Horrific Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy – Dozens Killed During Massive Structural Failure…

The images are jaw-dropping.  Dozens of vehicles plunged well over a hundred feet when a massive section of an elevated/suspension bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy.  The death toll continues to grow (currently 35); and incredibly there were/are actual survivors being pulled from vehicles.  The bridge was built in 1967, and there was a very bad storm at the time of the collapse. An eye witness stated he saw a direct lightning strike on the support tower just prior to the moment of failure.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail approximately 35 people were killed and there are an unknown number of missing-feared dead, after the Genoa Italy bridge collapse.  The images of twisted steel and concrete debris into a river and an industrial park are horrific. Thankfully, there was almost no-one working at the industrial park due to holidays.

The vehicles that fell off the bridge dropped approximately 150 feet below along with the concrete and steel of the structure.  Rescue workers are working to try and locate any possible survivors who would be trapped in the rubble.

[…]  Officials fear ‘dozens’ are dead in what is being described as ‘an immense tragedy.’ There are reports that a baby is among the victims and that two people died in their homes when the giant structure collapsed.

Amid ‘apocalyptic’ scenes, up to 35 cars and three heavy trucks cascaded into the valley below as they were making their way over the bridge.

One witness said he saw the 50-year-old structure ‘wobbling’ minutes before it gave way and another said they saw it being struck by lightning just before it crumbled. (read more)

PHOTO and Graphic Via UK Daily Mail

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233 Responses to Horrific Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy – Dozens Killed During Massive Structural Failure…

  1. Scott says:

    I can’t even imagine being a first responder dealing with that. Would YOU want to be underneath that rickety thing poking around?

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