White House Revokes Security Clearance of Former, Highly Political, CIA Director John Brennan…

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced today that President Trump has revoked the security clearance of former, highly political, CIA Director John Brennan.


Brennan is the first person from a former list to lose his clearance.  In addition to Brennan security clearances for former FBI director James Comey; former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe; former director of national intelligence James Clapper; former national security adviser Susan Rice; and former CIA director Michael Hayden are being reviewed.

Expanding the list today Mrs. Sanders added: recently fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok; former DOJ lawyer Lisa Page; former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and current DOJ official Bruce Ohr.  With the addition of Bruce Ohr, a currently employed DOJ official, it appears highly likely that he too will soon be fired.

The listed intelligence and justice officials are some of the known participants in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 weaponization of the intelligence apparatus for political purposes. Despite their growing number, we call them the “small group”.

The inside group, writ large, was operating a coordinated effort to influence the 2016 election and weaponize intelligence to target their political opposition.  The inside group was assisted by an external team of political operatives including: Fusion-GPS, Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, Daniel Richman, Benjamin Wittes (Lawfare Blog); as well as contractors and agents -foreign and domestic- used by the intelligence apparatus.

Supporting the efforts of both the inside “small group” and the outside group; a large number of like-minded journalists from Yahoo News, Mother Jones, Buzzfeed, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC were utilized -via leaks- in framing an intentionally and demonstrably false narrative that provided cover for their activity.

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694 Responses to White House Revokes Security Clearance of Former, Highly Political, CIA Director John Brennan…

  1. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Indict the journalists as well. The charge would be sedition and conspiracy to undermine the integrity of the executive branch of the United States government.

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  2. LibertyONE says:

    A CONSERVATIVE figure of 50-60 new accommodations( cell blocks) should be added to Gitmo for these evil, corrupt POS starting with Obango & Hitlery …top down!

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  3. Frank says:

    Midterms are about 3 months away. The heat is building on that big pot of swamp stew. How many frogs do you think will jump and run before November?


  4. 4430lacey says:

    So where is Jeff Sessions, well he’s AWOL. Pulling Brennan’s security clearance is supposed to be his job.
    Sessions will go down in American history as the most inept politician ever


    • Sunny says:

      No one acknowledges that Jeff sessions is working on this. He’s been very active in getting honest, non corrupt prosecutors in the DOJ working these cases, (notice no leaks), helping POTUS get non corrupt judges in place, getting the catch and release stopped at the border, dealing with criminals promoting lawlessness in sanctuary cities, gathering and organizing evidence against the swampiest Swamp ever. He stays in the background for a reason, so quit sniping at him just because the process of the LAW requires time to gather EVIDENCE to put away these corrupt people. The whole administration landed in a nest of vipers, and LEGALLY fixing it doesn’t happen overnight. This isn’t a 2 hour action movie.

      …but it will be someday, I suspect.

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    • Bree says:

      I think you spelled Obama wrong.


    • sentinelle says:

      I think Sessions is playing his cards well. We go back and forth trying to decide which side he’s on. I think he’s on the side of saving our country from a take over that’s been in progress since before 9/11 actually happened. If everyone knew which side he was on, he would be the focus of the media. I think Trump ‘knows’ what’s happening behind the scene and the acting upset with Sessions and Rosenstein is part of keeping us guessing. This allows them to keep working peeling away the layers of swamp sludge amid all the hot air.

      I’ve been following the anger and who is showing it. Very revealing as to how close the sunlight is getting.

      I think there are layers being peeled away steadily and methodically so the story isn’t thrown out all at once and immediately dismissed and we’re told to move on and forward and put the past behind us.

      The bottom was Strzok and Page texts and the insurance policy – Russian collusion.
      I think Mueller was deliberately given the position of Special Counsel to keep him busy trying to nail the conspiracy on Trump (when as Trump says – Sessions would be the one to know there wasn’t any). Mueller is slowly working himself into a corner with nothing to show for his efforts. But meanwhile, all these firings and now Brennan’s security clearance removed with more coming take us to a new level of drainage.

