Vice President Mike Pence Presides Over Repatriation Ceremony Returning Soldiers Killed During Korean War…

Vice President Pence delivers remarks at an honorable carry ceremony for the remains of American service members who fell in the Korean war. Full Ceremony Video:


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54 Responses to Vice President Mike Pence Presides Over Repatriation Ceremony Returning Soldiers Killed During Korean War…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. LW says:

    Not one word about this on my local news. Unbelievable!

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  3. we300 says:

    Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
    and let perpetual light shine upon them.
    May they rest in peace.

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  4. MfM says:

    Nice to see the switch to American flags and full sized caskets.

    The first honors them from the country they are most likely from. The second gives them some dignity. On one level we know it’s just bones, but to me they are people and deserve a full casket.

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    • topavalley says:

      I sooo agree with your comment. It hurt so much to see the small containers being handed over in North Korea. I think of my own son, 6′ 4″, and how painful that must have been to relatives of those missing. God bless them all and God bless President Trump and his administration!

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Seeing the UN flag on those boxes made me squirm. I hated it. I gave a big sigh of relief to see them now in proper caskets with the Stars and Stripes.

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      • MfM says:

        I understand why the U.N. Flag was there… but it still bothered me. The Korean War was fought under the U.N. And since the remains are unknown, they could be British, Canadian or any of the other countries with missing. NK was being politically correct.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Roger that, I know there are reasons that remains from the North have been and are repatriated are covered with the UN flag, but it still mnakes my teeth grind and my stomach turn. Once they are back on on ‘soil’ the flags are switched and that’s all that matters.
      I was reminded of US personnel during the Clinton era who were sent out on ‘joint’ UN ‘lipsrick on a pig’missions (mostly US troops and $$$) who were required to wear the blue UN beret while on duty. Many of the lifers carried their US berets in their cargo pockets and the second they were on US planes on the way out they switched. There were more than a few powder blue berets in airport trash cans, “opps, sorry Sir, guess I must bhave dtopped it!’. The there was SPC New…

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    • Anonymous says:

      Change to full caskets done at Osan, change of flags done on flight to Hawaii.

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  5. A2 says:

    Going Home. RIP.

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  6. redridge45 says:

    Thank you, Sundance.

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  7. NJF says:

    A great day for these families & our country.

    All thanks to our beloved POTUS.

    thank you VP & his lovely wife for being there.

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    • Bendix says:

      People ask what exactly the VP is doing, this is it.
      Our president keeps him out of politics, he and Mrs. Pence have been doing a fine job representing the United States of America on important occasions such as this.

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  8. tuskyou says:

    What a shame this wasn’t televised as in ‘we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming’

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      there was a time when it would have been. Dear Lord, may it be your will that such times are returning! AMEN!

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      • tuskyou says:


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      • czarowniczy says:

        And what do you think the news have done had Hillary been president, found some way to personally profit from the repatriation and arranged for the casualties to have been brought home?

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        • dayallaxeded says:

          This NEVER would’ve happened with HELLary as POTUS. More likely, we’d be in a simmering war with NK, each lobbing missiles and her sending special forces on suicide missions, 0bunghole style. All foreign policy personnel of the last admin are at least sociopaths and destructive narcissists, if not psychopaths. They got (and if they could would still get) tingles out of murder, especially engineered murders of our best and most patriotic citizens. Honorably repatriate remains? Nah.

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          • czarowniczy says:

            As I said, only if she could have made money off the repatriation…maybe a few billion worthless won deposited in the Foundation…

            Love that Korean War 2.0 scenario. Like the Fulda Gap it was more of a mental game than a strategy. The NK Army would have been channelized by the SK rubble, delayed as they looted the hell out of the countryside and nuked as with the potential of nearly 2-million troops trying to wriggle thru the limited assault avenues into the South just begs for a quick nuking.
            Foreign policy folks are asses and we end up trying to clean up their messes. Just l;ook at the lineup of despots around the world and see how many are the result of the peoples’ wishes versus the silly-assed games of foreign affairs (ours included) pols.

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  9. Lumina says:

    Sort of a loss of words…unbelievable…. the sight of the empty stands, the young men and women carrying the coffins looked like babies….They could have been these soldiers grand & great grandchildren…the gentle breeze on the flags….thoughts of their families finally having them home…

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  10. Alison says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for faithfully publishing events and moments that honor our Americans who sacrificed everything in far off lands. A debt to these fallen we can never repay. I will be forever grateful President Trump is bringing them home.

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  11. trumpismine says:

    Thank you sundance and all other posters here. It warms the heart to see honor being shown to these brave heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us.

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  12. Piggy says:

    I’m glad they’re home. This is very good.

