Sidney Powell Discusses Robert Mueller’s Team, Bruce Ohr and the Bigger FISA Picture….

Author and columnist Sidney Powell appeared last night on Lou Dobbs television show to discuss the special counsel investigation, the testimony of Bruce Ohr, and the bigger issues surrounding the abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Mrs. Powell is one of the few knowledgeable people who reminds the audience where the origin the political surveillance operation began; the abuse of the NSA and FBI databases; which led to the corrupt abuse of the FISA court.  Great interview:


Visit Sidney Powell’s website HERE.

Website HERE

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305 Responses to Sidney Powell Discusses Robert Mueller’s Team, Bruce Ohr and the Bigger FISA Picture….

  1. Curtis Gomes says:

    I just finished reading Sidney’s book, “LICENDE TO LIE”. Its quite an eye opener. especially for those who truly believe in the rule of law. The DOJ Federal prosecutors under Holder, during the Obama administration, were and are truly just out of control criminals. Her book is well documented and the facts are undeniable. The Sen. Ted Stevens corruption prosecution was completely and utterly false. Exculpatory evidence was hidden or destroyed and defense witnesses threatened with prosecution. The violations by DOJ attorneys, Weisman being one of he main violators, was really a criminal operation. Juries were fed false evidence and false testimony was used for conviction. Shortly after the truth surfaced Sen. Stevens conviction was completely overturned. Unfortunately, it rained his political career and altered the balance of power in the Senate. Judge Sullivan called for a complete investigation of the DOJ attorneys. Serious violations were confirmed. One of the lying attorneys from DOJ committed suicide because he was being investigated and knew he was dirty! The others were NEVER disciplined in any way. Today, Weisman is back to his old tricks and is Mueller’s lead attack dog! Make no mistake, these two are up to their eyeballs trying to frame Donald Trump… they’ve done it before and got completely away with it. I was in law enforcement for 40 years and I now have some serious doubts about the justice system at the federal level of our government. Mueller, and his henchmen, are out of control and, really, there is no vehicle to stop them and their illegal activities….


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