Venezuela – President Maduro Speech Cut Short – Reports of Possible Drone Attack (Video)…

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro was delivering a speech today with a national military parade and all the structured festivities.  During the remarks, an explosion was heard, and several seconds later the crowd responded to state police rushing toward them. The broadcast on state television quickly cuts to a commercial. WATCH:


According to initial reporting there was a possible drone attack against the Maduro regime.  However, given the nature of the Maduro government, there is also strong opinion the attack was staged by the government to elicit sympathy.

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164 Responses to Venezuela – President Maduro Speech Cut Short – Reports of Possible Drone Attack (Video)…

  1. Ausonius says:

    “…to *elicit* sympathy.”

    “Illicit” is an adjective.

    On topic: if it is a coup d’etat, good! If it is staged to elicit sympathy, Bah Humbug! 🙂

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  2. Hillyard says:

    Don’t the socialists always stage events against themselves whenever the reality of their failures become apparent?

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    • snellvillebob says:

      That horrible leftist Hitler had German Troops in Polish uniforms attack a German Radio HQ to justify invading Poland.

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    • OldSchool says:

      Hmmmm…..Mueller investigation…paid protests….hmmmm

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    • appraisher says:

      It worked pretty good for Erdogan too…now he’s Caliph for life (or as long as your life lasts in muslimland).

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      • cali says:

        @appraiser: I can’t stand Erdogan and his dream to re-establish the Ottoman empire and be crowned for life.

        Having said that that coup against Erdogan was actually staged by Hussein, Brennan and the usual deep state agents with the help of the radical cleric and self exiled Fettulah Gulan who resides in PA becoming one of the richest sharia law clerics hiding out in the US having staged more than one coup against Erdogan from the US.

        He desires to unseat Erdogan and replace him with plans to turn Turkey into a sharia law shithole country.
        Fettulah has been conspiring with the deep state for a while. Not many know that he also has opened many muslim schools/sharia law madrassa type outfits where he abuses the visa laws importing only Turkish teachers employed at these schools. No Americans need apply nor has any of his schools gotten a closer look what they are really teaching.
        It’s like everyone looks the other way and no DOE has any access to these schools nor have they ever tried.

        Erdogan has on numerous occasions asked for Fettulah Gulen extradition.
        WikiLeaks posted a great expose about Hillary, Hussein and deep state actions in Turkey and Erdogan although it did not make a splash like the Podesta expose did.
        There is lots of info dealing with the last coup attempt against Erdogan, the collusion with ISIS and Hussein, Hillary and the deep state and more.

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    • Lars says:

      Fake News to the rescue!

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Yes they do!

      Even down to the little guy “victims” of Fake Hate Crimes that happen on a regular basis.

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    • DJ says:

      Sounds like the commiecrats in the good old USofA


  3. snellvillebob says:

    No doubt this will allow Madero an excuse to crack down on dissidents. Now one must wonder who staged this event.

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  4. Whiskey1 says:

    Of course the CIA was immediately blamed, the results tend to make me agree.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Kamikaze Drones are no their style when a high flyer with Hellfire rarely misses. The Military arm of the CIA is not so incompetent, especially as they use USAF Drone Pilots.

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  5. Palafox says:

    Or blamed on our CIA to frame Trump as an assasin.

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  6. Sunshine says:

    Magic words: ”detonated CLOSE TO…”. Also, it’s a tiny detonation sound.

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  7. jello333 says:

    Shades of Sadat…


  8. jello333 says:

    Is it petty of me when I hear stuff like this to worry about the future of private ownership of drones? I know there are already people just looking for any excuse to get these (nice ones like from DJI) out of the hands of average people just using them for fun.

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  9. Curry Worsham says:

    The punchline:

    And a deep voice from the sky said, “G******it missed again!”


  10. jeans2nd says:

    Did they hit Maduro? No? Then meh, who cares?

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  11. keeler says:

    Real or staged, this is a historical precedent.

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  12. Harry Lime says:

    That was no drone.

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  13. JAS says:

    Drones are extremely accurate these days. Much more so than GPS. Not a drone attack.

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  14. fleporeblog says:

    Socialism at its finest! That was completely staged. Who the hell would be flying a drone? I feel terrible for the people of Venezuela 🇻🇪 that actually got their hopes up. Yet they are also the same people that voted for these Socialist Leaders. You reap what you sow.

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  15. prenanny says:

    Why was wife checking watch just prior to “attack”?

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  16. Whiskey1 says:

    I use a drone for my business.

    The technology is so advanced I can fly the hell out of that thing and you can’t see it very well, though you can hear it.

    I could be on you before you know what’s happening.

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  17. clipe says:

    And so it begins.