      After this group now listed as about to have their security clearances removed are called before Congress, and possibly after the inspector general’s report on the State Department’s involvement, we move up to people like Loretta Lynch, John Kerry and John McCain. I’m going to be watching for them to show up again in the media trashing the light of day. That will confirm to me we’re on to the next layer.

      After that everyone below Hillary and Obama will be exposed.

      Susan Rice: “President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities “by the book”. The President stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.”

      We’re getting there slowly. Draining the swamp by the book.


  5. shirley49 says:

    Once you leave the Govt employ your security clearance should be gone also. How much of this info is being turned over to the Clinton’s and Obama’s? Probably the media also.

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    • magoo622 says:

      While there is an argument for transition, that goes away on Inauguration day.

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    • TruthSeeker says:

      Agree. Immediate cabinet members keep them to HELP the new administration IF needed, OR non-government classified contract position. Well Trump will NEVER need these traitor’s input/advice. Remove their security clearances NOW.


  6. hillbilly4 says:

    It seems to me that this issue of ‘revoking security clearances’ is more than just what’s obvious. IMO, it really is – for the perp – about money. When these high profile folks leave government service, they have enjoyed the privileges of keeping a ‘ Security Clearance’ because it was a very neat way to keep on making money from their previous service – their ‘resume’ sparkled with the added item: ‘Still have x-level of security clearance’. It was another asset for them to market.

    So, shutting off the access to a ‘Security Clearance’ means the person returns to work – just another average citizen. For some it must mean LOTS of money will be lost. For the rest of us it means The Swamp is being Drained.


  7. moe ham head says:

    the creature from the DC lagoon has been removed
    lets start building the gallows


  8. thesavvyinvester says:

    IHMO I expect the mentioned former Adm officials who’s clearances are under review for removal will be done slowly, one at a time, spaced out, for maximum effect. That is the Marketing Genius of our VSG. Every time the usual media and political suspects will melt down, all the way to that 1st Tuesday in November and the public will become even more desensitized to their drama and hysteria, it will be a ho-hum to their protestations. They will not help the “other sides” chances for a Blue-Wave by doing so. Where is that picture of that cherub faced young boy with the one tooth when I need it, So many Winnamins !

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  9. Arby says:

    All the above times 1000. It is unconscionable for a Federal employee fired for cause, i.e. McCabe, continues to have a security clearance. No Federal employee once they leave their position should maintain a security clearance and, most especially, those that take a position where they receive payment for their services, i.e. news analyst of any type, related to the former position.

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  10. Susan Harms says:

    when I left my job, I no longer had access to their WAN or LAN , intranet, etc. And current employees would NEVER share confidential product info with me. WHat is wrong with our government thinking what their practice is a normal thing

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  11. Susan Harms says:

    when I left my job, I no longer had access to their WAN or LAN , intranet, etc. And current employees would NEVER share confidential product info with me. WHat is wrong with our government thinking what their practice is a normal thing


    • thesavvyinvester says:

      Yes! Thank you Susan. Go visit and get a badge for a day, possibly, don’t ruin everyone’s productivity when you do it with your social visit. More appropriate would be to join the Retiree clubs a number of large Corporations have and that usually involves a golf league, deals on Cruises etc etc. Former employer bringing you in as a contract employee on a job where you expertise in after retirement? Oh yes I have seen it. In the Mil / Intel world I could see it their too, but not with Brennan’s track record. However trying to use former employers data to run your own org and cash flow? that is verboten, you are a competitor at that point. That is like a former Senator working for a K-Street firm to get access, that IMHO is morally wrong and that has got to stop. Using your access to save your backside legally which is what Brennan is doing? No way, the gall of that man.


  12. Jeff says:

    You and I both know this, but there are many who (probably intentionally) ignore the fact that nobody is entitled to a security clearance. It’s a privilege, not an expectation.


    This is from WikiPedia. You should look him up.

