Democrats Manufacture “Gun Control” Propaganda Moment During Kavanaugh Hearing…

During the senate confirmation hearing today the full antics of the Democrat political apparatus were on display.  One of their choreographed and manufactured moments happened when a man named Fred Guttenberg was staged to shake the hand of Judge Kavanaugh during one of the recess breaks.  SEE VIDEO:


Fred Guttenberg is one of the parents from the February Parkland High School shooting, a Democrat and a gun control proponent.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh, like most of America, had no idea who the guy was who was trying to grab him.  It was an entirely staged event put on by Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat party, and coordinated with prior notification to media to anticipate the moment.

Here’s how it was scripted.

Yesterday in a revealing tweet Fred Guttenberg admitted to his crisis acting when he announced he had a role to play at the hearing:

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein admitted she invited Mr. Guttenberg so he could participate in the carefully scripted moment:

Notice how she didn’t take any opportunity to introduce Judge Kavanaugh to Mr. Guttenberg during her prior meetings with the nominee.  Nor did she take any time to introduce Guttenberg to Kavanaugh during her remarks.  No, this was a manufactured moment intended to capture a optic for narrative distribution.

This is the picture the narrative engineers scripted and wanted:

This is manufactured propaganda; political propaganda the Democrats immediately wanted to dispatch to their ideological comrades.

This example shows how much time and energy the Alinsky-left is willing to put into their false constructs.  This is the optics of lying, manipulation and deceit.

Do not look away.  This is the modern Democrat party.  This is what they spend all of their time thinking about and planning.  Imagine what they are capable of if they were ever to gain power.  Then again, this is a smaller example to highlight how much effort they put into engineering the vast Russian conspiracy.

These people are very emotionally and intellectually unstable.

Do not look away.  Instead, use these examples to fuel your Cold Anger resolve.

Also, look at how prepared the media was to run with the narrative.  Every major media outlet was prepped and ready to run with the story….


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579 Responses to Democrats Manufacture “Gun Control” Propaganda Moment During Kavanaugh Hearing…

  1. tav says:

    Sanity is now the greatest challenge for the democrats. As in getting and maintaining any, which for them now seems entirely impossible.

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    • Jederman says:

      That cuts both ways. I looks as though this puppet texted a day before the hearings, and I’m sure there were other tangible indicators of all planned disruptions prior to the hearings.

      I understand the optics of letting the Lefty nut jobs reinforce their image as unfit to govern etc etc. On the other hand the guarantee that it gets favorable spin and saturation coverage by the “news” media, in my opinion, greatly outweighs their nut case reality.

      Playing defense and clearing the field for Dem BS excites their base and stimulates the “resistance.”

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  2. tav says:

    The democrat party’s strategy is inadequate to maintain them in a serious action such as Donald Trump is putting to them. They have hate on the hoof, corruption in the coup, taqiyya on the tongue and bats in the belfry — that’s their strategy. They can probably maintain themselves in the type of fighting Donald Trump is giving them in Mexifornia and a few quisling states in the North East front. After that it will make no difference how many thousands of zombies they have voting for them early and often, and if Americans want America back, Donald Trump will give it to them.

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  3. tav says:

    May the fascist democrats defeat in the 2018 elections be so epic that we will be able to drink schadenfreude by the demijohn.

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  4. JimWVa says:

    It’s probably been noticed in other comments: my view of the Guttenberg-Kavanaugh video shows the Judge turning to leave the room when Guttenberg walks up behind him and pushes his finger in Judge Kavanaugh’s back, causing the Judge to turn around. Is that action by Guttenberg not a battery on a federal judge?

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      Yes. Especially when you examine his motivation:

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    • Jan says:

      Why should we expect anything but bad behavior after the Dimm reaction in the State of the Union speech when Dimms refused to stand and recognize the two couples whose 2 teenage daughters were savagely murdered by MS-13–which included the Black Caucus refusing to stand? I bet tomorrow’s queries will be outlining their impeachment case against the President in the form of questions to Kavanaugh.

