Boston University Graduate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Explains “Economics”…

According to DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “the future of the Democrat party.”  Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has a bachelors degree in “economics” and “international relations” from Boston University.

Born in 1989, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is a millennial and a self-described democrat socialist.  In this interview segment she discusses a millennials’ view of economics:

On the dynamic current economy, 3.8% unemployment and capitalism providing expanded economic opportunity:

“unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs.”  “Unemployment is low because everyone is working 60, 70, 80, hours a week and can barely feed their kids”… “capitalism has not always existed in this world, and it will not always exist in this world.”

…Some people… and such, have jobs… it’s hyper-capitalism, that’s unemployment. Because it’s all like, you know, so unfair and stuff!

This is a millennial with a four-year degree in economics and international relations from Boston University; who won a primary race for congress and could very likely be heading to Washington DC as a political representative of New York.

Let that sink in.

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609 Responses to Boston University Graduate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Explains “Economics”…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    she knows the truth…she acts ignorant whenever she knows shes saying something unpopular!

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  2. lastinillinois says:

    Wow, she has a BACHELORS degree?!?!?!

    She is obviously one wise latina!

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  3. JoForth says:

    I weep for the future of our country.

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    • You and many more of us.

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    • Don’t write the future off yet. She represents a very small and stupid, minority of people. America is smarter – and better, than her. Watch.

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Shaking my head…another young punky “know-it-all” with a Affirmative Action BS Degree…ooh I misspoke…BA, I meant…cough cough..

      She does speak the truth in one phrase “..never experience true economic prosperity…” that alone makes her a non-expert on economics….all Bright-eyed with a dim-lit brain…barf….Still shaking my head.

      Well…there is two positive take-aways:
      1) She will actually be fun to watch…another dimwit for the MAGA Comedy Hour. Bring it on, Sundance.
      2) Suspicious Cat is Baaaack! I miss him/her.

      Still Shaking My Head…..

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    • Earl & Pearl Tourist says:

      I’ve got 2 adult children who won’t speak to me, been over 5 years.
      One was because I challenged her on climate change, the other was because he felt I made “too much money” as an engineer with 30 years experience.
      Both made it through their junior year at liberal colleges and then dropped out. Both have student loans that I get regular demands for payment, even though I never signed for them.

      She is bartending and he is doing minimum wage.

      I don’t weep for them, I am pissed that they have not been “woke” to reality.

      There is a group called “changes” that teaches people how to deal with their adult children. “ I will not allow my adult child to affect me emotionally, physically, or financially.” Best group ever!

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  4. Echo says:

    But she’s right, every mendicant wants to live on other people’s money.
    How dare the other people resist.

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    • jahealy says:

      Learned a new word! Mendicant = beggar.

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      • Curry Worsham says:

        Thanks a lot. You saved me a lot of investigative work.

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      • palafox says:

        Courtesy of Ambrose Bierce:

        BEG, v. To ask for something with an earnestness proportioned to the belief that it will not be given.

        Who is that, father?

        A mendicant, child,
        Haggard, morose, and unaffable—wild!
        See how he glares through the bars of his cell!
        With Citizen Mendicant all is not well.

        Why did they put him there, father?

        Obeying his belly he struck at the laws.

        His belly?

        Oh, well, he was starving, my boy—
        A state in which, doubtless, there’s little of joy.
        No bite had he eaten for days, and his cry
        Was “Bread!” ever “Bread!”

        What’s the matter with pie?

        With little to wear, he had nothing to sell;
        To beg was unlawful—improper as well.

        Why didn’t he work?

        He would even have done that,
        But men said: “Get out!” and the State remarked: “Scat!”
        I mention these incidents merely to show
        That the vengeance he took was uncommonly low.
        Revenge, at the best, is the act of a Siou,
        But for trifles—

        Pray what did bad Mendicant do?

        Stole two loaves of bread to replenish his lack
        And tuck out the belly that clung to his back.

        Is that all father dear?

        There’s little to tell:
        They sent him to jail, and they’ll send him to—well,
        The company’s better than here we can boast,
        And there’s—

        Bread for the needy, dear father?


