Panel Discusses Rosenstein -vs- McCabe: Risk and Self-Interest Within Declassification Directive….

An interesting panel discussion on Laura Ingraham’s television show.  In this segment Lee Smith (Real Clear Politics Investigations) brilliantly outlines the disparate self-interest of both Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe.  I believe Smith has this spot-on.

The New York Times and Washington Post are both primary outlets for narratives scripted by the political intelligence community.   Against the backdrop of declassification, Team McCabe was advancing an anti-Rosenstein narrative with the NYT.  Team Rosenstein was advancing a defense of Rosenstein within the Washington Post; both narratives surrounded the risks within the declassification directive.

Watch the Lee Smith part which starts at 04:30:


The declassification is a risk to both McCabe and Rosenstein. Both began constructing a pro-active defense. However, McCabe didn’t know Rosenstein was going to carve out a deal with President Trump (leveraging Horowitz) to protect everyone in the DOJ/FBI by reversing the declassification directive.

Andrew McCabe views his risk as the largest risk, and essentially is saying, through the network which includes media, that if he goes down he’s taking everyone down.

Don’t look at this through the prism/interests of Trump supporters – look at this through the prism/interests of President Trump.

Robert Mueller has been held over President Trump’s head like a sword of Damocles for more than a year. DAG Rod Rosenstein just handed President Trump leverage over Mueller (which POTUS can use to protect his office – Trump now controls the horsehair), in exchange for not exposing the institutional corruption within the FBI and DOJ.

Leverage over Mueller is worth withdrawing the declassification directive in exchange for allowing the FBI and DOJ to manage how the institutional corruption surfaces.

President Trump agrees to allow the DOJ to use the IG report to expose the institutional corruption thereby agreeing to permit them to control the damage. However, the institution corruption must be exposed. If the DOJ and FBI renege on the deal; if the IG report does not expose the institutional corruption; then all agreements are null and void.

…Oh, and President Trump wants this done prior to the election.

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580 Responses to Panel Discusses Rosenstein -vs- McCabe: Risk and Self-Interest Within Declassification Directive….

  1. Margaret Berger says:

    Doesn’t have to be either or, Jason. It can be more complicated. The swamp is wide and deep. Deeper than we knew. Imagine being eyeball deep in it trying to sort out if there were any decent humans in it or perhaps a few that could be turned.

    Dog packs are interesting. When a new alpha arrives they all might help the old alpha, at first. When the old alpha begins to show weakness the rest of the pack will turn on him


    • JasonD says:

      But Margeret, you have to concede that POTUS appointing another FBI director is a big deal. He just fired Comey for seditious acts, and he would want to get the next one right.

      The fact that he appointed Wray AFTER RR appointed Mueller means that POTUS trusted RR at that time – there is no other way to interpret that. He is not going to appoint another enemy into a top law enforcement position, when he just got rid of one. Unless I am being obtusely blind……………………………….?


  2. CaptMorgan says:

    If the unredacted fisa warrants prove that there was no basis for the Mueller investigation then no one, including Mueller should be upset about the cancellation of the Mueller probe.

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    • Beau Geste says:

      Agreed. Why would PJT pull the rug out from his “drain the swamp” voters, and those helping uncover this corruption like reps. nunes and jordan? The records aren’t even classifiable, just wrongfully withheld from congress.
      News headlines:
      “Congressional sources ‘blind-sided’ by Trump decision to back off FISA declassification” and “Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said in a Thursday interview that the information contained in the Russia documents withheld by the Department of Justice (DOJ) pose no risk to national security, and would be embarrassing to former CIA Director John Brennan, the DOJ and the FBI”.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Releasing all the dirty swamp records captures their queen and is checkmate in one move. No 64-D chess needed. The “leverage” meme is completely unpersuasive.

        Britain and australia and/ or canada, zealand were spying on us and our politicians to affect our election. The public needs to know the details, and these countries need to publicly prosecute the perps. Our 4th Amendment also prevents spying on us citizens, but the FBI can ask britain and zealand to spy on us citizens for them and report? Or let “contractors” do so? Ridiculous, and should be dealt with harshly. The records need to come out, unredacted. There is plenty of “leverage” with britain, which will need a trade agreement.

        Trusting obama’s IG to find “bias” and release “bias” records unredacted is also absurd. We know Horowitz is blind to obvious bias, from attaching his name to the “officially no-bias” report. We know obama got rid of the too-honest IGs who looked into corruption of his appointees. To drain the swamp, the obama holdover IGs need to be replaced.