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    • NJ Transplant says:

      Where were the Capitol police? That is an attempted assaulted. The judge was correct to not engage in this stunt.

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    • Carl Woody Rice Jr says:

      Exactly, video clearly shows Guttenberg attempting 2 grab Kavanaugh w/his left hand, which gets K’s attention, then Gberg initiates pointing rt. hand index finger n a manner which denotes superiority over someone ur “trying to meet”. I’d walk away also. So disingenuous to his daughter’s memory…

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    • EarthGirl says:

      It appears to me the Judge stops to listen then gets a look of disgust on his face. I could see Guttenberg saying something like “My daughter died in the Parkland Shooting. How would you feel about guns if it was YOUR daughters?” Whatever happened, it was clearly a set up that security allowed to happen. Where were they when this man went charging over? No wonder Dems and Hollyweird get along so well – they’re all a bunch of BAD actors.

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      • Darklich123 says:

        If only you knew how bad it really is.

        The last 50 years of print and tv media has almost entirely been fabricated to keep us dumb and happy, while our culture and hard earned treasure has been plundered. Cold anger isn’t the word. My country was sold out before my parents were even born.


  5. SalixVeridi says:

    Democrats and their cohorts in the media and upper echelons of “Intelligence” agencies are stark, raving mad. You cannot have a civil, sane discourse with a mad person. Ergo, it doesn’t matter a whit what they want-they can continue to rant and rave while we Deplorables can go on going on.

    It is not the gun that is the problem, anyway, it is the utter lack of morality streaming through the American culture. These are the people who don’t think there is such a thing as ‘evil’ or that God exists. You cannot have a productive sane conversation with people like this.

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  6. Sentient says:

    Can we just fast-forward to the part where Manchin, Heitkamp and Donnelly all vote for Kavanaugh and then lose their races anyway and Kavanaugh gets confirmed and all the leftists totally lose their sh*t and then Republicans keep control of the House?

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  7. Bogeyfree says:

    Has anyone seen the Ann Vandersteel Video interview of the two IC NSA whistleblowers where they say there will be a web site up this Friday that will show the spying, planting, and conspiracy of PT by the government?

    It seemed pretty powerful like this could be the MOAB.

    It also fits with this statement by Sara Carter on Hannity: “there’s a lot of exculpatory information that’s gonna come out within days. Note within days. These IC Whistleblowers are saying their evidence will be up on a website within days. Coincidence?? Maybe or maybe not

    I thought I’d include the definition of Exculpatory:

    Exculpatory evidence is evidence favorable to the defendant in a criminal trial that EXONERATES or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt.

    I was hoping Sundance might have connected with Ann or Tracy Beanz to verify this behind the scenes for us and if facts support it maybe it’s own thread.

    So sorry for posting this here but it’s too close to midnight and didn’t want this to get lost in yesterday general thread.

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    • Firefly says:

      Joshua Macias is not in intelligence community. In the interview Macias discusses calling an admiral he knew regarding the phone call about people infiltrating the Trump campaign. Robert Caron does appear have worked in the intelligence community.

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      • Bogeyfree says:

        Ok thanks for that but what about the whole website evidence thing and the 3 plants within Trump’s team with Halper being one, an IT with the initials CS and a third unnamed.

        It does seem to connect some dots IMO.

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        • Firefly says:

          Something doesn’t smell right. The websites aren’t up- and the domain names aren’t purchased yet. That’s a bit odd for a website that’s supposed to be up by the end of the week.

          Let’s see the documents if they’re ever posted. It is interesting, if true, that Robert Caron flew up to New York and hence the campaign knew about Stefan Halper in November 2016.

          In the interview they both came off as used car salesmen- especially Macias who seems to be into a bit of everything. “Now, as an expert in business systems and Veteran housing, with over four generations of family involved in real estate, Joshua is an experienced and creative housing crisis problem-solver.” Here’s some interesting links. If these new websites are asking for money, I wouldn’t be donating my money.