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  18. fleporeblog says:

    Excellent thread by Thomas Wictor about what occurred today and life in Venezuela 🇻🇪 where he lived for 10 years.

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  19. rumpole2 says:

    Sadly….. there is no news source that you could trust to investigate and report the true facts…

    But what the heck.. send Jim Acosta (and Shep Smith) to Venezuela anyway.

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  20. blind no longer says:

    Wow. In a world of fake news, false flags and CIA invented coups…who knows what to believe anymore!

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  21. sundance says:

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    • jello333 says:

      The Kevlar pads… fine. But the umbrella? 😀 (Maybe it’s a James Bond special)

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    • prenanny says:

      Where is his wife who was standing next to him in the original vid?

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    • bofh says:

      In the video I saw a while ago, a soldier with a red beret, standing a few persons away to Maduro’s left, falls over as if shot (or fainted?) about a second after the sound of the detonation (which also sounds much stronger in this video, BTW). I don’t even see him on the podium in this video. I think there’s been a lot of funny stuff done with these various video’s, but don’t begin to know which one is closer to reality.


      • andrew1979 says:

        just thursday evening just before the rally i turned on cspan2 and they had the senate on (i am not sure if it was live but they were killing time until the president started talking) rubio was speaking. going off on the threat of russia and others to our elections. and then he brought up the deep fake video productions again. how you cant trust what you see and so many will be fooled.

        i have surmised for probably since i was under 10 years old that news might be fake, videos and footage with greenscreening etc. seeing news footage of palestine / israel confrontations at the border i think they used to call it was what made me first look at my dad and ask “is this real” and as i grew more and more stuck out to me but obviously people ate it up. but then a funny thing happened, a movie called wag the dog came out and wammo, there it was. in all its drip the truth to the the masses little by little masked with entertainment…

        also when the topic of this came up again late last year on certain sites it again caught my attention. couple months later i remember my mom saying “they even will make fake videos now they are saying” and i said where did you hear that from? surprisingly she said it was on the news…so i knew they were prepping us again.

        then months go by and everyone forgets pretty much suddenly rubio is talking about it…

        now three days later here we are talking about a dang video and it sounds like 20 different people here are seeing 20 different versions of the “same” video?

        really activates the old neurons…

        expect more of this.

        sorry for the source but heres anstory about it:


        The Cybersecurity 202: Doctored videos could send fake news crisis into overdrive, lawmakers warn

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  22. E, ROBOT says:

    Cui bono? Not us.


  23. Deb says:

    I have friends who were granted refugee status last year, they feel so lucky to have gotten out of Venezuela.

    Socialism doesn’t work.

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    • piper567 says:

      Deb, a close friend’s dear Mother just got out, legally, before things tanked. She gave up everything but is so very grateful to be in our Country.
      Loves Trump!
      My friend, now a citizen, served a term in the US Army and is now in mining school.
      wonderful Country for those seeking to contribute and better themselves and families.
      I love our Country.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Maduro just admitted it last week too.


  24. CNN_sucks says:

    This MO usually done by dictator to declare martial law. Feel sorry for Venezuelans. There country is officially a failed state. Sad.

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  25. Big John from Shitcago says:

    Haha, soldiers ran like p##sies!!!!!! Love it!!!! MAGA

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  26. Plowboy says:

    I think it’s funny how thier proud troops scattered like a bunch of rats. So much for command and control. None of the units stood thier ground.

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  27. Robert Smith says:

    Venezuela used to be big Oil and beauty pageant winners. Do they produce anything now?


  28. Big John from Shitcago says:

    Haha, soldiers ran like cowards!! Love it!!!! MAGA

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  29. Artist says:

    After all the animals in the zoo are eaten…what else is left?

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  30. covfefe999 says:

    Commie Ocasio’s dream for the US! Instability, strife, and a military dictatorship!

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    • scott467 says:

      “Commie Ocasio’s dream for the US! Instability, strife, and a military dictatorship!”


      Well that’s just it, a wealthy conservative ought to call her bluff, very publicly.

      Offer her an all-expense paid tour of the socialist hellholes of the world, with security, so precious baby would be safe. Let her see, first hand with her own eyes, the misery and oppression that her unconsidered belief system causes to humanity, wherever it is practiced.

      She won’t do it.

      But her opponent could beat her over the head with her chicken-hypocrisy when she refuses.

      Her opponent could taunt and mock her RELENTLESSLY, and she would have NO credible response.

      If I was her opponent, I would make the offer, if nobody else would.

      You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

      If she takes you up on the offer, her eyes are opened, and she returns as a completely changed human being.

      And if she doesn’t go, you expose her as not even willing or having the courage to WITNESS the fruit of her own beliefs — much less LIVE them.

