Sketchy Business – The Payoff?

During a break in the testimony of Christine Blasey-Ford, democrat Rep Sheila Jackson Lee attempts to discretely pass along an envelope to notoriously corrupt DC attorney Michael Bromwich.

“The Payoff”?

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356 Responses to Sketchy Business – The Payoff?

  1. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    Bought and paid for by the DNC. Prove it’s not.

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  2. Angel Martin says:

    My only thought is that if they let Sheila Jackson Lee handle it – it’s not important.

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  3. Cloud Rider says:

    The Bar Mitzvah Boy pockets another envelope.

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    • yonason says:

      Most Orthodox Jews are Conservatives, and we are no more responsible for our idiots who go rogue than Republicans are for the Democrat circus we all hope can be restrained.

      Take your anti-Semitic nonsense and stick it you-know-where!

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  4. kltk1 says:

    Might wanna have a look at her GoFundMe accounts, there’s quite a bit of money there.

    It’s interesting how everytime someone on the left has an issue, a GoFundMe account winds up with large sums of money in it.

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    • If I was a Piece of slime with a beard and I wanted a payoff, I would be looking for just a phone number, a series of numbers to a offshore bank account. Easy Peasy

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    • Farmkid says:

      It’s called money laundering, thank you Papa Soros,

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    • Niky says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Likely just ways to circumvent laws, launder money and for the DNC, Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Soros etc to donate. These need to be investigated if nothing else to make sure these socialists pay taxes on their ill-gotten gains. They are always so eager for new taxes. After all shoudn’t everyone pay “their fair share”, as they love to say? Would not want to leave them out.

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    • foggyhorn says:

      Speaking of sketchy Go Fundme accounts, I noticed that both McCabe’s and Strozk’s accounts were getting donations (multiple per minute) right through the night. I actually woke up in the night and checked it (also during the day and the next morning). It was obviously being fed by some online donation bot. It looked timed to reach the $400k or $500k donation target in under 24 hours. Both exceeded the goal in 24 hours.

      In contrast, Kavanaugh’s go fund me ($100k) was pretty slow, picked up during and after the hearing and is still short of the goal after 4 days. It is at $64k now.

      I think there is money laundering going on. I wonder if that can be looked into by the IRS?

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  5. They could have at least waited until the returned to the tarmac.

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  6. Colin the little brown emoji says:

    She’s the crack dealer on the Hill – as you can see, she carries a lot of crack.

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  7. covfefe999 says:

    I slowed it down to quarter speed. At 0:11 you can see that it’s more than one thing. Looks like a white envelope and possibly one or more blue envelopes or papers. And the dark haired chick with the nametag standing behind the tall black guy seems to know about it. She’s carefully watching SJL until the very moment of the handoff when she looks away. And then she looks again and says something to SJL.

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    • brian says:

      Keep watching…Lee passes another envelope to her right hand (behind chair) then drops it on the ground. Tall guy behind is in on it..He then indicates to other Lawyer that it is there..

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      • R Reber says:

        The black haired woman in back really looks interested. Can anyone read lips? The big, burly, shifty eyed guy in the gray jacket looks like he’s on a mission to saunter up behind Ford to pick something up. Did the black haired gal tap him on the shoulder? Also, note the sneaky looks on faces.

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    • WSB says:

      There was another clip on these threads that showed an interaction with that non-celebrity Alyssa Milano. She may have received a second envelope.


  8. nanny210 says:

    I’m just getting here and apologize if someone in the older comments has said this already. That bearded low life piece of scum lawyer set over the shoulder of the Judge all during his testimony!!
    It was very hard for me to watch two things at the same time, but I did pay as close attention to him as I possibly could. WHY did he sit in on the Judges speaking when he could have watched on C-SPAN with the rest of us? Shrill Jackasson Less could have passed him his monies somewhere a tad more private, one would think. But we’re talking about brain dead demonicRats.

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    • Jim Ryan says:

      I’m guessing the envelopes contained account numbers of the off-shore variety. Off course, we are talking about brain dead commies, so anything is theoretically possible. My lovely bride watched bearded Judas (her term) most of the day as well. She thought the people next to him would need a long hot shower after the hearing.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Democrats and Dr. Ford today:

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  10. Shameful and Disgraceful Goodby liars,


  11. One would hope they would be smart enough to do a wire payment so they aren’t on camera but they do work in Washington haha 😂


  12. Kay123 says:

    I thought the same thing when I saw him tuck a llarge
    yellow envelope in his vest.
    But.. why would she do that in front of cameras
    when any place else would have been more discreet?