        • Firefly says:

          Also, Sam Clovis interview with Tucker Carlson is inconsistent with these two guys story. Recall Sam Clovis is named in Mueller indictments.sam Clovis was the supervisor of carter Page and George Papadopoulos. Stefan Halper contacted Sam Clovis.

          Mueller should be interested in inconsistent stories like this one that suddenly came up. Recall DiGenova and Toensing represent Sam Clovis. Interesting that other conservative outlets aren’t asking to interview Caron and Macias.

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    • Deusvult says:

      We’ll see..
      For now seems weird and like another LARP .
      An account for Trump to access the website? Feels like they’re overselling..

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      • sundance says:

        Thank you for your prudent skepticism. This Your Voice America video is very sketchy. VERY SKETCHY. All of the comments above are valid. I would ignore this sketchy stuff. These are not “insiders”. Their information is public record and open-source.

        Besides, if they had information of the level of value they claim, it wouldn’t be YVA interviewing them.

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        • Mark Mears says:

          Thanks Sundance for pointing me in the right direction on this video. I was excited. 119 other Intelligence people coming together with information for President Trump. I fell for it. Those 2 and the other 119 can only provide what is already open source.

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        • Firefly says:

          Here’s one of several Joshua Macias’ websites he’s peddling – each website asking for donations.. This website puts pictures of Binney and other nsa wisteblowers as part of the team with ambiguous wording.


    • Paul Hanlon says:

      Just for context, Ann Vandersteel is engaged to Brenden Dilley, who ran for the Arizona 08 District under a MAGA ticket. Both of them are on OVA with Bill Mitchell and both true Patriots.

      Brenden Dilley was also getting drops similar to the Q-Research anons, in fact they often confirmed each other. He discontinued it after the Arizona primaries, I think because it was taking over. He still does a daily Periscope, which can actually be very funny.

      Neither of these people are “conspiracy theorists”, so if this doesn’t pan out, it won’t be because they intended to deceive.

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  8. True Treeper says:

    Today was a great day for MAGA. A big backlash is coming on Nov 6th. Dems too stupid to know how badly they look…


  9. Mujhunter says:

    Reminds of what Huma Abedin did to Sen. Lindsey Graham at McCain’s funeral, except that in her case, she was clearing attempting to “taint” him by association (as well as likely sending him a message from Hillary).. Just look at the intensity on her face as she walks away from him, and Graham is trying to make it appear that it was nothing special to be concerned about:

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  10. Curry Worsham says:

    “So who’s creaming there? Is it one of the protesters in the audience or one of the senators?
    Can you tell them apart? I can’t tell them apart.”

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  11. Nikita's_UN_Shoe says:

    Weapons, including guns, can be used for the good of mankind and for evil. Weapons used to murder other humans are the tools of evil and deranged individuals. Weapons of all sorts have varying degrees of self-defense effectiveness. All weapons are null unless wielded by a human being.

    The Second Amendment does not GRANT nor GUARANTEE the citizens of the U.S. the right to keep and bear ‘arms’. The Second Amendment commands lawmakers not to make ANY laws banning or restricting the God-given right to keep and bear any ’arms’ by US citizens – any place or any time.

    The Second Amendment reads: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” One sentence formed by the Founding Fathers that is plain and simple to understand, except for Liberal Loons and RINOs.

    All ‘arms’ laws directed at non-incarcerated U.S. citizens, including the laws requiring the need to be licensed to ‘carry’, are unConstitutional.

    When the Department of Justice starts prosecuting lawmaking politicians 
at all levels of government that make ANY laws that ‘infringe’ on our 
God-given right to keep and bear arms of any type, that’s the day that 
the Second Amendment will be understood.

    Politicians that violate the Second Amendment incur liability by possibly denying self-protection. Focus on prosecuting lawmakers (aka politicians), not the U.S. citizens, when it comes to the Second Amendment.