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  13. Sylvia Avery says:

    I know there are those here who don’t like VP Pence, but I couldn’t help but be grateful that he was on the team to handle this event. Dignified, appropriate. His manner was just right, I thought. And I couldn’t help but thank the Lord we had VP Pence doing this and not that awful phony Joe Biden who would be looking for little kids to grope.

    I hope we get the rest of our boys back soon.

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    • skeinster says:

      I agree, Sylvia. From his first remarks on Election Night, introducing Pres-Elect Trump and through all the events he has presided at for the nation, he has been dignified and appropriate. He and the Second Lady always act as though they appreciate the significance of whatever they are asked to do.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      The fact that VP Pence’s Father served in Korea was meaning to have Pence there to stand watch as they were being returned. I am certain his Father was watching from above.

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  14. Non=combative. says:

    There but for the grace of God go I.

    Anyone who has served understands the importance of this moment in a way no others can.

    Rest in peace brothers.

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  15. AmericaBeautiful says:

    The Conservative Treehouse consistently “Does It Right.”
    Thank you for showing the whole ceremony in honor of those who sacrificed their LIFE for us.
    This accomplishment by President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, and our great military leaders is extremely important for our country, our families, and our youth, who do not often see how to show gratitude, honor, and respect.
    The military who participated did an outstanding job. Very grateful to them all.

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    • Mosby Creek says:

      Sundance you should consider growing your own media network; with video, news stories, get it right journo reporters supporting it–this is what reporting should be.


  16. cdnintx says:

    Would anyone know how long DNA testing would take to identify these soldiers? When I paid tribute on my fb page about the return of these fallen heroes, my leftist brother cited a 2011 article where the remains from NK were animal bones. I told my brother that I am sure they will DNA test just like they did in 2011. My brother argued that NK has DNA testing they know already, to which I said I am sure no country wants NK to touch or do ANY more testing on their fallen soldiers. My brother infuriates me to no end…the leftists suck the honor and dignity out of even this.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      “the leftists suck the honor and dignity out of even this”.

      Leftist do not believe in the military that defends freedom around the world. The only want to right to crap on everything of value or honor in this country. Very sad ….

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I mention, wkith caution, the scandal with DoD’s DPAA in Hawaii when they made…questionable at best…identifications of Asian MIA remains. I’m hoping that the lab has been upgraded from its previous marginal facilities and a more competent and professionally honest staff put in place.
      Don’;t mean to throw a pall on the returns but the DPAA’s dishonest and unprofessional past actions are not fotrgotten.

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  17. Amy1212 says:

    I was so proud of our military honor guard who participated in this ceremony. From wearing dress uniforms to the final salute, I was so proud to be an American because of how they honored our fallen. VP Pence gave an amazing speech. Prayers to all and it is my deepest wish that many families find closure and peace..

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  18. L. Gee says:

    My beloved uncle who fought in the Korean War passed away just this last Thursday. I wish he could have seen this–it would have meant a great deal to him. Thank you, President Trump, and the U.S. military for bringing these men home!


  19. InAz says:

    Thank you for posting this ceremony.

    (Spit on commie urinalist media and fake patriots such as McCain and John Kerry)

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  20. phattcat says:

    Highly recommend this movie:

    Taking Chance

    Based on the true experiences of Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl, who wrote eloquently of them in a widely circulated 2004 article, Taking Chance is a profoundly emotional look at the military rituals taken to honor its war dead, as represented by a fallen Marine killed in Iraq, Lance Corporal Chance Phelps. Working as a strategic analyst at Marine Corps Base Quantico in VA, Lt. Col. Strobl (Kevin Bacon) learns that Phelps had once lived in his hometown, and volunteers to escort the body to its final resting place in Wyoming. As Strobl journeys across America, he discovers the great diligence and dignity in how the military, and all those involved with preparing and transporting the body, handle their duties. Equally important, he encounters hundreds of people affected by Chances death, a vast majority of whom never knew him. This collective grieving eventually causes Lt. Col. Strobl, a veteran of Desert Storm now assigned to office duty, to probe his own guilt about not re-deploying to Iraq for the current conflict. Arriving in Wyoming, Lt. Col. Strobl completes his catharsis when he encounters Chances gracious family and friends, and discovers an extraordinary outpouring of community support.

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  21. IMO says:

    Welcome back home soldiers rest in peace.


  22. tonyE says:

    Once upon a time, the networks paid attention… Welcome home.

    It was an awesome yet bitter time. But at least the Navy ships stopped their almost yearly WestPacs. It was good for the families.


  23. Cooper45 says:

    Bravo to VP Mike Pence for a genuine and heartfelt speech, to all the splendid pallbearer servicemen and servicewomen and to the organizers of this incredible and memorable ceremony. No other nation on earth can honor its fallen heroes and its honored dead better than the USA or anywhere close to it.


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