integrity.

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    • DanO64 says:

      So go ahead and force a theory that RR was wearing a wire and as soon as Andy said “yes” to his question, Andy exposed the insurance policy as his voice was being recorded down the hall. It’s called evidence. Congress is a cesspool of traitors.

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  21. The Boss says:

    Remember. If Horowitz doesn’t move fast enough for President Trump’s taste, he will step in. I suspect the IG is on a short leash with this matter, with a project timeline, milestones and drop dead dates. And look at today’s tweet (below). Something is going to go down, at a time of Pres. Trump’s choosing.

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    • JX says:

      Give them till the count of ten.

      1, 2, 10, Time’s Up! DECLASSIFY.

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    • DanO64 says:

      If the FBI concludes the entire Ford story is a sham constructed by the democrat caucus and it includes the lawyers representing Profffessor Ford, that might surprise a few people. Out DiFi and all of the congress critters involve. Out the conspiracy. Our VSG just said all of the bad ones are gone at the FBI during the recent rallies.

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  22. Horowitz will either expose the corruption OR he will get caught up in the corruption, it IS HIS OWN CHOICE AT THIS POINT…

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    • Ray Van Dune says:

      The President does not owe Rosey a chance to double-cross him again. He has the authority and should use it. I just hope the President has found time to READ the documents by now, so none of the rats can BS him.

      I wonder if there is perhaps a part of the “insurance policy” that involves how to stop any SC appointments Trump might get a chance to make? Hmmm?

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  23. chickenhawk says:

    imagine all of the corrupt dems that could be exposed just before the next election

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  24. California Joe says:

    In what alternative universe do the two top officials appointed by President Trump to the Department of Justice work feverishly to protect the corrupt lawyers and agents who sought to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit and remove him from office?

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  25. DanO64 says:


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  26. Boots says:

    This pisses me off to no end: that PDJT first ordered declassification, then made a deal with the DOJ/FBI – the very institutions trying to kick him to the curb.

    On top of THAT, PDJT then goes along with Grassley/Graham request to a “limited, one week FBI investigation”. This is the SECOND time our Trump has caved.

    NOW, before you all go off on me, I know POTUS is under such a great strain that most men and women would’ve broke long ago. And that’s the end goal of the communists, to keep attacking Trump until they wear him down and he starts making mistakes.

    Not demanding the declass goes forward *fast*, and caving to the FBI investigation are two such mistakes. When you consider what’s at stake in the mid-terms, these two mistakes are YUGE.

    Trump should reneg on his deal with Rat Rosenstein and demand declass before Oct 15. As to FBI investigation into Kavanaugh…that’s a lost cause. Sundance and others far smarter than I have already outlined the step by step process Dems will drag the investigation out by.

    I’m disgusted, angry, pissed off, dejected, and sad that America has come to this. The entire problem can be summed up in two words: The Democrats. These rabid, filth filled, demon influenced and perhaps possessed, animals need to be removed from every vestige and fiber of America. Not until they’re removed or reduced to obscurity and avoided like lepers, full blown AIDS patients, and tuberculosis patients by main stream society, will America be healed and put on the path to greatness.

    MAGA by making the Dems obsolete and extinct.

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  27. renzi2018 says:

    Reminded that Sundance said “trust the process and Trump” on the IG, but concerned about the worry Nunes expresses…he is closest to this of all.
    Reminded what Sharyl Atkisson has said, too…

    Once Judge Kav is in, then it will be time to wrap this up: proof of Dem/DNC weaponization of CIA and FBI/DOJ against American citizens, and political opponents.
    The message is, x2: you cant trust Dems in power…
    Go after HRC emails and its x3, hat trick.

    Quite a meme for PDT to add to Fake News: Plus Dems “The Enemy of the People…”

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  28. zorrorides says:

    We can’t wait for Kavanaugh to be on the bench, because he won’t ever be on the bench unless PT does something to bring them fear.

    Multitask. Announce the declassified documents are online for all to read. Arrest a Democrat.

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  29. Bth says:

    It’s slow and agonizing to watch the mean and irrational behavior of the Democrats. It’s painful. But it is all moving in the right direction. We can’t simply lose patience and throw in the towel.

    Kavanagh is going to get confirmed, and the Spygate information is going to be declassified …. before the midterms. We ARE going to hold the House, and we ARE going to pick up three to five seats in the Senate.

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  30. Disgusted says:

    Were they Pro President Trump or passively critical? I love both, but they have both been involved in politics for too many lame, unproductivep years. Driving a guy like a President Trump crazy whilevwatching from the sidelines. Now hangs vvvthey are watching Him (Mr. Do It Now) and too impatient to let things happen his way. It never seems like he isn’t in control with a deeper plan or goal.


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