    “shall not be infringed.”

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  12. technerd55 says:

    I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

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  13. teeheeman says:

    Simple request – let’s beat the snot out of these jackasses in Nov and give PDJT the firepower to make major changes in 2019. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. COLD ANGER BABY!!!!

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  14. AH_C says:

    Just out of curiosity, why was Rosenstein (pink tie) there? In the very top video, he’s coming up on Kavanagh from the opposite direction. When Kavanagh turns away from the father, Rosie smiles and pats him on the back as they pass.

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  15. Retired IG says:

    Am trying to stay calm in the midst of all the mayhem going on these daze, but I can only do so with a great determination and on a daily dialog with myself. and my own internal devils. But I have never, ever in all the years of my life seen the utter CRAZINESS re Trump. While no one seemed to care a wit when the Bushes, Clinton’s and Obama bombed countries all of the world. Nary a tweet about what THEY DID.
    Maybe its a good thing our great President Trump is enraging the masses in the U.S. About time they flucking woke up from their long and deep slumber of what the US has been doing for centuries, But Trump’s not to blame for what happened in the past, I believe that he is “merely” waking people up to the prior shit. And stupid is as stupid does, they are waking up ANGRY and directing it at our President.
    On TOPIC: Cannot even imagine how a grieving father (I respect his loss) ever got into the hearing and near enough to Kavanaugh to “poke him in the back.” Uh, do you think Kavahaugh might have freaked out with this “out-of-the-blue bodily contact? I would have been pissed if anyone ever touched me, unless for a friendship handshake. But a POKE in the Back?
    Now the presstitutes are going hog wild crazy because the Nominee did not “enjoy” the poke? Should have been better security at the hearing, but then again its not like the people attending had to undergo a TSA screening as when you go to board a flight.
    In my lifetime I would have loved to have a day in court with asbestos manufactures, as well as Monsanto. Two of my family members passed from the toxins these people spewed. But to poke someone in the back when they aren’t even connected to the hurt a person has experienced?
    RUDE and DUMB. A stunt act performed solely for the air time. Makes me sick to see people doing this. Will pray for calm.

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  16. Remember when President Trump honored the parents of Americans murdered by illegal aliens and the media said that it was “politicizing” tragedy and “not pertinent” to policy debate? Yes they are hypocrites, and yes this stunt is completely predictable… but that is also their problem.

    Legislative action spawned by social outrage is like a cheap phone battery – you can re-charge it but every time you plug it in, the charge capacity decreases. Plug it in more, it charges less. This is precisely what is happening in America and this little stunt is the perfect example.

    Last year something like this would’ve been trending on Twitter for over 24 hours, but just 5 hours after the MSM blitz of nightly “news” and guess what? Nothing! This story is nowhere in the top 10. That’s because people either simply do not care, or they see through this exceedingly transparent scheme. In other words, they are outrage fatigued. Throw in low unemployment and a booming economy and people begin to look at these B-list theater productions as a parent would a temper-tantrum throwing 3-year-old… Not exactly the intended message.

    So, our task is simple: stay strong, buckle up, and turn out that midterm vote like our lives depend on it!

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  17. PMadison says:

    If democrats really want to make a point, RBG should resign from SCOTUS to protest having to serve on the same court with Kavanaugh.

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  18. churchmouse says:

    Before I saw this post, I saw the NBC Nightly News tweet that said Kavanaugh was led away before he could shake the man’s hand (video in the tweet):

    USA Today has the same story, also with the tweet:

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  19. 21leelee says:

    The Dems must be relying on the youth vote to survive. Parkland, Nike, cartoonish political ads, celebs…all of these things look like involvement of youth, not historically analytical voters.

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    • 21leelee says:

      And of course, the tech giants appeal to youth votes in everything they do.

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    • Lanna says:

      Here in CO there is a suburb to the south of Denver (Golden, home of Coors beer) that is trying to make it legal for 16-year olds to vote. There was a failed attempt to do this during the run-up to the vote to legalize marijuana here. Turned out they didn’t need the 16 and 17 year olds to pass pot legalization.