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      • louche9 says:

        That’s a question on the WAIS, if anyone ever has to take it.

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  5. logger says:

    She reminds me of the “Iraq Maps for Americans” beauty pageant contestent …
    “I personally believe that …”

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  6. patrickhenrycensored says:

    RESIST World Peace And Stuff We Much

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  7. GumboPot says:

    She is really good looking but damn, what an idiot.


  8. Greg1 says:

    Staggers the imagination…………

    In the Army we called something like that “flash over substance”.

    But people will vote for her because demographics mean more to democrats than substance.

    The democrat party is now so far left that JFK would be a right wing extremist.

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  9. jahealy says:

    If you’re a cute young female with big eyes, and you’re clearly “ethnic,” and your last name is hyphenated, and you have virtually no shame talking out your backside on topics you’ve either not studied, or feel entitled to lie about, you, too, can be the Future of the Democrat Party.

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  10. USA loves Melania says:

    I was born in ’87 and this moron doesn’t speak for me or any of my friends or my generation as a whole any more than Crooked Hillary speaks for all baby boomers. Don’t lump her in with the rest of us, we don’t want her.

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  11. lastinillinois says:

    “….a self described Democrat socialist…..”

    Hey, Cortez, redundant much?

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  12. Cappy says:

    So when that caveman traded his wife for that cool stone that produced spark and a fire so I could BBQ.
    That wasn’t capitalism because money wasn’t involved.


  13. GSR says:

    She won the primary and will likely win the election because her district is majority Latino. There’s s lesson their for Neocons and other immigration enthusiasts.

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  14. Nigella says:

    Brain dead Communist

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  15. fleporeblog says:

    Had I known this POS was going to win, I would have thrown my hat in the rink. The Congressional District is where I was born and raised and my mom, brother, sister and cousins still live in. I think the right Republican with the backing of the RNC could beat this woman. The Congressional District has areas of the Bronx and Queens (Astoria) where people won’t go for the garbage she is spewing.

    She only got a handful of votes in the primary.

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  16. MsB says:

    Let’s hope the majority or even a fourth of the millennial minds don’t think like this one. It was hard for me to understand some of that jibberish. Bless her DEMOCRATIC socialist heart.

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    • Michelle says:

      (1) if they think like this, they are not thinking (2) she clearly is fresh off of her college courses and is still spouting what she learned in class.

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      • WSB says:

        Which obviously wasn’t much.

        I feel sorry for her father. He thought he was paving the correct path for her. Cortez would have been better at home and waitressing. She would have learned so much more and been a capitalist.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      This woman is a gift! She will be a major reason that TRUMPISM will reign for 50+ years. I have a millennial daughter that has very similar beliefs about life. I also have two Generation Z daughters that have a very different perspective on life.

      Those that know me know how much I love Generation Z and the fact that they are considered the most Conservative Generation since WWII. Having this woman as the face of the future Democrat Party will have our Generation Z kids realize they better get control of the political levers so that TRUMPISM allows them to KAG.

      That is exactly what will happen! They are 70 million strong and they LOVE our Lion 🦁.

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  17. Merle Marks says:

    “unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week”…???? Hours worked doesn’t change unemployment numbers…but of course, she has a degree…Resist we much!!!

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  18. Minnie says:

    “DNC Chair Tom Perez proudly declares Socialist Ocasio-Cortez is “the future’ ”

    Certainly not the future of my children (around the same age)

    Future of the demonrat party?

    EXCELLENT!! Bring it!!

    Brava!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Perez was lying and he knew it. He said his kids think Cortez is cool, so that’s cool with Tom Perez. Cuz, you know, millenials hate Clinton, and they love Bernie, and many are even asking the hard questions. So… millenials ‘n stuff… or something. If Perez thinks Cortez is “the future” then I will find somebody who wears a hat and eat said hat. Cuz I don’t wear a hat.


  19. amwick says:

    Someone please just make her go away.

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  20. Pyrthroes says:

    Mde. Oco-loco’s “four years in the Academy– wasted,” as Buzz Lightyear used to say. If past is prologue, this sniffen-poof may yet discover that all is not well in La-la Land. It’s not the heat, it’s the humility.