    Brennan served in the White House as Assistant to the President for Homeland Security between 2009 and 2013. President Obama nominated Brennan as his next director of the CIA on January 7, 2013.[11][12] The ACLU called for the Senate not to proceed with the appointment until they confirmed that “all of his conduct was within the law” at the CIA and White House.[13] Brennan was approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 5, 2013, to succeed David Petraeus as the Director of the CIA by a vote of 12 to 3.[1

    In 1996, he was CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, when the Khobar Towers bombing killed 19 U.S. servicemen.

    One of the controversies in his career involves the distribution of intelligence to the Bush White House that helped lead to an “Orange Terror Alert”, in late 2003. The intelligence, which purported to list terror targets, was highly controversial within the CIA and was later discredited. When Obama nominated Brennan as his next director of the CIA on January 7, 2013 the ACLU called for the Senate not to proceed with the appointment until House. An Obama administration official does not dispute that Brennan distributed intelligence during the Bush era but said Brennan passed it along because that was his job

    In late 2008, Brennan was reportedly the top choice to become the Director of the CIA in the incoming Obama administration. However, Brennan withdrew his name from consideration because of opposition to his CIA service under President George W. Bush and past public statements he had made in support of enhanced interrogation and the transfer of terrorism suspects to countries where they might be tortured
    In August 2009, Brennan criticized some Bush-administration anti-terror policies, saying that waterboarding had threatened national security by increasing the recruitment of terrorists and decreasing the willingness of other nations to cooperate with the U.S
    In June 2011, Brennan claimed that US counter-terrorism operations had not resulted in “a single collateral death” in the past year because of the “precision of the capabilities that we’ve been able to develop.”[45][46] Nine months later, Brennan claimed he had said “we had no information” about any civilian, noncombatant deaths during the timeframe in question.[46][47] The Bureau of Investigative Journalism disagreed with Brennan, citing their own research[48] that initially led them to believe that 45 to 56 civilians, including six children, had been killed by ten US drone strikes during the year-long period in question.[46] Additional research led the Bureau to raise their estimate to 76 deaths, including eight children and two women.[46] According to the Bureau, Brennan’s claims “do not appear to bear scrutiny.”[46] The Atlantic has been harsher in its criticism, saying that “Brennan has been willing to lie about those drone strikes to hide ugly realities.”[49]

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  14. PotP says:

    Brennan may strzoke out over losing his clearance 🙂


  15. Zippy says:

    Brennan is behind the entire Trump framing effort, the key player using Five Eyes network assets to “justify” surveillance of the Trump team via the back door of foreign intel agencies “accidentally” finding it.

    Recall the leaked info on the director-director meeting between the head of MI6 (who resigned “for family reasons” on the Monday after the Friday Trump was sworn in) and Brennan because the information was “too sensitive to go through normal channels.”

    This was a no-brainer danger, foreign intel agencies spying on US citizens as a back door to the initiation of investigations IN THE US, ever since the now Snowden-proven ECHELON system was suspected to exist.


    The NSA is Spying on the British. Does That Mean the U.K. Is Spying on Us?
    NOV 20, 2013 (back when the LEFT was concerned about such things)


    “The National Security Agency has been explicitly collecting and analyzing information on British citizens, with that country’s permission. Raising the question: Could British intelligence be surveilling us — with the NSA’s permission?”

    DUH!!!!! Ya’ think? So, there’s your -REALLY- big scandal, the main one they’re trying to hide, just as I said long ago – MI6 and who knows how many other foreign intel agencies helped to spy on a US prez candidate and team. Recall that SOMEWHERE along the line I saw an interview with some CONgressperson who said that full declassification would greatly damage the cooperation between foreign intel agencies and the US. Now you can guess why…


    • Zippy says:

      BTW, rather than reveal the above, they’ll only move to get Brennan for something like leaking classified documents. I suspect the above will be forever covered up no matter who is in charge.


  16. Angel Martin says:

    If I didn’t know any better I’d say a Swamp Creature is trying to make a “good transition” to MAGA GOP dominance.


    More evidence along with Bowdich firing rather than disciplining Strzok, that a power shift is underway in D.C.


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