President Trump Calls Out: “Globalist Koch Brothers”…


Many people supported candidate Trump for his fierce economic policy independence and willingness to call out the political Decepticons. You can put CTH support near the top of that list. At the financial heart of the UniParty in Washington DC is President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, and his like-minded billionaire funders the Koch Brothers.

The U.S. CoC and Koch Brothers have a collective financial and political agenda that is antithetical to the U.S. Middle Class. They support open borders; lax immigration enforcement; common core educational standards; and healthcare programs that enhance their business portfolio. The GOPe wing of the UniParty is their influence-playground.

We knew there would come a time when President Donald Trump would firmly grip the reins of the Republican party and shake loose all of the Decepticons. Eventually, this Wall Street/Globalist usurping crew was going to need to be laid naked before their enemies.

Thank you President Trump !


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142 Responses to President Trump Calls Out: “Globalist Koch Brothers”…

  1. packysite says:

    WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Everyone Hates Trump

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  2. packysite says:

    WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Everyone Hates Trump


  3. deplorable says:

    Thank you President Trump for calling the Koch bothers out. The Koch brothers are way out of touch with ordinary Americans.

    Note that the Koch brothers are from Kansas. Could that have anything to do with Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder’s recent shenanigans sneaking immigration legislation into a recent DHS appropriations bill – and doing so using only a voice vote?

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    • piper567 says:

      two things make me hate these vermin: attempts to corner the silver market, and, when I was living in San Diego, they attempted to buy the one remaining freshwater lagoon for a golf resort.
      I am no tree hugger, but the lagoon property was a gem for families and wildlife…a beautiful feature.
      pitchforks and torches put an end to that.
      they are NASTY.

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    • WilliamtheResolute says:

      I live in Wichita, Kansas not far from the Koch estates and you better believe Yoder bent over of the Koch agenda….and the Wichita Eagle newsrag is shilling hard for them.


  4. CaptMorgan says:

    The Shadows of Power. I recommend it as a read to anyone that would objectively look at the goals of the CFR.
    Their mission is for control via banking of the world’s population. They state it in their publications. BTW, it’s all dems in bed with bankers.

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  5. WSB says:

    I expect a LOT of Presidential grenades to start dropping.

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  6. treehouseron says:

    He hit them as hard as he’s ever hit anybody.

    “Globalist Koch Brothers” so he calls them globalists, which of course is like catnip to us MAGA’ers.

    Then he says they’re a joke to ‘real’ republicans. Absolutely devastating.

    Then he capitalizes “Strong Borders” and “Powerful Trade” which we’ve never even heard of Powerful Trade before. This is apparently President Trump’s brand of trade, better than fair or free. Powerful. Like it should be.

    Then he says, correctly, that he never even wanted their support. Then he calls out their bad ideas and says he’s so rich he doesn’t need their money.

    Then he turns around and says that they love what he’s done in several areas. (they like him, he doesn’t like them)…..

    Then he takes credit for their wealth “I made them Richer”

    Then he calls their political network overblown and that he’s beat them in every way, which is nothing but the absolute truth.

    Then he says they want to protect their countries outside the U.s. but he’s naturally opposed because he’s America First.

    Then he says he’s a puppet for no one, which insinuates that all the others who take their money are their puppets.

    Finally he says they’re nice guys but have bad ideas.

    He just eviscerated these guys. That’s as hard as he’s hit anybody, and it’s the most powerful man in the world talking about them.

    As we all know, the Koch Brothers are the democrats boogeymen…. is this some scheme by President Trump to steal more democrat votes (my enemy is your enemy?)

    High level stuff, very fascinating.

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