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  3. 6x47 says:

    However this plays out, my main concern is that it is absolutely clear to all that the entire Russia collusion story was a hoax.

    I want the MSM to have to report it as such.

    I want “muh Russians” and the “Putin controls Trump” stories to be as discredited as Bigfoot, UFO’s, and JFK grassy knoll conspiracy theories. The sort of belief that instantly marks those spouting them as crackpots, cranks, and fools.

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  4. John Taty says:

    i want to point out some facts.

    FACT: rosenstein denial is very tricky, and he is using words that make it look like there was a conversation about taping the president and invoking the 25th amendment, but he dosent believe now that it should be done, and he never advocated for it.
    FACT: there was clear a discussion between mccabe and rosenstein about taping trump, WHY?
    FACT: there was clear a discussion about the 25th amendment, WHY?
    FACT: the meeting was just 1 day before rosenstein hired the special council to go after trump, WHY?
    FACT: rosenstein gave very broad authority for mueller to investigate anything he wants, manafort crimes, cohen crimes and the list goes on and on, something that was never ever done in the past, WHY?
    FACT: rosenstein signed the illeagal fisa warant to spy on the president, WHY?
    FACT: rosenstein threathened congress staff when they started to push him hard to release the docs surrounding the opening of the investigation, WHY?
    FACT: rosenstein stonewalled congress in every step of thier way, WHY?
    FACT: rosenstein let mueller hire all democrats on the special council staff, WHY?
    FACT: rosenstein sends letter to fire comey, and then hires mueller to investigate obstruction, WHY?

    so based on all the above facts, rosenstein is here to bring down the president, and here is what happened.

    rosenstein is a chicken, he started with the letter to fire comey and he probaby didnt knew that he will get dipped into hot water by doing that, McCabe probably blackmailed him n the office for firing comey, so he freaked out, so the meeting turned into how to take down the president, option 1 is to invoke the 25th amendment, that didnt work out, then they bring up to hire a special council, and finally they probably worked out all the details on how it should be done, and miracles the next day it just happens, rosenstein hires mueller to investigate hmmm they dont know yet, but lets call it russia interference, and anything else that mueller wants to investigate, a free pass to go after the president, and the ball starts rolling, he lets mueller to hire whomever he wants on his team, rosenstein is signing the illeagal fisa against trump, he stonewalls congress, threathens them when they push too hard on him,

    with all this being said, sorry guys, rosenstein needs to be hanged in front of the white house on a big tree.

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    • JasonD says:

      FACT: POTUS hires Wray on Rosie’s advice AFTER Rosie appoints Mulehead. Now Poitus has to deal with Mulehead as the Special Counsel and Wray, as FBI director, both of whom owe their jobs to Rosie. So POTUS trusts Rosie enough to hire “his” guy for FBI director after Rosie appoints Mulehead to destroy POTUS. Are you saying that its a….

      FACT: POTUS must be very dumb…………………or

      FACT: POTUS thinks Rosie is a White Hat?……………………………Also

      FACT: McCabe thinks Rosie is his enemy (NYT article sliming Rosie)………..meaning

      FACT: McCabe thinks Rosie is a white hat????


      • John Taty says:

        all of your listed facts are assumtions not facts.

        do you think there is any chance the president was blindsided? or do you just beleive the president is just not human, and he cant get blindsided, he is just an angel that knows exactly whats on ppl mind.

        come on, you better than that.

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        • JasonD says:

          C,mon John. POTUS has now said on 2 interviews that he appointed Wray on Rosie’s advice. So this is a FACT.

          Wray was appointed on June 7 2017 – this is a FACT

          Mueller was appointed mid May 2017 -this is a FACT

          So it is unreasonable to state that POTUS did not trust Rosie on June 7 2017. But Rosie was POTUS’s enemy, said everyone. Except POTUS did not say this.

          Now, McCabe is gunning for Rosie, or so it would appear.

          Are you saying that POTUS was blindsided by Rosie, because POTUS thought Rosie was his friend after the SC was appointed? I am really curious as to how you explain this.

          Note also, POTUS just publicly withdrew the doc release at Rosie’s request. Do you not see that POTUS is still trusting Rosie? You have to at least consider that Rosie is a white hat based on this, or your mind is closed.