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  20. Jack Rail says:

    How does a man use the recent death of a daughter as a political ploy? This guy is a sicko.

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  21. Zimbalistjunior says:

    Just imagine how many man hours, how much time spent planning, how many people are involved, how much money is being expended by the resistance in their collosal waste of a movement.
    Someone had to coordinate the circus today. Someone had to find all the idiots, get the costumes, craft the talking points, etc. Someone had to actually plan Gutenberg’s hit on kavanaugh.

    All for naught. They take the bait every time and look like asses. The Resistance would have a better showing if they put on berets and rode around on one speed biciclets, a pointy loaf of French bread cradled in their baskets.

    Vive l’idiots!

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  22. jat says:

    With all the unhinged cuckooness that went on prior to the break, my instincts would be exactly like Mr. Kavanaugh’s and not trust anyone trying to approach or touch me.
    We know now what they are capable of and they are only getting started. When they lose bigly in November, all bets are off. Very unstable, dangerous times we are living in these days.

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    • wodiej says:

      And unfortunate for liberals. When push comes to shove. they are going to keep getting knocked down. They must be dealt with like the child thinking people that they are. Wrongdoing brings pain.

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  23. wodiej says:

    I was listening to a conversation at a political roundtable and someone said something very enlightening. The reason Democrats are so worried about another conservative Supreme Court Justice is that anything significant that the Democrats got passed was done by the Supreme Court, not Congress.

    Democrats don’t want a middle of the road Judge who can be fair and reasonable. They want the courts packed with far left, out of the mainstream judges. Brett Kavanaugh is not going to try to reverse Roe vs Wade and they know it.

    We had to struggle through 8 years of miserable obama socialist policies, 8 years of bush RINO’s and 8 years of pervert Clinton. It’s time for common sense, hardworking Americans to take the helm and there is nothing they can do about it.

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  24. Simple question. Who is in charge of this event ? Who makes the rules? Controls the room ? Are the Republicans rolling over again? Why can’t some order and decorum be insisted upon ?

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    • Guffman says:

      Grassley claimed near the end that he will not let things get out of control today like they did yesterday…. basically admitted it was his fault as Chair that so many interruptions and nonsense were permitted.

      So it’ll be interesting to see if he stands by that and actually cuts off the Blumenthal’s and Booker’s et al, and threatens removal or lessening of questioning time, if they continue (which should have been done yesterday).

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      • Cankles Clinton says:

        After having already chaired public hearings and knowing the crap that Demosocialists have pulled Grassley shows nothing but weak, surrender like GOPe preparedness.


  25. Tonawanda says:

    The communist propaganda technique – – angling for a phony image which is then spread as Fake News – – is nothing new. A fascinating book could probably be devoted to the subject.

    I was in college when shutting down the campuses was happening. I started an organization to oppose the communist organized and controlled “protest” which succeeded in shutting down my campus. My organization was highly effective both in creating a powerful opposition to the shut down and getting the campus open.

    One early evening during the period I was walking alone on campus in an area with nobody near by. Suddenly I was jumped by a couple of guys who came from nowhere. We struggled for a minute or so, and they ran away. It was definitely physical engagement, I was being hit and defending myself, but it felt more like harassment because it was so ineffective (and I was pretty strong back then). I wrote it off as a couple of spoiled rich leftist jackasses.

    A couple weeks later a NATIONAL MAGAZINE posted a photo of a guy getting the living daylights beat out of him. The caption explained that an innocent protester was getting beaten up by members of MY organization!

    Except it was a photo of ME getting “beaten up” by the two guys (and in fact that is what the photo actually LOOKED like, even though it was NOT what was happening).

    So a photographer was near by to take a propaganda photo, which was published soon in a national newspaper to create sympathy for the “idealistic” anti-war (communist) “protesters,” based on a event which was the opposite of what was pictured.