    Thought maybe the lawyer wanted all copies of the hearing.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      She is SO STUPID she was stupidly and obliviously unaware that all cameras would be trained on the deadly trio at the “witness” table. He is as dumb as her. Also oblivious.


  13. Garry says:

    You will also notice that Ford places something down toward the floor and the big guy moves into place and reaches down to pick it up near the end of the clip, All the people in the area are attempting to obstruct the view of these exchanges. The brunet in the back appears to be trying to verifying the transfer and says the word “package”.

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  14. PH@tA$$123 says:

    Probably her Rudimentary English assignment from last week. I could barely hear dingbat Ford’s sobbing testimony over the hysterical CONSERVATIVE protestors….no, wait a minute.

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  15. LBB says:

    #whatsintheenvelope was trending earlier in day when this happened. Looks like Jackson was asked about it. Supposedly they were notes from supporters.

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  16. Doppler says:

    Things that don’t add up from Blasey Ford appearance:

    1 She admitted fabricating fear of flying (a psychological ailment) in effort to manipulate the committee to come to her, with a telltale smile at being caught. She’s a PhD in psychology, and she thought her being caught was funny.
    2 In her story, she left her good friend alone with four drunken would-be rapists, but never even asked her if she’d survived, and who doesn’t even remember the incident at all.
    3 She acted dumb about a) who was paying her expenses, & b) who “leaked” her story, when the answers to these questions are obvious, and she and her counsel appeared to receive payoff envelopes from Congresswoman Lee with a bodyguard on the site. Her feigned ignorance on these points shows how good a dissembler she is.
    4 The name Brett Kavanaugh didn’t enter her narrative until 2012, after his name appeared on Mitt Romney’s shortlist of proposed nominees.
    5 Her community is the same community that brought us google’s TGIF group hug.

    I think it was genius to treat her with kid gloves during the hearing, but her “facts” need to be vetted as if the future of the country depends on it.

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    • foggyhorn says:

      Interesting observations.

      I agree about playing dumb on the financial questions. I noticed a couple other things:

      1. She was not wearing make up and her hair was noticeably disheveled after the lunch break and it looked markedly greasier too.
      2. The little girl voice was emphasized even more when the prosecutor was boxing her in or leading to inconsistent testimony.
      3. I am almost positive Ford made an offhand comment to the affect that she had attended other parties with Kavanaugh and/or they were noted for being wild. Maybe I got that wrong and someone can correct me.


      • At the beginning he told Grassley that she only needed caffeine instead of a break. She gets a coffee with sugar packets and then goes to chug a liter of Coke. She didn’t need caffeine, she needed the sugar which is what alcoholics need when they can’t drink.


  17. James Street says:

    Normal person: “Surely Democrats wouldn’t be that stupid”
    Democrats: “Don’t call us ‘Shirley'”

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  18. yonason says:

    ““The Payoff”?”

    LOL – So, I’m not the only one to have had that thought.

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  19. Will says:

    She was paying him to find out why the Mars Rover did not drive over and get a picture of the flag that the astronaut’s left behind.

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  20. Emuuuu says:

    I’m guessing … yoga class schedule … grandkid pics … the usual tarmac-esque stuff

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  21. magacombover says:

    Shady Jackson Lee had two envelopes. Who was the other one for? Debra Katz? Pro Bono my eye.


  22. shipley130 says:

    What kind of shennanigans are the demorats going to try to pull while the FBI is “investigating” before Senator Flake-o will vote yes in the full vote?


  23. Gracy says:

    Senator Sheila Jackson Lee handed an envelope to Fords attorney, she had a 2nd envelope too.
    Watch the black gentleman behind her, he moves to Professor Ford and then they both bend over to pick up something together. Did he get the 2nd envelope? Did he hand it to the professor under the desk? Who is he?
    Where did the 2nd envelope go and what was in both envelope?
    Look at Jackson Lees face as these two pass each other too.
    Very suspicious
    This clip shows more, after the attorney hand off


  24. elloyd_tunt says:

    Yeah but the bearded lawyer said on-air that he and associates were working pro-bono on Dr. Ford’s representation in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Perhaps that envelope only contained some recipes that the gerrymandered, race-baiting, Jurassic representative from Texas was exchanging with the shyster’s wife. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee(D-TX), voted more than once as the least productive member of Congress, and in that cadre of self-serving hacks that is quite an accomplishment! FAIL!


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