          • John Taty says:

            i can explain it in that way,

            the president was blindsided with rosie, he didnt knew at that time that he is gunning for him, rosie probably told him it will be better to have a special council so the democrats cant complain, he tried to play the president until the president actually figured out what a snake he is.

            in regards to the president pulling back from the doc release.
            my gut tells me that rosie didnt want to be exposed, so made a deal with the president, what the deal was? maybe that mueller will stop the obstruction case, maybe thatueller will only take written q&a and only about collusion, no follow ups, maybe there was any other deal we will figure out later, but one thing is for sure, rosie is here to take out the president.

            we will wait untill after the midterms, and u will see how his ass will get kicked, its just a matter of time.


            • JasonD says:

              So your mind is made up, Rosie is a very bad guy? No doubt at all? Even though the swamp is now attacking Rosie? Its not smart to attack the DAG. If Mueller leaked to the Slimes, then Mueller is attacking his boss – bad tactic. If McCabe was the leaker, then he is attacking the man who is potentially going to put him away in the big house – also very bad tactic. None of these facts can dissuade you – Rosie is just a bad guy, and he fooled POTUS, but now his fellow bad guys are randomly attacking him just cause?


              • John Taty says:

                yes my mind is made up, rosie needs to get broiled in oven period.

                in regards to ny times if it was mccabe who leaked it, maybe he just want to blackmail rosie to make sure he leaves him off the hook since there is an ongoing investigation concerning mccabe, and mccabe knows what a chicken rosie is.

                now how about that the leak was coming from trump or ally of trump to cover up whats going on in the doj to gain lavarage on rosie? i think this is a good guess. just think about that.


                • JasonD says:

                  All right. Pity we can’t share a beer over this when its all over and reminisce over all our combating theories! 🙂


              • farrier105 says:

                Rod “Super Geek” Rosenstein’s wife worked for Hillary. He’s conflicted and needs to be RECUSED, or reassigned away from this, or fired.

                As to anyone being able to fool POTUS:

                1. Omarosa
                2. Cohen
                3. Bannon
                4. Whoever advised Trump to hire Manafort
                5. Tillerson
                6. McMasters


                • JasonD says:

                  Man, your opinion of POTUS is pretty low, cause RR must still be fooling POTUS according to your reasoning. So I guess you vote Dem, then – they are also constantly claiming POTUS is a fool. Good luck with that.


            • JasonD says:

              By the way, you offered no new facts in that rebuttal.


              • farrier105 says:

                Well, facts are facts, new or old. There is no rule anywhere that old facts can’t refute new errors.

                No, I don’t always think Trump is right about his personnel decisions, and he even changes them himself by firing his mistakes. What it proves is he is not infallible. Therei’s a touch of Trump Messianism going on here with some people. Trump is not a Messiah. He is just a man. He can, and has, screwed up.

                Your “vote Dem” comment is a NON SEQUITUR. Just because I think Trump makes some mistakes doesn’t mean I am forced to vote Democrat in order to take that position, or would WANT to vote Democrat because of that position.


    • dawg says:

      Not til after the midterms


    • Alicia Chavetz says:

      The most interesting part of all of this is not Rosenstein. It is Sessions. So far, his 2nd in command has been confronted with not only thinking about wearing a wire while with the President but also leading the charge that supports the removal of the president for incompetency.
      Sessions is under an obligation at this point to come forward and explain why he is keeping Rosenstein on. He owes the president, Congress, and the American people that.
      Yes so far, not one word from Sessions.
      This further confirms to me that most likely Sessions was in on this from the start.


  5. LibertyONE says:

    President Trump should say to ALL these evil, corrupt POS past & present…..” WITH ALL DUE RESPECT. I CAN ONLY PLEASE ONE PERSON A DAY. TODAY IS NOT YOUR DAY. TOMORROW DOESN’T LOOK GOOD EITHER”

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  6. cozette says:

    Have you watched twitchy Mr. Peepers Rosenstein? No one on earth could possibly believe that he could talk POTUS into doing anything POTUS didnt want to do. Global apex predator from Queens, NY got conned by a swamp mouse? LMFAO.


  7. bullseye500yards says:

    I’m beginning to not trust a damm thing Trump says concerning the FBI and DOJ.

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  8. treehugger says:

    has anyone considered that obama could have secret pardons in place which is for past crimes – after january 20th 2017 these people stick around and the plot could be to catch them in new crimes thus absolving previous pardons .