    PS: Does Oco know what major nation, other than Laputa, lies due south of Iran (Persia)?

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  21. Michelle says:

    WTF is this girl even talking about? Besides the unemployment numbers thing, she also says “in a democratic socialist society, people vote on everything because it’s democratic, so if something isn’t good for people, they will vote on it.” Where on earth is this happening? Certainly not in Venezuela. Maybe in a tribe somewhere in the middle of nowhere and they hang around in a group and decide what to do?

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    • Minnie says:


      Or in this instance, what not to do 👍

      Seriously, their hubris has overtaken their conscience.

      She has NO idea how ignorant she appears – GOOD!

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    • nimrodman says:

      “in a democratic socialist society, people vote on everything because it’s democratic …”

      That’s how they excuse the socialism part
      They tack on “Democratic” and call it “Social Democracy”

      So it’s your normal old socialism but with the sheen of “democracy”

      In Europe they have parties known as the Social Democrats
      Her ilk are trying to pull the same stunt here by co-opting the European vocabulary

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  22. Echo says:

    Of course, she’s functionally illiterate.
    The big lesson here is the appalling quality of many US universities,

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  23. WSB says:

    Well, meeors can fizzle out, as this article reports. There may be some trouble in River city.

    “Some legislators are voicing concerns that Ocasio-Cortez appears set on using her newfound star power to attack Democrats from the left flank, threatening to divide the party — and undermine its chances at retaking the House — in a midterm election year when leaders are scrambling to form a united front against President Trump and Republicans.

    The members are not mincing words, warning that Ocasio-Cortez is making enemies of soon-to-be colleagues even before she arrives on Capitol Hill, as she’s expected to do after November’s midterms.”

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  24. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

    Dang! She is as dumb as a sack of rocks!

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  25. rumpole2 says:

    Unemployment is low because everybody has 2 jobs


    I assume MATH is not required (at even a minimal proficiency level) to gain a bachelors degree in “economics” and “international relations” from Boston University.

    Um… even taking the claim as true (for the sake of argument)
    If all the employed people gave up ONE of their jobs…. they would still be employed… unemployment still low.

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    • TatonkaWoman says:

      You’ve given me a great laugh with this one, rumpole.

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      • rumpole2 says:

        I guess what she is saying is that the economy is SO GOOD that we have DOUBLE EMPLOYMENT.!!

        Not only enough jobs for everybody… but twice that many jobs.

        That’s pretty good news for “Capitalism”

        I guess her “Dopey socialist cretin” take could be…. the government needs to take people’s second job off them.. and spread the jobs around… BUT…. everybody has a job already… so we need to bring in immigrants .. enough to double the present US population? Sound like a plan! LOL

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    • PaulM says:

      “Unemployment is low because everybody has 2 jobs”

      Actually, it’s even more entertaining.
      If there were 100 jobs and 100 people holding them, you would have 0% unemployment. If 10 of those people held two jobs, there would not be enough jobs for all 100 people, causing unemployment to rise.
      Interesting math she uses indeed.

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    • Minnie says:


      That’s too much common sense, they won’t “get” it.

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  26. Pete says:

    Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t have a clue. What was her GPA at B.U. ??? Oh, that’s right, they gave standard participation GPA’s for room temperature IQ’s. Economics and international relations ??? She’s done……………


  27. lowyder993s says:

    1:12 …”tippy top” …HMMMMM…..


  28. Enoughisenough says:

    My thoughts were that this interview highlighted the inadequacy of Boston University as a learning institution. I know that I wouldn’t be happy paying top dollar to have the type of education demonstrated by this clueless person on my resume. What a disgrace.

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  29. rmramerica says:

    There’s dumb, more dumb and then a democrat. The perfect spokeswoman for the Democrat party.

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  30. joeknuckles says:

    I have to say whoever did her lobotomy did an excellent job. You can’t even see the scars.

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  31. gildie says:

    Best part of that clip was WFB.

