Update: Hurricane Florence Grows to Category Four – South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia Alerts…

During a 2:oopm intermediate advisory Hurricane Florence was shown to have rapidly strengthened to a category four storm with wind-speeds of 130 MPH.  All interests in the South and North Carolina region should watch closely and move toward completion of hurricane preparation. The storm is forecast to approach the coast on Thursday.

[National Hurricane Center] A west-northwestward motion with an increase in forward speed is expected during the next couple of days. A turn toward the northwest is forecast to occur late Wednesday night. On the forecast track, the center of Florence will move over the southwestern Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas Tuesday and Wednesday, and approach the coast of South Carolina or North Carolina on Thursday.

The concerning aspect to this storm is the possibility it may make landfall and hover, wobble and position in place, on the eastern seaboard; very similar to Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas last year.  –SEE HERE (hit play)  Under this scenario major flooding and massive ‘prolonged’ (week +) power outages would be anticipated.

For those in the southeast and mid-atlantic; remember, planning and proactive measures taken now can significantly reduce stress in the days ahead.  Plan when to make the best decision on any evacuation (if needed) consider Tuesday night the decision time-frame. As a general rule: take cover from wind – but evacuate away from water.

Evaluate your personal hurricane and storm supplies; update and replace anything you might have used. Assess, modify and/or update any possible evacuation plans based on your location, and/or any changes to your family status.

Check your shutters and window coverings; test your generator; re-organize and familiarize yourself with all of your supplies and hardware. Check batteries in portable tools; locate tools you might need; walk your property to consider what you may need to do based on the storms path. All decisions are yours. You are in control.

Due to coastal populations, a southeast storm means adding almost a day to any travel plans based on roads and evacuation traffic density. Being proactive now helps to keep any future stress level low. You are in control. If you have pets, additional plans may be needed.

Look over the National Hurricane Center resources for planning assistance.

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395 Responses to Update: Hurricane Florence Grows to Category Four – South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia Alerts…

  1. wheatietoo NOW i’m scared.. Seriously..


    • smiley says:

      take a break from all of this and do something else for awhile.

      when you know you’re in the path, you can’t keep focusing on it…it’ll wear you out and magnify the fears.

      GOD Bless.

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  2. Dad's son says:

    The MOST important thing to do before and in a hurricane is to stay calm and methodical and take care of business,without allowing the panic of other people to infect you. I went through the entire Katrina/Rita mess and – looking back – staying cool as a cucumber is the key. As my old dad used to say, “if you go slower you’ll get there faster….”

    All the best wishes to those in the target cone…. stay safe….

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  3. Settinghere@ 3:20 AM know I’ve got “work” to do in a few hours…
    KNOWING,, this is BAD, REAL BAD…
    I’m praying to the Lord to make it though this un-scathed ..
    Anyone gotta a “proper” prayer(s).. ?
    Thinking I shoulda took that gas & went WEST, but to where?
    With what resources?
    I feel like I’ve put My family in Danger..
    Sorry folks.. I’m wide awake.. Hyped on Coffee..


    • Dad's son says:

      Hey, I just posted this upthread, but saw you had just posted down here, so let me repeat, re: your live oaks:

      Just to share a bit of south Louisiana hurricane live oak info: If they fall during a hurricane, live oaks down here usually fall toward the East/Northeast, during the back half of the hurricane. That means if the oaks are to the West/Southwest of your house, then you had better get in the farthest East/Northeast section of the house.
      Live oaks have shallow roots. If they are very large, it will take a close hit to take them down. Here’s how they go down: during the first half of the storm, the winds are hitting from the East to Northeast, due to the counter-clockwise spin of the storm. The ground gets well soaked and the roots get put under strain from one direction. Then, after the eye passes, you get the wind reversal… straining the roots in the opposite direction, with the soil now soaked. This is when the live oaks go down, if they go.
      I hope this info is useful. It is well known down here. Note that this applies to more of a south-to north hit like we get in Louisiana.
      With Florence, given its more east-to-west hit, the trees would be more likely to fall toward the north or northeast. So you would want to be wary of any oaks directly south/southwest of your home, and stay in the northern/northeasternmost part of the house if you can….

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    • smiley says:

      just before it hits, unplug all your appliances…turn off the gas (if you have that)…turn off the electricity at the MAIN breaker (before water gets into your dwelling)

      get plastic TARPS.

      if you decide to evacuate, do not go any farther than you have to.

      don’t go, like, 100 miles if 10 miles is safe.

      do NOT use a generator DURING the storm.

      if you’ve decided to ride it out, spend your time making sure you have your plans in place and safe area(s) ready.

      be prepared for flooding with this thing !

      ease up on the caffeine…ditto : alcohol.

      stop second-guessing yourself and get your mind into survival mode.

      pray Psalms…any of them…open your Bible…focus on it…it will help to calm you.

      keep your wits about you.

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      • smiley says:

        also try to “prepare” for the aftermath…not being dramatic here but if this is a catastrophe situation, even rescue workers do this : write your name, blood type & telephone number on your arm w/ a Sharpie..

        …and the universal sign for HELP is a white sheet on the roof.

        have 2-3 weeks of non-perishable food/water.

        do not ever tie pets up outside !

        better that they roam free if they can’t come inside.


  4. Michael says:

    I’m sure this has been covered but if not the actual wind speed on the north side (right side) of Flo (CCW) as she hits is the hurricane rotational wind speed + the speed of travel.

    So if Flo is moving at 10 mph and rotating at 140 the additive speed on the north side is 150.
    Is 10 mph big deal?

    It sure as heck is as the wind energy increases as the CUBE of the wind speed change.

    Example: Wind pressure/sq’ at 150mph is about 60 PSF, ten times what it is at 50mph, even though the wind speed is just 3 times.


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