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  9. RJones says:

    Here’s a new theory for you…and a bit easier to comprehend….(:=)

    A little NYT reporter got caught with her hand in either a FISA cookie jar or some security director’s pants…That imperiled a certain large news organization and perhaps other of the news orgs headline reporters. As a result, that news org decided it might be the better part of valor to start being a litter nicer to the Trump admin…

    When the Trump admin needed to … errr … implant a certain idea, the news org found an earnest NYT cub reporter willing to talk to “deep state” people. Presto, we got a nice piece about how the guy who helped fire Comey also had visions of bugging the President. And not only that!!! The reporter also disclosed there actually was a cabal of 18 insiders – helpfully noting this excluded Wray – that was plotting against the government!!!

    Folks — this is just COMEDY GOLD…I’m telling you it does not get any better!!!

    P.S. — in spite of enjoying this show immensely, I still expect mass arrests, tribunals, and hangings! But, while waiting, I’m LMAO.


  10. Dziga Vertov says:

    After two days of anger and anxiety over the circus in the Senate, I needed a good laugh. Fortunately, this thread has made me laugh and cry in equal measure. According to the 4D Chessmasters, RR is now a WHITE HAT!
    PDJT has gained extra verbiage to sprinkle on the IG’s next nothingburger!
    We are winning!

    Give me strength.


  11. farrier105 says:

    Faster than a warrant approval by a FISA court.
    More powerful than a 5-4 SCOTUS decision.
    Able to leak secret documents under a veil of secrecy.

    Deep in the Department of Justice, it’s a bureaucrat, it’s a registered Democrat, it’s ….SUPER GEEK!


  12. frank field says:

    Limp wristed Rosenstein is married to Barsoomian. Limp wristed Rosey is a black 🎩. Our beloved Trump has him in a VICE…and it’s magnificent.


  13. Paqul Killinger says:

    Prior to the election of Mr Trump, my favorite Pres was Mr Reagan.

    And while I didn’t always agree with Pres Reagan, his actions on our behalf invariably worked out in the end.

    This is a long play, and we’ve only now seen the curtain come down on the second act.

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  14. Vincent Piotet says:

    Just digest what Q has posted and relax.
    Americans observe our corrupted govt officials and repent.
    Repentance works wonders, actually its the only sure way for America to change.


  15. Vincent Piotet says:

    Thank GOD for saving AND COMMON Grace !


  16. Oldskool says:

    I would believe that the President was playing the oft mentioned 4D chess game with Rosenstein IF he had read and knew what was in the FISA warrants, 302s and whatever else there is, but HE HAS NOT per his own recent admission. Therefore, he is making a decision based on false information and once again being played by the advisers that surround him.


  17. There is a slight error in the article here — but I fixed it:

    “Don’t look at this through the prism/interests of Trump supporters…in exchange for not exposing the institutional corruption within the FBI and DOJ.”

    I think that does it. Carry on.


  18. TomA says:

    The real muscle behind the Rosenstein attack piece is Obama/Clinton. If the dominoes start falling, it goes all the way to his Oval Office tenure. The FISC warrant against Carter Page would never have been authorized without his direct involvement, and the Clintons were calling the tune, so they are similarly motivated to intimidate Rosenstein into continued stonewalling. They still believe the Mueller Hail Mary pass is going to save the day.


    • Beau Geste says:

      I’ve been reflecting on the reversals of the body politic since clinton. We used to give to the ACLU, until they decided to support the nazi marches decades ago. I thought that it was possible to support civil liberties, without actively supporting nazis. Now the ACLU is completely silent on the FBI/CIA using a step-transaction to spy on americans in violation of the 4th Amendment. Asking the brits, canadians or zealanders to spy on americans and report back is the same as doing it directly. Where is the ACLU? They should actively fight this sleaze. The old ACLU would have….

      Similarly, Kaepernick and others kneel and demonstrate to protest police brutality. But they ignore the Star Chamber raids, threats and financial brutality of the FBI police state brutality to coerce testimony. I think that Papadopolous, Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby, Flynn, Michael Caputo, and Trump supporters should join in kneeling to focus attention on all bad police-state behavior. How would that play out?


      • Joemama says:

        Kneeling is dumb. If you want to protest something, use a blue or black armband, or some other symbol. It is also important to be crystal clear about what you are protesting.


  19. UncleGrumpy says:

    The trolls are desperate today.
    Even they can see what’s coming.
    Justice is inevitable.

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  20. Luminary says:

    Trump not declassifying immediately is kind of puzzling. my first thought is he intends to drip out more information leading up to a week or so before the mid-terms. there’s also the Kavanaugh matter which is sucking up a lot of media oxygen. perhaps he wants full focus on the corruption reveal once it happens.


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