    I still have that magazine photo in a scrapbook. The incident taught me a lot.

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  26. wondering999 says:

    Ugh. And then in New Mexico we had starving children being trained to be school (and hospital) shooters? and the “camp” was bulldozed by some government entity to destroy evidence?

    And the FBI knew about them and did nothing, like at Parkland?

    Stinks to high heaven, God help us

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  27. Anetra says:

    Scripted, pre planned, and staged (like . Parkland, Vegas, ETC). I wonder if he collected his cash with the rest of the paid looney toons? There is a video and eye witness statements showing these loons taking instructions and being paid cash for their ‘services’. See it on the Gateway Pundit website!

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  28. Francine Hutcheson says:

    I am so grateful for CTH…they are my go to reporting now for factual analysis….

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  29. A Eagle says:

    Lol. (D)eranged People should probably prepare themselves to lose everything from now on: elections, debates, organic funding, their presence in American society.

    Their future not looking too’s pathetic and sad.


  30. Cankles Clinton says:

    The evil audacity of DiFiChi, up to her next in other scandals against the country and POTUS, still orchestrates and participates in this outrage against America.

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  31. MS Idaho says:

    I have a question for any of you of the ‘younger generation’, or who associate with same …. Didn’t the protesting and grandstanding by the Dims yesterday come across as bullying? And hasn’t there been LOTS of emphasis in schools (all levels) for the last many years about the negatives of bullying? I know many posters here have gone back and forth about what they did yesterday – whether it will be spun as ‘heroism’, or whether it will encourage more ‘walk aways’. your thoughts?

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  32. Apfelcobbler says:

    “Murdered” being the 4th word out of your mouth under highly charged circumstances – well that’s not abnormal. Right. One wonders if Rosenstein planned to buttonhole Kavanaugh for a few seconds, or if he was simply whoring the room for ego-scratching like he did the day of his testimony with Wray.

    Sorry for the guy’s loss, but his pain is only valid as Diane Feinstein’s Dem victim chesspiece – like Mr. Khan at the DNC convention. Pal, try your luck crying at CNN … they’ll run your story for 2 weeks.


  33. Justah says:

    This is the letter sent to Schumer this morning with the demands to stop Judge Kavanaugh from being confirmed. Story in Politico – (Letter)

    Read the Letter – this is a list of those who signed it.
    “The Democratic Party’s progressive base expects nothing less than all-out resistance to Trump’s dangerous agenda. They want to elect candidates who will stand up for the people Trump threatens, not ones who compromise or cower as he and Republicans run the table in Congress and the courts. They understand the stakes of this Supreme Court fight. They know that we can win, but only if you lead. And they know that anything less than 49 Democratic votes against Kavanaugh would be a massive failure of your leadership.
    We hope you won’t let us down,”

    Democracy for America Indivisible
    Color Of Change DailyKos
    Demand Progress Friends of the Earth Justice Democrats Social Security Works #VOTEPROCHOICE Women’s March


  34. Colin the little brown emoji says:

    The only extreme views on guns are the views of those that would massacre other people with them – you know, like democrats.

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  35. dbethd says:

    Any sane person looking at that video knows immediately that K. looked confused.

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  36. RobInPA says:

    I would like to see a wider-angle shot of the hearing room to see exactly who pushed the useful idiot, er, guttenberg, out onto center stage!


  37. Zippy says:


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  38. Mike diamond says:

    Cavanaugh did the right thing just walk away,no need to shake the liberal democrats hand !

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  39. letty bromenschenkel says:

    LOOK at the video::: he hit Kavanaugh on arm /shoulder
    swatted him from the back!~
    that is a serious threat :::


  40. MfM says:

    Yesterday I saw a longer and wider view of the Guttenberg quickly hurrying across the room to get to Kavanaugh as he was getting up.

    It totally showed how staged it was. Of course I can’t find it now, but it’s interesting how the ones that are being linked are much shorter and don’t tell the whole story.

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