      That’s a win-win.

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  31. MaineCoon says:

    Maduro just said people in the state of Florida were involved in the attack on him, and he hopes the Trump government is willing to fight these terrorists— Steve Lookner (@lookner) August 5, 2018

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  32. Donna in Oregon says:

    Looked amateur. If a serious professional was using a drone El Presidente would be dead. Propaganda would be the next best guess.

    But, really….does anyone care about Maduro? Probably not.


  33. armie says:

    I’m going with the fire department’s gas explosion explanation until proved wrong. The idea of the military shooting down the “Soldiers in flannel”‘s drones is a bit far fetched.


  34. i'm just sayin'.. says:

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  35. scott467 says:

    “However, given the nature of the Maduro government, there is also strong opinion the attack was staged by the government to elicit sympathy.”


    A false flag?

    Sounds EXACTLY like something OUR government would do.

    All the time.

    Maduro’s people are ROOKIES compared to our Deep State.

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  36. Skippy says:

    Gosh, what a seamless interface between President Trump and Congressman Jordan. No rehearsal, no practice.

    Only truths can result in that!

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  37. Fools Gold says:

    Chinese fireworks! Run for your lives! Cut Cut….

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  38. rsmith1776 says:

    Ceaucescu’s last speech.

    Three days later he was summarily executed by the brave Romanians.

    May this be auspicious and prophetic for Pig Maduro’s chances.


  39. Rex70 says:

    Run-roh…reminds me of pre-ISIS/Mass Europe-Invading Syria and pre-Benghazi/NGO Boats Libya. Maduro is the Devil We Know; when he finally does go, who will be the Devil We Don’t Know?


    • scott467 says:

      “Maduro is the Devil We Know; when he finally does go, who will be the Devil We Don’t Know?”


      The answer to that dilemma is simple.

      You don’t worry about the unknown.

      You just keep killing the devils until somebody who ISN’T a devil comes forward.

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      • Rex70 says:

        A very valid tactic, one I easily support. I am just wondering what else is lurking in the shadows in that country as there has been plenty of time for some one/some group to gather itself while Maduro and his Socialist regime flounders, given the recent resulting events that follow such sudden changes in profoundly failed leadership.

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  40. LibertyONE says:

    Someone must have said…” Da plane. da plane” and then the SHTF!


  41. Pyrthroes says:

    Perhaps coincidentally, reports en scene depict a nearby high-rise puffing smoke due to a lower-level “boiler room explosion”. Absent photos of one or more conjectured drones, we’d best assume that “socialist jitters” aka regime insecurity render any Maduro Moro expatiation problematic.


  42. SPMI says:



  43. Paprika says:

    My only take away from all the photos and video was–Sure are a lot of well fed people up on that stage while most citizens are under nourished if not starving! Socialism at its finest!

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  44. Critical Mass says:

    It was really Maxine Waters. When they saw where the sound of the drone was coming from, they ran like he!l.


  45. sentinelle says:

    Hello, this is my first comment but I’ve been following along here for several months now and enjoy this site very much.

    I felt something was odd when I watched the clips last night of the explosion. It seemed odd that Maduro did not once look at his wife and show any sign of protecting her. Then I noticed the guy falling over at the right edge of the screen right before they cut away. Did he faint? Was he hit or knocked over. Later we see a guy with a head wound being attended to. Same guy?

    Then in the video below where you can slide the bar when in pause and look at it in slow motion forward and backwards, you can see more. Check the guy with the red cap on the right, to Maduro’s left. His eyes roll to the far left at the beginning second of the video. Both he and Maduro look up at the same location at the same exact time. Maduro very briefly. The guy to Maduro’s left gives a hand signal and then the explosion.

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  46. Zippy says:

    6 arrests in failed plot to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
    Aug 6, 2018

    The assailants flew two drones each packed with 2.2 pounds of C-4 plastic explosive toward Maduro, his wife and other top leaders as he spoke Saturday evening at an event celebrating the 81st anniversary of the National Guard, Reverol said. One of the drones was to explode above the president while the other was to detonate directly in front of him, he added.

    But the military managed to knock one of the drones off-course electronically and the other crashed into apartment building two blocks away from where Maduro was speaking to the hundreds of troops, Reverol said.

    Two witnesses who live in nearby apartment buildings said they saw a drone hovering over a residential street Saturday evening and then heard an explosion.

    One witness showed The Associated Press cellphone video of a drone crashing into a building. He said the drone fell to the ground and exploded, igniting a fire in an apartment.

    “He will use it to concentrate power,” Smilde said. “Whoever did this, he’ll use it to further restrict liberty and purge the government and armed forces.”


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