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  32. TatonkaWoman says:

    Read a quote today: your body is just a vessel to carry your brain around. In her case, her body has no job to do.

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  33. A complete idiot. Her professors should be commended.

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  34. Ausonius says:

    One can say of the young lady that the lights are on, but the bulbs are all 4 watts. 😉

    Boston University obviously does not teach basic History, which will show the 100% failure of Socialism/Communism wherever it has been tried…and even when it is enforced with totalitarian lethality, it still fails!!!

    Under the Emperor Diocletian in the late Roman Empire (c. 280 A.D.+), wage and price and even employment controls (i.e. no one could switch jobs) were enforced with the death penalty.

    They still failed!!!

    And does she read newspapers showing the status recently of e.g. Venezuela, Cuba, North Carolina, etc. ?

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  35. Patriot1783 says:

    BU graduate?? Where was employed before primary…thought she worked in a restaurant?


  36. kea says:

    Well that degree was money well spent… LOL

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  37. Daniel M. Camac says:

    The Dumb…is Strong in this One!

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  38. Biggest lie in that room is that this is some kind of booming movement. She said, what? in 2018 there are 44000 total DSA? That’s up 20k in a year, yes.. so they are recruiting. But there is an estimated 83.1 millennials.. so.. (digs out calculator)…. that’s like .0005%. What a movement. Are all of these new socialists even american citizens? And if so, have they been citizens for 3+ years. Missing data.

    This interview and all the other segments posted out there from it isn’t news.. it’s marketing. And very bad marketing at that.

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    • graphiclucidity says:

      I laughed at the 44,000 figure myself.
      That’s about the population of my one small suburb in a small state.

      On any given Saturday in the Fall, college football games for the larger schools regularly bring in 50,000 to 100,000 spectators.



      • The key here is to not let the “44000” scare people that are prone to not looking at things critically. Everyone should take the extra effort to point out that the emperor has no clothes in a way that is productive for us.

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  39. California Joe says:

    Is there any doubt that she graduated from Boston College with an Affirmative Action 4.0 GPA, as well?

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  40. Curry Worsham says:

    Hoover has great legs. What were they talking about?

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  41. Donna in Oregon says:

    She has the same look on her face that my kids had when they would ask to use my credit card. Using the Barry O’Bama playbook of blarney….slick.

    To me, socialism is using someone else’s credit card until they’re bankrupt. She has no idea what economics is, she only knows credit cards.

    Saying “no” to her type is the same temper tantrum the kid has when you say he/she can’t use your credit card….get a job. Call the shambulance….we’ve all heard this shtick,

    My favorite retort of the millennials is “You don’t understand my generation!” Ah, the irony, my generation invented that phrase.

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  42. White Apple says:

    If she is the future of the Democrat Party, thank God she is. Conservatives will reign in America forever.

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  43. Enoughisenough says:

    If voters can move beyond identity politics, and really listen to the babble spouting from this woman, there is no way that they would cast their vote for the nonsense she espouses. Gender and ethnicity are no reason to forego an intelligent agenda, vision and path towards moving forward.

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  44. The white haired lady must have just experienced feeling like a genius!

    Can you imagine how amazing it would be if the black haired lady actually got her head on straight though. She could be an asset.


  45. Harry Lime says:

    When you have no idea what you’re talking about just smile and keep answering the questions…and don’t let all of that laughter trouble you…

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  46. Patriot1783 says:

    She graduated 4th in her class??
    From the link above:
    “She graduated fourth in her class[16] from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations.”

    Anybody remember seeing her in BU classes or did she pull an obama?

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  47. Paul Tibbets says:

    She has to win this race because there is no way she is smart enough to get a job at Starbucks.


  48. Scarlet says:

    My God. The word salad. I can’t comprehend what her point is.
    Without capitalism you won’t have other people’s money.
    Without other people’s money you won’t have handouts.
    Without handouts you won’t have socialism.
    I’m confused.

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  49. MIKE says:

    Well. She seems to have been properly indoctrinated up there at BU. All courses are graded on a curve, with the bag of hammers setting the curve. She may have been in the 70th percentile.

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